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  1. Aric followed Mandrake inside the house. It was significantly cooler on the interior of the house than it was on the exterior. Aric assumed it was tied to the entity haunting the house. Once inside, Mandrake handed everyone a paper with the details of the mission. One lady dropped to the ground and pulled out several materials saying, “I won’t need to long.” The other girl in the company retrieved a pen and notepad. As the girl on the ground fiddled with her herbs and owl, the other lady closed her eyes and then opened them again, but it seemed as if she was looking beyond the world in which they currently resided. Aric drew his steel sword and took a knee, resting the hilt of the blade on his knee. This action seemed to startle the lady with the pen and notepad. “For a moment it looked like you were our ghost,” She said gave him a smile. Aric returned the gesture with a small forced laugh and smile. Afterward, he went back to his preparations. Aric usually prepared for most confrontations by oiling his blade with a herb based mixture that does extra damage to his opponent; however, he didn’t know what his opponent was, so he didn’t know which of his many oils to use. He produced a small glass bottle, about the size of his hand, from a pouch along with a dirty gray rag. The bottle was filled with a dark green oil. Aric had just decided to go with a generic oil that affects most humans and monsters. He popped off the glass lid and doused the rag in it. He then began to rub his blade up and down, applying the oil evenly. Aric felt eyes fixed upon him. He looked up to see Mandrake’s Imp staring at him. Damn, could this imp be getting suspicious too? This is not looking good for me. Aric’s attention was pulled away by repeated thud sounds in the distance. Someone is coming this way Aric thought to himself. He rose from the ground gripping his freshly oiled blade as the tip touched the ground. A man exploded through the door. Panting vigorously, he apologized for being late. With much astonishment to Aric, the man’s hat moved on its own accord. “Don’t mind my hat – I think I fed the demons a little too much of those creatures that tried to attack me in the woods,” the man expressed. Aric was intrigued, he had never seen a demon that resembled a hat before.
  2. Aric trudged along in the dark, ominous forest on a decaying path. Not many people come out this way anymore, Aric thought to himself. While in this realm, Aric had wandered far and wide and seen plenty of things but never had he seen a forest so haunting. It was as if an evil presence had infected the forest. Aric was hoping that this house wouldn't contain any demons that would recognize him. He had worked so hard to keep his true identity a secret. He thought it would be extremely prudent not to advertise his demonic side to his new company; he did not know how they would react, as they were hunters of his kind. As Aric began to near the end of the trail, the light began to illuminate the path, holding the darkness of the woods at bay. He moved a branch out of the way and exited the forest to see four individuals and what looked like an imp. Approaching the crowd in front of the ghastly house, Aric removed the hood of his cloak. He could feel a presence from within the house, yet he could not decipher what it was exactly. Aric focused upon the group saying, “Greetings all. Mr. Mandrake, is there anyone else we are waiting upon?”
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  4. Aric is supernatural himself, being a demon prince and all, so he can interact with other supernatural entities. He also has enhanced senses along with being skilled with a blade. Aric's Character Sheet
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    Aric stared at the man. He still didn't know what to think of him, but he didn't know what to think of any of the people he had just met. "Alright," Aric began in a commanding voice, "Then it is settled, we four shall embark on a quest together. However, does anyone know of any quests available?" Aric looked to Baron, who was still sitting at the table, for an answer. It was his idea to do a quest for a reward, so perhaps he already had one in mind. @Bucky @Echoshine @UltimaDragon
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    Aric gave Ultima a strange look. Had he not heard what Aric had asked him not but two moments ago? Aric was also taken back when Ultima threw back his hood revealing the face of a young man who had a warm smile. Was it a sincere smile, or was he trying to appear warmer than he really was? Ultima drew his odd leaf shaped sword and flashed his dagger. It almost seemed as if Ultima was showing off; something Aric did not care much for. However, Aric indulged the short black haired man's inquiry. "I am known as Aric, this over here is Baron," Aric said nodding his head towards Baron. "I cannot speak for her though," he continued, placing his gaze under his hooded cloak upon the other individual in their company. "However," Aric said standing up directing his attention towards Ultima once more, "you still haven't answered my question, what are your intentions with our company?" @Echoshine @UltimaDragon @Bucky
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    Aric gave a slight nod of his head. "I agree with Baron. I have no qualms with your proposition. Quest with us, give time to collect your thoughts about us. It is a smart thing to do." Aric liked the idea of taking on a quest to see if these individuals could be trusted to journey with him. "And what have you," Aric said as he turned his attention to the cloaked figure? @Bucky @UltimaDragon @Echoshine
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    "Aric, what do you think? Do you think these people will help," Baron asked Aric? Aric could tell Baron was a bit shy, and that he was possibly looking for him to make the final decision.That is a good question, what do I think, Aric asked himself? A company of two could turn into one of four, just like that. Aric leaned back in his chair and gave the two other tavern dwellers an inquiring glare. "Well," Aric began, "I am alright with more individuals tagging along. However, how long do you two plan to remain in company with us? For just a local quest to gather some money or do you intend to embark on a journey across these lands with us?" @Bucky @Echoshine @UltimaDragon
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    Aric put his hand to his chin and stroked his stubble. "I could use a reward, mainly money. Perhaps we can find a local quest that pays." At that moment, a cloaked figure stood up and announced that they were willing to join anyone's upcoming quests. Aric eyed the figure suspiciously. He didn't like how the person was shrouded by a cloak; it instilled a sense of mystery about him, a feeling that he was hiding something. That was at least why Aric himself wore a cloak with a hood; he liked to remain hidden and not draw too much attention to himself. Reverting his attention back to Baron, he gave him a questioning look as if to say, What do you think of this guy? Aric wanted to have his new partners opinion. He didn't trust easily. Heck, he didn't even trust Baron yet, but he was a stranger here too, lonely as he was. It provided Aric with a feeling that Baron was like him, and again, he needed to try to make allies if he was ever to accomplish his personal mission. @Bucky
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    "I like the sound of that arrangement. You have no need to worry about the dangers we might face out there. I can usually resolve most violence with my words; however, if violence is necessary," Aric unsheathed his steel longsword on his back about an inch, allowing the light to reflect off its blade, "well, I am no stranger to a fight." He sheathed his sword again and leaned forward folding his hands on the table. @Bucky
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    "I'm what some would call a wanderer," Aric began. He took another sip of his foaming beer. "I've been wandering these lands trying to attain knowledge. Someone has been sealed away you see, and I mean to find a way to get back to them " Aric finished the rest of his beer. Wiping the foam from his mouth he said, "This could possibly be the worst beer I have ever had."
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    Aric stared at the man with a confused look in his eyes. He could have sworn he said his name when he sat down or was that in his head? "Oh, thank you, the names Baron," the man said after taking a drink of the beer. "What's your name," he continued. "People call me Aric." Aric sat back in his chair and took a big gulp of his beer. "So what brings you to this tavern?"
  15. Welcome to Valucre! Aric is intriguing. I'm curious to see how his story develops