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  1. Come at me...

    Start one up fam-alam-ading frong, and mention me in it. =)
  2. Come at me...

    I kinda wanna fight now...
  3. Come at me...

    True dat. If I remember right @supernal was pretty good at making unique arenas.
  4. Flower Festival - Port Caelum [Interest Check]

    Oh yeah I forgot to mention for later on in the threads progress. If anyone has any questions or concerns feel free to send me a private message as, I cannot send them myself.
  5. Come at me...

    Wouldn't it be better to learn the basics first on something normal? :3 just curious of your decision.
  6. Flower Festival - Port Caelum [Interest Check]

    -Yawns- @Akako Akari PM me when you have the time. (Can't send messages myself)
  7. Flower Festival - Port Caelum [Interest Check]

    And here I am off in my own litte world. Oops.
  8. Come at me...

  9. Come at me...

    Did you overextend yourself? It happens sometimes. Remember, t1 is an art of focused thought, so if you overextend yourself and rush it will more than likely be to your detriment. Just some friendly advice.
  10. Hanami - Flower Festival [OPEN]

    “If I had feelings, perhaps her unwillingness to partake in wrapped gift would offend me. Perhaps, even anger me. However, I feel no empathy for her fighting her instincts only genuine curiosity. Why, why did she struggle so to be like every other creature? She would not be the first creature frightened by my particular form of fun. Something good might come of this.” Souji readjusted his head. He half listened to her line of inquiry, not because he was disinterested, perhaps, because the game was over and the slight pangs of an unknown emotion gripped at his stomach. It was not quite anger or sadness, maybe disappointment? He found his voice again in the same tone as before. “One needn’t worry about trivial things. Why try so hard to hide your nature?” The fae referenced the fact that from the moment they had entered the trees, she had been forcing herself, restraining that one thing that made her different than others. He eyed the actions she took with her blood. Against his, it was like a darkness to the light. The thought made his mind chuckle. And she retreated, so he stood, collecting himself. His sword was returned to the sash, and the bag was tied to the opposing side, like a counterweight. He did not stand much taller than her, and his body was lithe but not frail. “Come now, there is no need to bring mother into this, we control our own fates yes? You need not worry about the blood, for all things return to whence they came after the prescribed amount of time.” Her back was turned. Did she trust him so as to just turn away? He watched her walk for a time, his keen ears picking up the sound of teeth shredding flesh. Her own? Why? Did he not just offer her a drink? Souji was not angry but confused. Was she a newborn? So many questions left unanswered, this would not do. “…Shukuchi…” The fae whispered and it was if he had vanished. Visibly, where his feet pounded the grass before him the pink petals of the fallen flowers pushed upward and swayed violently in the air angry they had been disturbed from their resting place. For him, it was as if the earth itself shrank and the distance between his location and the point just five meters before her were not but a single bound away. Time did not dilate, the world did not shrink, Souji was just that fast. He was before her in not the blink of an eye and he stood before her. If she did not notice he had moved, or she was lost in thought she might even find herself bumping into his chest but vampires were keener than that. Perhaps the sudden movement might even scare her enough to flee. To him the hand in her mouth made her look childish. Was she in a considerable amount of pain? Did it hurt her so to go hungry? Or did she not wish to become a monster? He was a monster he vaguely understood that feeling. She would be no good to him, not as a toy or an opponent if she could not keep her wit about her when blood was involved. So he projected himself at her. It was the same look he had given her before, murderous, evil. The aura of his full malice whipped about him as if he were death itself, however, it was not intended for the mind he played the game with, instead, his wrath was directed to the animal like urge that distracted his game. It was a nuisance and it angered him to the extent he would bring forth his true nature and bare it directly at his annoyance like a targeted missile. Not for her benefit but for his. Animals were smart creatures. Generally, a dog would not fight a bigger dog unless coaxed to do so. Fear was something Souji did not understand for himself, however, he knew that if he made himself big enough he might scare the animalistic urges causing the woman to flee from him into her submission and bring about her rational mind. That was if his plan worked. If not, it may stir the beast into attacking and finally biting him. A win both ways, for he was still bleeding and the scent of his blood would be much stronger given his current location. This depended on how strong her instinct was. Which was more powerful? Fear or hunger? @Abigail666
  11. Come at me...

    Sall good mate, I don't do it for the rep, textual combat has always been a hobby for me so expanding that to people willing to learn it makes the playerbase bigger, allowing for greater variety in tournaments.
  12. Come at me...

    Not really. As long as your powers confirm to the cannonical ruleset there shouldn't be an issues hiding them. Generally, metagaming (knowing a characters abilities by reading them off a character sheet and applying them IC is frowned upon) there is an article somewhere on MP balanced characters I am sure Cody @Praetorian can provide to you.
  13. Come at me...

