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  1. @danzilla3 So what are we doing about the Toss it?
  2. @danzilla3 I hope you don't mind me pulling the familiar cronies into the mix.
  3. Kilg'hesh remained in his heroic-like position, waiting for the newcomer's response when a group of four came in through the door. What was most notable about them was their European-like styled iron cuirass over their shirts, which was also decorated in various decals/designs except for one; not to mention a handgun kept at their hip. "Commander!" The toughest of the group said. They all neared him disregarding almost everything in the room. The only thing the revenant moved was his head and his face could easily show the disdain he held for them. The three men kneeled to one knee like he was some sort of royalty. "We came looking for you when you've officially disappeared." As they said this, the teenage girl embraced Kilg'hesh with the look of complete happiness. Kil sighed, put his weapons down, and patted her. "Go wait for me in a corner... All of you. I have something to say to you four, later." his voice with severe disappointment. They obediently went into a far corner, right after Kil tossed them a bottle of wine. They waited silently, staring in his direction. "Can I have some?" the girl asked. "No." the three men, including Kilg'hesh replied instantly in unison. The revenant looked at John with the, "I'm sorry this is happening right now." look, grabbed a random bottle, and found a seat not looking at his four cronies.
  4. Kilg'hesh seemed annoyed at this point. He couldn't tell what it was, but he felt something. Something he didn't want around him. Three, perhaps, four of them heading this way. He sighed as he came back up the stairs to linger around the bar. Did I hear a newcomer? Hm. I'll just.... He drew a sword in one hand and held the rifle in the other. Forcing himself into a pose. Just.. standing there. He would look somewhat like a dystopian hero on a cover from a book with a facial expression to match. This, again, was mainly for shits and giggles. Kilg'hesh didn't want his good mood to be fouled so soon.
  5. I guess cadaverous is one way to describe me. He shrugs and follows after readjusting his gear. "Are you coming, Thurgood?" he'd also look back before entering the backroom with John.
  6. Kilg'hesh looks back and forth between the two, taking a large swing of whiskey. Humor wasn't something he catches onto very well. "Well..." he tries to change the subject "your best Taen employees are here. So, why don't we get the upper hand on knowing the plan before anyone else, yeah? Anything you want to share with us and not them?" He sits down and subconsciously picks at the holes in his armor. "I'm sure they wouldn't mind." he takes another sip with a grin.
  7. I want to continue on with that vamp thing I tried to do. Find the secret lab and deal with whatever Kellam was messing around with. Either for the benefit of the player(s) or Taen.
  8. The revenant finished loading his revolver's rounds. "I've been good." he said with a rather glad tone and then checked the round count for the rifle's magazines. "Always nice to do some exciting work." he smiled and looked around his surroundings. "After I got your message I'd expect more to show up, however I guess I'm wrong." He got up and walked to the bar. "May I?" He pointed at the whiskey.
  9. @danzilla3 I'm slightly confused with Jack's/John's question. Is he asking how we've been? (Hows tricks?) Edit: Fuck me I figured it out. NVm and sorry!
  10. An actual post. Abe Büzer, main character is Kilg'hesh The Unbound, a wandering revenant. He does pretty much anything and everything, so just ask.
  11. The Revenant swiftly strides through the doors of The Hydra's Head Tavern. "I got the message and I'm here for Jack." he said with a slightly intimidating voice. It was mainly for kicks. Kilg'hesh brought along all three of his guns and all three of his swords. This too was for show, but also attempting to display that he meant buisness. Kilg'hesh also hadn't bothered to repair the obvious scratches and trio of holes in his leather armor. He patiently waited for Thurgood and any others to make their entrance, especially John. Kil would be seen loading his rifle's magazines and revolver.
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