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  1. I will attempt to get a post in this evening, then.
  2. Setsuna drank down a large portion of his water skin, leaving only a few mouth fulls of water when she was done. She felt a little dirty using that much of his precious water supply, but she was too parched to worry much about it. She needed it if she was going to recover. With her powers, she believed she'd be able to be back on her feet in a few hours, with some water, food, and rest, but without them, she wouldn't be doing much of anything in the near future. As Kal went to lift her, she weakly grabbed her sword and tucked it in against her chest. She wasn't going to leave her only possession laying out there in the sands. She had had it since she learned how to connect with the spirits, and she certainly wasn't going to leave it laying around carelessly. She gave him a weak smile, mildly impressed at how easily he managed to lug her around with apparent ease. There weren't many men she'd encountered who were capable of lifting her off the ground without at least some effort. She wasn't a short, dainty girl in any regard. Setsuna eyed the vehicle with a bit of curiousity and concern as she was carried inside. The vehicle itself was not intimidating in any regard. Rather, she was a bit startled at the fact that she'd never seen its likeness before in her life. It bore no resemblance to any vehicle she'd ever seen, and while she wasn't going to shy away from a cool place to regain her strength, she was a bit puzzled as to where exactly she had ended up. She certainly was no where near home, as she'd never even seen a picture of it before. As Kal deposited her on the bed, Setsuna sank in, her body flopping flat on it, a slight jiggle to her form as she landed. "I could pass out right now...." she said with a dreamy sigh. However, she slowly sat back up, rubbing her head as she focused on what Kal was saying. Exhaustion was threatening to overtake her, but she needed to eat and drink more than anything. She nodded along, giving him a weak smile "Ok, I will. Thanks again." she said, waiting for him to leave the room. She slowly got to her feet, trudging over to the dresser where she started to rummage through the drawers... finding all but one of them empty. She sighed, looking at the shirt as she lifted it out of the drawer. "Guess you don't do a lot of laundry in the desert...." she murmured, tossing her old shirt aside before sliding the new one over her head. She only buttoned the bottom three buttons, leaving about as much space as her robe normally gave for her chest before she flopped down on the bed, burying her head in the pillows until Kal finished making the food.
  3. The sand started to meld together into a white blur, her vision fading until she could barely tell the city from the sand. She was certain that she was going to die at this point. The heat, her exhaustion, and the unending desire for water were all that cycled through her mind. She didn't want to die. She was surprised that this is where the spirits had led her. She felt her hands lose their grip on the sheath of her sword, tracing down the metal until it hit the sand. A shadow came over the sand. Setsuna's eyes fluttered, trying to shift focus so she could see what was over her. She felt a pair of strong arms roll her over and lift her slightly off the sand. His face was nothing but a shadow against the sky. She squinted, doing her best to focus on him as he spoke. She felt a small splash of water hit her lips. She took a small sip, coughing as her throat adjusted to the sudden influx of fluids into her system, before she began to guzzle more of the water. Her body relaxed slightly as she felt a little cooler. "Setsuna...." she murmured, answering his question as she began to come around. She shakily sat up, trying to take in more of what he looked like, her amber eyes opening a bit wider. "Thank you... very much...." she stated, giving him a weak smile.
