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  1. A Mother's love (Open)

    Kalicity smiled in return at the generosity and kindness offered by this young, elegant beauty. The Dark Goddess had many questions but in truth she asked herself, did she really want all of the answers? The woman who she used to be wanted to do away with this life and her past, so what good was it to wretch it all up again? This was a new life and a new time, one that was filled with new opportunities. With her hands joining together and folding at her front of her gown and resting just below her waist, Kalicity waited until the moment was right to speak and Anastasia had said her share. “I would like to thank you for your hospitality, sweet princess. I would also like to say that I am in no longer in shadows. I had an unforeseen visitor outside when I stepped away to be by my lonesome. A man named Colvin, apparently the father to my youngest son, Alukai, who I am assuming is your uncle arrived unexpectedly. Colvin chose to bestow upon me memories of my former self in all of her malicious glory.” She paused for a second, “As much as I long to know more about myself and my past, in all honesty, I could do without all that. From what I saw, the Kalicity you did or did not know, you’re grandmother, was easily influenced by the will of others and was played like a marionette until they saw no more use for her. “She was a cruel and brutal woman manipulated by those around her, and I, your majesty, am not any of those things.” Kalicity spoke boldly to her granddaughter and as these words came out of her mouth, she felt a twinge of anxiety. Her bottom lip trembled as they were pursed together and she took a deep breath as she continued. “Whether or not I am considered family or not, the truth of the matter is I did leave a family behind and you Princess Anastasia, are my granddaughter. I am not the same woman that I was before, and if I am aloud to do so, I will make amends for whatever I can.”
  2. A Mother's love (Open)

    Escorted by three Golden Shield’s, The Dark Goddess had made her way back into the throne room. Kalicity was not as she left, her long black cloak had gone missing and while her hair was in flawless condition when she stepped out, silver hairs flew astray and the clips holding it back had lost their grasp. The edges of her dress was soaked in moisture as she stepped through the door, she was attempting to brush her hair back to make herself look presentable. Upon approaching the Princess, she lightly bowed her head. “Forgive me Princess for my appearance, it seems that my moment alone was not destined not to be so.” Deep blue hues softly looked onward to Anastasia, quietly admiring the young one’s beauty. From a perspective of a grandmother, she was one of the most beautiful things Kalicity had ever seen. There was a sense of pride and integrity in knowing that this was her flesh and blood, but how would she break the news? How did she tell the Princess that she was Alukai’s mother, and that his father was just outside moments ago? It was all very perplexing and there were so many thoughts running through her head. “Your Golden Shield’s informed me that you requested my presence.”
  3. Unforeseen Chaos

    As she stood there, watching him, once again detecting his rage and ignorance to the entirety of the situation, she remained calm. She was not here to point figures, for Kalicity had accepted the fact that she had abandoned her children long ago. The Dark Goddess knew that what she did was wrong, that her youngest son should have had at least one parent there to help raise, guide, and teach him; yet he didn’t. Instead he spent his years wandering and lost, trying to find someone who would take him under their wing. Someone that would be able to tell him what exactly he was and how to control the power that he had in him. Even now, working with Ayden, Alukai still had not tapped into a large portion of his abilities, but at least he did have a family to call his own. Nothing could be said on his parents behalf now. Alukai had found his way back into his own family, even if it was his sister, her husband and their siblings. When Kalicity addressed Colvin in such a manner, it was not about who had abandoned him, it is the fact that Colvin was the main source of the chaotic power their son possessed. If he could not see that this is what she was trying to point out then that was on him. It didn’t matter that Colvin was watching from a distance, where was he when Alukai was struggling? Unlike Colvin, Kalicity did not have an eye and an ear on their son. Colvin had an opportunity, multiple, hundreds in fact, to step in and show his son the way.. but he chose not to. It was a decision that they both had made not to interfere in their son's life, and this was the outcome. “It doesn’t look like our son has chosen to abandon anything, in fact from what I saw it looks as if he is choosing to embrace it with the influences of others.” She paused for a minute, “Children learn from their parents, they mimic their behaviors as they age. So as we abandoned him, who’s to say that he will not abandon us? I have accepted that possibility, perhaps you should as well. Also if you wish to send your son a message, then you should do it yourself. I refuse to be your messenger." She took a step back and turned towards the door of the castle. She was done, unless of course he had anything else to add to this conversation. One thing Colvin would notice about this castle, was that it had been magically reinforced to withstand the powers of the Chaotic Realm. For recently, Alukai and Ayden had sparred in this very courtyard. Alukai had been pushed to new extremes, expanding his abilities and training for his advantage. The entire courtyard had literally been demolished to sand and stone, down to its very molecules. Should Colvin choose to unleash his full strength’s purely out of his frustrations, it would do little to no harm to the castle and those that occupied it.
  4. Unforeseen Chaos

