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  1. [ Open ] MP Free-for-all

    [Well shit, I guess I am glad I didn't cause the RP pause in my issues but I was waiting for Toxi' to post. o_O I can message him first unless you think we should continue some? Whatever he may do at this point can't really hinder my next post I was planning to be an area effect.]
  2. Well now

    Terribly sorry about the undeclared hiatus folks, when it rains it pours. Between horribly choppy, nerd/rage inducing internet behavior, weekly overtime schedual and the rigors of summer [basically non-winter repairs] along with less than pleasing news I really couldn't get on for any proper posting. That is mostly bad Net work, I tried to make some posts a couple of months back and I need to navigate to see if they even sent properly. So yeah I apologize, and will try to get back into the swing of things. Needed to properly compose my thoughts foremost, or I'd be a babbling baffoon on the run here. On the plus side many hours of mindless slaving has given me time to brainstorm! Very sorry to my RP partners and opponents who I've kept waiting or had been waiting on for similar reasons and have hopefully returned posts for. I know y'all don't want half hearted literature and I don't want to degrade the RP experience for anyone in contrast. I hope everyone had been having a great summer and enjoying this realm!
  3. Au Contrair, Kartrusia

    Senko was under the benefit of the majority of the half-wolf pack staying behind, and the doubtless presence of Strider in the woodlands where any would-be night assailants would have to pass. Unless, these night stalkers were like Senko, they wouldn't even beable to sense how the Garou masked and lay in the murk of nightly darkness harnessing Celestial Lunar energy to remain as far from this world as the world they were tied to would allow. Also, the unspecified but uncontestable 'domain' of this, supposedly ravenous Werewolf pack did justify one thing; If the C.H.U.R.C.H. sent any hunters or mercenaries, they'd regret taking the forest. Even if the werewolves did not attack directly, by the next day the smell of "Every living thing that could be caught, gutted, strung up by said guts, and peppered with excrement to cook in the sun and have concoctions of vomit/toxin[Rot, Decay, and Diseased whatnot]/Wolf urea basting the landscape for a tenday henceforth," saturating the area. Well, let's just say if that happened, which it might anyway [Evil shapeshifters with free time make what Rusia was doing seem like, what it was.. child's play.], Senko would rapidly understay why Cathmor hates them even superficially and begin to grasp how cultural warfare against such a branch of your own 'family' can cause such a black-and-white contrast of righteousness and wickedness. Not to negate, the unspoken and unsensed dysfunctions in the friendly neighborhood Garou in alliance. Cathmor now had to begin to consider, and worry, about if he was going to have to employ tactics he was not confident in. So, the girl was rapidly growing insanely power driven and eve nat this proximity, it nauseated him. The urge to kill flowing with the blood shed out of pure sadism. It gnawed at his own urges to, basically gnaw on things. Why was this contriving? Well, if she was already this powerful he had his doubts 'killing her' would stop her. Necromancers had that habit, of becoming stronger in death/Undeath. Secondly being, his moral objectivity again pondered how she could be sculpted. The maniac brat was young, her mindset obviously molded into this somehow and if one was adept enough could mold it further. He'd need Grace for any semblance of tact, unless the girl was afraid of the inferno. Grace, where the feck was that loon anyway? She'd likely be having nightmares the instant this unnatural decay tingled her Tree-senses. The trees, that's right. His body loomed down, and he dug to expose some roots of a tree. Scrawling onto it, her 'personal symbol' he had memorized from.. well, by the Gods it had been a few years now and she was always throwing her 'houdoo' all over his home and land. Unlike, roughly 80% of his race, he didn't mind it. Even fewer of them were like him and enjoyed it, finding a human using natural magic comforting. Nevermind that it was all the pack he had anymore. Pushing a rock over the hole he would pad it down, make it look natural, and sigh. Rusia was on the loose, and he figured as much as ever he'd have to reign her in himself. Senko was out for one thing, it seemed personal security in his job 'placement' which he could only assume meant being a serpent about things. Though thus far a noble sort of snake. King Cobra was pushing it, the boy wasn't big enough for that dice. Maybe a Fer DeLance.. yeah, oh wait there was an action to take hold of. Rubbing the scarred half of his head Cathmor emerged from the woods, his ears honing in on prey to embellish his hunger in for a good mile wide. The action of hers was not something he simply heard, or saw, or smelt. It was outright psychic-harm on his spirit, not so much with the maiming of old people but the rending of souls and blight her power naturally would imprint on the land here. He snarled a bit, nothing overly aggressive but the kind of snarl you'd expect from offending a wolf. His one eye gave her a very stern, dissapointing look as if his simple logic didn't need to explain how freaking stupid that move was. He himself had perhaps three hours of sleep, Senko was now stirring from the same amount of rest if not a little more, and she was making very obvious calling cards. How she'd behave from that moment on would pretty much determine Cathmor's mood for the rest of the night and early day, as well as if he'd snap off. Shinobi or Necro aside, nobody took a monster swinging a full tree like a zweihander very well, whether it was out of self preservation or the fact more trees would soon be falling and Gods only know what else. His Wtf look remained.
  4. A Dark Heart, Eternal Hunter

