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    (Native) Celtic mythology, chivalry, putting fear into the black heart of evil, taverns, hunting lodges, snow-laden mountains or mist-covered forests, holy necromancy, blunt melee weapons (maces, mauls, etc.), candles, walking my dog "Aether" (snowy white gerberian shepsky) siberian huskies (dire wolves in fantasy), fur trim apparel, rustic lifestyle, tiny house revolution, tabletop rpg's, rpg video games, story-writing, female spiders, the fecund female form, ultra-fecund spider women (abdomen-derrieres are divine), buttermint or irish breakfast tea, dark and heavy beer (aka Guinness: Extra Stout) and finally, solitude.

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  1. On this day, the Cake Goddess was born.
    You are all commanded to BOW before her AWESOMENESS!

    You may offer tribute in the form of cake, kittens or glowing pink hair dye.
    Now go, off with you, mere mortals! Appease the Cake Goddess, or suffer her adorable, fierce feline-like wrath!


    Happy Birthday, Maria! :) *Chibi Victory Jump!*

  2. Just seconding that I WOULD be interested in joining, along with my girlfriend. So long as that is alright with flamingtraveler and whatever she had in mind for her character. She's a friend, so I wouldn't want to muck up whatever she had planned with her character for this rp, if ours wouldn't be the best match.
  3. This is just for clarification and a formal "farewell", as I'm sure anyone reading my and gravid's last posts finds them very "unconventional". The reason for that is because they are our "exit posts" from the rp, but we didn't want to just "poof" our characters, so I decided to add a little "twist" to the event, instead of just not post. Gravid and I are leaving the rp, simply because we both have personally come to "irreconcilable differences" with one of the members of the group, and it would simply be unenjoyable for us to stay. Jaistlyn is fully aware, and I worked with her in the development of our "exit posts", so I hope the little "evil reveal" is interesting for you guys, or at least better than just suddenly not posting, anymore. Gravid and I both actually very much enjoyed the rp, so our leaving is no comment on anyone's roleplaying contributions. It's a personality conflict, nothing more. Before leaving, I would like to thank Robbie for not being upset when I accidentally learned about "auto"ing for the first time when I did it with Nieve (lol), look forward to any future WH 40K stuff with you, Maverick, and finally Disco, Marigold is seriously the most entertaining character I've ever seen, even after ten years of tabletop roleplaying, lol. Also would like to just give a shout-out to FlamingTraveler, just because she's a good, new friend to both Gravid and I, and I was pretty excited to see what Faith could do with all that gravity madness, lol. Finally, my appreciation to Jaistlyn for creating the land of Yh'mi. It's a great addition of Lovecraftian horror that I haven't really seen anywhere else on Valucre, and I hope the large event of Yh'mi turns out to be successful. *thumbs up!* Note: The "dead knight" character in my last post is totally free to your guys' use in whatever fashion you like. It was a completely "off-the-cuff" character, and I have no real "commitment" or "attachment" to him, it was just for the drama of the scene. I mean, if you just want to throw fireballs in his back or something, go for it, lol.
  4. With violence and desperation raging around him, the party seemingly falling apart in the throes of madness, being forced into the cruel compliance of the mists, as well as whatever dark intelligence ruled it, the Seer began to feel a strange understanding of it all... As great SWARMS of both the webbing-capable and the more common variant of Chhitten began to crawl up the slender chasms of the Broken Plains, like a ravenous horde of grounded, carapace-covered arachnid locusts, in numbers that made the very ground shake, the Seer suddenly seemed overtaken by some..."force". His body contorting as if something were trying to break out from within, his head fell back limply and his hands strained as if controlled with difficulty, as his body began levitating into the air. His body slowly began to "absorb" or perhaps even "feed" on the very mists and shadows, themselves, and the human visage of the "Seer" almost seemed to "decay" away. Before long, the "Seer" was no more, and a regal, skeletal knight wreathed in ghostly blue flame had revealed itself, its greave-clad feet touching upon the ground. As the "Seer" looked around at the party, his "silkstress" also transformed, breaking up into a veritable swarm of large, even stranger-looking Chhitten, following around his every step. The "couple", now unveiled as something even darker, and certainly not allies, gave off a "wave" of empathic power and an "aura" of soul-feasting "hunger", as the vast swarms of Chhitten cowed in fear and obeisance. Facing Volentia, the mystical blessing of healing that had been offered to him "flows" back into her, as the false "Seer's" true form does not tolerate any divine healing energies. "Your 'Seer' and his arachnid mistress, 'Alitta', never arrived here, Paladin. The Maelstrom saw to it he and his mistress could not intervene in this affair, despite your superiors' desires. The Maelstrom shall not permit the ex-Inquisitor to ruin his plans for this world by bringing his 'Sight' here to unveil them." "The two of them may have survived the trap set for them, but they will never reach you in time to help." "You are alone. Give into your Fears now, or be Consumed." "Either way, the Maelstrom will claim you ALL." "Eventually."
  5. Hey Maverick, I know you've been REAL busy IRL, but be sure to let Gravid and I know if that WH 40K is still something you would be interested in setting up.

