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  1. A Religious Robbery [Class B Quest]

    Jasper gave a quick nod and smile as Dan dropped the last clergyman. While he had trust in their abilities, it was reassuring to see his comrades in action. Then, he remembered his wound. It was fairly wide, about six inches long and blood oozed from the gap. Hopefully it wasn't too deep but he didn't want a trail of blood giving them away. Jasper knelt by a body, tore off a piece of clothing and wrapped it around his arm. The mercenary gave a small cry as he tightened it. Despite what he's been through before, some things never lost their sting. After fixing the bandage around his arm Jasper peeked outside the door. Looks like no one had noticed so far, or they were too far away to do anything. He helped Dan drag out the bodies and mopped up the traces of battle with a cloth. "Ugh, did you have to hit him that hard?" He said as he cleaned up the pool of vomit. "I mean, you could have just bopped him on the head without the mess. Although I have to admit that was much more entertaining."
  2. [Skyship Aria] [Main Thread 4] X Marks

    The gunner grunted as he pulled himself out of the hole. Despite the pleasant conditions, Eli's eyes flicked between the task at hand and the beach. You never knew when another band of pirates would swoop in to take advantage of your hard work. His fingers twitched against the holster at his hip. Gunners should be defending the ship, not toiling away like a common grunt! However he held his tongue for now. Eli should be lucky they even took him in, and this is one of the first occupations that he's enjoyed. Sure, sometimes he ended up with annoying/mind bendingly infuriating tasks but there's always a bright side. The gunner looked fondly at Lobo, one of his reasons for staying here. Positively exploding with energy the dog always made Eli smile when they crossed paths. Before they left for the search, Eli had examined their map, Obviously the mountain would be the most challenging, but with his device it may be somewhat easier. Hooked to the back of his belt was a compact pneumatic grappling hook with a reach of roughly 60 feet. Since it's only designed to carry one person, Eli decided to go solo for that trip. But now, they had to focus on their current assignment. "Alright." He wiped some excess dirt off his jacket and ambled towards the next X.
  3. The Aria (OOC) [Recruiting as Usual!][Fifth Event Going On]

    I'd be interested in participating! While school and a busy schedule are keeping me back, I can certainly do at least one post every three days.
  4. A Religious Robbery [Class B Quest]

    Jasper watched, impressed at his ruse. Dan was certainly skilled in the art of disguises. Perhaps this would go quite smoothly. Oh, goddammit. Leave it to Benjamin to screw it up. Jasper could hear faint footsteps approaching and readied himself for a fight. However he wan't particularly worried. No matter how many people came, he was confident the group of thieves could take them out. At Dan's word Jasper hid behind a nearby pillar ready to ambush whoever came. He was then surprised by how Dan quickly fooled and dispatched the remaining people. Breathing a quiet sigh of relief, Jasper moved out from behind the pillar. "Very fine work, there. Though I doubt you would have done so quickly against the other five-" The other five men. "Oh, no." When the armed and rather burly clergymen found no one, they would come back to find a group of thieves and a bleeding boy. During this time they should have finished searching, reported the incident to a superior and come back right about... Now. Jasper could hear footsteps coming their way accompanied by the clanking of weapons. Five clergymen entered the cloister. "We just called the guards and they're looking around for whoever attacked you. Wait, who are you?" A mace-wielding cleric, realization dawning in his eyes, had just raised his weapon when Jasper threw his sword hilt-first at his forehead. As he dropped to the floor Jasper reclaimed his sword just in time to block the swing of a waraxe, sparks flying at their collision. He kicked the clergyman in the groin then delivered another swift kick to the stomach knocking the wind out of him. The mercenary turned around to block a sword but was just a little too slow as the weapon sliced his arm. He could see it was non-fatal, but this would change if he had to keep fighting alone. "Er, a little help?"
  5. A Strange Building in Casper

    @Ravencrow What kind of- Ignoring the rest of its brethren, the enraged creature changed into a giant insect. Giant wings emblazoned with runes flapped wildly and small objects flew backwards from the force. The moth opened its mouth impossibly wide and the same liquid substance it was made of was spewed out in long, sticky tendrils. The ends were sharpened to a sword's point and aimed directly at the Hatter.
  6. A Religious Robbery [Class B Quest]

