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  1. || General and Vital Stats || Name: Aiah of Ældra Gender: Male Race: Faerie Age: 30 [275] Marital Status: Single Loyalty: Ældra Height: 174 cm Weight: 65 kg Hair Color: Earthy brown with hints of soft evergreen needles Eye Color: Ocean Blue Hair Length: Short Skintone: Pale Class: Fae Knight || Martial Disciplines || Martial Discipline: Sorcerer Sword || Powers and Abilities || Ability: Fae Arcane Magic Ability: Hikidasu ability to imbue, enchant or create blades of elemental and arcane magic. Learned skills, passives (Martial Fighter [Passive]) Enhanced speed, strength, flexibility, and agility (reflexes) learned through years of martial training. Fayborn Innates (Racial Powers) (All seeing eyes ) Greater field of vision, the ability to see mana (or magical variant of casting regret). (Faerie Elementalism ) Faeries are magical creatures that share a connection to the world, they can call out, coax, or convince the elemental spirits to evoke elemental magic. (Faerie Form) As it reads, a form that taps the true nature of the fae. || Equipment || Item ( A) Sword hilt Length: Typical length. Weight: Typical weight Utility: Sword hilt imbued to take magic to form its blade
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