    1. Maverick


      Yes of course hehe, glad to hear you guys are still interested in that! 

  6. Well, that one ended up being almost more trouble than it was worth, to be honest, lol. Mostly that is because I was already tired when I put it together and, at least at the moment, do not have access to a proper image editing program (aka Photoshop), so I had to use a pitiful free browser-based editor. Without an easily "updateable" file format like a .psd, doing more than a "single screenshot in time" style of "battle map" would be a lot of work, since editing over this kind of madhouse action without the aid of layers can be really annoying. THAT said, I think I can handle doing an initial "battle starts!" image of a "battle map" for each fight, if you guys don't mind helping out with the "updating" process as the fight goes on. Or if someone has access to a working version of photoshop, they should just do it, lol! Note: However, if everyone is cool with the existing "format" of this map, being able to use the same legend and everything (modified for changes in the party, of course) will make things easier. Honestly, the legend took the longest.
  7. I was wondering about that, as well. If the insanity table effects can linger for up to 3 rounds, we roll every 2 rounds AND they can stack, just one bad round of rolls and our party is pretty much dead if we run into anything other than each other, lol.
  8. Cup noodles sounds nice, but I would have to go with some old-fashioned hot cocoa, or some buttermint tea (steaming hot) with some honey, milk and a touch of (chilled) spiced rum. If we assume winter, of course. My husky, Aether, however, isn't allowed booze, so he can have my bit of the noodles, lol.
  9. I'm starting to regret having jumped forward with initiating the encounter, now. Lol Either we need to be more conversant in the OOC about the details of the fight scene together (so it doesn't get this complex/mixed up), or I just threw in too much at once (or maybe our party is just too big, lol). In any case, it's just starting to sound like we are just chewing out poor Disco, who isn't even here to defend himself. So, I think we should just halt the details there, until he can tell us what was intended with Marigold. This could easily steamroll out of control, even without ill intent. It's like an art critique, sometimes, after awhile it just turns into a witch trial, lol.
  10. I agree, as long as we catch it before several posts afterward, obviously. A fight sequence with this large a party is certainly a "bag of worms" when it comes to keeping the details straight. That was the primary motivator behind me wanting to "map out" the fight scene locale, after all. Unfortunately, there isn't much I can do with my "battle map" when it comes to specific details in the action. Secondly, I was really just unsure if Marigold was under the "influence" of the mists or not, because I didn't see any record of the roll anywhere for Disco. Marigold certainly could've just been seeing things happening in a "false" manner, due to the results of the mists, so I wasn't sure if it was a misreading error or simply MY failure to realize Marigold was "under the influence" so to speak. Just uncertainties and requests for clarification, that's all. Given Marigold's less-than-ideal state of mind, it sort of goes without saying that taking his description of the events around him may not always be accurate, in terms of objective reality, lol.
  11. Disco, I just read the first half of your post, and I just noticed something maybe you misread in my girlfriend's post. Now, of course, this is completely moot if Marigold is simply seeing things in an "altered" way due to a negative effect of the "insanity table" (aka "seeing things that didn't happen), but Marigold described my girlfriend's character, Alitta, throwing her "flaming mist" potion grenades, and she actually hasn't used them, yet. They should still be levitating in front of her and Seer, READY to be used, but not tossed, yet. Just FYI, in case that is a conflict with what you thought she posted Alitta doing.
