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  1. yeah I know. Mainly though, it's constant revisions. You know, sentences making sense, proper grammar & punctuation, continuity, all that jazz.
  2. Really? Even with the quality of my posts, 35 min - 1 hr
  3. So, are you guys waiting for me or what? if so, I'll make a post. Also, on average how long does it take to make your posts?
  4. Cornelius continued to sit on the ground and deeply thought about what exactly has happened on their journey so far: Waking up with almost no memory of his past, signing up as a merc just to leave a city, fending of an ambush of low lives in a sewer system, getting pummeled by golden warriors, and escaping from the help of a supposed deity. Yeah, he was done. However, he still needs something to help get himself back into the world. He sighed while slowly getting up. He pulled his knife, staring into the blade and contemplated his final decision one last time.This better be worth it. Tossing it up, he caught it by the handle. "Well, there's no doubt I'm through after what has just happened. Although, since the mission isn't done, I'm still under your employment. My skills may have been...underwhelming on these recent events, but I'm sure they can defiantly come in handy soon." he paused "Also, I hope I can learn a few new spells/magic along the way if none of you mind." His skills were defiantly useless, yet he doesn't quite remember everything he's got. For example, the necromancy stunt he pulled, which was especially surprising. Cornelius remember's of the ritual he partook in, but none of what he'd demonstrated. Which even brought up a bigger question, would they keep a necromancer, let alone an incomplete lich, remain by their side? He very much hoped so.
  5. Kilg'hesh listened to their conversation. No. He went over and over though his head. His thumb hovered just above the red button, steady and ready to push. They were all in a bad situation. They're operation is somewhat exposed and White wouldn't be very pleased about it. However, to their knowledge, the agent doesn't know of BANTER. If Mal were to go down, Kil would be left to continue the mission by himself. If the guards and, supposedly, the new girl survived the explosion, they would still have to serve under him. --- Layla was hiding behind the guy with swords. She was beyond frightened. Running and hiding from thugs, robbers, etc. is one thing, but unknowing of what is currently happening in such a sudden moment, along with mass tension, sure does somewhat differ from life on the streets. The other three were sweating and looked uneasy. O'l red eyes , however, seemed as calm as can be, unlike those others. --- Thomas, Tim, and Kimbal held their guns at the ready. And they quietly whispered to each other. Thomas: (Hey, do you know what's happening?) Kimball: (No. What is this fuss even about? It could've been some kid .) Tim: (Maybe it's-) (Shh!) Kilg'hesh hushed them. All they could do is hope for the best for now.
  6. Cornelius Rolled out after Lor stopped the golden warrior from the killing blow. He struggled to get up, but managed. His vision is still somewhat blurred and the ringing almost stopped. Next thing he knew the ground had collapsed and he looked around to see what exactly was happening. The leader of the group, Mune, had somehow collapsed the ground above the sewer and the golems fell down it. A set of stairs was revealed Finally! A way out! Suddenly, the non-living statue within the room came to life and began attacking the golden enemies. Who cares. As long as it's on my side. He ran past the friendly statue and up the steps, retreating with everybody. At the top, he sat down trying to catch his breath. White had just asked what exactly they found within. Cornelius spat blood before speaking, "Yeah...I know too."
  7. and sure enough it was! *applauds *
  8. I'm enjoying Ember's situation right now and curious how it's going to turn out. Moreover, how the Music Man was formed.
  9. @Warlock Out of curiosity, what gave you the idea to make a Johnny Cash hitman? Assuming that's what you had in mind.
  10. I'll wait until you guys finish the meeting
  11. @danzilla3 So what exactly happens IF the explosives go off? I suppose the main floor is bombed right? I have this weird feeling that Kil will explode the basement(for some apparent reason) and the ward keeps them. Although a barrier was set-up, which initially means to keep people from coming in from the outside and blocking the explosion. IDK. Sometimes I think TOO much about stuff and it screws me over. The question(s) are just to help calm my nerves. NVM Your last post answered my question
  12. I hope you guys don't mind me add another NPC real quick. Also Siskin should be around pretty soon. Right?
  13. Kilg'hesh called for the three. "Okay. Despite how long you three have been with the two of us. I think we trust you a little more than at first. Your loyalty is appreciated. Now, what are your names? Except for Thomas." he pointed "Uh..." the first looked around confused. "Tim. My name is...Tim." his voice got quieter. The second shrugged "I go by my last name, Kimball." There was a long pause of silence. "Great. So here's what's going to happen. We're going to have a visitor(s) soon and Mal is going to a chat with whoever it may be. We are going to wait in the basement because, explosives will go off if things start to go south. We SHOULD be fine down there, but I'll set up a ward and barrier for a better defense. When they get here we go straight to the basement. Oh, one more thing. Don't mind the whisp-" he was cut off from a voice at the entrance. --- "This...should be the place." the teenage girl looked at the building. The crude sign she found stuck up not too far from where she currently stood did say abandoned building; but a fairly new sign hung up and from what she could tell from looking at an open door, there were few people and it looked pretty clean. Pikemen guards? How old could this person be to request Pikemen?! Regardless of what is offered she needed a job. Being evicted from her home and losing her family and living on the streets was too much for her. She stepped through the entrance "Hi um....I found this sign an-" Everybody drew their guns on her except for the man with red eyes. Apparently his gun was stuck or something and he drew a sword instead. She held up her hands. "Don't shoot! Don't shoot!" she looked away and held her hands up high. There were no shots fired and she opened one eye to see what was happening. They held their guns up still. "Uh...I found a weird sign asking for... pikemen guards. So, here I am!" On the opposite side of the room, everybody lowered their weapons looked at Kilg'hesh. He spoke up, "We're not taking any hires right now." "Sir, I really need this job." "I'm sorry, but just by looking at you, the Pikeman position isn't for you. Goodbye." "Is that how you see us? As Pikemen?!" Kimball asked. Kilg'hesh glanced back at him, "Shut up." "No, please! I'll take up something else! I'll..." she frantically looked around her surroundings, "be your barmaid!" she said desperately. "Look, girl. Something serious is about to happen and there is no need to get you involved." She got on her knees and put her hands together. "Please~" she begged. This girl isn't to give up. Fine. "Fine." he said with an annoyed tone and scratched his chin. "Just...go home and come back in a few days." She got up and quietly said, "I...d-don't...have one...." Great. An annoying AND homeless girl. Kilg'hesh sat down with a deep sigh. "Mal, I'll let you have a say in this. Keep her or send her away?" he looked at the girl again. "Oh, yeah. What's your name?" "Layla." she still stood at the entrance.
  14. Kilg'hesh thought a moment. "I suppose I could." He held out his hand opened and a small black/gray orb made of whispering fog hovered above it; streams and flares protruded and writhed around the orb. "My abilities are a little limited on their capabilities and the ward would take a little time to form. Only a small margin of protection is provided." He looked at it with a fascinated expression. "The ward can negate any magic or elementals, but the blow-back force would defiantly affect us." He closed his hand and the orb disappeared. "I can try my best." he sighed. "Are you talking to our "guest" alone or with the others standing by?"
  15. I kind of figured. Thanks!