    I have pretty recently judged a T1 tournament here using a slightly alternate discord ruleset (Ran did the tournament). I also have participated in many tournaments across this and other platforms with similar rules. So if you need help with anything feel free to tag/PM me. Now that my health issues are sorted out (as you can see by my activity spike) I should be around more often. :)
  14. Hanami - Flower Festival [OPEN]

    “She comes, I can hear her. An animal among the whistling of the wind through leaves. I can see her barely, a cat ready to pounce the rat.” As she slowly approached him, it gave him the time to position himself appropriately. He still sat in the same position, but the sword was removed from his kimono belt, sheath canted to the side and bloody fingers bound about the ornate hilt. The bag containing his other garbs sat to the right on the emerald and pink spotted grass. He would not draw, as he would undoubtedly cleave her in two parts from hip to shoulder faster than she could blink. She came, closer, and closer even. Now she was here. So close he could feel her warm breath upon his face and smell the scent of tea from their last meeting. It was as if God himself were staring down at him, poised and ready to smite him for his misdeeds, however, the man did not flinch only returning her gaze locking into a mortal death stare where even the slightest of sparks would ignite an explosion in either one of them. As the growl escaped her lips. “Do it.” Soujis inner voice mused. “Bite me, bite me, BITE ME YOU COWARD!” He waited for it, it would come. “I have seen this look a thousand times, the look of defeat. The look of a coward. Is she afraid she will kill me? Ha! I think not, I shall make this easier for her.” Just as she began to back away Souji positioned his sheathed blade in front of him leaning it on his left shoulder he unleashed a portion of the rainbow bladed sword slowly from its sheath, allowing it to scream into reality like a tortured soul being summoned from the beyond. The blade gashed into his ‘’fragile skin” allowing a large gush of silvery blood to spill down the side of his neck and onto his pink kimono. He then tilted his head to the right, exposing the gash and lowering the sword into his lap. “She’ll bite me now.” During his exercise he noticed the letter in his lap, and turned it open with two fingers. A chuckle. He secretly wondered. “How long can you sit there now? How long can you hold out? I am already ten moves ahead and have your king bent over the sofa pawns holding him down ready to force him to watch the queen take spear in ass and have her throat cut.” “A pleasure.” A normal voice for a disturbed creature. It was low, clear, and held a slight echo a trait from his race. “But the question remains vampire, who’s pleasure is it? Yours? Mine? Or perhaps it is the shadow from your riddle?” By this point blood covered a good portion of his kimono. Causing the silk fabric to become somewhat transparent, as it stuck to the lining of his collarbone tightly absorbing all of his spilling life force. Though, for fae, something as trivial as bleeding wouldn’t kill them so he was in no danger. “Bite me…” “Do you wish to bite me young vampire?” He lifted his left hand, and turned his palm up almost as if he were reaching for her. “Come, bite me. It can be your reward for being ever so entertaining.” A giggle. “…bite me…" @Abigail666
  15. Hanami - Flower Festival [OPEN]

    “And so, the mouse chases the cat. Amusing. Vampires generally lose logic when they become hungry, so let us make her hungry.” Souji made sure that the distance she was following was just far enough to keep in barely in sight, his wounded hand was squeezed tight, allowing droplets of his silvery blood to leave a cookie trail to his location. A left, then a right. A crowded street was where he would do his work. His right hand fell to the hilt of Chiame and withdrew it in scabbard a centimeter further up his belt. He turned it sideways, so that the blade would face outwards and kicked the guard open with his thumb exposing a small amount of the rainbow looking blade. “Here kitty, kitty.” The fae let loose a wild giggle and began to bump into random people. As he bumped them Chiame took a tiny portion of skin away from the exposed flesh. Not more than a papercut on any exposed skin. He aimed mostly at dangling hands, as nicked fingers would bleed the most. “Get hungry.” One, two, three! More than the eye could see tiny little paper cuts blotting a trail of madness down the packed festival streets. How many of these people could she pass before she started killing them? How many before she had to eat? Souji giggled again when he felt the path was tempting enough and placed his sword back in its normal position. When he had enough the creature bound atop a wooden fence beam and looked back for his fellow player. Once he was able to locate her, his eyes fell upon the thicket of blossoming trees on the other side of the fence. “I wonder if the cat will chase the mouse into its hole.” Down the hill and into the trees. It felt but like a step for him. Each tree was given an otherworldly bloody handprint. As his trial ended, she would find him sitting with his back against the largest tree sitting cross-legged waiting for her. Through his games, he would be sure to smell heavily of blood. “I saw the depths of your delight, now let us see the depths of your madness. What does a creature of primal behavior look like when you poke at it with a very large stick? Will she go so far as to try and eat me? Oh! OH! Please try and eat me. If you dare to take a taste, you will find I am sweet. You will want another taste and another, and you shall never truly know what it means to be free from addiction. You will beg and plea for more it is almost the perfect kind of torture and it was as if nature designed this torture just for you. There is a reason we of the fae are immune to the bite.” Souji chuckled under his breath at his thoughts. Amusement was something that he could feel. @Abigail666