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  1. Kilg'hesh walked straight down to the basement floor and observed his surroundings. There was dust in the air, on the floor, and rested upon old and forgotten spare furniture. He walked out and began to put a barrier onto the entrance. Raising his hand, a small orb made of black fog appeared in his palm. Small streams protruded from the orb and began to mask the entrance with the fog and faint whispers. Satisfied with the results, he went back up stairs. His "volunteers" had been cleaning faster than expected and haven't fled, no less. They stopped and looked at him, waiting for their next order. He looked at them for a second, "Carry on." he said and they continued. Kilg'hesh ordered the outside guard to help with the cleaning. The guard quickly walked in and help the other two. No need to bring any attention to our selves just yet. "White, when does the first shipment of BANTER arrive?" he asked as he sat down at the bar.
  2. Kilg'hesh nodded, "Right. I'll go find some guards for outside's entrance and put up a temporary barrier on the basement's." he walked out without hearing Mal's response. About an hour later he had managed to make a crude sign from whatever he could find. It said, "Help wanted. Need pike-men guards at the abandoned tavern." He posted it near the entrance of an apartment and was stopped by the thugs he had encountered from before, soon after. "You're that fucker from before!" the leader shouted with rage. He pulled a shiv and stabbed Kilg'hesh in the shoulder before he could react. Kilg'hesh stood his ground. The leader let go of the shiv and backed up surprised. Kilg'hesh pulled the tiny weapon from his shoulder and closely examined it for a few seconds. Luckily that didn't fully penetrate my armor. He looked back at him and, with a quick motion, Kilg'hesh reached over his shoulder to grasp the hilt of his Oakeshott. He swung the blade overhead and dismembered the man's arm causing him to scream and collapse. Another swing was made and split the head almost in two, silencing him. The other three were paralyzed. This might be the opportunity to grab some "Volunteers". "You low-lives are now under my command!" he yelled, yanking the blade from the old leader's corpse and walked closer, pointing his sword. "If you disobey or betray me, you WILL face dire consequences. Any questions?!" he barked. "No sir!" they replied, voices cracking and quivering. His voice toned down, "Your duty is to guard the front entrance of a tavern. Again, If you betray me you'll wish had you died earlier." He then led them to the safe-house's location. I think I've got the men needed, but the barrier/ward still needs setting up and I obviously need other security measures. I'm sure Mal can give me a few ideas on those.
  3. The walk through the left direction was a little lengthy and were stopped by a peculiar door. Fancy he thought. Their twin began working on some sort of description on the door. Cornelius leaned against one of the walls "So, what do you guys think is behind this door? I think it could be an armory, library, or some sort of vault." He asked.
  4. "Now I'm gonna assume you want that info ASAP. So here's what I got for ya..." Gillian continued. After some time passed, "There is plenty more to go over. I'll send you the rest somehow." After learning what they could in such a short period of time about their next target(s), they left the station back to the safe-house. It had just stopped raining, their route was eerily quiet, and only their wet footsteps were heard. "Well that went better than I expected." Kilg'hesh said has he pulled down his hood, "Although, if we are going to take out the other gangs we should leave at least leave one or two alive. We can't only rely on Crimson Devils."
  5. The Revenant smiled back, "You sure didn't, but now I'm beginning to wonder if they'll accept our product or not." his smile disappeared once he saw two men appearing. A stout man with his face half decayed, walked up the steps with a very angery look on his face. Once at the top of the staircase, he put his hands on his belt which had a holster that held a peculiar silver firearm. "That's them, Mr. Gillian." The guard said, trying to keep his voice calm. The leader looked straight at Mal, "My guard has told me you kicked his friend down these steps and pulled a gun to his face." he paused, "Who do you think you are, boy?" He then eyed a brief-case the other was holding.
  6. Kilg'hesh thought a moment. "Well, I'm not much of a talker so I think your plan is fine." he put on his hood and adjusted his swords. "I'm ready whenever you are."
  7. Kilg'hesh stood in place for a moment trying his best to memorize where the safe house was on the map since Mal accidentaly took the Holomap with him. Not long after, he left for Sector 8. Upon his arrival, he had no idea where in Sector 8 he was exactly. Not to mention that this is his first tour in Cosanastre. It seemed difficult to ask for directions when everybody tend to give dirty looks, flee, or try robbing you. Sector 8 was actually even worse than Kilg'hesh had imagined. People were getting mugged in the streets and no law enforcers are visible. He'd even seen a homeless man with a poorly written sign saying, "Wel deseez self 4 muny". When he happened to get directions, he'd been pointed in the wrong direction twice. Kilg'hesh kept having small and vague flash memories about something similar to this. He continued on walking without paying much attention and bumped into a group of four raggedy and hungry looking men. "Sorry." Kilg'hesh tried to excuse himself. The thug who looked like the leader, because if his cleanliness, gave him a harsh look and spotted the briefcase. "If you really are sorry, you'd give me that nice look'n case you got there." he said reaching for it, but stopped as the case was moved further from his reach. He looked closer at the tall man's face and added, "You look like you've seen a ghost!" "You can say that..." Kilg'hesh replied and pulled the case away again. The man pulled out his knife and was suddenly lifted in the air by his neck. His face turned from ruthless to fearful as his men stood there in shock. "I have no quarrel with you pathetic humans." Kilg'hesh growled holding on to him while the remaining miscreants fled. "You WILL take me to my desired destination. Understand?" The man nodded his head and was released gasping for air. Finally they came up to the building and the thug ran away as fast as he could when Kilg'hesh let him free. "That you partner?" Mal asked as Kilg'hesh walked in. "It's me." he said walking over to the bar and put his briefcase down. "What now?"
  8. Kilg'hesh thought about this for a brief moment. "From what I understand, soft selling is most likely our fastest and quietest way of distribution. White did state he was patient, but not enough to wait an eternity. If physical opposition would arise, we go straight to plan B...I'm assuming you know what that means." He didn't want to become too notorious among the streets, even though their main goal is to overtake the entire sector. Either way, he was ready for the outcome.
  9. Weird. I had trouble finding it!
  10. @danzilla3 Do you have a character sheet for Mal?
  11. That's good. I feel a little more relaxed.
  12. alright... I'll ask you right now. If/when I make a post that COULD or MUST be improved please tell me and how to do so for future posts.
  13. --- Mal had a better starting tactic plan than what Kilg'hesh had first thought of. This made him feel better knowing he won't be left dead in the water with his dumb ideas. With the gang that White had suggested in mind, Kilg'hesh looked at Mal. "If the Crimson Devil's are making their own product and sampling it, how are we going to convince them to use BANTER instead?" Kilg'hesh had a gut feeling that, two random people appearing from nowhere and asking to try something new isn't going to go as smoothly as they would like.
  14. Kilg'hesh honestly didn't expect the treatment towards him would be as kind as he'd expected. His ghastly looks tend to steer people awry, but not this time. In order to fufill his current "Purpose", he must help spread the wonder drug known as BANTER. The Employer, gave specific instructions, "Whatever you think is best." This made Kilg'hesh a little uneasy. Doing such things was not his typical lifestyle. Putting that aside, he began thinking of ways to complete the task. If sector 8 is as poor as I've heard, free money? No, that's too good to be true. Hm...Food... He held this idea off for later and looked over at his new comrades and wondered who he will be working with.
  15. Gerald, the Golden bunny, poked his head out ever so slowly. He smelled the carrot; so close far. vegtable. Gerald could no longer hold himself back and lunged out of the burrow to snatch it away. Alas, he was caught and gently picked up by something or..someONE.