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  1. Sword in the Sand

    Setsuna turned her attention towards Kal as he described his home, not entirely sure what to make of the whole "world" comment. She didn't exactly know where she was, but she was inwardly hoping she wasn't on a new world. She rightfully didn't know if where she'd been tossed had just sent her to a different part of the same world, or maybe a different one. She considered asking about it, but she didn't think there was any chance he'd know the island she was from even if this was the same planet. "Smithing is pretty common where I am from, too. Weapons are of particular in" she stated, leaning on the chair. When Kal mentioned her chest, she straightened up slightly, chuckling softly. "You do seem to fixate on that a lot, huh?" Setsuna said, tugging her shirt up slightly. "It's not quite that simple. It's not like I can infinitely generate water or anything so fancy." she said. She wasn't about to explain the intricacies of her abilities that easily... even if she understood the finer details of it. Kal seemed fascinated with weapons, so it was no surprised when he asked about her sword. "Oh, you want to see Shinjitsu?" she asked, probably catching him off guard when she referred to it by name rather than as a simple tool. "I suppose she'd be alright with that. She is pretty laid back about that sort of thing." she walked around the chair, striding over to him. She held the sword out, setting it in his palms. The sword was light in his hands, designed to be an agile slashing weapon. It gave the impression of being made by a master smithy, but it was not made with anything particularly special to set it apart. Yet there was a sort of presence to it, a very soft, quiet sense of being more than just a piece of metal, even if there wasn't any magic imbued into it.
  2. Sword in the Sand

    Setsuna let out a soft chuckle as Kal attempted to berate her for her behavior. It was incredibly clear to her that he hadn’t been around too many people, or at the very least, wasn’t used to anyone who was quite as relaxed as she was. ”Why not? I am pretty certain it’s common in most cultures that messing with people is entertaining.” she stated leaning on the chair next to her as she glanced at him, taking a moment to collect her thoughts. He spent more time attempting to get his head around her, which she supposed made sense. After all, most people wouldn’t be standing in the same way she was. Of course, it wasn’t one of the more interesting things about her, but she supposed explaining it wouldn’t hurt… after a few more taunts. ”What? Doesn’t everyone bounce back after just a little dehydration?” she said, flexing just a little bit. She let a little chuckle, perhaps just a bit girlish for her. ”Just kidding. It’s a little bit more complicated than anything like that.” she paused, leaning forward on the chair, looking over at Kal. ”It’s… a little difficult to describe in general, but I essentially pull energy from the spirit world through my body, using the energy to revitalize me. It’s… not something I can do without the right nourishment, seeing as it still is limited by my own body’s ability to heal to an extent.” she explained, trying to take it slowly to make sure that Kal could keep up. As she explained, she found her hand instinctively drawn to her sword. She ran her hand along the sheath, enjoying the familiarity of the spirit that dwelled in it.
  3. Sword in the Sand

    Setsuna had been expecting him to perhaps get a bit flustered, but the man reacted far more embarrassed than she had anticipated. She felt like she had just witnessed the man completely fall apart. She resisted the effort to burst out laughing as he squirmed around, his attention still struggling to turn away from her chest. She'd met some men who had difficulty with it. Honestly, it was most guys she knew had difficulty with averting their gaze. However, this guy... apparently had never been around someone who had any curves whatsoever. And it was hilarious. He quickly rushed forward, demanding that she hand him the garment. "Um, no. I'm not taking it off in front of you." she said, raising an eyebrow. "If I had to guess, I'd say you were trying to get me undressed." she teased, taking a step back to avoid getting his groped. If he had to close his eyes to keep them off her, he was going to have a lot of problems so long as she was around. "Don't feel too bad. I kinda like it. Should let me feel the air more." she chuckled, straightening the top. She'd probably have to put something on underneath to keep it from being that shocking, but for now, it would be fine.
  4. I got two. Setsuna: Psychic/Fighting She is kinda hard, as she is a swordswoman with a mystical element, but I think psychic is about as close as I will get to hitting that mysticism element. Gibs: Electric/Dragon (with Levitate). Gibs is a half-dragon with electric powers. So Electric Dragon. Nuf said. Nasim: Fairy/Flying Being an air genie... I think that's all that needs to be said on that. Air = Flying, Genie = Fairy.
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    I'll keep that in mind for next time, because I think I could probably should have posted right after Slank for sane plot connections and such.
  6. You are now your avatar

