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  1. Taen HQ

    If i understand the situation correctly, "old timey" could possibly be.. bolt actions or repeaters? Not too old or new, right?
  2. Welcome to the Mad House

    A little iffy for me. Is this.. in a specific board/place with the metaphorical "after world?"
  3. The Mil Dot Lunaris (the establishing)

    "No ma'am. I guess I'll make the payment when it's ready. I'll contact you and/or vice versa. Good day." He left the building without another word except for a few groans and grunts.
  4. Taen HQ

    I would be like, "Huh.. looks like we're all doomed." Shrugs My neighbors would probably be hiding or screaming their lungs out.
  5. Taen HQ

    What i mean by that is, how are the citizen reacting right now? Riots, mobs, arguements, mass confusion? Am I over thinking this?
  6. Taen HQ

    Can somebody explain to me what exactly what would be happening in "Calm The Chaos"?
  7. The Mil Dot Lunaris (the establishing)

    "An estimated size for at least two magazines, a dozen shells, and a few .44 rounds. Possibly bigger if able." The pouch size didn't concern him too much. All it needs to do is hold extra ammo and maybe some small misc items as well. "Basically as big as you can get it to be."
  8. The Mil Dot Lunaris (the establishing)

    "I was thinking of a sling for my 590, but I'd tlike that holster for my .44 too. Hm..." The temporary sling he'd made was beginning to wear out and the .44 can't stay tucked into his chest armor forever. However, he only has one hide at his disposal. "If you're going to use most of the hide, I'll go with the pouch."
  9. The Mil Dot Lunaris (the establishing)

    "Yes ma'am, I have this.. hide and I'd like to know if/what you are able to do with it." He pulled out the smooth, scaly, and dark green patterned skin then laid upon the counter for her to see. "Quick little bastards. Almost got me good too." his expression showed a slight hint of admiration.
  10. The Mil Dot Lunaris (the establishing)

    An exhausted and hurt figure shuffled through the doorway with shallow and heavy footsteps. He winced with every other step and shamefully poked at the many new holes within his armor. He set a makeshift bag that held an Uqatu skin onto the counter top. The revenant found his way back after blindly wandering into a Rumi village. Turns out he'd been walking in the opposite direction for hours. It took a while for him to return and now he felt an upgrade or two is in order. "Hello? It's me, again."
  11. A Mother and Son (Quest)

    @Ataraxy @Csl
  12. Taen HQ

    Huzzah! Another "Büzer" thread done. By that I mean mediocre.
  13. A Mother and Son (Quest)

    Summary: A mother Mork'Outh had decided to take her kid on an adventure of a sort through Rumi. Gasses had surrounded them and a barrier was raised to temporarily protect them. A signal was sent out, noting of their danger and estimated breathing time. Kilg'Hesh The Unbound volunteered to venture out and save them. He searched for hours with a couple of setbacks prolonging his search time. During the waiting, a new danger of giant spiders lurked about. Now wounded, Kilg'Hesh needed to rediscover the right path to the Mork"Ouths. After a few more hours of searching blindly, he found them. However he hadn't known about the spiders. A lengthy battle fighting the spiders had caused the barrier to collapse. To prevent gasous death, Kilg'Hesh managed to throw them specialized masks he'd obtained earlier. The two Mork'Ouths had escaped with Kilg'Hesh's Oakeshott, however Kilg'Hesh himself was ensnared by a spider's webs and dragged off into the gas clouds. He'd also managed to escape death, but became stranded with no sense of direction. He would eventually find the way back to Lunaris before his wounds could overtake him or the moss mask drying out. Short Summary: A mother Mork'Outh and her son were unexpectedly trapped by gas within Rumi. After an emergency signal was sent, a volunteer was dispatched to attempt a rescue. A few minor setbacks happen and eventually the two were saved. However their rescue, Kilg'hesh, was left behind and stranded. Opportunities: Bug Hunt- A spider's nest is suspected to be near where the trapped Mork'Ouths were. Find and destroy it to ensure some safety to unwary travelers.
  14. A Mother and Son (Quest)

    The Mork'Outh and her boy finaly reached Lunaris, panting. They hadn't stopped even once. A wave of relief washed over them as they were swarmed with villigers asking if they were healthy and offering any help they could. Questioning began soon after that. "How did you escape?" and "What happened to that volunteer guy?" The only info the two had provided was that, the man had supposedly destroyed their barrier and was dragged away by spiders. The giant sword is all that's left of him. The people took the sword and temporarly displayed it if the revenant should ever return. --- Kil's mask was begining to feel dry and the fresh air seemed a little weaker than before. "Time to go, Kilg'hesh." he got up with a grunt. "I think Lunaris is.. this way." he began to walk in a random direction. Hopefully he'll run into a village soon or find his own way. Whichever the case may be, he'd find it fast.
  15. A Mother and Son (Quest)

    Lost and exhausted, the revenant slumped down onto his knees next to a small pool of water staring at a very dim reflection of himself. He couldn't see what was in the small pool and it was probably best if he didn't. He dropped his 590 next to him with a loud Klack and sat fully on his rear. He held out his hand, which he struggeled to keep up, and attempted bring forth his DM. The orb had been reduced to a small pebble and no whispers could be heard. The .44E had drained him most of his mana after extensive use including the poor condition he was already in. he began to softly speak, "where the hell am I?" His mask was beginning to feel a little loose, so he tightened it just in case. "I hate this place." he closed his eyes and drew a deep breath with a cough. "Somebody.. please help." he really wanted it. For years he was a lone wolf and until quite recently that had change. He'd gotten too used it. Silence. No noise except for his own breathing and, in a way, frightened him. He tried to think of it as an advantage. At least I can HEAR something coming.