  4. Good luck, man. Hope ya feel better.
  5. ~Basics~ Name: Nasim Nickname: Nasi Race: Djinn Age: 3456 (or so she says) Gender: Female Orientation: Bisexual Alignment: Chaotic Neutral Home: ???? Class: Mage ~Physique~ Description: Height: Tends to prefer roughly 5’7” Weight: Approximately 100 lbs (When she’s solid) Eyes: Icy Blue Skin: Slightly tanned Musculature: Generally appears to be on the thin side, with some curvature in the right spots Attire: Generally blue garb, leaning towards scandalous, but varies ~Personality~ Disposition: Nasi is perhaps what you would expect of a Djinn. She is devious, manipulative, and fickle, often more interested in playing tricks and games than following anything concrete. While she is not malevolent in nature, she often seems a touch spiteful or cruel. Much of this comes from her desire to locate her lamp, and is not particularly forgiving because of her original imprisonment. However, Nasi is not evil nor does she wish to go out of her way to harm those who have not directly done her wrong. She can be helpful, and downright generous, should she grow fond of someone, though she never quite grows out of her trickster mentality with even good friends. While she is a lady of her word, she is prone to twisting meanings and phrases should it suit her, and as such, it is advised to be precise when striking a bargain with her. Religion: Not applicable Likes: Magic, trickery, games, knowledge, shiny object Dislikes: Boring people, lawyers, other magical entities, nonprecious stones, manual labor Quirks: Mortals Suck: Nasi doesn’t get out very much, and has had very little time dealing with people in more than spurts of a few days over the past few thousand years. She doesn’t necessarily understand things like empathy, personal space, and other interpersonal skills. She has always thought of most mortal concerns as petty or frivolous… even if she tends to obsess over things like gemstones and magic trinkets for no reason other than their appearance. She’s… trying to improve. Airhead: Nasi is not stupid, but she tends to forget things that she doesn’t care about very easily. She will remember the lines of a bargain she has struck word for word, down to the emphasis of each syllable, but she can forget things like names, places, faces, and even entire adventures if she doesn’t have an invested interest in them. ~Abilities~ Air Spirit: Nasi, being a being naturally associated with the air and wind, is capable of manipulating them easily. She can turn partially into smoke, fly, and conjure powerful gusts and even mini tornados with enough focus. Aether Manipulation: Nasi can manipulate the potent magic within her to generate spells for offense and defense. These often take the shape of blasts of energy or defensive barriers capable of stopping threats both magical and mundane. Any of these creations have short lifespans, and cannot last more than a few seconds without concentration. Minor Transformation: Nasi is capable of modifying her appearance and her outfit at whim, as they are both really fabrications. She does have difficulty not including her trademark blue tone, though. Conjuration/Transmutation: Being a djinn, Nasi has the ability to create a great number of things out of thin air or alter the physical world. These powers are limited while still bound to her lamp, and can only make smaller, nonmagical objects on her own, or change the shape/color of objects into something similar. Anything she creates is of high quality, but she cannot continuously generate objects or she will wear herself out. She cannot polymorph living beings significantly (at least enough to be considered beneficial), and can’t create life where none existed in the first place. Limited Wish: While she cannot currently grant the final wish for her master, Nasi’s separation has granted her the ability to grant anyone she comes into contact with one minor wish. These wishes are limited in scope by comparison to what she could normally do, and generally result in more of a convenience than solving a lifelong dream or desire. The one noteworthy element to this is that, without some knowledge of what is being asked of her, she cannot fulfill it (ie. She doesn’t know where her lamp is, and thus cannot magically summon it if someone were nice enough to wish for it). More demanding wishes will be more draining on her, and can incapacitate her should the wish be within her ability yet extreme. ~Gear~ …Why would a genie need gear? Come on, people! ~Weaknesses~ Bound Spirit: As evident by the crystal-like bracelets she wears constantly, Nasi is still bound to her lamp, even if she doesn’t know where it is. Within it resides the vast majority of her power, and without it, she cannot even fully disperse into smoke, much less fundamentally alter the universe via a wish. Rocks Suck: Being an air spirit, things such as the earth and stone generally fall outside her ability to directly influence. While she can manipulate them via a wish, she can’t simply transmute stone or dirt into something else, or reshape it to suit her needs. This does not apply to metals or manufactured products that happen to utilize something from the Earth. ~History~ Genies are often thought of as virtual deities bound to a single object, capable of reshaping the world to suit the wishes of those that have bound them. Such was the nature of Nasi. A spirit of the air and wind, she had known incredible freedom, and had spend her days blowing around the world, playing tricks on mortals for her own amusement. However, one day, she became trapped in a lamp by a powerful mage, utilizing a pair of crystal bangles to enslave her. Trapped, enraged, and desperate, Nasi had no choice but to use her powers to grant wishes to whomever held the lamp. Nasi’s lamp traded hands through the ages, and before she knew it, two millennia had passed. Her lamp finally came into the hands of a powerful wizard, who took a brief interest in her. He stated that, should she grant him three wishes, he would release her using his own abilities. Intrigued, Nasi agreed (not that she had a choice in the matter), and proceeded to grant the man his first two wishes. These wishes were strangely simple, asking for a pair of specific, rare alchemical components. Using these, he turned to his lab, completing what she could only guess was his life’s work. Then, as if by a cruel twist of fate, the wizard’s work sputtered, creating a cascade of magical forces that sent even the genie hurtling. When the smoke cleared, the man, along with the lamp, were gone. Looking herself over, Nasi_ found that, while she was free to move about, she was still bound, the two crystal bangles around her wrist. Whether it was because the majority of her power resided in her lamp, or if the bangles were the true reason she could not free herself, she could not say. However, so long as she was in this state, she was no more ‘free’ than any of the mortals she had served all these years. She would find a way to free herself from this torture, even if it took another thousand years to do so.