    Unfortunately, the girl within the bone cage didn't seem to understand my intentions. She almost immediately screamed upon seeing me, the sound echoing through the cave. Frantically I raised my arms, waving them fevorishly in an effort to get her to silence herself. I raised my finger and made a 'shhh'ing sound, but it didn't work. I winced, glancing over my shoulder as the dragon awoke. Strangely enough, despite its apparent anger, it didn't stay, nor did it rush over to attack me or the others who had invaded the cave. I let out a sigh of relief. "Thank God. I thought it was going to rip us apart." I murmured to myself. The others seemed to be looking over the pile of gold and other assorted treasures first, but I wasn't terribly concerned with that at the moment. I turned back to the girl in the cage, still speaking a bit softly. "S-sorry about that. This... wasn't for you." I said, indicating the gun in my hand before I put it away. "I was going to try and get you out, but... it seems to have worked out for the moment, right?" I said, attempting to make a joke of it, but failing miserably. I walked over to the bones, beginning to attempt to leverage one of them out of the way. As I worked, the heavy-set guy from Megas XLR walked over. I waved to him briefly between pushes. "Highly unlikely. Wouldn't exactly know how that would work out, exactly. It'd probably get bored and eat my head or something, anyway." I joked, making a little progress with the cage. "Name's Fred. Would you mind giving me a hand with this? Or find something to pry this thing apart with?" I asked. Another fellow approached, this one not being as readily identifiable, but I could only assume by the outfit that the character was from some RPG or something. He paused, staring at me for an awfully long time before speaking. "Away. That's... really all I could tell you. I hope like hell it's not coming back, because I don't think I can kill it with a revolver." I stated, not paying the guy much attention at the moment. I would hope to get the girl out soon enough so we wouldn't have to find out where it got off to.
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  8. Sword in the Sand

    As Setsuna rambled on, Kal turned, leaving the room a touch abruptly. Though she wasn't exactly sure what had occurred, she didn't linger on it for very long. She assumed he had forgotten to turn off the stove or something. She couldn't imagine someone living in such a place was that aware of general manners, but it didn't bother her at all. She was a guest, after all, and she could only assume she had interrupted something he had been doing before going out of his way to rescue her. However, upon his return, she quickly became a bit confused. She noticed the rope with the knots in it, and didn't exactly understand the purpose of it initially. She didn't think it would be all that useful for tying someone up, seeing as the knots would interfere with any effective means of disabling her... not that much effort would be necessary at the moment. When he lined it up along side her, she began to understand. She hadn't seen someone check someone's height this way before, but she assumed they didn't just have yard sticks and tape measures lying around in the desert. She blinked a little as he wrapped it around her chest... then her waist. "If... there was something you needed to know, you could have, y'know, asked...." she said, chuckling softly. As Kal explained the reasoning behind taking her dimensions down, she raised an eyebrow. "Well alright, then. I guess we can talk... later then." she said, shaking her head a bit. The guy seemed nice enough, but he didn't appear to have much awareness of social etiquette. Ah, well. What can you do? Setsuna didn't have much trouble passing out again, and by the time Kal got back, she was up and about. She was sitting on the bed, meditating, straightening up as he set the new clothes down. She waited for him to leave before examining the white cloth, lifting it up against her in admiration. "Well, the guy works fast, I'll give him that." she mused to herself, slowly stripping out of her old clothes before slipping into the new attire. Though everything was properly sized, the top didn't exactly cover up her breasts with any degree of subtlety... not that she cared too much about that, other than the fact that they were clearly made for her by a stranger. However, it did give her the freedom of movement she desired from her arms for combat. The pants were not so different than what she was used to, save for the straps around her calves. Leaving the cloak for the moment, seeing as she wasn't planning on rushing out into the desert, she picked up her old clothes and folded them up for safekeeping. She took her red sash, wrapping it around her waist before sliding Shinjitsu into place. "Think this will work." she said with a satisfied grin on her face. She took a breath, letting her pleasure with the outfit diminish before she stepped out to see Kal. She leaned on the doorway, glancing over at him. "Y'know, if I didn't know any better, I'd say you cut the top a little airy for some personal reasons." she said, attempting to remain as calm as possible to let his head fill in her meaning. Messing with someone was only fun if they couldn't guess her intentions for such a loaded phrasing, obviously.
  9. I am currently working on a character that should be capable of meeting the requirements. He is an elf that doesn't have any qualms doing the sneaky backstabbing required for such jobs. So long as the pay is good and the task is challenging, he is interested.
  10. You are now your avatar