  12. My attempt at helping "visualizing" the battlefield. Positions of members of the party may be completely inaccurate by your accounts, but that is exactly why I put this together. If nothing else, it clarifies where the baddies are. Below is the starting position when they first ambushed us all, below that is the image of all the movement and taken actions so far, as well as slain enemies (shown by an "x" through their symbol marker). Below, you will see Volentia killed two of the "webbing" variant Chhittens, specifically the ones previously accompanying the "mistress" arachnid/humanoid who Seer "fear assaulted", but also was slammed against a rock by. By Nieve, a conflict between the "northernmost" mistress took place between myself and it, and then between Alitta and it, but it remains alive. Alitta shields Seer against this "north" mistress, as Volentia heals Seer. Meanwhile, Kazuhiko slaughtered the entire "western" group of variant Chhitten AND mistress, so they are all dead. Most recently, Faith took the southern group head-on, killing a single variant Chhitten, followed by two ordinary Chhitten (represented by the small, black rectangles, sorry they aren't in the Legend) and finally crushed the "southern" mistress, popping its head right off. The pair of ordinary Chhitten crept up during Faith's latest turn, which means the fight is likely attracting more attention from "below". Only the "eastern" group is entirely unopposed so far. Let me know what I got wrong, what makes sense and anything else that helps everyone get on the same page. Eight party members, twelve creatures and an additional two showing up in the latest round (the two ordinary chhitten that scurried up Faith's legs), makes keeping track of thing a little tricky, at least through text alone. I hope this helps keep things from getting overly confusing or frustrating.
  13. Already lost somebody, did we? That was...unexpected, quick and a little bit depressing, however...it DOES remind me of a STORY. Probably the funniest thing I've ever seen both IC and OOC in tabletop, during my old tabletop rp days at university. Our resident "recklessly aggressive" player was playing some kind of lunatic halfling, and we started in an underground, flooded cavern, on a pirate ship (can't remember WHY or who we were fighting...). Deciding to outdo everyone, as was his constant requirement as a player, he decided he wanted to do the classic "pirate swinging on a rope and landing to attack" move. Of course, he forgot that in DnD, where there is a skill and roll for WAY too much, he ended up needing to make like six rolls to do that, and inevitably he failed one of them, namely the "use rope" skill check, that sent him careening away from the pirate ship, and clear over a waterfall, until he died at the bottom of a rocky floor down below. His character lasted five minutes into the first session. He had spent two HOURS creating him. So, GM told him to make a new character, but all WE saw him do was erase something on his character sheet, write something new in, and hand it to the GM. The GM immediately dropped the sheet and proceeded to die of laughter, and we grabbed it. Turns out, after the battle was finished, we would find his first (and now dead) character's TWIN BROTHER in a BARREL in the lower sections of the pirate ship, wondering where his beloved and "equally epic" twin brother was! We took him up top and showed his gloriously splattered corpse. The most short-lived character I'd ever seen ended up becoming our first bit of story development. So, I witnessed a player make a new character by doing nothing but changing the first name. The idea had to be somewhere between idiotic and brilliant. The "twin brother" also swore vengeance on all rope-using foes after that, and refused to ever use a rope. He ended up dying when a dark elf sorceress used "dispel magic" on him while he used "levitate" to cross a chasm. Alright, back to Yh'mi, lol.
  14. [[Creature Info]] Since I've been getting multiple questions in PM's over the past few days, on the creatures my girlfriend and I introduced in the current "encounter", I figured I would just put the finer details here for you guys. The creatures were both my girlfriend's idea (the arachnid/humanoid "mistress" being entirely original and the 'variant' Chhitten clearly just an altered form of Jaistlyn's creature), but I decided the details of the abilities and "level" of the creatures, so I'll provide the "technical details". For those who want a bit more clarification, the "variant" Chhitten are really on the same power scale as the "baseline" Chhitten in the Yh'mi Bestiary, they just simply are less "offense", more "defense" and "disabler", with thicker exoskeletal carapaces, more powerful jaws (aka bite) and the ability to disable with spewed webbing, but lack the forward "pincer claws" (so they primarily bite). As to whether they still possess the "neurotoxic bite" of "baseline" Chhitten, I leave up to Jaistlyn or anyone else, really, though obviously with the ability to web prey in place and having a nastier bite, that trait would be even more dangerous with this "variant". As for the arachnid/humanoid "mistresses" (or "Queens", as Deviant referred to them; obviously they have no IC "official" title, being