    Pride. Pride is what landed both of them in this situation. Had Kalicity been more humble instead of merciless, then there is a chance the outcome may have been different. Yet in the world of the Darkbane, the Dark Goddess could not let go of her pride in the end. She could not fathom the idea of succumbing to what she was; a failure. She had crumbled into something that she never dreamed of being and it left her with a constant longing of what she once was and could never be again. So she let all of that go; all of the Dark Goddess’s history and memories, obliterated..that was until Colvin had decided to bestow upon her information that she clearly required. His continuous struggle was obvious but she did not address it. Whatever battle was going on inside of Colvin, he had to come up with his own outcome. A firm hand to her shoulder left them staring into one another eyes and as he spoke. “Inform our son that should he wish to confront me he needs to understand what binds us….what I have taken from you.” The way he worded his statement could be taken a few ways. Her tongue was quick with a lashing but before she decided to scold him, the Dark Goddess wanted to be sure what he meant before she snapped at him for misunderstanding. She thought about it as he pulled his hand away, turned a shoulder and began to walk, leaving a bloody trail in his wake. The snow that was once so white and pure, was melted by his heat and splattered with crimson. Teeth gritted together, as the more she thought about it the more irritated she became. While she had only physically met Alukai moments ago in the throne room, combine that with the memories provided with Colvin, there was one simple conclusion that she could come up with. Before Colvin decided to stop and not look back, The Dark Goddess would call out to him. The edge in her voice noticeable, “How can our son understand what binds us, when the one who could truly teach him has been absent the majority of his life?” Her lips pursed together as she looked at him, and her once blue eyes began to darken in shade. While she too was not exempt, the entire idea that Colvin expected Alukai to fully embrace his power without understanding the full capacity of it, was ludicrous. Even when Kalicity was a deity, she did not truly understand the chaos, she simply knew that she was untouchable and anything she desired was only a thought away, so the only one that could truly teach Alukai.. was Colvin. Taking a glance towards the guards, reaching out with her left hand she gave them a signal asking for one more minute for she was not done yet. Thankfully they obliged but still waited for her. Walking slowly towards Colvin as he stood there in the snow, not wanting to turn around, her stride was suddenly full of sass. Her hips delicately swayed while her shoulders rolled, “If you hold him to that, then you might as well just leave and not come back. Maybe one day he will understand, but that is roll of the dice. Are you willing to throw away our son on a gamble? There is the also the possibility that he does not want to see you at all, he sure as hell was not happy to see me. Have you thought of that?” She stopped about five feet behind him, her hands resting at her side.
  5. Unforeseen Chaos

