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  1. Yes I am. ^^
  2. Send me a pm and we can dicuss things. ^^
  3. I'm looking for long term as well as someone to write more than one rp with. I'm open to either canon or alternative depending on what my partner wants.
  4. I have a few plots in mind. I'd be happy to discuss them with you. ^^
  5. Hi, I'm new to the site but not new to roleplaying. Hopefully i am writing this correctly. Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Modern, Sci-Fi, etc. I am able to play as male and female characters. I can post multiple paragraphs though my minimum is 1 paragraph. The max I have been able to post is 7 or 8 paragraphs when given enough to work with. I can post multiple times a day depending on what my real life duties are and my mindset. I will warn you, I tend to not reply for a few days at a time. This is due to life getting in the way, writer's block, or lack of desire to rp at the current time. I can promise that I will reply in a reasonable amount of time. I do not let rps go unattended for months at a time. And I can promise that if I want to end the rp or have gotten bored, I will let you know. I'm open to most things and I will state if something makes me uncomfortable. Ideas: I have a few ideas which I would like to discuss in pm. I am open to a variety of pairings and can come up with an idea for almost any pairing. I love brainstorming and improv rps as well. I would prefer to rp in pm but I don't mind rping in forum. I'm open to canonical rps using the lore on this site but I might need some help. I am also willing to do fandom rps. Sorry the long post. If you want to rp with me go ahead and reply here or pm. (Honestly though pm may be easier. Up to you though.)
  6. Hi! I'm EternalLove! I was recommended here by @HighTopp after finding out my primary rp site is being shut down. I'm optimistic in that I'll find some great rps here. I like fantasy and romance with other themes mixed in. Feel free to say Hi!