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  1. Here's the OOC
  2. Here's the OOC thread for our first job! Just talk about whatever you want and ask any questions that aren't spoilers
  3. Okey dokey! I'll try to make it soon
  4. So should we make a character sheet? I have my character pretty well in my head but I don't really like going through the trouble of making sheets
  5. John surveyed the room. "Hey, Arixal do you sense anything?" Arixal looked about and said "Nothing, master." "Hm. Hey, Petra do you see anything strange?" As Petra turned to see John, Arixal suddenly pricked his ears and stared at Aric."Could... could it be...?" "What, something up?" "No, no... it was nothing." However, Arixal continued to surreptitiously look at Aric. (PS sorry bout that Uschi, he was just meeting everyone at once and I couldn't individually greet each person... 😅 Petra's fine in Johns opinion)
  6. Hmm I think I'll just drop the aging, thanks for the advice!
  7. As he greeted the newcomers, John quickly surveyed the path behind them. "Alright, looks like everybody's here! Now, come with me" Leading the group through the front door, he looked around the inside of the house. It was a two-story building, decrepit with cobwebs in nearly every corner. A staircase to the side led up to the second floor but several steps were broken or missing. In the centre of the living room sat some blankets, a few lanterns, and other equipment. "This will be our base, of sorts. It's close to the exit and has a clear view in all directions. Of course, we will most likely be out investigating the other rooms but this will be our fall-back area in case anything too dangerous happens." Taking out some papers out of a bag, he handed them out. "This should adequately describe the situation." Location: Patia Situation: Strange sounds are being emitted from the house, and passersby describe flashing lights through the windows. The nearby law enforcement went in to investigate, and were never seen again. Signs: Flashing lights, noises, objects moving on their own Threat level: Assumed hostile Goal: Find the threat, neutralize it, and hopefully bring back the evidence for later study "Alright, read those then set up your magic, gear or whatever you usually use."
  8. I just read up on Saturn and I think I'll do a Druid who carries a sickle which accelerates aging or something upon contact (cause he's the god of agriculture, plenty, and time) but I'm not sure about the weapons cause it may be too OP. He could also transform into a serpent, bull or lion because they are most commonly associated with him. What do you think?
  9. Hmm looks like the only one left is Venus... but I'm not really into that sort of person. If they get open I can take the sun or Jupiter!
  10. Here's the thread!
  11. @J. A. Horton @Uschi @Valkyrie19 @ODSTDRAGON Mandrake & Co.'s first mission! In front of a ominous, imposing house in Patia, John Mandrake is waiting. Absently chewing on a chocolate bar, his eyes dart from the path directly in front of the house to the creepy forest surrounding it. I hope they didn't get possessed on the way here, He thought while chuckling to himself. "What's so funny?" Hovering beside him was a small imp, beady eyes fixated on the path as it was instructed. "Nothing, nothing." John quickly said. "Anyway, what's taking them so long?" He had sent all of the new recruits letters clearly outlining the location and expected time. "Perhaps they were eaten by the were-men dwelling in the forest, or absorbed by the terrible, terrible spectres haunting it!" The imp giggled until John shot a spark at the end of its tail. "One more word, Arixal and I'll make it harder!" "Fine, fine." Arixal fell silent, but still quietly giggled. John sighed heavily, and prepared to go in alone. However, John heard footsteps coming up the path. Finally, he thought.
  12. Well if Petra needs help learning about powers relating to spirits and such, John can help her figure out more about her powers! (Shameless self-advertisement 😂)