    “Yes… I do.” At that moment, she attempted to look deep into his eyes as if searching for some other answer. She did not understand his quarrel when it came to this woman he has said to love. He refused to accept the fact that her decision was done, it was permanent and the concept that love had no bounds, clearly did. With him gently bracing her hip, the last of the chaotic energy had left her form. “The women that have suffered through my involvement in their affairs are better in my absence. You’d do well to free yourself from the name of the woman you resemble lest others seek you out as I have.” “The.. women?” Her brow raised and there was a curl in the corner of her lip as she drew it back with a smirk. Bypassing his warning, it was at this time that she heard stirring from the castle and she briefly looked over her shoulder to watch three Golden Shield’s stepping out of the entry way door to join the one that was tailing her, and engaging him in what seemed to be an important conversation. Turning back to Colvin, her eyes softly narrowed upon the Deity. “It looks to me that our time together has come to an end.” Bringing up her left hand and resting it gingerly on his bicep, she took a step back thus letting his hand glide off of her hip as hers slid off of his arm unless he chose otherwise. “Colvin, thank you for sharing our memories together. It is unfortunate the way things ended, but again, this is the path that we have chosen, reluctantly so. Now as I can hear those guards are about to mention, the Princess, my granddaughter, has requested my presence and I feel obligated to heed her call. You have completed your task and what is rightfully yours has been returned, so before I depart back into these walls is there anything else I can do for you?” Edited: My apologies, I reedited this as I have been sick for a week and just was not feeling well last night when I posted this. Didn't like the way it was worded. Sorry for any confusion.
  6. Unforeseen Chaos

    With his release, her hand fell to her side, the whole of her fingers and palms brushed up against the etched details of her gown. Even as turned away from her, lovely strands fell elegantly off of his face as she slightly pulled back enough so that she may peer through long eye lashes to catch a glimpse of his profile. She thought briefly about leaning into the curve of his jaw, brushing her crimson lips up against his roughness of his five o’clock shadow, but she refrained. Instead she decided to linger where she was at. “She was a paragon of true beauty and revered by many until she surrendered herself in an attempt to escape her sorrow.” Leaning forward again with a head tilt, enough where she left mere centimeters between them yet was close enough to where he could feel her breath on his skin, “And do you blame her that?” Whether he got upset or pushed her away, it was an honest question. A question that she didn’t think Colvin had truly asked himself yet. His hand secured itself around her waist, resuming the reason why he had originally come here. “Sorrow caused by her failure as much as mine. All of her accomplishments and all of her potential ended by one decision. This finality would never have happened had she known her worth…” It seemed Colvin had answered his own question, and she had nothing to respond with. What if she had known her worth in the end? There was always a possibility of alteration in history’s events, yet it was now in the past and could not be rewritten. What’s done is done, and clearly there were life’s lessons to be learned. As he tilted his head once again, they continued to remain so close to one another and she yearned to seal their embrace, to bring her hands to his shoulders and attempt to sooth his distress but again she held herself back. Who’s to say that he would want her to be that close to him? She would not be the one to test that theory.
  7. Unforeseen Chaos

    As his eyes drifted away she decided to take the opportunity to admire the wintry visual of the grounds. The garden itself was quite lovely, it was decorated with perennials that were able to survive the chilling season. The brick walls were thick and tall and wrapped around the entry way of the castle, they were also covered in ever green vines that stretched over the high wood-worked canopy. The entire concept was peaceful and welcoming, surely reflecting on the divine taste and humility of the King and Queen. Pressure was applied to her hand, forcing her gaze to land back on Colvin as he came to a stand. He attempted to brush away her tears with wet hands, those scarlet droplets that were already threatening to freeze on her porcelain skin. Having already been pulled in, she felt the warmth pouring off of his form and it caused her to step in a little closer to him, the tight conforms of her gown threatening to graze his tattered clothing. Tipping her chin, she softly leaned forward only to nuzzle his cheek with hers. Delicate strands of silver entwined with his own and lightly teased the edge of his brow and cheekbone. “Was she really that much of a failure?” Kalicity whispered into his ear.
  8. Unforeseen Chaos

