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  1. The soldiers watched curiously as the group approached. More than a few strange looks were sent their way; it wasn't everyday that most people saw such a bizarre assortment of misfits. Murmurs could be heard spreading through the camp and more soldiers began to peek out of tents and watch them. As the band drew to a halt in front of the camp, two soldiers who had been sitting on old weather-worn stools pulled themselves up from their seats. Like most soldiers present, their uniforms were ragged and stained, their faces were unkempt and scruffy beards grew from their chins, and their weapons were battered and rusty as they hung at their hips. The two looked the group up and down, as if they had just noticed their presence, before frowning. The one on the right rested his hands on his hips and spoke. "Sorry folks," he said as he thrust his thick thumb over his shoulder and back towards the bridge. "River's closed on account of all the attacks and what not." His comrade on the left gave him a back handed slap to the chest, making a thud against his ribs. The two exchanged dirty looks for a brief moment before the one on the left began to argue. "We're here to keep savages out! These weirdos are trying to enter the Savage Lands, not leave them! It's none of our business." The soldier on the right scowled with disgust and spat on the other's shows. "You could'a said that without hitting me! Besides, we're here to watch the bridge in general, don't matter which side they come from." "We'll see what the Captain has to say about it!" The man on the left said as he crossed his arms, a triumphant smile on his dirty face. At the mention of the word 'Captain' a collective of groans and soft booing swept through the soldiers that were gathered.
  2. Sure man, read the OOC then PM me and we'll talk details!
  3. IshBal, Eva, and Sandra gathered in the alley, grateful to escape the crowds and be able to talk with some relative peace. Hopefully, with the sun getting lower in the sky, some of the crowds would clear out of the street soon. As IshBal spoke the absurdity of their situation wasn't completely wasted on them. They just arrived in town and already they were plotting to break the blockade and drive away the Easterners.
  4. The band continued to chat away as they looked down on the camp below. Everyone weighed in with their opinions and thoughts, except for Elialde who hadn't had a chance to say much yet, and it became clear he mercenaries were fairly evenly divided on what their course of action should be. Luckily the differences in opinion weren't too big to overcome. Both sides held valid points. The forests of the Savage Lands on the far side of the were grey, gnarled, and foreboding. Fresh supplies would likely not be easy to find when inside and the party would have to be careful in how they used what they had. At the same time, the soldiers might be hesitant to aid them or even let them pass and some charity could go a long way. As they spoke, sunlight shined down on them from above. It was approximately midday and sun sat high in the sky over head, providing them with some much needed warmth. In the North, the nights could be brutally cold, even though it was late spring, and every drop of sunlight and ray of heat during the day was much appreciated. Down in the camp, soldiers had begun to notice the peculiar bunch and were watching them. They made no moves to prepare defenses or draw their weapons, but instead seem to watch of curiosity and boredom.
  5. Sure! Done
  6. "Explosives? For the love of the Gods, please tell me you lot aren't planning on trying to blow up those ships. Chances are you'll just blow yourselves and half the city up instead!" Ishbal got the distinct feeling that the guard did not plan on telling him about any explosives vendors in the city.
  7. The guard groaned and pinched the bridge of his nose. "What am I, your tour guide? Come over here out of the blue and start questioning me? Since when do foreigners given a damn about us Tharenans anyways?" He looks about ready to ask another angry and rhetorical question, but he stops himself. He sighs and looks back up at you. "Lord Rhys, the man in charge of Quin, is trying his best to find a peaceful solution, but many believe him to be a pushover and that negotiating with the Easterners will be our downfall. As for resistance, you can't miss them. Every night scores of Tharenans gather in the streets to hear people shout and rant about the Easterners. Some groups are trying to hire assassins to deal with the ships while others stalk the streets, searching for foreigners that they believe to be saboteurs or spies for the East. There's even been rumor of plots attempting to overthrow Lord Rhys for being to soft."