    The screaming of Sitara's would have stirred Grace from her earlier sleep, and rush to the window but was relief to see Treace making the sacrifices and labors necessary to have her healed and at ease despite whatever aloof magic work she had been up to with the unusual artifact. She herself was confident, but did not rely, on her magic calling unless it was dire. She would make the note to get to know Sitara during the day, assuming Treace would need to rest eventually or simply unable to keep up. After all, two eclectic mage girls are better than one, no? She slept, and caught odd cat naps during the day, focusing on breakfast before her herbal mixtures for the day which would have to sit in her room to boil or soak. She also had to be the one to treat the dragon hide for full potential use, as was Druid custom. Cathmor on the other hand, would parlay and push his intoxication limits with the dwarf. It was very enlightening to know Treace was so, technically damn, old and managed to seem like a 'New generation' vampire in terms of enthusiasm and mannerisms in general. Such old vampires, well, we all know the stereotypes don't we? "Aye sirrah, yer boys'll do just fine I reckon. I can be der scout o' sorts an they can be sure the local patrol there dun get in no thick of it. I'll root out whatever's on the pox I can. As fer what drives the green skins in droves I must say I've seen some of what can do eet an' killed what I can. Lots t' consider. Worgs'll be m' only clue t' something else, on account o' their love of them wolves an' all. Not havin their worgs might mean them Lycan-packs are on the Moot they is. Bad omens. et yerselves some sleep, I'll catch ya's around for an'other round by dusk eh? In th' flesh or in th' spirit heh." Smacking backs, yawning and stumbling, he'd be out until noon or so. When he did, finally stir and climb out of bed and prepare himself for the day he'd devour an unusual amount of food and drink down plenty of water, before he geared up the rest of his way and fashioned a few basic shields out of the dragon's plate scales. That'd give the guards and patrols a measure to survive any acidic-spating menaces. Sitara and Treace would therefor enjoy the company of only Grace for the beter half of the early day. She'd mostly be wandering the town, curious as always. First on her agenda however would be to find Sitara and see just what had happened the late night before, she could atleast value not doing what Sitara did to herself. Concern, curious, and constantly 'Up someone's arse' as Cathmor would say, she imaged the happy blood-drinking couple would enjoy her unusual topics more than most.
  5. Medical Marijuana

    Lol, Too much logic! Chaos sectors burning down~ THE FALLACY! *No seriously, Logic was said too many times in one paragraph, Chaz melted down* Oh I helped start a shitstorm. Gungho vs. The Man, I'm a druid, I love mah plants. Uncle Sammy shouldn't be cutting me off my Native Mushies and deny me my right to interchange between grades of weed, types of hash and resin, and infinite weed-food that keeps me regular and wanting for more doesn't define one of my best run-on sentences ever about something I almost forgot, except it was because I can't trust anyone else to do it so its a Nanny State fine, but that is also a gripe about 'marijuana', a Mexicano term, that basally called all 'niggers rapists' when doin' it while Jazzing it up. Blah mcblah, Maybe I wanna go Green and burn hempoil in my car? Moderation is key, medically it's sound and the people who'd not buy it from dealers who are perscribed it? It becomes a felony in any amount and there's likely a fine. Because it's medical, it'd be the same as owning morphene tabs or patches of litocane. As I agreed, the kinds of job that piss test also do so for alcohol and that's all that pertains to work. It is imparitive to be sober effectively. I am shouting out for all those How-High collages who agree with the CIA, that smoking copious amounts of weed will make you tell the truth! Side effect: All they can talk about is how [I]goood[/I] that weed is. Then the CIA disagrees because they love professional liars.
  6. Medical Marijuana