  6. I would like to claim this one: Female?dl=0&preview=whitemage_by_puyoakira-d74yhz6.jpg
  7. “How the hell did I get myself into this mess?” Setsuna murmured to herself, perhaps for the hundredth time. The sun beat down on her from above as she trudged through the sifting sands of a desert. Up until two days ago, she’d never seen a desert except in pictures. Now, she was walking through the middle of one, having not prepared at all for the situation, and she was burning up, as any ordinary human would. Setsuna let out a groan as she made it to the top of one of the dunes, leaning on her sword for a moment to catch her breath. She took a brief look over her shoulder at her trail that snaked through the sands, sighing to herself. Where was she? She had to be continents away from her homelands, that beautiful island… covered in green… surrounded by an ocean…. How had that demon cast her so far from there? She’d never seen such magic before. She wasn’t even sure why he had done it. She hadn’t been winning the fight, though perhaps he was concerned because she hadn’t just bent over and let him kill her. She didn’t know. Couldn’t know. And it didn’t really matter now. It wouldn’t get her home worrying about it. She couldn’t solve a problem like that with her thoughts, even if she wanted to. She just had to survive, and maybe she’d get the chance to fix it someday. Of course, that whole surviving thing wasn’t looking too good right now. She had run out of water yesterday evening. Her black robes, normally more of a style decision, were covered in dust, her shirt draped over her head to keep the sun off her back without transferring so much heat. She had only two burns from the blistering heat, but that didn’t make her feel much better, considering she was running on empty. She turned back towards the horizon, finding the next dune to march towards. She continued on, putting one foot in front of the other at a sluggish pace. She had barely seen a sign of life since her arrival, and she was starting to doubt that there was any civilization for miles. She wasn’t banking on encountering anyone. How could she? For all she knew, there wasn’t a human being within a hundred miles of her. She was at least lucky enough she hadn’t encountered any beasts that would attack her. Though she might be able to fend off a lone coyote, anything more would certainly get the better of her. And a snake would certainly spell her end. As she reached the top of the next dune, she sank to her knees, leaning heavily on her sword. She gasped at the air, feeling as though she was inhaling nothing but sand. She turned her gaze upwards, her eyes widening as she saw what could only be described as a city. She couldn’t make out much of the details from this distance, but it didn’t matter. It was shelter. They had to have water there, right? “Looks like the spirits aren’t done with me yet.” She murmured, gathering what little strength she had left before she pressed on. After two more dunes, Setsuna’s legs gave out again. Exhaustion flooded her form. Even with the hope the new city offered her, she couldn’t keep going. She’d been walking for too long, and she couldn’t stand anymore. “Damn… it….” She gasped, weakly, falling into the sand, her eyes fluttering closed as she tried to reach out towards the city, so close, but not close enough.