    “This will be over soon. You will be able to direct yourself without the latent possibility of corruption from this remnant of your past. I am only perfecting the cleansing you had sought with the Marquis am I not?” His smile was subtle, and he seemed almost.. at peace? Lost in the consumption of her power, The Dark Goddess continued to observe him. It was rather fascinating, how quickly his behavior had changed once she had given up what he had come for. Perhaps she had viewed this encounter differently than what it should have been. This interaction could have been a lost less trying, however it seemed that Colvin had to say his piece in order for his goal to be accomplished. “You are right. I know not of what your Kalicity wanted exactly, but if I am here and this is the result, then it must be so.” It was the only definition she could provide, at least until she could perform more research on her past. Then, as if on cue, former memories flashed before her eyes. She was beautiful, with her long black hair, always dressed for battle, uniquely designed weapons that she thought were beyond her imagination. There was sadistic affection and a twisted sort of love that was shared with she and Colvin, but she could feel that it was true. Blood reigned supreme as erotic fantasies and animalistic tendencies took place, and death; so much death. Yet in all of these memories, she had noticed near the end how far that she had fallen. How heartbroken Kalicity was, and how she lingered until she wished to linger no more. At one point, Kalicity Darkbane had been a force to be reckoned with. But now she stood before Colvin, a Goddess all of her own. A creature that had not quite found her place yet, but knowing that she would not follow in the footsteps of her predecessor. She would be the mother that Kalicity never was, if her children would have her, and if they did not want her to stand by their side she would support them from afar. She will not be controlled by the wants of others, and her fate would be her own to decide. Sapphire hues softened as she looked up from Colvin, waiting for the conversion to be complete. As sad it was, this was necessary. Colvin and this chaotic energy was the last true connection she had to the Darkbane, who had practically defined her previous existence from the very beginning. “What will you do once this is over?” She asked merely out of curiosity.
  9. Unforeseen Chaos

    Kalicity was willing, yes. However, there was a fine line. She sought information and education, and once she obtained that she would be making her own decision on what was right. Her mind was completely open to new ideas and thoughts, and as she stood over him with tears in her eyes and a hand stretched out to provide him with her unknowing gift, she continued to examine his behavior. He appeared so torn. Even though he did not speak of his sentiments in regards to the entirety of the situation, his behaviors exhibited negative passions. He held himself back, telling himself that he would not dive into the same world that he fled so long ago. The blood poured from his gash on his leg and she took a deep breath, inhaling the bitter sweet scent. Tears slowly rolled down her cheeks, leaving scarlet ribbons to decorate her lovely face. Her chest still ached, as if begging her to pull her hand away. It was unfortunate that Colvin wanted to reclaim one of the many things that he had gifted her, but in a way, it was understandable. He was a God, and while there was enough war in the world, Kalicity would not wish that type of chaos on anyone as she could offer a variety of other options. He grabbed the hand that she provided, his own hands were so warm compared to hers. “What can you do other than what I ask now? Why shed tears for something foreign to you? Never mind…” “Honestly, I cannot tell you why I am shedding tears. It is a feeling.. as if something inside of me, is telling me that this is not right. Like I am losing a piece of what I am.” Colvin’s embrace strengthened, almost forcefully. Then the transference began, it was an odd sensation. Taking a deep breath her eyes never left Colvin as he drained her of her chaotic energy, and an emptiness settled into the pit of her stomach.
  10. Tug at my heart strings a bit please..

