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  1. Introductions

    Thank you very much for the warm welcome! As for the name, it's actually somewhat of a mix of both. I do enjoy Shakespearean works quite a bit, but I had taken the word "clear" and removed the "c" from it, therefore getting Lear. Originally it was a name for one of my characters, but I took a rather big liking to it. Again, thank you all very much for the welcomes and it's a pleasure to meet all of you.
  2. Introductions

    Hello! You can call me Lear (I'd say it's my name but, really it's not, so I suppose that will have to do) and it's my first day on the site. I'm not really new to roleplaying, but it has been a while since my last roleplay, so forgive me if I'm a bit rusty. This site looks very interesting and I'm excited to delve deeper into it and explore further. I'm also excited to get back to roleplaying, as it's something that has always been one of my favorite things to do. I like reading and writing a lot. I doodle a bit here and there. I'm never quite sure what to put in these things, to be honest. Uh... I like dragons? I think that pretty much sums me up (real exciting, I know). I like reading, writing, doodling, and dragons.