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  1. Well... It seems to me that we have half the party skipping there turns, long waits between posts, and some other related issues with this RP. I don't mean this in a negative way, but maybe it'd be better just to let this one go? Opinions? Thoughts? Ideas on how to improve the situation?
  2. Sorry about the late reaction time, I've been busy as all hell. As Vulcan said, he'll be gone. So that leaves it to @CaptainCasual to respond next.
  3. Thanks for letting us know! I will be gone for the next several days on a camping trip, so I'll be temporarily gone
  4. Still unsure of the Company's true goals or intentions, Captain Blackblade offered the service of himself and his soldiers. His reasons for doing so were kept to himself, but luckily, the mercenaries agreed, even though they either disliked him, disliked his sergeant, didn't trust him, or all of the prior mixed together. After accepting his offer, the Mercs filed out of his tent, with Marigold at the front, except for Odelle and Elialde who stayed with the Captain for the time being. Marigold waited on the bridge as Hisashi approached her and Kyanne gathered empty bottles of rot-gut from throughout the disgusting little camp. Word of the Captain's decision spread fast throughout the camp, and was met with an overwhelming attitude of terror and bitterness. From general looks and whispers, it was easy to realize that the last thing the troops wanted to do was leave the borders of their country to venture out into the Savage Lands for no reason, whatsoever. Even amongst Blackblade's handful of disciplined troops, their was a certain amount of disgruntlement. It seemed as though the only person happy to agree with the Captain's decision was the Sergeant. Maybe venturing into the Savage Lands with limited numbers and limited supplies wasn't the best decision? Maybe he knew something they didn't? Maybe the Captain had gone mad?
  5. Sorry folks! I'm a bit occupied today, I'll try to reply tonight or tomorrow!!
  6. No worries! @BeeTheNarwhal I think that makes it your turn.
  7. Very nice! You all have some pretty fantastic characters, I love seeing new things get added.
  8. There was a collective sigh of relief amongst the troops as Marigold slowed to a halt and calmed herself. They didn't know what she was going to do, but they knew it would be bad. Even the four more elite troops seemed relieved as she turned away, their tense muscles relaxing and their spears lowering. The only one who seemed unphased by it all was the Sergeant, who rather than being relieved, took it as a sign of victory and wore a smug smile on his little face, having won without breaking a sweat. The last of the mercenaries gathered in the captain's tent as the wind tore at the cloth flaps playfully. It was not a place or situation that they all wanted to be in, but at least it seemed as though they might be able to come to an understanding. Either that, or kill one another and be done with it. Either way, soldiers were gathered outside, eagerly trying to listen or catch a peek at what was transpiring within. Elialde did his best to calm Marigold as she reluctantly entered, Hisashi's gaze wandered curiously over the Captain's possessions, and the Captain himself was trying desperately to understand what Odelle was saying when Kyanne made yet another bold statement. Diplomacy was clearly not her strong suit, but with some luck Odelle's calming aura would keep the Captain from getting violent over the issue.
  9. -My character controls all of time and space -He sees and knows everything -He absolutely loves peaches -The color yellow makes him sad
  10. ^^^ I approve of this literary device
  11. No worries, friend. Take your time.
  12. @VulcanTheDrunken, just a heads up, Odelle is not small. You might be confusing her with Elialde. It's no big deal, but you might want to fix that :)
  13. After the Captain accused him of either being idiotic or a spy, Hisashi opened his mouth to defend his motives for trying to crawl into his tent. Unfortunately, or fortunately depending on how you looked at it, the Captain cut him off before he could speak and questioned why they were even going North at all. The man was clearly intent on being stubborn and frustrating and when Marigold stormed out of his tent and towards the bridge, Hisashi took the opportunity to slip past the captain and Odelle, as she held his elbow, and follow Marigold. As all of this went down, the soldiers watched, bewildered. A few had followed their captains orders and tried to convince Kyanne to join the others, only for the mercenary woman to give them a bizarre look and do as the Captain wanted, even though it seemed that she hadn't heard them. It wasn't really the Captain, the woman who held his elbow, or even the confused witch that had their attention. No. They were mostly focused on Marigold. The woman had an intimidating aura about her and the way she stormed past the Captain made them eager to get out of her way. However, they knew Captain Blackblade didn't give up easily, and their awe towards the mercenary was accompanied by a certain amount of terror. Terror that they might be ordered to attack her.
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