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  1. Don't worry my dude, it only feels like yesterday when I was brand new and confused as hell XD. Check out the getting started page to find some starting points and shoot me a message if you have anything to ask!
  2. You're not going to heaven Eat a thousand crackers, sing a million hymns You're not going to heaven You're not my children, you're a bad game of Sims
  3. open

    Carter looked up and shrugged. "I dunno, you can find a lot of merchants going about these days. Most of 'em would give you a fair price. Why, going on a quest or something like that?"
  4. Carter looked around in shock. This was definitely not what he signed up for. However, he could feel his head pounding as a foreign emotion twisted its way through his head. "Ugh, we have to follow the objective! Frickin' n00bs- wait what?" What am I saying? He walked up to the man who was currently stunned on the floor. "What the hell was that!? I'm calling hax." What are these strange terms I'm spouting? Could there be some demon using my mouth as a vessel? Then, Carter heard and spun towards the source of a noise. Divert 70% of energy towards optics. An axe, spinning in slow motion. Perception enhanced to six hundred frames per second. His hand reached out, fingers stretching towards the handle 620, 630. Too slow. He lightly brushed the end then everything sped back up. "Crap." Let's hope the shadowy man was fast enough to dodge a speeding axe.
  5. open

    Almost as soon as they closed, the wooden doors swung open again. A man with charcoal hair and a simple garb strode through the entrance, indifferent to the bustle of the tavern. Carter Shade slipped through the crowded room then sat at the bar. "Evening, Vaddock. I'll have the usual." Passing the bartender a few coins, he leaned his arms on the table and looked around. There were the usual oddities- wolves, mercenaries, etc. Next to him, he noticed a young woman eating desserts from ornate china. Seriously? I've been going here for weeks and never noticed they had a *%#ing patisserie in the back? "Here you go." Carter jerked up and took his meal: A cider with a slice of apple pie. Shaking his head at the lady's apparent fascination with the selection of liquor, he dug into his food.
  6. I'd be interested, role playing freaky monsters would be something I'd like to try out
  7. I'm interested, I think Jasper would get along well with him.
  8. Count me in!
  9. Oh jeez. The climbing person fell onto the pavement as soon as Liam called out to him. Maybe that wasn't the best idea. Hurrying to the fallen figure, he bent down to examine the man. "Are you okay?"
  10. Deimos suddenly felt a strong aura enter the tavern. Looking around, he saw the bartender nervously handing a wizard a drink. What was his name? Xavier Fahrenheit? No, Farenhide. His mother always treated the family with distaste- "You see those men? They're the Farenhides, a very dangerous lot. Promise me you won't come near them." The aura was rather sharp, but Deimos had met stronger magicians who came to meet his parents. Then, he realized there were many auras coming from customers. Of course I end up going to the most magical tavern in Casper. However, he kept up his calm demeanour and thanked Pavel after taking a cup. Deimos saw a witch casually make plants grow around her. Hm, so I guess magic is common in this area. On his travels to Casper, he had encountered places where those who did as much as light a candle without a match was chased out of the village. However it seemed wizards could freely flaunt their magical abilities in the main cities. Lucky for me. Humming contentedly, he sipped his tea while examining the other mages in the room.
  11. Oops, i forgot to put the link in XD Also this interest check is now c-c-c-closed!
  12. Here's the thread! Also, this will take place right after Deimos escaped his parents- so it'll be before any other RPs I'm doing
  13. Deimos Tenebrous tumbled out of the back of a fishing boat. Ignoring the crew's angry cries he jumped onto the dock and sprinted down to the main city, careful to keep his hood up. Pulling his cloak up, the young wizard disappeared into the shadows. Once he was out of view of the boat, he pulled his hood off and walked casually on the sidewalk, another face in the crowd. It has been about three weeks since he left his family manor. When he saw his family kill dozens of villagers in a "shopping trip", the wizard decided enough was enough. Packing his bags with money, magic supplies and stolen civilian clothing he quietly climbed out of the window and set off for Casper. He had walked, swam, and hitched rides all the way to the city and finally made it. Pulling out a map, Deimos looked around for a place to eat. Finding a tavern in the town square, he pushed through the doors and walked up to the bar. The bartender raised an eyebrow at at the heavy golden coin Deimos offered and handed him a glass of cider. He sat down at a little table and sipped his drink, absentmindedly making ghostly flames dance around his cup. Suddenly, he realized what he was doing and extinguished them, looking around to see if anyone saw. Stupid, stupid- you nearly blew it on your first day here!
  14. I think I'll try out Medium for a test run!