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  1. If you end up floating around here again welcome backĀ 

  2. Greetings Valucre! A few of you may vaguely know me already, I've brushed shoulders via Heaven or Hell or Darth and his GCL. I'm rolling over late on advice of Cog/Damnatus and Kat in particular, but I'm open to speak or play with just about whomever, in so much as pretending quite hard to be a proper adult allows, what with work and mortgage and all that. I haven't been as active lately as in the past with all of that anyway, but if I'm not too rusty I will be drawing from a long history of mixing in goofiness, horror themes, and generally being an enormous dick to my own characters when given the opportunity. Plus combat, but I understand there is a very particular way things are done around here and I never was introduced with a specific ruleset or hardwired mindset on things, so I tend to just try and keep things thematic and interesting as keeping a consistent character allows. Anyhow, that's about as much up front blab on myself as I can muster at the moment, pleasure to be here.
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