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  1. It did indeed call to her. Staring at the stone sarcophagus, Kalicity could identify Deathstrike lying silent in the depth of the sarcophagus, a place that was meant for her body. The cover appeared to be transparent in her eyes, the weapon appeared to shimmer under the scrutiny of its mistress, as if it was attempting to say something to her. There was a present tingle in the palm of her hand, however it did not last, and she could hear what she thought was a frail, cold voice in the air. There was always the possibility that it was her own imagination that stirred the wakening of a long lost soldier; an inanimate object that was a slave to its maker. “You could almost pass for her.” A divine gaze drew away from the sarcophagus, and the fires that lit the small memorial of Gabriela’s mother ignited the room with a faded golden haze only enhancing her chilling stare. Closing her eyes for a moment, she took in the scent of her daughter before slowly turning her head to catch a glimpse of the pregnant Queen Regent. “Almost.” Weight rolled off of the balls of her feet as she fully faced her daughter, “You say that so often Gabriela, should I try to look more like her?” Hands found their way to her forehead as long, dense fingernails kneaded their way through the thickness of her silver hair. Yet as her hands slid further back, thick ebony streaks weaved their way through each silver strand, until her hair was fully engulfed in a shimmering sable. Sky blues eyes seared through the dim lighting while long, obsidian strands lightly kissed the curvature of her face. Who would Gabriela see now as she started to move towards her daughter? “Is this better?” Or maybe it would be worse. Kalicity remembered how angry Colvin was at the very idea that his Kalicity was dead, and she remained living. Imagine if he saw this imitation of who she used to be, she would like to see that. “Curious that DeathStrike would call to you, more curious still is the fact that you answered.” “Is that the name? Deathstrike, how fitting. No doubt that it is lethal in its own way. - “It is odd, isn’t it? Honestly I came down here to wander, but oddly enough I felt something pulling me along like a heart on a string..and it led me here. What is this place? A memorial for your mother? The weapon must have been special, she always had it with her from what I could see.” Stopping about a foot before Gabriela, she reached down and softly placed her fingertips to her daughter's growing belly. “I see that you’re pregnant, I can also smell it in your blood. Doesn’t appear to be a hybrid, May I ask who the father is?”
  2. Love the Punisher ❤️❤️
  3. Forgive the long wait, but I did finally post! I am excited to have another interaction with Kalicity. 

    1. Kalicity


      Not to worry my dear, I understand our lives are quite busy these days. I am excited to, I just read your post. 

      So Gabriela is pregnant again? Who's the dad, might I ask? And Deathstrike is inside the sarcophagus, not on it, correct? 

  4. "Vulnerability sounds like truth and feels like courage." - Brene Brown

  5. It had been quite a while since the Dark Goddess had disappeared into what seemed to be thin air. Kalicity did nothing to notify her daughter of her whereabouts, and in truth, she was unsure if she actually wanted to be found. It was the fateful meeting her former lover Colvin that drove her on a quest to learn more about her past and who she once was. It did not mean that she longed for a life of misery and violence, she had left that part of life behind her for a reason. She tried to ignore her curiosity until she could ignore it no more. It was her inquisitiveness that lead her down a path made of pitch-black darkness and an eerie silence, save the soft clacks of her leather boots. Returning to her leather clad appearance, a low cut leather top that stopped at the edge of her shoulders, with her leather slacks firmly nestled against her chilling skin. She also had six throwing knives visibly wrapped over her upper right thigh, in case she needed to use them. Her silver hair was pulled away into a messy french braid, letting fly aways accentuate her lovely facial features. Deep beneath the castle, Kalicity had wandered into the catacombs of the DuGrace castle. There was something down there that drew her in, almost like that tingly feeling she felt in her head when she and Colvin were in the midst of their momentary altercation. There was little light but it did not bother her vision, but the smell was full of thick moisture and was a minor annoyance. Yet as she wandered down the hall Kalicity noticed a warm glow coming from a much more delicately different entrance. The height of the entryway was a bit large than the rest, and the room itself was lit by torches that appeared to be freshly changed. In the middle of a room, there was a closed porcelain coffin with a bouquet of flowers placed on top along with what appeared to be a sword. As Kalicity walked closer to the coffin, the light dancing off of the indestructible steel she took note of flawlessly detailed the weapon was. The sword was about three and a half feet in length, with a serpent wrapping around the hilt and slithering down the blade. It looked exactly like the one that Colvin had shown her: DeathStrike.
  6. Taking a break. For now Valucre, I'm out. 

