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  1. Taen HQ

    No probs! Artwork is artwork and you did a great job!
  2. Taen HQ

    KK. we can talk via DM if you need to.
  3. Taen HQ

    Not a problem.
  4. Taen HQ

    Okay sure. Can you do one with and without? Also, if you don't mind, if you could draw him with somemore... accessories(just a few). I'll message you the deets ... if you want.
  5. Taen HQ

    How about of Cornelius?
  6. Taen HQ

    Like what?

    Actually Robbie Rotten has disappeared for a while now. So, Im disregarding the main quest-thread until he comes back.

    I was wondering this myself. I'm assuming that It might be on hold, until more people join.
  9. Taen HQ

  10. Taen HQ

    is Dr. Carina O. Gomez an NPC or no?
  11. Seeking a teacher/A place to learn

    Here, check out Taen! *Cough* here's the thread I'm in. *Cough*
  12. Wanders into Town

    Hey there! Hope to RP with ya soon. To get you started though, here's two threads, that I'm in, you can check out. "Waifu Wars" is... quite adult, though I'm not sure how the thread is doing right now. I'm guessing Robbie Rotten is putting it on hold until we get more players. "Free to a Good Home" is just starting out and takes place in Taen. The board's community is pretty chill and ATM all quests are "considered" canon. Regarding canonization, there are obviously rules to it... So, welcome back!
  13. Taen & Yh'mi - When Two Boards Collide

    I would like to! But I'm one of those guys that like to do 1 Character at a time. Cornelius and Kilg'hesh are preoccupied and Nelly is... something else I need to work on.
  14. Taen HQ

    I wanna be in something important too :'( Well... I might in a different Taen thread. Probably pretty soon too if my current Taen quest speeds up eventually. Oh well. BLNT
  15. Taen & Yh'mi - When Two Boards Collide

    Ugh. This would be a cool opportunity for one of my characters to actually be recognized(in some way), but I'm sure all spots are taken. No less the availability of my dude.