  11. Unforeseen Chaos

    Kalicity simply watched as his energy began to grow and he sat on the iced foundation which cracked underneath the pressure. There was a sudden rigid softness to him and she lightly folded her arms behind her back. What would Kalicity Darkbane do if she were here, watching Colvin in this angry state. Would she try to defend herself against a helpless cause? Try to explain something that could never be forgiven? It would have amazed her to think that he thought her love for him was invalid in any way. If he had not noticed before, her whole existence had been about approval. If she wasn’t approved, how did she climb so high on the totem poll? She wanted to belong because that is what she was taught. She was placed high on the mantle of her peers, only in the end to be at the very bottom with no one remembering who and what she was. The Dark Goddess would also point out that she was not the only one to have left in this relationship. Whether he chose to linger in the astral plane, how many years did it take for him to return? So many years later after their son had grown, only to claim what was rightfully his. He could have returned at any time when she was alive, but he chose not to, and perhaps she didn't blame him. The Kalicity standing before Colvin, was in point, a better version of the one that passed away. This one was not weighed down with her unnecessary emotions that had been fogged by other’s revelations of what she should be. Her dedication and devotion, was not tied to a clan that would murder her for something that started as a misunderstanding. She lived in distress for the Warlord who would easily snatch the life from her due to a petty debt which has now been paid. The Dark Goddess was finally free, so why did Colvin not see that? Stories have been told that there are souls that are connected through time and space. Through each death and restoration, they would eventually find each other and timelessly fall in love again and again. It was tragic the way Kalicity died, and it was sad that despite being dead, despite being resurrected, here she was in all of her glory, untouched, unmanipulated, and unsculpted. Yet instead of embracing what once was, and accepting anew, all this deity could do is wallow in his anguish. Soft blue eyes look onward as their gaze met again. “If it is your wish to wander around with the fools in this realm then I see no need to challenge that desire should you surrender that energy that ties you to me. The Kalicity you discarded should have known that this Marquis would be unable to rid you of that same essence that your child wields so brashly.” One foot after the other, she started to drift towards him until she was standing about two feet in front of him. She felt the energy within her starting to shift and adjust, it felt rather unusual. Her tone of voice responded to his own, speaking delicately. “And it is my wish to understand and learn, Colvin. Whether it be with these so-called fools on this earth, or somewhere else. You needed not to be forceful in this encounter. All you had to do..- was ask.” Had he forgotten that his son stayed on this earth as well? Was he one of those "fools" that he spoke of? Lightly holding out her left hand to him with draping fingers, she showed him the back of her hand for him to take it. Yet as she did this, she felt an ache in her chest as if telling her not to do this. She had no blood pumping in her veins, but for some reason, something about this felt so wrong. So much so that her eyes started to well with crimson tears as she looked down at him. Pursing her lips together, trying to hold them back as they started to creep down the curve of her face, she sighed. “That energy is all I have left of the one I loved. Do not deprive me any further…” “I never meant to deprive anyone of anything, and I would hate to deprive you of your loved one."
  12. Unforeseen Chaos

    Despite him not being moved further away that she had originally planned, it did not matter. The whole point was to physically separate him from her for the time being. Her cloak had been removed, slipping over her head and pulling her long silver hair over her shoulder as he was pushed back leaving her bare shouldered with her gown. This was certainly not the idea she had when she stepped out here to be alone. By now the Golden Shield had left his post, perhaps to get more help or maybe to warn those inside of what was going on. Kalicity looked at Colvin, once again wondering about his frustration. Where was this all stemming from? Was it that important for him to justify whatever point he was trying to make? Apparently, it was, because he retorted. His arrogance was oozing from his mouth and as the seconds ticked by, she was becoming more annoyed with his egotistical composure. Is this what it is like to be God? Is this what she used to be like? The strange tingling in her hand had subsided for now, and her crystal blue eyes focused on Colvin. “This hurt is not for you to return to the failure of the Kalicity I nurtured. It is for what you represent. A woman who failed to understand the necessity of who she was and wallowed in regrets instead of fashioning peace for herself.” “At least she found peace.” He moved towards her and already she was feeling exhausted. Should she grab a stick to beat him off with? Was he so thick headed that he did not understand the facts of this situation? “I failed you then, unable to make you understand the importance of who you were and you squandered it all with…this” “Who I was. Case in point.” “I will not allow this stain of failure an opportunity to muddy anything else you inane doll. You have no right to parade through this realm with the assumption that your memory and actions are all that separates you from the Kalicity they all knew…” “Didn’t realize I was parading, more like wandering.” He was motioning towards her with his hands, energy crackling from his fingers, much like the young man in the castle. Brows raised lightly as his threads continued. “What is mine will return to me…” She pursed her lips together in frustration, followed by a deep sigh. “If you say so.” He rushed towards her in a blur, and should she be anyone else, perhaps he would have succeeded in snatching her up. But she saw him coming, and once again she simply moved. With a bend at her waist and a tuck of her knee’s and with one large stride, she slipped underneath his arm so that she would be placed behind him and off to his left, leaving him empty handed. At this point, a part of her had wished he had ripped off her clothing, moving so quickly in her gown was definitely not to her benefit. With another sigh, she looked at him. She did not want to harm him in any way, even with the nauseating smell that was coming from his wound. “What is this all about, really?”
  13. Unforeseen Chaos