unknown, previously unencountered creatures), obviously since I brought in four at once, accompanied by two variant Chhitten per "mistress", they weren't intended to be super "high-level" creatures. The mistresses are primarily "physical" creatures, with no "special powers" except telepathy (with "surface thoughts" mind-reading capacity) and some form of "affinity" with the Chhitten (no super-telekinesis or psionic "shielding" or anything). They otherwise simply have roughly 2-3 times the physical strength of an ordinary adult human, despite their slender appearance (arachnid anatomy enables surprising strength since their strength is partially "hydraulic", via blood pressure; look at jumping spiders' olympian feats), can spew super-strong webbing and otherwise are just our ("our" meaning "unenhanced human") superior in physical speed and strength. Personally, I think everyone has done a great job not making their character OP about facing them (aka the mistresses). Their chitin exoskeleton, at that size, would be enormously dense and protective, but despite what most people think, spiders are actually NOT entirely covered by an exoskeleton (otherwise spiders would need to molt like every day), so they DO have "weak spots", but otherwise piercing that human-sized-scale exoskeletal carapace would almost be as difficult as crushing or piercing an outer layer of very dense, yet very LIGHT metallic ore. Kazuhiko is clearly one of, if not THE leading damage-dealer of the group (at least in one-on-one combat), with his disabling, weapon-capable "shadow magick" and ninja master, dual-katana skills, and he certainly had the benefit of surprise against his enemies. Since Deviant specified piercing the swords between the carapace plates, I totally believe Kazuhiko's feats in combat. Faith, meanwhile, pretty much just laughs at the laws of physics being on the mistress' side at all, since she can basically use her manipulation of gravity to turn her fist into the equivalent of an exoskeleton-crushing sledgehammer, so unless they web her or swarm her (both of which certainly are possible), I don't see them getting around her gravity manipulation. Outside of that, my girlfriend and I are totally cool if you guys want to "add in" any other abilities the creatures have, if you'd like. We don't feel like anyone would be "infringing on our copyright" of the creatures or anything, lol. We just wanted some action, the pace of "walking and talking" was beginning to get a little languishing with a party rotation of this rp's pace, and size (9 member party, that's a lot of plot-armored characters, lol). Last note, one thing I will say, in PRACTICALITY (aka "grittier" fantasy reality), I would say everyone's ability to easily dodge all the webbing "crossfire" with ease (obviously NOT including the first moment of volleys when Seer warned everyone) is a LITTLE bit of a stretch, and unless you have a "special" weapon or ability, being able to slice through the mistresses' webbing is..unlikely (theirs is stronger than the webbing Chhitten spew; basically imagine if a 747 flew through it, it would cut through the plane like seriously dense garrote wire). HOWEVER, that being said, I'm completely fine with us choosing "hero drama victory" over "gritty challenge", given how much trouble the mists, themselves, will provide (though we're doing alright SO far!). I just hope Seer doesn't end up being the only "vulnerable" character, because otherwise I will feel a little silly giving him some "human weakness" if everyone else is "mini-supermans", lol.
  15. Oh, and Jaistlyn this is completely just to throw out there for your own use or consideration, because I sympathize not wanting to go all "mechanic-heavy" with this new "dice system" you are trying out. However, if you WERE ever to implement an "HP SYSTEM", even if just for "status effect" awareness, the best systems I have come across basically avoid the "point system" and use three to five broad "states" of health. My favorite so far uses the following: Hale, Impaired, Debilitated and Dead. Hale is unwounded and Dead is, well, dead. Impaired is wounded but still able to stand and fight, and Debilitated is basically crawling and able to do little more than remain conscious (or maybe not even that). So, with the more "fast and loose" style of "freeform rp" on sites like Valucre, if you WERE ever to use a system of "physical health", I would recommend something like that, and with flamingtraveler's "status bar" idea, it would be pretty easy for healers to take a quick tally of both physical and mental health of the party, without having to constantly re-read everything.
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