    Well, the reason I said what I said, about addiction, is simply because.. Everything is addictive, given the mind set. TV, Soda, food, masturbation, the Internet/Media outlets, any hobby from collecting bottle caps to gambling, alcohol, MDMA, correcting typo's in a chat room, making sure you have clean fingernails, making sure everything is clean. To be technical, it is basically obsession or compulsion. Lacking these, entirely, makes someone totally aloof. The reason I say, Ganj isn't addictive, is because it has no Withdrawl symptoms. You actually feel better off a pot binge. Otherwise you get a mind fog related to the excess of the mind altering substances.
  7. The First Supply Raid. [Jai-Open!]

    Aelindra city, if it could be found anywhere it could be found here. That was what their own libraries had said, the place Jai had been staying to learn of this new world and it's cultures and places. At night, he would always wait. Drinking from a pail of water, he staked out a suitable warehouse. It had average security. Eight guards, one night manager, four night crew. Magic was used to monitor the entrances, but not the walls. It wasn't a critical building to need full on security, at the cost of operations. The Xeta had planned this well, he didn't like the thought of a heist. He preferred to scavange infact, making use of derelict things. For now however he needed higher quality. Jai assumed, they had mundane shipments. He figured the elemental stones would be harder to come by and he himself was unaware of how useful they could be or what he would even do with them, besides blow his hand up not knowing what he held. Nope, he'd not make the same mistake thrice. It took a week, but there was a night shipment. He figured it would be prudent to obtain a higher quality vehicle, rather than carry a half ton at a time. If he stole a vehicle this time, he could find a good hide-out and let the 'heat' go down before he stole all he could carry on seperate occations else where perhaps, and refill the truck to bring it to H.Q. The problem was, HQ was not here. He'd have to use a Gate to get it back, and he'd have to work on the truck to make it different. Already he had that part planned. Use the materials he stole, to 'rebuild' the truck into a mining vehicle, and use the excuse of being a private contractor to mine in the world of [???] he was on his way to. Rapidly, Jai executed his plan by dodging out of the alley he had waited in. Running up, behind the truck, he would skid and slide under it. Grabbing hold, he would ride into the warehouse's loading bay stealthily. The walls here were metal, a critical part of his plan. [spoiler] I will be posting this in installments, so folks can join in as they see fit.. or so I can play this out in components so I don't post a 5 page event all at once <_<; Atleast unless by the third post nobody wants in on it. [/spoiler]
  8. Medical Marijuana

    Nice article. I'd like to see them too. As for, people not blowing up just by smoking weed.. it isn't that simple. But if you haven't had a job where the management risks production in the company, personal ability to work, and the like? Well, you are lucky. My friend I speak of, for example, had over-exerted himself at one point. His rib broke, mostly due to his own fault of never having properly bandaged his ribs when he broke them partying by falling drunk down stairs. Well, he lifted too much and snap. How does any of this matter to my discussion? His manager, dropped him off a -block- from the hospital, and told him to walk. This manager, also doesn't help the workers on the floor when their lines get backed up because he won't fire the people with tenure who are inept at their job. I don't rage, some people want to. As far as substance abuse and work goes, I agree. Though most people will inform you, pot isn't addictive. It's habit forming. Addiction is a personal problem, a mental inhibition. Don Juan said it best, you can break free of anything in your life and cast it off if YOU choose to do it. Mind over matter. Navy SEALs prove the mind can make the body cast off physical weakness with perilous cold or Delta Forces run for miles with a damaged back. Monks surpress sexual desire and grow stronger on insufficient food. The only thing that stops a drunk from being a drunk, is not having the mettle to break their mental bondage. The body only wants what the mind tells it to. People who binge on ganja, are better off than the rest of the table's offerings. Atleast, KB, you can tell who is high by their eyes being glossy or blood shot.
  9. Fight Me.

