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  1. Taen HQ

    Seems reasonable. I understand when pressured on classes. it's all like "I NEED to get this done!" and then things slowly trickle downhill from there. So take it easy, Ataraxy.
  2. Tips on Images?

    I'll try it. Thanks!
  3. Tips on Images?

    So, in the future I may want to post images in my posts. But the issue is I don't understand on how to insert them. Help? I've tried to testing the URL thing, but it doesnt work and I don't understand the "instert existing attatchment".
  4. Damn Dirty Drug Dealers (Quest Thread)

    Without a moment to hesitate, Kilg'hesh jumped over the cliff with John except he aimed for the water instead. The free-fall felt somewhat nice until hitting the water that is. Ow. He quickly brought himself to the surface swam ashore. Eight enemies were already en route and in his sights. He raised the M7, set to auto mode, and with a quick breath sprayed his mag was empty. Bullets ripped straight through a few bodies and into others, dropping them instantly. The four who weren't hit began to charge towards him instead. They were poorly armed with thin blades and the two furthest up front only had pistols . They were too close the his rifle's range so he switched to his 590. He advanced, firing and pumping in quick successions taking down at least two before a body fell from the sky and landed on one knocking him unconscious. The last standing was instantly distracted by what happened so Kilg'hesh drew a sword and sliced the leg. He fell with a scream. Kilg'hesh knelt and grabbed the man by the throat and looked at him dead in the eyes. He saw a pool of blood begin to form at the wound. Kil dipped a finger in it and put it in his mouth, tasting the red liquid. "Interesting. Now scream again." Nothing. "Not enough for you, huh?" The other who'd been unconscious began to awake. Kil saw this and let go of enemy A, walked over dragged enemy B. Drawing his .44, he put the barrel to enemy B's head, pulled the hammer back, and the trigger. A red mist and chunks of the skull went everywhere onto the floor and enemy A. Enemy A let out a yell. "What the hell was that?" he threw the corpse aside "I said, 'Scream!'" he shot him in the shoulder. His screams burst from the lungs. "Excellent." Kil's DM orb had appeared above his open hand and shrunk down to the size of a large marble. He "dropped" the dark and foggy marble into enemy A's mouth. "Shh. Shh. You'll be safe with the others." with that, the noise of enemy A's screams faded and echoed away as if traveling through a tunnel. His body tensed up and arced. The dark and foggy mist poured out from his mouth. His body shriveled and thinned. Finally it relaxed and stood up before him. Waiting for a command. The revenant brought forth his DM to hear the new voice that emitted from it. "Follow me." he walked into the building next to him reloading his rifle with the silent husk-like being following behind.
  5. [Quest] Free to a Good Home

    Summery: Not too long after the capturing of a Salamander, two unsuspecting allies named, Cornelius and Credulus, decided to free it. When successfully escaping from Lunaris they followed a path out of the city and came across an infirmary. After being redirected towards Morty's lab, a staff member from the infirmary raised the alarm with detailed descriptions of the newfound criminals and release of the deadly creature. Upon reaching Morty's lab, the town militia had caught up to them and began an assult. The Salamander panicked and ran off with Credulus on top of it and knocked Cornelius over leaving him behind. He manged to flee into the jungle with a few of the pursuers behind him. When successfully killing the enemies he performed a necromantic ritual, creating a gruesome and fiery effigy to raise undead and eliminate the remaining militia, covering his own and Credulus' tracks. Now with undead creatures of different kinds roaming around, he wandered and eventually found the other two in a cave. Before sunset, they decided to let he Salamander free into the wild due to nowhere else to go and now new enemies of Lunaris. Minor Summery: Cornelius and Credulus freed and led the Salamander out of Lunaris, attempting to find a new and suitable home for it. On their first stop, the alarm was raised. On the second, they were attacked by town militia. The Salamander and Credulus escaped, but Cornelius was left behind. After fleeing into the jungle and killing a few pursuers, Cornelius created a necromantic and fiery effigy to kill off any remaining militia and cover their tracks. Eventually Cornelius found his way back to a cave where Credulus and the Salamander awaited. They both mutually let the salamander into the wild due to no other options available. Possible quest(s) Quenching a Flame: A few surviving militia parties have reported undead creatures infesting the jungle shortly after finding the two criminals and Salamander. At night, a dim yet bright blue and purple hue is spotted deep within the jungle. It is suggested that it might be the cause of the infestation and more undead would be encountered when approached even closer. @Ataraxy @Csl
  6. Damn Dirty Drug Dealers (Quest Thread)

    Kilg'hesh temporarily left his Oakeshott back at Lunaris, taking just about everything else: 2 swords, .44, 590, and newly modified M7 hunter. All his ammo and magazines were dumped into his makeshift satchel. Not exactly something he wanted to do, but he didn't quite have anything to keep everything organized in. "Well if you couldn't tell, I'm more proficient with blades. So, to me, stealth is the way to go. However, since we're well equipped and our enemies might be as well, I don't suspect that's going to happen." He pulled back the charging handle of the M7 and loaded his 590.
  7. The Mil Dot Lunaris (the opening)

    "Thank you very much." he takes his food and cup to a table. Before eating he approached the soda machine once more. Not quite so sure how to use it, he slowly moved his finger to one of the buttons. Once it began to dispense, he quickly retracted his hand. He's never seen and operated one until today. After choosing his desired beverage he munched down on his food. The animal's blood should suffice for his blood need in the years to come. About an hour later he finished his food, threw away his garbage, and left.
  8. Mil Dot Lunaris Out Of Cartridges thread

    Im assuming there's an eating area correct?
  9. Damn Dirty Drug Dealers

    Hmmm... Assuming that you read the thread before hand, I suppose you could still meet them back at the meeting location the next morning if and when Danzilla posts. If you post before him, John a.k.a "Jack" would probably still be there. So you might be able to introduce your character. That's how I think it could work.
  10. The Mil Dot Lunaris (the opening)

    He managed to salvage some money from his pockets. "Here's an once of Gold," He put the money on the window counter. "and my kind doesn't really get sick." he said softly.
  11. Damn Dirty Drug Dealers OOC

    Since it pulled the story forward I don't mind. You've seen how short my last post was. Especially if you visit MDL. So, no worries. Also, I'm sure Kilg'hesh would like some augmentations to his guns later on.
  12. The Mil Dot Lunaris (the opening)

    "Fine. I'll have it minimally cooked to just about safe." This isn't exactly what he wanted but it'll have to do.
  13. The Mil Dot Lunaris (the opening)

    "Hail. I would like the half rack Zriz'ka, bloody if possible, okra and navy beans...please." Kilg'hesh asks blandly.
  14. [Quest] Free to a Good Home

    Cornelius sighed, "Shame. I was going to make him my pet or something." Sally gave a low growl. "I'm kidding." he reassured it. he thought for a moment. Enemies of the town, undead creatures roaming, and nowhere to go. That did seem to be the best option. "I think we should too." he walked over to sally and cut its binds. "there you go." and moved out of its way. Sally stared at him and Credulus for a quick second and trudged out of the cave. "There he goes." Cornelius watched. "Well, this looks like the end." he held out his hand.
  15. Damn Dirty Drug Dealers OOC

    I'm ready for mission start. I think.