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    (Native) Celtic mythology, chivalry, putting fear into the black heart of evil, taverns, hunting lodges, snow-laden mountains or mist-covered forests, holy necromancy, blunt melee weapons (maces, mauls, etc.), candles, walking my dog "Aether" (snowy white gerberian shepsky) siberian huskies (dire wolves in fantasy), fur trim apparel, rustic lifestyle, tiny house revolution, tabletop rpg's, rpg video games, story-writing, female spiders, the fecund female form, ultra-fecund spider women (abdomen-derrieres are divine), buttermint or irish breakfast tea, dark and heavy beer (aka Guinness: Extra Stout) and finally, solitude.

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  1. On this day, the Cake Goddess was born.
    You are all commanded to BOW before her AWESOMENESS!

    You may offer tribute in the form of cake, kittens or glowing pink hair dye.
    Now go, off with you, mere mortals! Appease the Cake Goddess, or suffer her adorable, fierce feline-like wrath!


    Happy Birthday, Maria! :) *Chibi Victory Jump!*

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