  8. ~Basics~ Name: Gibeon Nickname: Gibs Race: Half-dragon Age: 18 (By racial standards, he’s in his early 30s) Gender: Male Orientation: Heterosexual (Good luck with that) Alignment: Lawful Good Home: Bloodmage Mountains Class: Paladin ~Physique~ Description: Gibs is a hulking creature that looks like a small bipedal dragon, small being relative. His huge form towers over most other humanoids. Height: 6’8 (usually hunches to appear between 6’3 and 6’6) Weight: Approximately 380 lbs Eyes: Yellow reptilian eyes Skin: Green Musculature: Pure muscle. Attire: Brown, studded leather armor. ~Personality~ Disposition: Gibs, on the surface, appears to be every bit the ferocious monster that his kind normally represent. He is very direct and authoritative when encountered outside the bounds of civilization, as he normally is. However, he is far from the aggressive, warmongering creatures that generally make up his race. He always shows respect to those he talks with, and is very generous when it comes to those he encounters. He is an excellent guest when he is in another’s territory, and does works to broker peace whenever possible. He does not take kindly to trickery and disloyalty, whether it is to himself or others, nor does he react kindly to abusive/weak leadership. Religion: Follows the Sky Dragon, his patron. Likes: Combat, Loyalty, Meats, Displays of Might Dislikes: Tyrannical types, Cowards, Disloyalty Quirks: The Strong Lead the Weak: The most core of all Gibs’ tenants is that “Those with power are responsible for those who do not.” This belief is perhaps a twist of the “Biggest is Boss” philosophy commonly seen in more barbaric races such as Orcs, Goblins, or even his own kind, as he does not believe that strength entitles anyone to take from those with lesser capacity. Rather, it is a call to carry the weight that they cannot, and make the world better for all those that are under his protection. They All Look Alike to Me: Humans, elves, dwarves, and most other mammal-like humanoids appear exceptionally similar to him, and while he understands that each one is quite different from another, he is usually not concerned enough to make the distinction on first contact, and calls them all ‘humans’ until otherwise corrected. Honorbound: Gibs has a ferocious and warrior-like nature that constantly drives him towards conflict, but he has learned to temper this far more than most would expect. He shows respect when it is deserved, and will not attack anyone that he has does not perceive to violate his core principles unless provoked. Should Gibs say he will do something, he will abide by his word, no matter what. He is also incapable of refusing a duel request, as he feels a need to prove his strength. He is even been known to put aside weapons in order to provide himself with more of a challenge. ~Abilities~ Inhuman Strength: Though Gibs is far from a novice with a sword, he never had a formal teacher. This usually is not an issue, as his extraordinary strength is enough to overcome any deficit in finesse. Even without a weapon, his claws and teeth are capable of inflicting serious injuries. Durability: While most people stand in awe of his physical might, perhaps more impressive is Gibs’ toughness and constitution. Even without his armor, his scales alone are tough enough to keep him from being easily harmed. Direct blows are still enough to harm him, and while magic attacks tending to be more effective than physical blows, it takes a great damage to put him down. Flight: Gibs has a pair of strong wings, which he is capable of taking flight with. While he is not the most agile, he can keep pace with most that do not possess omni-directional methods of flight. Thunder Dragon Blood: Being half dragon, several traits are inherent to his bloodline. First, he can produce powerful electric blasts from his mouth. Though he cannot fire these off rapidly, he can produce several such blasts over the course of a day. As with most draconic species, he is not easily manipulated psionically, and is incredibly difficult to frighten or intimidate. He is also immune to electricity in all forms. Gifts of the Divine: Gibs has sworn his life to the way of the Sky Dragon, and through him, he has gained several divine abilities. He is capable of channeling holy energies into his breath, allowing him to deal considerable damage to evil/corrupted beings. He is also capable of healing wounds to a certain extent, though doing so mid-combat is limited. Magical Potential: Due to the dragon’s blood that flows through his veins, Gibs has significant potential, though very little of it has been realized. He has no talent for or desire to learn more traditional spells, in any event, but should he devote time to developing his more unique traits, he could possibly develop into a terrifying warrior. ~Gear~ Armor: Gibs uses a set of studded leather armor that coats his chest, upper arms, and upper legs, with holes specifically left to allow his wings full motion. Weapons: Gibs carries two swords, a large, single-bladed great sword and a gladius, both somewhat old, but maintained to the best of his abilities. Each of these weapons are not quite sized for him, but are exceptionally deadly with the combination of strength and momentum he utilizes when attacking. Gibs also has a targe that he often utilizes alongside his gladius should the situation call for more cautious planning. ~Weaknesses~ Bulky: Due to Gibs’ physical size and wings, he is not particularly quick on his feet. While he is capable of performing quick maneuvers by utilizing his wings for closing the distance or retreating, he is not suited to consistently avoiding attacks with legwork alone. When he is denied the room to fly or use his wings for movement, he is forced to rely on his durable frame more than would normally be wise, and is much more vulnerable to direct hits and lethal blows. ~History~ High in the Bloodmage Mountains, a single peak stands alone. This mountain is inhabited by a local tribe of lizardfolk. This is the tribe Gibeon was born into, a unique child in that he had the blood of a true dragon running through him. He grew quickly, and soon became the largest and strongest of them all. Thought to be their champion, and the one that would bring them great power, he was set in line to become the leader of their clan. This would become true in time, but not in the way any could have predicted. His mother, an elder wyrm who had attempted to use his existence as a means of manipulating the lizardfolk into worshiping her and following her. However, whether by divine intervention or a twist of fate, her son did not follow in her footsteps, and was repulsed by her horrific, manipulative nature. He rebelled, and brought about many changes to his clan that led it to be an unusual bastion within the mountains. However, Gibs felt another calling gnawing in his mind, and set out to discover his calling, one day planning on returning to his village stronger and wiser, and kill his mother to ensure their safety.
