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  1. Taen HQ

    Well, Mr. Ronskitt is free now. Suggestions for any particular quests in Taen I can pull him into??
  2. Taen HQ

    Are we finally going with canon Flora?
  3. Taen HQ

    What is ecology like? never took it.
  4. Taen HQ

    @Neondragon7 (possibly dumb) Question: Can it still shoot normal rounds?
  5. Taen HQ

    Yea. That gun. You know, chrom and... red neon lights?
  6. Taen HQ

    @Neondragon7 OP much? lol
  7. Tu'Kalv

    Name Full name: Oroah Tu’Kalv Nick: Oro Alias: Chaxesh or Anux Title: None Social Class: Pyro/Cryo-mancer Profession: Guard Alignment: Good Marital Status: Widowed Status: Biological Height: 5’ 5 Weight: 190 Hair: Light brown Eyes: Brown Body markings: None Build: Muscular Race: Human Sin color: Olive Voice: Mid Chronological age: 600 Apparent age: 48 Attribute: Mage Immunities: Fire and Ice Weaknesses: poison Gear Clothing/armor: Red and blue gilded robe; Leather armored boots; Black men’s trousers Weapons: Steel long sword; Staff Polemology Abilities: Fire, ice, and little knowledge in few other areas of magic Discipline: Psychology Always aims for the greater good. Tries to be helpful in most cases. Serious when need be. Tries to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Definitions Pyromancy: Manipulation and control of fire Cryomancy: Manipulation and control of ice
  8. Damn Dirty Drug Dealers (Quest Thread)

    Kil stumbled backwards when the hulking object neared them. Not once had he seen a machine like this before. It was loud and the "wheels" seemed to be the same as the metal box's that he'd kicked not too long before they all grouped back up. What did Xylex call it again? A 'bus'? He regained his composure They were all offered food, but he didn't need any. Though it did seem slightly impolite to reject the immediate offer. He then heard Xylex call him. He walked over to find what appeared to be his brother. "Good evening, Mr. Craxus." he bowed "Your brother here tells me that you could upgrade my gun." he thought a moment, but couldn't really think of anything special for it. It'd be a shame to ask for something so simple when he troubled Xylex's brother to come all they way out into the jungle for practically nothing. "He also mentioned something about explosive high powered lasers, whatever those are, and a switch to rotate the chamber changing the lasers' capabilities. Something like that." he looked over to Xylex, "So i guess I'll go with your idea then. Now I think would be the time to fine tune it." He held out his revolver waiting for one of the two to grab it.
  9. Taen HQ

    @danzilla3 Don't forget to end the turn in Dealers
  10. I'm alive.

    Hello! Nice to meet you and welcome back.
  11. Damn Dirty Drug Dealers (Quest Thread)

    Sapping my mana? This wan't exactly what he had in mind. He didn't even think he had any in the first place. Then again, his Dark Magic acquirement and usage isn't well understood. "I'm not really fond the idea of my 'mana' being suppressed/eaten away and I'm not exactly familiar what lasers and x-rays are. I was thinking of something along the lines of a bigger variety of caliber usage/chambering, or perhaps incorporating my D.M. with the gun itself. Though I'm sure, with extensive training, that can be achieved. However, the 'switch' idea does catch my attention." John approached with a crate and made sure to know what's going to happen if or when Xylex's men arrives along with his brother. Great. He thought. Kil had walked himself into another position of authority and he can't necessarily say no, but he does have the type of experience from the far past to help out with such a supposed large force. Handling a small crew with those other four was easy enough, but this time it'll be different.
  12. Taen HQ

    Looking forward to it!
  13. Damn Dirty Drug Dealers (Quest Thread)

    "From what I've seen, John pulled it up by himself. He also said to take any gold owed for your supplies before splitting it up." Kil replied with a grin. His face returned to it's neutral form, "Now regarding another matter.I found this in one of the buildings." he tossed it onto the gold "Can anybody study it or.. whatever it's called? I believe is one of their products." "Xylex, if I remember correctly your brother creates weapons of a sort. Any modifications to my handgun he could do?" he drew his .44 and held it up for him to see.
  14. Damn Dirty Drug Dealers OOC

    @notmuch_23 how'd you want to do this? Are we going to assume thurgood's walking up to them or would you want to post first?
  15. Damn Dirty Drug Dealers (Quest Thread)

    Two explosions and large rumble were heard outside not long after Kil had entered the second building. His thrall still trudged behind him with ragged breathing. After walking through a few hallways he heard a group of druggies scrambling around in a room to his left. Leaning against the wall he cracked open the door to find a very large room and that the majority weren't really drugies, but more like prisoners and packing something into trunks with two guards on-watch in the back. He closed the door again and looked at his thrall. "Kill everyone from the back up. On three. one, two, three." The door swung open and his minion charged straight in. The guards had guns, which was expected, and they opened hire on the husk. It had reached the first guard. While clawing at the face and neck, the other guard quickly fired another full magazine into its body. The husk finally fell with the first guard, who was violently bleeding to death. The second guard looked over to see a heavily armed man at the doorway. The revenant advanced from the door, shooting everyone. Once out of ammo, he drew both his swords and began the hacking and slashing. The last person alive had a sword impale his gut and a second one dropped down, hacking at the neck. Bodies lay everywhere and a total count of about two dozen. Anyone that remained slightly alive had a bullet to the brain. Kilg'hesh looked in the trunks to find large packages of some kind of powder. It was white that dimly sparkled in light, But that's all he could tell from not opening the squared package. He held onto it and swept the rest of the building. Guns here, some cowering guards there, and not really anything else of his interest or noticed. He walked outside and observed the carnage he'd missed and noticed a hulking metal box with a barrel jutting from it. He kicked it and a metallic thud was heard. Okay. His gear and face were bloodied. All seemed quiet except for the gentle roar of the waterfall and river. Jack asked him and the others to wait while he went for a swim. "Nice scars." he said with his arms crossed and waited. --- Eventually Jack came back with a container from under the water. After pulling it ashore him and the others gathered around. Gold. And lots of it. "Neat." Kil said unenthusiastically while walking over to the river bank and washed the blood off his face and swords. It's not like he didn't want any of it. The constant smell of blood began to make him slightly nauxious. "I also have found this." he held out his finding when walking back over.