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  1. Make Saiyans great again. 

    1. SteamWarden


      Is this the slogan for the next Saiyan president? Sign me up.

  2. See title. I was gone for some time with an illness. I have now returned, and my activity level should start to balance out again starting this weekend or next week. Just giving ya' the heads up.
  3. I won't be there >_>. Or Will I? You really never know.
  4. Souji tilted his head slightly reading her body language he would lean back against the banister almost as if he were attempting to look casual, if that was even possible with the playful spread across his lips and a gleam of ''evil'' in his eyes. What did bring him there? Then again, what brought him anywhere? The fae did mostly as he pleased. His eyes danced her up and down for a moment as he contemplated answering her question. What would be the perfect response? Perhaps something to throw her off. "I am here to take you to your room again." He gave her a wink, and a giggle. Perhaps his actions would lighten the mood from the grueling task of leading something. He could only imagine the meetings, the drama, and the constant demands. He also wondered if she had found a potential suiter yet. His fingers traced the stone of the railing he leaned on. Why did that thought bother him so much? The fae shook it off, and gave her another look. Just what would she like to do. @Eternity
  5. I'm still here ish and interested, just been under the weather.
  6. -Yawn- I'll sign up since I have a plethora of free time. ? Seems fun. Also, question, does the amnesia extend to learned skills. Ex: If your character is a medical doctor, do they lose all knowledge of being a medical doctor, or is it more selective amnesia.
  7. Souji moved through some of the twisting corridors before he came upon the throne room. His eyes scanned the area quickly. No sign of what he was looking for. So, he moved on, continuing to follow halls and corridors. He went into chambers, offices, and even the kitchen before he stopped to scratch his head. Finding a person like normal people would be exhausting. Normally, Souji would have done this with magic, a bird, something but he was feeling unspeakably lazy. The fae wandered until he heard a familiar voice coming through one of the open doors which lead out to a balcony. Finally, he found her, but he would not spring upon her like cat to yarn. Instead, he would allow her to have his alone time, his back pressing against the inside wall. He closed his eyes, and just listened to her movements, and any other words that may have accidentally spilled out. He would give her as much time as his anxious body would allow before he slid through the open doors and approached her silently from behind. Like a cat without a bell, Souji lay his hand upon her shoulder gently to draw her attention to him if it wasn’t there already. @Eternity
  8. Maeryn did agree that the area might have been to loud for coms, however, his ears were structured slightly differently than that of a normal humanoid. He could hear the coms, but he could not make out intricate detail unless he focused on it and blotted everything else around him out. Since, however, he did not want to put his group in danger, he abandoned the thought of using it, for now that was for it would probably come in handy at a later time. Golden orbs danced about the dance floor as he walked close to his partner for the night. He was busy attempting to locate armed dangers to commit to his memory. The dance floor was probably the safest place to be. The packed in bodies made spotting suspicious individuals hard and engaging them in combat even harder. Vex pushed herself close to him, he wasn’t opposed to the movement, and even stepped forward to meet her midway. She reported the locations of the guards, he leaned in to confirm sliding his hand under her dress to her thigh and withdrawing one of her knives for safe keeping. He made sure his touch lingered slightly longer than was required. “I am borrowing this.” The bard whispered before she stepped away from him. He was not shy from dancing himself and allowed the music to move his body, as a normal performer would. His eyes met Vex’s and he gave her a smirk. Perhaps a competition was in order.
  9. Well, that’s an annoying sound, a gunshot. Loud. Why not wake the whole fucking neighborhood? Following Vex’s body language Maeryn quickly closed the gap between himself and the other guard. His hand swung around from his bag, taking a needle similar to the one he used before and in a violent motion, he shoved it into the back of the man’s skull. The tiny needle worked to sever the control center of the brain from the rest. The man would crumple to the ground and expire. Bard followed Vex’s instructions as it seemed to be the best fit for the situation. He took up the other radio in his hands and simply followed Vex’s lead. The fae had already heard one of the guards speak, so, he did his best impersonation of that noise as to send a familiar vibe back through the radio. Strange voices tended to raise the alarms. Though he stuck with simplistic heavy breathing sounds and the occasional ‘’hell yeah’’. For some reason, it seemed less dirty than what he was hoping for. He smiled, just slightly before turning to the group raising a thumb and pinky to let him know he would be listening in on their coms. He also directed with another gesture that there was another radio. If they went in pairs of two, one radioman each listening in on coms wouldn’t be a bad idea. “Two teams, two functional radios. Take one.” “We shall.” Maeryn answered back snickering at the way she clung to him as lovers did, however, this was not a club for lovers it was a club for perverts. Maeryn’s hand slid down the woman’s back and rested on her backside. “You at least have to be more into it, this is a sex club, not a dance.” A giggle escaped his lips. “Also, fae do not wear shoes darling.” Maeryn slid the free hand into his satchel and pulled forth what looked to be a red colored pen. It was cylindrical and no bigger than a pencil. “This is a stage flare. If shit starts pull the cap off, put it on the bottom of the pen and smack it on something. We can use it as a signal.” Maeryn wasn’t much worried for the other person on their team. He turned to Vex and pulled her close by the backside so that their hips touched. “Shall we go in my sweet?” (Sorry for the light delay)
  10. Probably a bad idea. M60s are very loud and have a very distinct sound. Since they wouldn't match the technology in the area (ie. the guns used in this area are more like magitech (magical technology) than powder projectile weapons as @supernal pointed out.) It's important to be familiar with the lore of the area, and what kinds of technologies they use. Even if we are crafting our own story, we are doing so in a place that already has existing things implemented so we need to be careful not to ruin the creator of the boards overall vibe with our story. We still have to keep their original perspective on things in our mind ?
  11. About that, I think there was some confusion. Bard actually tased all three guards in his post, prior to insane charging in of the other person. I am a bit confused by the following actions. 1) What made the guard have the ability to draw and fire a round-off? Did this happen pre tase as a reaction to the charging character? 2.) Is it reactionary due to a poor infiltration post or out of order character as a punishment? @Miss Blonde Sure, just let me know @ourlachesism
  12. I haven’t had time to talk to her since she was crowned, maybe I should slip in and make some time? I don’t really know what to do, but for some reason, I feel this ache at the pit of my stomach. I need to do something. Souji sat quietly against the castle wall. He was still, lost in thought, and secluded between a bush and a lone standing tree. Birds danced across his shoulder and head yet, he did not move, even as the hummingbirds drinking from the flowers that grew from his hair. He was half naked, as was normal for his kind but this time it was as if the plant life grew on him where he sat. Ivy spiraled up his arms springing to life and feeding on the magic he radiated. The grass grew over his legs, it was comfortable, like a blanket. His hands lay in his lap cupped and filled with a pinkish water that magicked him a vision of Aeldra. He needed to be sure his children were behaving themselves while he was away. There was nothing official about him yet, however, technically he was the king of all fae, and that power seemed to radiate through and around him like a living cloak. Just what should I do? Is it weird? Will she forget me? What will she say? How will she act to me? Why the hell am I thinking about a single person so much? Irritation began to show on his face and began to grow around him like a dark cloud. His concentration was broke. The vines slithered away, the grass receded, and the birds scattered as if someone threw a stone at them. He drank the water. Go find her. So, he would. The fae stood and began to make his way back to the castle. It seemed so quiet now. Not a peep but the sounds of distant and close footsteps that his keen pointed ears picked up. Methodically he would begin to move through the beautiful castle looking for its queen. @Eternity
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