    Foremost, the electro-whip was made completely of energy and was highly 'fluid' in his electro-aura being unbound from the physical. It was a slice of thunderbolt, so mercurial his wrist barely had to command it. He actually didn't -have- to use his wrist, considering Jai controlled electrical energy as a Pyrokineticist controlled an inferno's licks. As such, if the kick was made the God-to-be would find his limb being coiled by the whip akin to a Constrictor, and when it pulled tightly.. it would skin, scolding hot, and send the violent pulses up through the offending limb. Jai's aura, augmented this speed as he defied gravity but was losing that pulse-boost by refocus. The Godless consideration of his opponent was the Xeta-bracer, which guarded the forearm and elbow of Jai with a sweeping blade akin to his Xetaken but it was not as well made. Tenchi-Ken would have to be a superb weapon to not be cut by the forearm blade, and would find the armor on his arm to be on par with Adamantium. It wasn't the mythic metal, but to cut through it would take a profound edge and much strength in combination. Michael was a good fighter, he avoided the stab and his strange aura inverted in effect. Jai's aura, was fighting it ofcourse. The pressure, on a dense field of electrical energy surpressed the discharge. The Xeta would now focus, solely on his aura for the 'round' as he couldn't even land in the vehemency bubble. He would do something that took intense effort, but figured it would work masterfully at such concentration. Eakatta was held diagonally in defense, as the edge was able to cut through most defenses but the whip was also bound by this orb. Jai's aura exploded, virtually, the electrical discharge focused on breaking through the bubble about himself as his Xetazan was turned 'off' with the energy from it added to his aura. Concentrating hard, he would force the Crystal-energy back, blowing it off, breaking it's bonds as only a conflict of energy sources could. The electrical energy vibrating in an oscillation to do so, as pure lightning couldn't do such a task. This resonance would result, if it did break through and didn't just fight it off to a stand still, in a simply massive shockwave of a sound-burst. The sonic boom would be from the thunder clap, venting itself, and blow out away from Jai. Rocking the ground into debris, it could very well cause the structure to begin to collapse from its aged wear and the nature of the explosion of energy. If, Michael did decide to kick to go with the failed physical counter attack he would find Jai's mind easily performed magneto-kinesis on his coat tails, whick moved like a tail to combine on that side. This would result in four dagger-blades on three foot long 'cloth' at his hip height to spear out, and charged with the ambient energy, stab into the foot directly and potentially allow a current for the electrical eruption to channel into Michael completely IF the Vehement-sphere was rebounding the electric charge, and cause intense inhibition to Jai's movements despite his super charged nature. Much of this, hinged in question, on the nature of the energy globe used. [3 Aura Preps expended. Jai's body will still be charged but his aura is depleted completely. Not sure how the Stalwart energy behaves against electrical, but his electric charge is Ki based for the purpose of metaphysical quality, not Psi.]
  10. Medical Marijuana

    Alcohol isn't allowed because it makes people act like jack asses and it causes property damage which costs the company money. Pot isn't allowed because its a 'Controlled substance' like anything else. Yes, they effect perception. But so does lack of sleep. We have laws that don't allow you to be overworked thusly. The big issue on pot is federal standard. Medically, if you smoke pot, you wouldn't be working anyway. You'd already be on Oxy's or Hydro's or worse.
  11. Medical Marijuana