  8. And the RP is up! Feel free to read the intro and post when it's your turn!
  9. Backstory: The Northern Kingdom of Skarn has been at war with The Orinate for decades. The war has been long and brutal and both kingdoms have suffered severely. Now, with The Orinate taking the lead in the war, savage northern tribes have taken advantage of Skarn's weakness and have begun to raid the nation. In one of their numerous assaults they managed to capture the Skarn princess, Xandra, and have taken her to their stronghold, El-Durag. Out of options and low on manpower, Skarn has turned to mercenaries as there last hope for saving the princess. Unfortunately, most mercenary companies aren't foolish enough to venture into the madness of the Northern Savage Lands, and those that are charge incredibly high rates. That is, except for one. The King of Skarn has offered The Company 800 gold if they can rescue Xandra from El-Durag. Furthermore, they have informed the company that the Savage King of El-Durag, Talen-Ki, has a 400 gold bounty on his head. Naturally, The Company will be taking a 25% cut of the reward, leaving 600 gold, and 400 gold for Talen-Ki's bounty (should you choose to kill him) leaving a grand total of 1,000 gold to be split amongst the adventuring party at the end! The Beginning: You pack your gear and sign off on your debt before venturing out from The Company HQ for Skarn. The journey is uneventful, but it gives you all a chance to get to know one another. After a two week journey you crest a grassy hill and below you can see the northern border of Skarn, the Kenndar River, which separates the Kingdom from the Savage North. A small cobblestone bridge stretches over is raging waters and small camp of soldiers are stationed at the entrance to the bridge, blocking you from crossing over into the North. The Skarn flag flies proud and high in the center of the makeshift encampment, but even from atop the hill you can tell that morale is low and that the troops are suffering. The tents are in shambles and troops can be seen scattered around sleeping or killing time pointlessly rather than following any orders.
  10. Alright, awesome! So the post order will be: Me - CaptainCasual - Piperpie - AngryCacti - Aleksei - BeeTheNarwhal There's one thing I forgot to mention, combat is going to work a little differently. You guys will stick to the order, but I will interject after each person's turn. This is because combat is fast paced and the world needs to quickly responsive to your actions. I'll make it clear when combat begins. The last thing is be careful of your wording. Mostly what I mean is say things like "I fire an arrow at his head" instead of "I hit him in the face with an arrow". It's a little hard to explain, but its not guaranteed that your arrow will hit. You say you fire the arrow, and I say if it hits. Its little and not a big deal, but it's something to consider. Sorry if I'm bad at explaining things! I'll be posting a link to the RP below shortly!
  11. Welcome, new recruits, to The Company! Your journey into the Savage Lands will embark shortly. There's just a few things I wanted to go over first! ME: As you know, I will be the GM/Story Teller. If you have any questions about that at any point feel free to ask, but that's not what I want to address right here. I wanted to introduce myself just a bit so you can all feel a little more comfortable. Hi. You can call me by my full username, "Tyrant", "GM", "Mr. Doodguy" it doesn't matter to me! I'm an incredibly flexible person and I strongly believe that the very best RPs are the ones where everyone has fun. I'm also usually pretty friendly, so feel free to approach me through PM at any time. If you have any complaints, ideas, suggestions, comments, etc. either put them on this thread or PM me. I want to work with you all to improve the experience! POSTING: For posting, I'll establish an order for us to stick to shortly. I understand that life is busy and all that, but I would really like us to maintain a pace of at least one post a day per person, meaning we'd get through at least one full rotation of the post order a day. That being said, shit happens. If you're going to be gone for several days, let me know. I can run your character for you or we can talk about other options, but you can't just disappear. If you do disappear without a trace, after three or four days of silence on your end, I will take control of your character for this RP and you'll need to PM me to get them back. I'm sorry if this comes off as sort of harsh, but I've had too many group RPs ruined by people who simply stopped replying. If you have a problem with this, let me know. CHARACTERS: I personally believe it's the characters that make an RP fun and strongly encourage you all to roleplay your characters to the best of your ability. A decent number of you have picked slightly more introverted characters, and while that is perfectly fine and you're welcome to be introverted with NPCs, I hope that you will open up and interact with the other players freely. One last thing: I do NOT like killing characters. I sort of expect you to get along and work together, and some conflict in the group is okay, but I will not tolerate players killing each other. The campaign is also not set up to kill players, but it is meant to put you in danger. While I really don't want to kill anyone's character, I won't let you survive if you intentionally throw yourself off a cliff. It would be unimmersive for the other players and just sort of not cool. That being said, here are our mercenaries! @Aleksei as Odelle @AngryCacti as Hisashi @CaptainCasual as Elialde @Piperpie as Marigold @BeeTheNarwhal as Kyanne Now, this story will start off after you guys have actually been travelling together for a little while, so you should all know each other somewhat. For the sake of the group, please write a short description of your character below. Just simple things like appearance and a couple things the others might know about you after travelling with you for awhile. Also, feel free to ask any last minute questions. We'll begin as soon as basic introductions are done!
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