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  1. "Oh, I'm sorry." He said to the large woman. Once he saw the dwarf, he waved his hand slightly. He slightly looked back at the crowd, people still running from the ship, guessing that those people inside there already boarded off. He sighed, scratching the back of his neck. "What is the world is going on..." he whispered to himself. He suddenly remembered the conversation he had with the dwarf. "Um... this might be out of topic or a wrong time to ask, but what were you asking me back there?" he questioned, leaning down to face her properly.
  2. After all the pushing, Arthur finally passed through the gate. When he went to the city though, people's faces turned to worry. When he pushed through the crowd enough to see what was going on, he saw the port. Instead of the peaceful port he I happiness it would be, he saw battleships in every corner. He tried to run out of the crowd and pull out his weapon, but instead they pushed him around until he was suddenly shoved in a clear area. It was an alley way, with people he recognized. "Um, I'm sorry but was I late?" He asked, awkwardly trying to stand back up to his feet and cleaned himself off.
  3. He tried to follow the crowd, making sure his little friend was following along the way. Lots of people kept on pushing him, tempted to just pull out his sword and clear the way, but he fought the urge to do so. After a while, he was almost near the gate. He sighed in relief that he just needed to pass through a few more people and he would pass the gate.
  4. The sudden noise of the trumpets and the loud voices of the crowd made him jump slightly. His eyebrow twitched from the annoying, loud noise in his surroundings. He saw the dwarf speaking, but didn't hear what she said. "Um, I'm sorry to cut our conversation short, but we should really move to another area if we want to continue!" He shouted. People kept pushing him and stepping on his feet while trying to get to the entrance, making him even more annoyed than befor.
  5. He sighed again, taking in what she said about staying here all night... He snapped his head to her from the question. "Oh. Well I heard there was a few broken metal parts or contraptions selling somewhere there. I was wanting to use some for something I was planning to make." He tilted his head again, looking at the blueprints she was holding. "I'm sorry if I seem to be a bit nosey, but that looks interesting"
  6. He titled his head a bit from the situation the dwarf is having. Most of the people stepping and pushing her around made him feel pity for her. "Well, I'm afraid that the crowd isn't really moving that much, so we might have to stay here for a while" He scratched his head, looking at the crowd again. He sighed, starting to worry about the parts he needed.
  7. Arthur looked around to see if the crowd was even moving. He suddenly saw the same guy with the armor pass by again, pushing through the crowd. This made him a bit more irritated, but didn't mind to stop because of the attention he might cause. A person who was at least a few feet shorter than most guys here caught his attention. He walked up to it, trying to get past the people. "Um, hello there. You seem to have a hard time looking through the crowd. Do you need some help?" He asked, trying to keep his polite attitude while the crowd was being loud and pushy.
  8. Arthur scratched his head, annoyed by the fact that there was a wild crowd pushing him and others trying to get to the entrance.He knew that there was going to be a large crowd, but he didn't expect it to be THIS big this time. All he wanted from the city was just the metal junk he heard that was selling in there. He hoped that people won't really get the parts he needed by the time he gets there. He sighed, knowing that he would be stuck in the crowd for a long while. The crowd was also very noisy, making him more irritated. He suddenly saw someone who was wearing metal armor for a moment. This suddenly made gave him an idea of what to build next...
  9. I'd like to join, but I don't know if my current character is gong to be useful. I could always make another character though. So yeah... Again, I'd like to join
  10. Kiki didn't realise that she dozed off for a really REALLY long time and quickly turned to Echoshine. "Oh gosh, Did I zone out?! what the heck...".She rubbed her head, feeling a bit light headed. She shook her head, trying to shake off the hazy feeling. ' I think I should leave soon... sad' she thought. She looked across the bar and saw someone who caught her interest. "She looks interesting..." she whispered to herself. She huffed, the sudden feeling haziness taking over again. She rubbed her eyes a bit and yawned.
  11. "Hehe..." She kept on patting Eco's head. "You're cute though" She then looked around the tavern, not knowing what to do next. "hmm... thought of something we can all do? I explored the tavern a bit, but i still don't know what we could do in this place..."
  12. "Aw.. so cute" she patted Echoshine's head lightly. "There's no need to be embarrassed." She suddenly forgot about something and turned to Krick "I'm Kiki by the way. Again, it's nice to meet you"
  13. She turned her head back to the stranger and just kept her expression all friendly and sweet. "Hey! It's nice to meet you too." she shook his hand. She noticed the tiger growling at him. she then turned her head to Echoshine. "hmm? what the matter? Is there something wrong?" She pulled her hand back and tucked it in her pockets.
  14. From the stranger's voice, her mind was fully awake and instantly looked at him "oh. no, it's not." She beamed, trying to show her smile under her mask. She suddenly saw Ecoshine coming to her direction "Echoshine! It's nice to see you again!". she waved at her, trying to show the same expression under the mask.
  15. Kiki was asleep on the counter for a while. She suddenly woke up from the sound of people's sudden chatter and a chair moving that was close to her. She lifted her head up to see a man with slight dirty clothing. She blinked and rubbed her eyes a bit, trying to remove her sleepiness. 'He seems nice' she thought. She adjusted her gas mask a bit and sat up straight. She just noticed that there was a small group of people surrounding him, and because of that, she thought it was best to leave him with those people and talk to him later.
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