    It is funny, because I took my ASVAB high and got 97%. I generally do everything better, when high. And it isn't perceptionally my interpertation. Homework I did high in high school, amazed teachers. Most people will tell you, sex ends up better when one is high, as much as you'd notice the only good music turns out when you are high. As for my personal conviction on the subject, I find it boils down to things people don't face up to. While yes, it messes with your mind and you shouldn't do -some- things high. Like, "play" with guns, or take someone seriously.. you'd find it would decreases anxiety/tension in your surgeon who's otherwise, doing coke. The Laws themselves, need to be revoked. The good herb was made illegal, to begin with, as a Monopoly on chemicals reagents and to screw us -all- over during the Prohibition era. Which, no genius is required to figure out, people with Dirty money ruled. IF you wish to try and counter-argue me on that topic, the Kennedy family were rumrunners. Aaaand look at them? They ran the government and did the best job out of anyone lately. Obama won't stop it, but he won't help. And cutting Cartel funds by making it legal would help us, making them have to push coke and meth. Also, I did the research on this subject years ago and there's over 10,000 uses for Hemp. Everything, Plastic, we own could be made stronger AND bio-degradable by being made out of hemp [That's hemp, not ganja. Hemp you can't smoke.] Hemp is what the Naval rope is made of and France produces basically all of the industrial hemp our militaries buy in surplus. Meanwhile, scientists haven't really done much to study ganja. They've done some, but nothing for the enhanced medical field like to prove it's better for cancer. But, our local Rasta Farian shaman has proven it works better. My buddy had jaw cancer, and has spinal cancer from titanium used to rebuild his spine in the 80's which the body is rejecting over 20 years later. Science/Doctors don't know that much. They can't decide eggs are good or bad because some lardass can't keep his cholesterol in check. But, an herb 5/8 World Religions hold sacred is 'bad'. Even the Hebrews used/maybe still use it as sacrament in their temples. Hindu's, have a day a year they all smoke. Normally they just drink Bhang. India, is doing p. damn good too. Hemp itself, if made legal, could fix the economy. Why could it fix this ass-nasty economy of ours? Because of how many uses it has, from making a better plastic grip for the cheap sword you bought off Ebay to making a poly-resin compound that makes assault rifles light and can still bust open a door. Nevermind what it could do for plastic bottles, computer cases, toys we'd stop buying from Red China, and also enhance our computer chips. By making them more-organic, our Nanotech field could -destroy- the competition. And that isn't even going into the fact that THC is in breast milk, cannabinoids/cannabidols could be concentrated and possibly replace these opiates people are being addicted to left and right, killing them, or being swindled into relying on for their pains. If it smells bad, use a 'Vaporizer'. I know people allergic to pot, and since we can't smoke tobacco anywhere but our own home or car, let it be the same with weed. I know a hundred people who do their jobs high, and usually it helps. Because they don't assault their asshole managers who don't do their jobs. And I'd rather have my friend doing 3 jobs in a factory, get high on a break, and be happy with himself.. than being on cocaine or crack, which is out of your system by the time the drug test shows up and the drug kills them. And makes them volatile-irritable. Nevermind, how much money people make off pot. My mom used to buy a full ounce for 30 bucks. Now you get that much for an 1/8th of that, if lucky. Nevermind the money made by hydroponic/plant equipment companies based in America, or the money made by the electric company to power the lights, which is domestic. Nevermind, only a total moron is violent on weed. I knew -one- person who picked a fight while smoking. He's also a complete redneck, who acts like a wigger, and bullies people as a jock. The stereotype stoners are lazy twits applies to the American standard that every one thinks we are fat slobs to begin with doesn't phase me. Tibetans, renown Buddhists, make excellent hash. Buddhists, are many are familiar with, set the standard for Humanity That Doesn't Deserve Genocide. And they're nice enough not to use iron-hard fists. Medically, Ganja is great. It boosts your metabolism which promotes healing as well as toxin-purging if you are on Chemo. That makes eating disorders better, and makes the US economy grow because people eat food. Or atleast eat food that would otherwise go to waste. It relaxes you, relieving stress. Stress kills. Stress also makes your job performance suck, makes your attitude suck, et cetera. I, personally, was 'cured' of asthma by smoking green. It also altered my mind, so I wasn't a picky eating text-book nerd. Hell, if I'm stoned enough and starving after a concert I'll eat things I'd normally never touch. Like a McChicken with mayo. I hate mayo. While a select few have died in pot-related incidents. Whether they were emo and killed themselves, allergic and died on accident, or dropped their J while driving and drove into a telephone pole Well, it pales in comparison to alcohol related deaths, and the fact the myriad chems in Ciggs will kill you horribly, or the fact that drug dealers kill over copious amounts of the stuff and the revenue it generates.. Smoking it, won't turn you into a numb zombie like Morphine does. It doesn't rot your teeth and turn you into a raging psychopath like Meth does. It doesn't make you trip balls and go into seizures like PCP will. It doesn't make you hyper-sensitive and have phobias develope from a bad trip like LSD will. It doesn't make you blow a Hollywood career like cocaine will. Seth Rogan MADE Hollywood money off the good stuff. And, hey, magic mushies might make you puke or peyote shat your brains out but weed only makes you hurl if you think you're superman and hit a bong too hard. Hate to bust your ignorance all over the rocks KB, but you can't niche stoners. The guy at the desk of the publication company, is a stoner. The guy making your ATV or car work, is a stoner. A guy who cuts the wood to make a coffin for one of our fallen heroes, is a stoner. A manager of your local super market, stoner. People who act retarded high, were already retarded. Just like people who make your food fucktarded, do everything fucktarded. They don't just make food bad. Percentages speak for themselves. The majority are idiots. Doesn't change the fact George Washington blazed up or George W. Bush had high grades at an Ivy League school while partying his -ass off- on weed, coke, and booze. Or that guy who kicked your ass on your FPS of choice, he probably just got off the blunt too. That's like me saying only dumb ass rednecks get drunk and beat their wives. Nope, fool-ass brothers in the hood do it, Indians do it out in the desert. Nicholas Cage did it, a rock star can do it too. That's the key, we are Humans. We all do everything. Nothing is limited, Paragons happen but not everyone who drives a fast car likes to speed. Old people drive Corvette's and drive like slugs. Geniuses smoke weed and inspire the world. Marijuana isn't a martyr, but it is a scape-goat. Dupont, for example, makes nasty chemicals and monopolized them. They make the paper we use, not the paper of the Constitution. Hearst had a monopoly on newspapers in some places, and the Media generally does what good? My friend who gave me my first D&D book, had a foot long glass steamroller. Now he makes bombs for Uncle Sam. Obviously, they work. I just think it's been a hundred years. Time for change we CAN hope for. Let's stop importing from Merakesh and letting it grow wild only in Thailand and the Congo. The Natives enjoyed it and did just fine. Pot helps the Vietnam vet, helps the Panamanian Vet, my Spec. Forces veteran friend also smokes. They're happy enough people. The DEA needs to focus on the real problems, and we should make the Red White and Blue out of Green just like the USA was the country that set the standard for it being illegal. Europe followed suit, Japan and countless other countries did the same. Let's stop being divided. Most people have done it. Not many people knock it. Those who do knock most free-thinking. The Federal government shouldn't even be busting people who smoking state-legal weed. I find it faith-loss in my own government. Mexican para-mil and cartel people kidnap our citizens and kill people freely. We have more people dying at our own border than in the Middle-East on a given day. Cracking down on a plant does no good. The CIA and DEA need to bust Latin King heads. I think I've said enough. If I missed anything I originally had in mind, it should sum up to Shintoism/Hinduism/Buddhism, Judaism, Wiccan-Druidism/RastaFarian Christianity, technically old Islam, and I am sure pelnty of Atheists/Agnostics would agree it's a good herb. Science? Well, check the drugs produced. Horrible side effects, questionable harm to animals, environmental damage by illegals growing on our soil and leaving debris. Good Americans don't ruin their own land to grow anything. In the end it should speak for itself, but I think we need to take back the reigns before the Aristocratic Elite decide everything for us. Or we'll be a lot more butt hurt than just about gas prices and the cost of electricity.
  12. Fight Me.

