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  1. Gerald, the Golden bunny, poked his head out ever so slowly. He smelled the carrot; so close far. vegtable. Gerald could no longer hold himself back and lunged out of the burrow to snatch it away. Alas, he was caught and gently picked up by something or..someONE.
  2. I think Kilghesh has found another job to do. Most likely at Sector 8
  3. An Elf that indulges herself in constant work. She currently seeks wealth and a person whom she misses dearly. Name -Full: Nelly A. Firegrass -Alias: Amori -Title: none Social -Class(es): “Heavy” Archer -Profession: Mercenary/Archer -Alignment: Good -Marital Status: Single -Status: Biological: -Height: 5' 7" -Weight: 180 Ibs. -Hair: Light brown -Eyes: Green -Body markings: None - Race: Elf -Ethnicity: Caucasian-tanned -Voice: High-average -Current age: 90 -Visual Age: 23 -Immunities: None Weapons -Great-bow: A huge bow weighs at least 150 Ibs and is 6 feet high. The arrows used weigh about 30 Ibs due to the stone arrow heads and pole sized wood to support them. -Heavy Crossbow -Steel Cutlass: A sword left behind from her father whom disappeared years ago. Polemology -Learned: Fire Magic, Strength enhancement, Archery, Basic sword fighting. -Discipline: Huntress Definitions: -Strength Enhancement: To carry her super heavy bow and giant arrows, she learned a special spell which enhances her carrying strength. The spell is an everlasting effect as long as she doesn’t break her constant concentration.
  4. Either option is fine with me. In other words, 2 more votes (or 1) to make the final decision. (I'm FINALLY more comfortable with a tougher quest and I'll still RP in here.) If ending it is the option, I can do a conclusion. It shouldn't be that difficult. @Ataraxy You will? Okay, I'm fine with that.
  5. I mean... I'm not very good at being a GM. I can try, but to me personally, My GM skills are not that great.
  6. He was there just to move the story along. All decisions are on us now! :D
  7. @Echoshine @TurtleFrog If you two have lost interest in this thread, I can end the story?
  8. ---- Ah yes, the sewers. Rotting corpses smell even worse. To Cornelius, sewers are nothing. Leave a corpse in a metal box, in the desert, over a week with a few other foul items stuck inside, would cause any man to vomit. He also didn't understand why exactly they were going through the sewers in the first place. Just follow them and do as they say. "White", as was his name, spoke aloud and basically told them that enemies are nearby. At first, Cornelius didn't believe him until a mob of thugs suddenly emerged. "Isn't this something.." he said, drawing his sword and turning around. The first thug charged him with a spear. With a quick side step to his right(Cornelius') and a new hole torn into his shirt, Cornelius grasped the pole under his arm and jabbed his sword into the thugs gut. The second unlucky bastard, wielding a shiv, found himself on the ground and the tip of a spear impaled into his chest. Cornelius drew the knife with his free hand and kept his guard waiting for other miscreants to make their next move.
  9. ---- After Thun Mune handed him the gold, he hurried off to get those equipment upgrades he desperately needed. New clothes weren't his main concern, at least, it wasn't anymore. With that in mind, he was beginning to wonder what exactly he might've gotten himself into. Then again, somehow he knew that it wouldn't be the first time. Finally he reached the weapons shop. Upon walking in, there were an assortment of weaponry both familiar and unfamiliar. With the amount of gold he had, he figured he could afford a standard sword and, later if possible, a pair of boots. He approached the counter and set an iron sword of his choosing onto it, "This sword, please." He noticed the shopkeeper eyed his rusty sword. "If you are also looking to dispose of that old sword of yours, you can exchange it." Shopkeeper said taking the required gold. "Okay,um...whats available?" he laid it on the counter as well. "Judging by the condition of the blade, all I can offer is this dagger." Right after that, Cornelius figured getting the gear took longer than he thought. He ran out the shop with his new blades and rushed to the said rendezvous. Hopefully I'm not too late.
  10. Sign me up! I don't know if any of my two dudes can be of any use; but if you need help in your questing or something, let me know.
  11. Meanwhile, Kilghesh worked among the bandits and awaited for his time to strike. Hearing rumors of people capturing innocents, especially children, made him sick to his stomach. It was a familiar and yet, unfamiliar emotion he experienced. His current "purpose", to end the enslavement. -OOC- I didn't quite know how "insert" my character. Therefore, I made him undercover ahead of time. Also I'm new and this is 'officially', ATM, my second RP thread I'm participating in. Go easy on me.
  12. Walking rather quickly and ignoring the other two whispering to each other, Cornelius came upon Sun guarding a small burrow. "Good work, blue cat." he praised. Cornelius thought a moment. If that rabbit is still down there, how can we get it out? He then realized he still had a small assortment of vegetables in his satchel. He pulled out a carrot and held it patiently at the burrow. "I suppose I can try to lure it out." he said quietly to himself. Echoshine, Moon, and the newest addition to the group, caught up to him and Sun not too long after.
  13. If ya make the quest, if it isn't already, I will do so!
  14. I have made a character who is a W.I.P. Let's see here... *looks through note pad* A revenant with a functioning conscious that constantly seeks to find and fulfill his next duty. Sure he's an Undead being, and possibly possesses 'meh' abilities, but it was an idea and I want to see where it goes. Besides, he is a W.I.P. What he's looking for: ANYTHING. This could mean: farming, grocery shopping, item recovery, temporary babysitter, a merc, assassination, theivery. You name it. Once the overall objective is done, he will seek a different one.
  15. An old experiment made to retain the form of a healthy human. Ever since the recent disappearance of his creator, he wanders Valucre unbound to a master. All the Revenant can do now is search for another meaning in life, be it either good or evil. Name -Full: Kilghesh -Alias: None -Title: The Unbound Social -Class: -Profession: None -Alignment: Neutral-chaotic -Marital Status: N/A -Status: Living Biological: -Height: 6' -Weight: 200 Ibs. -Hair: Grey -Eyes: Scarlet red -Body markings: Small scar on right cheek -Build: Average-Fit -Race: Revenant -Skin Color: Pale -Voice: Average-Low -Age: Unknown -Attribute: Undead -Immunities: Poison -Weaknesses: Fire, removal of heart, decapitation, and purity/light magic Gear -Clothing/armor: Dark leather armor + tattered black cloak -Weapons: Oakeshott Type XVIIIb- Double edged, 42" Tiger-steel blade 2x Bastard Swords: Double edged, 27" standared iron blade Polemology -Abilities: Dark Magic -Discipline: Minion Definitions: -Dark Magic: A forbidden art that can be learned by a potential living being and is rarely granted to an Undead by natural means. -Tiger-Steel: A lost technique of special tempering and folding of steel that further reinforces the metal, leaving distinct lines on the blade.