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  1. Taen HQ

    Is it alright if I finish up Mother and Her Son quest by myself or should it be completly abandoned/restarted for others???
  2. Taen HQ

    Merry X-mas to you too and everybody else, as well.
  3. Taen HQ

  4. Taen HQ

    Please. When I'm in a thread questn', I'd appreciate it if you guys tell me if I'm being a "Mary Sue". Thankyou.
  5. A Mother and Son (Quest)

    Kil spotted a silhouette out into the distance. Upon nearing it, it was one of those strange tree people. It was dead and decaying. "Ugh." he said aloud. The closer and closer he got, there was more to be seen. Dried blood over a series of wounds on the corpse and the ground. Triangular shapes were practically everywhere. Still shotgun at the ready, he was practically standing above the corpse. "Curious how these triangles littler this tiny area..."
  6. A Mother and Son (Quest)

    For the new objective, Kilg'hesh brought his Oakeshott, Mossberg, and Chrome .44. He stood right before the boarder that separated the Jungle and Swamp Quadrants. Wow. The lush and green land slowly wilted, died, and disappeared into the thick gaseous fog. Time was beginning to run short. He managed to keep a steady and fast run through the Jungle, but gawking at the new surroundings wouldn't help much. Kil assumed the gases around him shouldn't be much of a problem. "Shouldn't." Kilg'hesh jogged on forward keeping a nearly straight line in the specific direction, only hearing his footsteps, small huffs of breath, and shotgun pointed at the ready.
  7. Taen HQ

    Wasn't quite sure where to start. Would you like me to change it? EDIT: Then it was good enough!
  8. A Mother and Son (Quest)

    A mystical SOS call had appeared in Lunaris. "From...Rumi?" that wasn't a place Kil's heard of before. After further investigation about the SOS, he'd learned it was actually in the Swamp Quadrant north of Lunaris. From the looks of it, the SOS sender doesn't have that much time left and nobody seemed to have the courage to step up and set foot in the god forsaken place. "I'll do it." he raised his hand "Point me in the right direction."
  9. Taen HQ

    If you insist!
  10. Taen HQ

    HM. I'm fine with more players or just 1x1. The amount is really up to you.
  11. Taen HQ

    Is poison immunity restricted in any way? Maybe Mr. K could possibly do this quest if Dealers Part.2 isn't coming around anytime soon.
  12. Taen HQ

  13. Taen HQ

    Alrighty. Aveline is still at the shop, right?
  14. Taen HQ

    @notmuch_23 What can the guys at Mil Dot do with leather/scales? @danzilla3 I'd imagine if/when we do that "part 2" of Dealers, we start back at the tavern. Correct?
  15. Kilg'hesh The Unbound

    .44 enhanced: A magically enhanced of Kilg'hesh's Taurus .44 magnum revolver. -Grip: Rubber with rhombus lattice texture. -Material: Nanobots can be repaired by reconnecting damaged pieces, if applicable, or finding a suitable material. -Color: Chrome with a corresponding neon light color on the groove of the chamber as an elongated pentagon. The neon light can produce light. -Red Laser Sight: Located under barrel -On/off switch: Located to left of the hammer. Gives the ability to fire normal rounds only when the switch is in the 'Off" position. Shooting in the "On" position would create a very high chance of an explosion round within the chamber. -Mass: approx 0.46 kg Scope: -Style: Optical is of Fry Cry™ esque. -Zoom: 5x-10x zoom (changed by rotating eyepiece) -Settings: Thermal and x-ray (switched by rotating aperture) Firing modes: -Red: Explosive. High mana cost with a long cool down of 5 seconds. Has an explosive radius of 3 meters. -Orange: Piercing. Medium magic cost and can shot through walls. 3 second cool down. -Blue: Rapid fire. Low mana cost and a conscious fire as long as trigger is held down. No cool down. -Purple: Soul stealing. Excessively high mana cost. Heals caster and restores more mana than used as long as the target has sufficient mana to absorb by percentage at a slow-ish rate. Firing angle at 162,000 arc-seconds (45 degrees). (Looks like a purple colored ray) -White: Freeze ray (freezes target). Medium-high mana cost and no cool down. -Green: tracking; If the fired shot hits its target any other rounds fired will home in onto the target. Only one target can be homed in one at a time. Said target homing can be canceled by pulling back on hammer. Has very low mana cost, no cool down, and grants the user Clairvoyance to track target. No damage. [The corresponding colors, in said order, are set by rotating the chamber counter-clockwise.] [Description courtesy of Player: Neondragon7 and received from their Characters: Xylex and Craxus]