    The scream was of no beggar, it was that beautiful pitch true steel.. or in this case alloy titanium, made when unleashed and tore across other metal. A sign of the purity of the weapon, and why the Xeta cherished their sword more than all the lives they struck down with it. This opponent, would not last long to think blasphemy or believe Jai was using weapons because he was weak. He used them, because they held a specialty his body could not yet mimic. Atleast on the same scale. The shimmer of blue-red light off the edge of the sword indicated the time had came. Jai was finished storing away personal power to deal with whatever suitable enchantments his foe fancied. Jai used something to his advantage however. His own aura rebounded off of the local electro-magnetic field to perform a levitation. Coupled with the action of a jump, he seemed to glide effortlessly across the conflicting expression of his assault-aura and his opponenet's defensive one. The Xeta was patient enough to let his opponent come to him. The least he could do was fight, right? Jai was a meal fit for a God, and even then they'd be ravaged to the core. The first method of motion was a simple but effective one, using the incredible range Eakatta had in his hand he would thrust the sword out for a penetration of the torso or hip region, a lower blow. With a total of seven feet to reach, those last two meters as the Tenchi-Ken rose to strike was exploited as Jai swept up a low-bound stab. Body turned in the same motion, giving him side-profile and lessening the ability to be hit by an attack made anywhere but to his front or a reaching horizon. The Xetazan, his tandem tool of reckoning spiraled in the air continuously until it was swung in a spiral. This made Jai's front, actually his left 'side' to Michael, a whirlpool of electrical fury that focused his aura's attacks with his own weapon and would slam down. Even enough to try and meet his 'fluid' electro-whip with the crystal weapon, in the hopes of rending that limb with stricken paralysis and heavy doses of amps damage and hertz to hurt the control over said limbs. Multiple effects could occur from electrocution and Jai was testing his opponent as much as making the death sentence known. The unusual nature of his blood, stored in the Griever, glowing crimson.
  13. [ Open ] MP Free-for-all