    As the events unfolded before me, the group that had previously appeared to be attempting to sort themselves out took off into the cave, all going in different directions to chase down the dragon. I extended my hand out after them, but failed to speak up. Why was talking to new people always so difficult?! Even in this obvious situation when figuring out what the hell was going on would be not just important, but critical, the words didn't make it out of the planning phase in my head before everyone was gone. I dropped my hand and hung my head for a moment before I started pacing. "Alright, there are a number of people here who appear to look liver various pop-culture icons. They all appear to be... trying to get along, at least for the sake of that little girl. I should probably try and help... fight the dragon. I mean, what the hell, I'd think that between everyone, it's not the worst thing to fight. I'm sure someone is more capable of doing the actual combat than I am. At the very least, I should go try and find the damn thing. Shouldn't be too hard. It's a dragon, after all." I mumble to myself before I straighten myself up, walking off into the caves. As I began to travel through the cave, I noticed I didn't have a particularly difficult time seeing where I was going, which I pondered as I noticed the distinct markings of the dragon's presence. Though I didn't necessarily have the worst night vision, that didn't exactly aid you when there wasn't any light to begin with, as was the case in any natural, unlit cave. Of course, I didn't exactly have time to dwell on that detail, as there were far more pressing matters, but a few stray thoughts managed to get filed away for later. For the present moment, I focused on following the claw marks and burning smell that seemed to line most of the cave until I came to a fork in the path. I paused, regarding both paths for a moment. Based upon a cursory glance, the dragon obviously had been down both paths at one point. However, it was impossible to tell just at first glance which one had been used. I paced for a moment, constantly glancing down each path as far as I could see before rubbing my shoulder and neck with one hand. "Alright, think, Fred, which way did it go? There must be a clue as to which way it went." As I did so, I glanced at the floor for any debris that got knocked free. Nothing noteworthy. There were claw marks, but the age wasn't immediately apparent looking at them. I sighed, tilting my head back in thought. "Ok, so I'm hunting for a dragon. With the obvious signs not being quite enough to determine its path, perhaps there's something else that I can use to figure out which direction it went in." I murmur, taking a few steps down one of the paths. I stood for a moment, contemplating, thinking, feeling... a mild draft? I paused, taking that into consideration. "It's... possible that the dragon is putting off enough heat, ambient of otherwise, that it would cause the air to attempt to diffuse into the rest of the cave." I stated, walking off in that direction. As I walked down the cave, I noticed a light began to come into view. I tred quietly until I reached a larger cavern, filled to the brim with the dragon's loot... and the dragon. It appeared I wasn't the first one to the room, as there were several other members of the group lining up to take a crack at the dragon. I paused, eying the dragon quietly. The girl was not in its claw anymore. I glanced around, noticing a pile of bones... and behind that, the girl. Well, the other guys looked like they had the right idea. I walked silently over to where the bone pile lay, taking out the revolver, waving quietly to the girl inside. I didn't dare even whisper until the fighting started, but I assumed the girl would understand my intentions of getting her out.
  11. Sword in the Sand