  7. The Dark Goddess detected a sense of unease in her daughter yet she chose not to address it. Kalicity had said enough to Gabriela, and deep down she knew that nothing she could do or say would alter the Queen’s behavior. She wasn’t sure how or why she knew that, but she just did. After a long and uncomfortable silence, Gabriela finally shifted in her chair. “This way..” Together they rose and the Dark Goddess followed her daughter into the next room over. It was tastefully designed and had a welcome vibe to it, with a baby crib taking center stage. Approaching the lovely piece of furniture, she looked onward to the little bundle of joy that appeared fascinated with his own hands and feet. He was an adorable little thing, his bright green eyes focusing on her with innocent curiosity. It was at that moment that their eyes met that she suddenly had a vision invade her line of sight. Her grandson was no longer in his crib but instead another young boy. He was dressed from head to toe in black silk pajamas, he had a head full of black hair and deep vehement green eyes. He rocked back and forth on his spine, nibbling aimlessly on his toes as he looked onward towards her with a deep inquisitive gaze. Quickly taken by the vision, Kalicity stepped back as if to regain her balance as she scanned the rest of the room. Save for the crib and a wooden chair sitting next to it, the room was stripped bare. The window had black out curtains and it was quite grim and bleak. Where was this place? Where was everyone else? Was she alone? The thought made her heart drop, and in the blink of an eye the vision was gone and she was back with her daughter and grandchild. With the room back to normal, Kalicity continued to appear stunned as she slowly observed the room as if expecting it to change. “I just had a vision,” she said out loud. “It was so real, I was here. It was dark, and Alukai..” She took another deep breath, stepping up to the crib looking down to Phillippe. “He was here, as a baby.” Calmly reaching down, Kalicity’s fingertips gently caressed the balls of his feet and he giggled in his response. “So precious..”
  8. Apologies for the delay. I have been exceptionally busy with school, and also my husband will finally be coming home from his deployment so I have been trying to get ready for that.  Hopefully, I will be able to muster up a post soon! Hope you and your little ones are doing well. 

  9. “No, - I suppose it’s never made sense to you. But you are actually quite right—I am a servant to this crown I wear. Regardless of what I want, things are hardly as simple as they seem. You may see an easy choice before me, but I have no words to describe how difficult it actually is.” Returning her soft yet focused stare, Kalicity listened intently to Gabriela’s words. Maybe there was some truth to what her daughter spoke of, and perhaps there is nothing more that needed to be said about the situation. There is always the opportunity for lack of understanding, and even if Kalicity wanted to, she was not going to invade the Black Queen’s mind as she had so many times before. At one point in her existence, she would step through that door with a simple twist of the knob. No knocking, no asking, simply barging in.. it was her way. However, times have changed and the Dark Goddess is beyond invading her daughter’s thoughts without permission; for in Orisia Isle, this is Gabriela’s world, and Kalicity is a simply a guest in it. “Being a servant to the crown may weigh heavy on you, Gabriela, and I do not pretend to understand that type of burden. I imagine at one point in my life I had the weight of world on my shoulders as you do now, and the sad part is, is that all I had to do, was set it down. I should have let someone else carry that weight for me, or at least share it..but my pride, dedication, and commitment enslaved me, as it is doing to you. I know I am not the woman that you remember, but I ask you, to not make your mother’s mistake. You cannot escape the chains that bind you until you acknowledge that the chains exist, and only you have the keys to unlock yourself." If only Kalicity had known Gabriela’s history with the Devil, she may have compared this awkward love to her own. Did Gabriela learn this from her mother? To love a man that the world despised. To be looked at as weak by her peers, due to her own mortal affections? There were many differences between the two relationships, and yet there were so many similarities. Very few truly understood the needs and desires of Colvin, and it appeared, the same is true about Roen. As their eyes met again, Kalicity could see a troubled soul longing to break free from its fragile shell. A part of the Dark Goddess wished to pull it out, and show her daughter that if she chose to fall, her mother will catch her. Yet nothing came and once again, Kalicity was in a position that made her uncertain and uncomfortable. What was Gabriela so afraid of? There was always the possibility that Gabriela had remembered what Kalicity had once been, and no doubt that Kalicity would rein hell upon her if she chose to mingle with, and even love, someone like the Dread Margrave. But now, things were different.. “It really seems that way.” Gabriela responded. Not paying much attention to her surroundings, Kalicity failed to notice the child who had woken from his nap. “But as long as it is love, true and love, the fruits of it will be magnificent.” How true were those words? Kalicity has now met almost all of her children, save for the elusive Shaitari. She wondered how many of her offspring were spawned from actual love, rather than sheer determination. MorceLa’Kai was formed out of what she thought was love, but clearly it wasn’t. Without hesitation, she ended Varacolaci’s life for betraying her and, never gave it a second thought. She attempted to save him at one point, but did she really try? She prolonged his death for days and let him suffer through his wounds that he bestowed upon himself, then left his body to rot in that forsaken castle. No burial, no respect, no rights..all due to him wanting to keep his pregnant fiancé from serving her Queen in battle. He stood in the way of allegiance and glory, and tragically lost his life. Then there was Alukai, whom was formed out of love. The love she had for Colvin was paramount, and it was enough to drive her to.. this. “Would you like to meet your grandson?” A grandchild, who would have thought. Kalicity had already met one of her grandchildren, her resilient granddaughter Anastasia, Princess of Vdara. That family was going through quite a rough time. With a soft smile and a nod, she pushed herself out of her chair after Gabriela. “I would love to.”
  10. I posted. Sorry for the delay, Grad school has been brutal the past week and I am mentally exhausted. Hope you enjoy the post ?