    Thus far, the only clue the Xeta had of his opponent's intentions was some sort of defensive measure. Cursed as it may be, he was interperting this as a counter-defensive measure at the moment. Nothing, outwardly was apparent with the barrier so he would accumulate his power on a scale measured by his focus. Jai didn't want to focus too much on defense, or offense at this point. Neutrality was best played when uncertain, as such he kept himself fully readied for the best or the worst. [4th prep] The Xeta augmented his body in minor ways, muscles twitching and spasming in intense bodily concentration that generated into his aura, as well as the ground at his feet in the aura. The blood he left, marking the aura itself for one reason only. His attack option, was sure-fire now. He had provided himself with enough energy resonating in his body to defend, or take then recover from, even a critical injury or set of injuries. Mostly because of what he was, the threshold of death was something he could push himself past as he had before so long as the destruction was not complete. Bio-magnetics merged with Geo-magnetics, he readied himself for the 'complete focus' on the attack. Incase, this barrier, was exactly that.. a barrier, he would begin to formula enough attacking power to deal with it. Jai was prepared almost completely now. If he summoned more energy into himself it would be forced to manifest with the X-cells of his body peaking in their retention. Now, a stare down. [Normally, a magical-based prep wouldn't unless you did nothing/Concentrate but since you're like.. a melee fighter, you're preps usually represent an abiltiy to feign/feint, anticipate an action or just focus to make an all out assault. No rush on posting here. I had to spend a few days off the site too.]
  14. Au Contrair, Kartrusia

    The decency of the animal was worth the effort but in reality it was questionable at his own core. Especially with Senko being the one hanging semblances of Human-civilisation and law over his wild head. While his vews of law and nature were on his own terms, the terms of evil and 'being good' also always pertained to His kind foremost. Wading into the night, Rusia would find herself lost as Cathmor slept only in bursts. An hour here, then he woke up still influenced by the drugs, sleep would be minimal. He'd wander off into the woods, cycling so his whybrid pack could sleep and he would be awake and patrol now, sniffing out the trail on Rusia amidst his perusing. Gathering more food, snatching up some night stalkers. Hism etabolism was high, and he munched on the smaller things that didn't matter so much. Possum, bat, mushroom toxic or not, and bugs even. As a Dire wolf he could eat practically anything, and stalked with superior senses. All the while the corruption of his unlikely companion continued to gnaw at his spiritual resolve in minor ways, reminding him more of the taint engrained in his blood and mind of madness plaguing his dreams.