    "Er, okay." After watching Dan leave, Jasper followed closely behind. He has rudimentary skills in tailing (this proved to be useful during his travels) and didn't have to worry about guards by following Dan. Always a few metres behind the demigod, Jasper warily held his bow in case of an ambush. Jasper saw the group of soldiers as well, and pressed himself against the wall. He could probably take them with his comrades but there's always the risk of someone sounding an alarm. Although, if he decided not to hold back... the sword was always an option. In his little pouch was also a bag of bluish glowing seeds. "Some sort of magical plant I've been experimenting with." Edmund, Jasper's younger brother and sometimes arms dealer, handed him a small bag about the size of his finger. "If you throw it, the seeds will grow at an accelerated rate and restrain any living thing within twelve paces. However its single use only." He shook the memory from his head and refocused on the mission at hand. Jasper looked from side to side, and without the guards noticing he dashed over to Dan's position. The boy appeared to be applying some sort of fake blood to his body. "Wounds" were scattered on his forehead, limbs and stomach. A disguise? Jasper shook his head, smiling. Kid's full of surprises.
  7. The Outbreak (A Zombie Apocalypse roleplay)

    "I dunno how it happened. It seemed like they figured out overnight or something... I'll have to look into it tomorrow." Liam heard the other pair of survivors arrive behind him, and turned around. He gave them a curt wave then walked inside. Looking around, he pulled a bedroll from his bag and laid it on the floor. "I can just sleep on the floor."
  8. The Outbreak (A Zombie Apocalypse roleplay)

    Liam nervously looked over his shoulder. There wasn't anyone around, for now. "Ah, it was... but something's different. I came back and two fucking zombies had climbed up! If I hadn't noticed I probably would've woken up with infected nibbling my toes. I'm not safe back there. Could I crash here for the night? I'll be out as soon as I find somewhere else to live." The man looked again, and heard faint footsteps coming. "Sorry for the rush, but I think I'd prefer you decide quickly."
  9. The Outbreak (A Zombie Apocalypse roleplay)

    Not even ten minutes later, an emaciated hand slapped against the edge of the roof. Liam stared in disbelief. Slowly, another hand appeared and pulled up an infected. "Oh, for God's-" He grabbed his bat and pushed the zombie off the edge. The young man sat down for a second, panting. I'm not safe here. He looked around, panic creeping into his thoughts. As Liam assessed his base he realized it would be useless against zombies that could climb, jump and (possibly) think. Mind reeling, Liam clambered down the side of the building. Maybe it was a fluke? But his gut knew that something like that had to be intentional. Maybe there are more like it. He was so deep in thought he nearly missed the zombie next to him, "Shit!" Luckily, he brought his pack and bat. One swing later a rotting head and it's body (sold separately) were tossed into the dumpster and Liam went on his way. After a few minutes of creeping behind garbage bins and occasionally disposing of infected, Liam arrived at the apartment where he saw the pair of survivors live. What if they don't let me in? He took a deep breath then knocked.
  10. What are you watching? [animated]

    Rewatching Samurai Jack Season 5. GUESS WHO'S JACK JACK AGAIN
  11. A Religious Robbery [Class B Quest]

    "I think I could take out a couple. With our firepower taking out several people wouldn't be too difficult." After saying this, Jasper took out his bow. It was made of enchanted yew with some decorative markings running along the side. The ends were capped with metal. While it was meant for shooting, the sturdy wood made an effective club for non-lethal combat. He predicted Frederick would do most of the work given his elemental abilities. Could probably knocked everyone out with some pebbles. However, since they needed to be stealthy magic may not be used as much here. Looks like it's my time to shine. "Er, okay? You're in charge." Jasper looked at him with a bemused expression. "Why? Is there something you know that we don't?"
  12. Spirits/Intangible/Immortal characters in rp?

    That sounds interesting! If I come up with something I'll shoot you a PM. Also, I think your spells are pretty reasonable especially with the hand signs and things.
  13. A Religious Robbery [Class B Quest]

    Oh, for god's sake. Benjamin appeared to be fooling around behind the guards' backs. Like Dan, Jasper realized that even if he took out the ones closest to him the remaining guards would sound he alarm. Shaking his head vigorously, Jasper signalled that he should not engage. However he drew his sword in case Benjamin tried something stupid. Jasper sneaked over to the door after giving a final wave to Benjamin. Watching the guards walk away, he leaped through the doorway and immediately hid behind a door. Jasper quietly spoke to Dan. "What now?"
  14. Writing a book

    Make an outline. Basic plot points, conflicts, etc. Then fill it in with awesome writing. It's satisfying as hell.
  15. Videos worth watching!