    Colvin sneered at her response. It was almost like watching a child throwing a fit over his favorite toy. He pulled away in a frenzied heap of rage, as if he was hoping that his fuming disposition would change something. The truth was, Kalicity’s memory was gone. She chose to be like this, for the simple fact that she could not live with what she had become. The Dark Goddess had succumbed to opinions of others, and she couldn't claw her way out of the pile that weighed her down. All of her life, she had to uphold her mantle and in the end, she simple let it go. So in this moment, here was a God who wanted to lay claim to what was no longer his. Her heart, her soul, her love for him, was stowed away in the depths of her forgotten memories. He had been everything to her, and she had never loved anyone the way that she loved her God of Chaos. Yet when she walked away from him, and in turn he abandoned her, she was lost to the world. For years the Dark Goddess had hoped and prayed that her Colvin would find forgiveness for all of her flaws and let her join him at his side again. But like everything else, the time had passed and Colvin was no where to be found. In her eyes she was no longer worthy of the life she had so-called earned. Yet now the times had changed. Even without a memory, she would be damned if she let some man, some God, try to tell her what she was worth, especially now that the Dark Goddess no longer had the weight of the world on her shoulders. She no longer had to impress anybody. She no longer had to bow down to what was considered, acceptable. So as Colvin reached out with a quickness and tried to rip off her cloak, there was an innate instinct that triggered inside of her body. Teeth gritted together and a power inside of her sparked like a match. Rotating her shoulder, it looked as if she was curling over, but as Colvin was wrestling and ripping off of her cloak while unleashing all of the details of what he would do to her once her clothing was off, what she was really doing was building up enough energy to create a soft fluorescent ball in the palms of her hands. Once fully formed, it would have a diameter of about twelve inches. In a few seconds from when this ineffective assault began, palms lunged forward and she unleashed the ball of chaotic energy directly into his mid-section. Despite his powers of a deity, it would be enough force to whip him off of his feet and throw him twenty feet back. Whether or not he landed on his feet or on his back with a cloak in his hand, it did not matter. She snarled, having removed the threat from her immediate person. Taking a glance towards the Golden Shield that was ready to intervene, she motioned to him. “Don’t. Leave if you must, I’m not going anywhere.” Turning her now irritated gaze back to Colvin, she stood up straight, lightly brushing out her gown and throwing silky strands over her shoulder. “Colvin. I will you tell you now, you’re carnal fantasies will not come true. Not like this. You say you embrace pain, I can see that now. You are hurting for the woman that I used to be. I’m sorry to tell you this, but she is gone. Ripping off my clothes and doing what you please, will not bring her back. You need to make peace with that.” As she stood there, waiting for another venomous response in regards to the desecration of his masterpiece. The Dark Goddess started to feel a light tingle in the right palm of her hand, as if something was trying to form there.
  14. Unforeseen Chaos

    What he was thinking, was certainly correct. The Kalicity of old was gone. When the Dark Goddess was young; she was vicious and cruel, even before her service to the Darkbane began, she knew she was destined for greatness. She enjoyed the splatter of warm blood on her face and the feel of cold steel to her skin. Even with the death of her parents, she stood over them with blood dripping from her sword, watching them struggle as they passed. She had performed a lot of research before she decided how they were going to go, she wanted them to suffer and so they did. She never really told anyone that story, but it was a pleasurable delight. This Kalicity was different, or was she? Perhaps this Kalicity just had not had the opportunity to witness death unlike her previous successor. She was a lot calmer, a lot more mentally mature with the ability to observe the entire picture. Very few had been given a reason to be threatened by this silver haired beauty, save for the few who tried to intimidate and control her current existence. It was after his sarcastic chuckle and she had placed her hand on his chest that she felt no life running through his mortal shell. The heat that radiated off of his body immediately began to combat a winter’s chill; but it wasn’t not from the world around them, it was from her. His warm hand firmly grabbed her icy arm and she continued to capture his gaze. She never faltered, never for a second, as if she was reading some rather intriguing book and she was eager to turn the page. “I do not expect you to understand how this past you chose to forget imbued your true self. Those who have enabled your weakness by branding it strength have done nothing but disservice to you and your children.” Children. Gabriela. Malaysia. Alukai. They were all her children. Each one of them flashed before her eyes, she saw the awkward blonde running up to her in the Cathedral, accompanied by the Crimson King. Gabriela, the Queen of the Southern Isle’s. The young vampire had so much hope in her eyes, only to be disappointed when Kalicity denied her. Malaysia, Queen of Vdara, the lovely winged angel who welcomed her so kindly into her home. Alukai, the troubled teenager who attacked her without a second thought. If she produced these three magnificent beings, then she only could imagine what she was like before what this was, happened. A Squeeze and tug of her bicep brought her back to the present and now she was mere inches away from Colvin. Eyes lashes fluttered softly as she listened to him speak about her like she was some prized animal that he held a chain to. So as his hand crept to shoulder to find the porcelain perfection of her cheek, her lips pursed together at his final question. “I remember nothing.”
  15. Unforeseen Chaos