  9. ~Basics~ Name: Setsuna Nickname: Setsu Race: Human Age: 22 Gender: Female Orientation: Heterosexual (Probably. Mostly. Flexible, really) Alignment: Neutral Good Homeworld: Class: Warrior Monk ~Physique~ Height: 6’ Weight: Approximately 180 lbs Hair: Scarlet Red, long, but tied back in a ponytail, a long set of locks draping over right eye. Eyes: Jewel-like amber Skin: Lightly tanned, dark Asian in appearance Musculature: Toned, but curvy Attire: Generally wears a black robe with scarlet trim and sash. ~Personality~ Disposition: Generally calm and relaxed, Setsuna is looking to get the most out of her experiences. She occasionally comes across as bubbly and aloof, as she doesn’t stop to worry about little details that often. She is compassionate towards those in need, and tends to only rush to save those who are in trouble. Religion: Follows no specific deity, but believes in and follows spirits Likes: Swords, exploring, booze, mysticism, spirits, new faces Dislikes: Tyrannical types, remaining in a single location, open warfare, early mornings ~Skills~ Swordsmanship: Setsuna is capable of using most weapons in a pinch, and she can hold her own unarmed, but she’s most skilled with a sword. She is quite skilled with most types of swords, and more than capable of holding own in a physical confrontation. Enhanced Physical Attributes: By drawing on the strength of the spiritual energy that flows around her and through her, Setsuna’s faster and stronger than what might otherwise be expected for a woman of her stature and physique. It is noticeable, but she still wouldn’t outmatch dedicated musclemen or runners. Healing: Utilizing her spiritual energy and any energy she is capable of drawing from her surroundings, Setsuna is capable of healing minor injuries or stabilizing more serious ones of either herself or an ally. At best, it serves as a useful first aid trick. Healing takes time and focus, and is difficult to do in the middle of combat save to heal minor knicks and cuts. Spiritual Attunement: Setsuna’s abilities allow her to attune herself to the powers within the weapons she wields. Each weapon has its own individuality, reflecting the creator, magic, and all the past weilders melded into one ‘entity’. By bonding with this ‘spirit’, she can draw out the weapon’s unique properties and enhance her own abilities. It can take weeks, months, or, on rare occasion, years to properly attune to a weapon, and she can only actively draw on a weapon she is holding, and in that line of thought, she can only draw on up to two at a time. ~Weapons~ Shinjitsu: Setsuna’s first blade that she’s ever came into ownership of. This kantana is made of a silvery steel, roughly 40-inch blade with several kanji inscribed along the side. The hilt black with red curvy strands criss-crossing down to the end of the pommel. The crossguard is in a silver oval shape that loosely resembles an eye. Abilities: True Sight, small speed enhancement. ~History~ Setsuna was raised in a monestary, orphaned at a young age. She was raised in a culture surrounded by the mystical and the spiritual, but she had always had a wandering spirit that constantly drew her away from more fundamentalist teachings and dove into studies on the more evil and corrupt entities. As she grew, she shifted her meditation and studies towards more practical applications, taking up fencing and the art of the sword. When she turned 16, she set out on her own to begin hunting monsters. She travelled around her home island, tracking down numerous occult beings, from demons to vampires. However, after running into a particularly powerful demon, she was cast into the spirit realm, tossed around via the otherworldly nature of the other plane before being deposited on Valucre.
  10. I'm sure Avvercus would do it for any place he enjoyed. And sure thing. I appreciate the level of detail. I am probably going to dive in and see what catches my attention sooner or later.