    When Kal returned, Setsuna woke with a start at the knock on the door before she sat up, inviting him in. She hardly took in what was put in front of her, setting it on her lap before she dug in, ravenously consuming the meal. Seeing as she hadn't had food in two days, she hardly cared what was in it. She needed something, anything, and this meal was more than appetizing enough to put aside any pesky concerns about what was in it. She was practically done with it before she'd even considered his question, taking a few moments to think on it as she finished off her plate. "That was perfect~" she sighed in delight, setting the plate aside. "Thanks so much again, Kal. I was lucky you were the one who found me and not someone else. I might have died right there." she said with a smile. With that, Setsuna turned her attention to Kal. "Well, in general, I don't think I need a lot... other than maybe some more water. I should be fine in a few hours." she said, clearly speaking with some certainty that wouldn't normally be expected of someone who not an hour ago was half-dead in the middle of a desert. She stretched a little, her chest protruding slightly as she did so, unaware of any distracting effect it had on her host, nor was she apparently looking for it. She let her arms drop, leaning back on one arm. "Though, to be honest... I was slightly... disappointed when I only found this shirt in your drawers over there. I... realize you probably don't get to do a lot of laundry in the desert." she paused, tapping her finger on her lip. "Then again, I probably look very silly walking around the desert in all black, too, so what do I know?" she chuckled, not quite catching how much she'd started rambling.
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  13. Sword in the Sand

    Setsuna drank down a large portion of his water skin, leaving only a few mouth fulls of water when she was done. She felt a little dirty using that much of his precious water supply, but she was too parched to worry much about it. She needed it if she was going to recover. With her powers, she believed she'd be able to be back on her feet in a few hours, with some water, food, and rest, but without them, she wouldn't be doing much of anything in the near future. As Kal went to lift her, she weakly grabbed her sword and tucked it in against her chest. She wasn't going to leave her only possession laying out there in the sands. She had had it since she learned how to connect with the spirits, and she certainly wasn't going to leave it laying around carelessly. She gave him a weak smile, mildly impressed at how easily he managed to lug her around with apparent ease. There weren't many men she'd encountered who were capable of lifting her off the ground without at least some effort. She wasn't a short, dainty girl in any regard. Setsuna eyed the vehicle with a bit of curiousity and concern as she was carried inside. The vehicle itself was not intimidating in any regard. Rather, she was a bit startled at the fact that she'd never seen its likeness before in her life. It bore no resemblance to any vehicle she'd ever seen, and while she wasn't going to shy away from a cool place to regain her strength, she was a bit puzzled as to where exactly she had ended up. She certainly was no where near home, as she'd never even seen a picture of it before. As Kal deposited her on the bed, Setsuna sank in, her body flopping flat on it, a slight jiggle to her form as she landed. "I could pass out right now...." she said with a dreamy sigh. However, she slowly sat back up, rubbing her head as she focused on what Kal was saying. Exhaustion was threatening to overtake her, but she needed to eat and drink more than anything. She nodded along, giving him a weak smile "Ok, I will. Thanks again." she said, waiting for him to leave the room. She slowly got to her feet, trudging over to the dresser where she started to rummage through the drawers... finding all but one of them empty. She sighed, looking at the shirt as she lifted it out of the drawer. "Guess you don't do a lot of laundry in the desert...." she murmured, tossing her old shirt aside before sliding the new one over her head. She only buttoned the bottom three buttons, leaving about as much space as her robe normally gave for her chest before she flopped down on the bed, burying her head in the pillows until Kal finished making the food.
  14. Sword in the Sand

    The sand started to meld together into a white blur, her vision fading until she could barely tell the city from the sand. She was certain that she was going to die at this point. The heat, her exhaustion, and the unending desire for water were all that cycled through her mind. She didn't want to die. She was surprised that this is where the spirits had led her. She felt her hands lose their grip on the sheath of her sword, tracing down the metal until it hit the sand. A shadow came over the sand. Setsuna's eyes fluttered, trying to shift focus so she could see what was over her. She felt a pair of strong arms roll her over and lift her slightly off the sand. His face was nothing but a shadow against the sky. She squinted, doing her best to focus on him as he spoke. She felt a small splash of water hit her lips. She took a small sip, coughing as her throat adjusted to the sudden influx of fluids into her system, before she began to guzzle more of the water. Her body relaxed slightly as she felt a little cooler. "Setsuna...." she murmured, answering his question as she began to come around. She shakily sat up, trying to take in more of what he looked like, her amber eyes opening a bit wider. "Thank you... very much...." she stated, giving him a weak smile.
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