    If only he knew the Marquis the way she did. There was no affections to be had or manipulation to take place. When the Marquis found Kalicity wandering in the dreamscape after her untimely death, he was fascinated by her. He wanted to know why she lingered in such a barren place; a place full of memories where she could step from realm to realm, and visit her children in their dreams. It was a simple way to still be in their lives and answer their questions, without the hassle of them having to deal with her dwelling on all of the mistakes she had made. The Marquis Zantara was a man all his own. He was charming, charismatic and had a flair for life. He only lived by rules that were his own, and even when he stumbled across Kalicity for the first time he had taken the time to get to know her before he asked her to join him back on the other side. She did not come right away, it was hesitation that kept her in that realm of imagination. However Zantara did not shy away from her refusal, he continued to visit her on occasions and their friendship became more solid over time. Eventually Marquis finally convinced her to come with him to Weland Gorge, but there was one stipulation. Kalicity did this to herself. She could not return to a world where she would be constantly plagued by her faults and the destruction of her family. She didn’t want her enemies to know that she had returned, for she had made a promise to Malice that she would be gone for good. She knew that the Great Devourer would hunt her like a dog if she came back as Kalicity Darkbane, so she had to return simply as Kalicity Saflicia. With no connections, no memory, no thoughts to taunt her. So that when she were to look upon her beloved children, she would not be filled with hatred and anger, knowing that she abandoned them when she had the opportunity to do what was right. An opportunity that was lost so long ago. Colvin may not understand or maybe he did not want to. With those sultry blue eyes she continued to watch him as he came full circle. The chaotic energy that she felt softened on her body and it almost felt amorous in nature. “Colvin." "Previous lover,” Lover. “Father to your wayward child,” Father. “God of the teetering forces that maintain realms like this in order.” He spoke with certainty and confidence, and deep down Kalicity knew for that he was telling the truth. “You’re the father to my child?” What did the King call the boy who grabbed her? Alukai. Having only got a brief look at Alukai, the boy was a spitting image of Colvin; the same swirling green eyes, the black hair, the same shade of skin, even the energy they both exerted was similar. “Alukai, he told me I was his mother. He is your son? He is our child? How come I do not remember this?” “What you are missing is the essence of who you are. You have been defiled by this Marquis and yet here you stand oblivious to how vapid they have made you.” There was a possibility he would reach out to touch her, but would he? Sapphire hues calmly narrowed on Colvin, her gaze never wavering. “You seem to know a lot about me, Colvin. If I have been so defiled, then why don’t you enlighten me? Perhaps I shouldn’t be asking who you are, but who am I?” The vile thoughts that were going through Colvin’s mind were indeed, misled. The Marquis never took advantage of her, never touched or caressed her in any way, they never even shared a kiss save for the one she planted on his cheek to thank him for all he had done once she returned to this world. For even after she and Colvin had parted ways so long ago, through death and even her resurrection, her devotion to him never faltered. She sought no lovers or male suitors to her side, because despite having no memory of the God of Chaos; he was, and always had been, the love of her life.