  11. Even on a good night, sleep was something that never comes easy. Tossing, turning, and endless cycles of nonsensical dreams that always seem to mean something but are never coherent enough to glean anything from them, all an endless cycle of plagues that never lead to waking up rested. So it came as a bit of a shock to finally achieve a good night sleep. A nice, long rest that where reality faded away, the comforts of my bed seeming to be the only sensation that lingered. However, that gentle, cradling warmth slowly turned to a low-roasting inferno, and the pleasant firmness of the mattress turned coarse and grainy. After turning over several times, trying to go back to sleep, I groaned and threw myself upright in irritation. Irritation turned to confusion to shock. The world around me was not the nice basement hovel I spent my nights. Several issues immediately stood out. One, it was several hours past dawn, and, given my normal sleep patterns, I doubt I'd ever have stayed asleep this long with this much direct sunlight hitting my face. I could never sleep in direct sunlight. Two, this was a desert. I stood up, gazing at the crimson rock faces worn down by the sand from the salt flats, the slight hints of shrubs here and there, and barely a hint of water for miles. In the distance, it looked like there was a mountain range to the North. I had a feeling I was somewhere in the American Southwest. I hadn't ever been there, but seeing as I had a Geography degree, my guess was at least a little better than average, I'd guess. Three, it was getting HOOOOT. That much was stupidly obvious for anyone who knew what a desert was, but it was certainly true, and getting truer by the second. After taking it all in for a few moments, my shoulders slumped. "Well... shit...." I muttered, lifting my hands in front of my face. As I began to clench them, I paused, noticing that I wore white gloves... and what looked like a white suit. I took a moment to look myself over. I was certainly dressed in an expensive white tux with a green undershirt... and bow tie. "What the hell is this...?" I murmured, opening up the jacket, finding a revolver at my hip. It was white. Pure white, as if it were made out of some unusual alloy that looked more like it was made of the same stuff as stormtrooper armor rather than metal. Confusion continued to overwhelm me. That confusion quickly shifted towards frustration, depression, and rage, and I began to look around, staring up at the sky for several moments. I threw my arms back and shouted, "WHAT THE HELL IS GOING OOOOOOON!" My voice range through the desert with an unusual strength. I felt sparks of green energy flow around me, encompassing me until the world seemed to be nothing but emerald sparks for a single moment. And then I was in a cave. I cocked my head and straightened up, letting myself calm down for a moment. "Ok. Ok. It's fine. I'm still alive, right? It's cool. I'll figure out what's happening. At least I have a gun, right? I'll be...." The ground shook for a moment, and the sound of rocks tumbling to the ground behind me. A girl screamed, quite loudly, echoing through the cave. I paused, turning around, briefly observing the scene as it unfolded. There was... what looked like a dragon, that guy from Megas XLR, Dishonored, and some random knight in the middle of a confrontation. As the dragon slipped off into the darkness with the Dishonored guy chasing it down, I could only stare for several moments, not sure as to what the hell I had stepped into now. "Just... what the hell...?"
  12. Alright, Nuclear, I will try and slip in a post when I get home from work. Seeing as I am getting close to done, I should be able to beat the clock, so to speak.
  13. Long time no see. Yeah, I picked up on that much. Just a lot to go over.
  14. Hey, would you mind if I join in? Alias: DrKruggles Real Name: Fred Kruger (Not REALLY, but close enough) Age: 27 Height: 5'9 (6'2" for the avatar) Personality: Generally a reserved guy who attempts to (and often fails) to approach things from a calm, rational view. Has a scientific background, but certainly doesn't shy away from the spiritual side of life... and has more than enough hours of video games and anime clogging up his memory to not be totally shocked by strange occurrences. Character: For those of you who don't know who Doc Scratch is, he is a gentlemanly, near omniscient being that is an excellent host. He has a plethora of semi-godly powers from near perfect futuresight/prediction to teleportation and a degree of object creation, all of which are used to manipulate people into doing what he desires. Since all that reeeeally doesn't make for a good character in this type of RP, any access to these abilities will be limited in scope and spontaneous (not the convenient kind, either). The only constant is a white revolver and a pocket that will continuously generate more bullets. Anything else is negotiable and can be discussed as to the scope/effect. Let me know if I need anything else!
  15. Hehe. I didn't expect Hussie to answer everything. I was hoping to see more of the battles, but hey, it finished about as I expected. Character sheets are useful, and good reference material. However, sometimes they get in the way of actually Raping if it takes too long for everyone to get them together, so this definitely helps. What types of sites were you on before? I have been on a number of them, but I did start out on a Naruto site waaaaay back.