    1. Pasion Pasiva

      Pasion Pasiva

      No worries love! So proud  of you and all the hard work your putting into school right now. It's amazing. ❤️

  11. Kalicity continued to gaze through the stream of light that poured into the room; it was so small, yet held so much power within its grasp. It stayed true to its balance that it provided, as it kept the ability to give and take life, despite its steady course. The Dark Goddess quietly mulled over this until Gabriela’s voice rustled her thoughts. “There’s no need for that.” Kalicity glanced away and lightly looked over her shoulder back at her daughter. There was a subtle change in Gabriela’s voice that drew Kalicity back. Her movement delicate and graceful, and her boots utterly silent as she rolled off the ball of her feet, and carried herself to the back of her chair. Bare hands lightly slid across the top of the sanded wood and reaching the carefully stitched fabric which offered the piece of furniture its unique look. “-My plate is very full.” “I have no doubt, Gabriela.” She paused, carefully squeezing the chair beneath her firm grasp. “I am not here to tell you what to do, how you run your kingdom is on your own watch, but.. this is your kingdom, or is it? Why must you have tyrants and beasts fight over a throne, that isn’t even there’s? And you. You stay in the middle of it all as if you do not have a choice to leave; As if you are a servant to a crown, which you no longer wish to have.” Kalicity’s brows furrowed in confusion, “That doesn’t make sense to me.” “He’s not very pleasant to be around, is he? The off thing, if you believe it, is that he desires to be well-liked. He wants the high regard of his peers and the love of all subjects. He is a curious creature.” “Or a cowardice one.” The words slipped out before Kalicity could think about it. Pulling the chair back towards her, she released it and sat down again while folding on leg over the other. “If he wishes to be liked then perhaps he should change his tune. But there is probably a reason why he doesn’t; he has the power to force people to like him in some sick and twisted way. He threatens people because he can, and it is his defense in hiding what truly lies within.” She looked up at Gabriela, her deep blue eyes softening as she spoke. “A man like that will not give up his power, and no matter his desire to be well liked or not, he will not give up what is already his because that is all he has." Gabriela then spoke about Colvin, and there was an odd sensation brewing in the pit of her stomach as she slightly nodded. “Yes, when I saw him in Vdara, it was so strange. I had a feeling of tranquility and sorrow wash over me as I gazed into his eyes and felt him so close to me, it was if a part of me still yearned for his touch. He was so angry with me and what I am now. He mentioned the weaknesses that you speak of on several levels. He was in so much pain, and I do not understand why he would torment himself so, but I guess in truth that love is gone. I'm not who I used to be, and I'm okay with that.” She smirked a bit, “I guess you really can't control who you love, can you?"
  12. How can a moment last forever? How can a story never die?
    It is love we must hold onto it. It is never easy, but we try.
    Sometimes our happiness is captured, Somehow our time and place stands still.
    Love lives inside our hearts, and always will. 

  13. So I have to pick someone to do a genogram with for school. Do you think doing one of Kalicity would count?? ???


  14. Oops! Let me edit my last post.

  15. I had a dream that I met you..  It was really weird lol

    1. Pasion Pasiva

      Pasion Pasiva

      Was I everything you ever dreamed of? ?

    2. Kalicity


      Our interaction was relatively short. I met you and someone else from the RPG world, but they weren't very distinctive. You have a platinum blonde streak in your bangs as they swooped across your face and curled around your ear, but I noticed you off the bat. I sat down next to you and we started talking like old friends, then I had to leave for some reason. 


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