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  1. Calstrod is neutral at this point due to him not knowing anyone, but upon character interaction he is most likely to side with the good perceived characters @Zigzag
  2. The bow of the steel ship barely managed to break through the assault of violent waves badgering it. The ship wailed with the stress of the water as the crew of the ship ran around doing what they could to keep the ship from capsizing. A rough voice rang out, barely overcoming the noise of the storm they were in, “Calstrod, we cannot keep this up, we will need to turn back now or we will all surely die!” “No, we have to press on,” Cal said out loud while thinking to himself, If we don’t I’ll never be able to prove myself to Gladys. It will be fine, we can make it. But then he saw it. The giant ships in the air and the onslaught of what looked like... DRAGONS? Cal had heard rumors of such creatures but had yet to encounter one, and now he was staring at several attacking these air ships! “Captain, dragons,” one of the deck hands yelled. ”That’s it, we are turning around. We aren’t equipped to deal with this. All hands on deck!” The captain barked at his men. Hearing this, Cal ran up to the captain next to the wheel saying, “We can’t, I have to get to this island!” ”Too bad, I won’t risk the lives of all of my men” Feeling defeated as the ship turned around, Calstrod remembered the words of his mentor, You will have to use all of your power if you hope to survive this adventure. I guess you were right master, I will have to use all the power I have if I hope to live up to your expectations. “Fine, I will go on here from my own. Thank you for getting me this far.” “What... What are you doing,” the captain yelled at Cal as he took off at a sprint to the edge of the ship and jumped off. As he did, Cal’s body began to glow with a brilliant red flame as he is enveloped in the form of a huge blazing Phoenix. With the thundering flap of his wings, he soars up to a dragon that is honing in on an air ship and slams into it, clawing at it with his white hot talons. I have to be quick about this, I still can’t hold this form too long. He and the dragon, locked in a deathly embrace begin to tumble to the rough water below, both furiously clawing at the other until finally the dragon went limp, dead in Cal’s hot embrace. With a ear splitting screech, Cal rose again to challenge yet another dragon.
  3. Great seeing you around again, welcome back

    1. J. A. Horton

      J. A. Horton

      Thanks, took some time off to deal with several 22 credit hour semesters, but I’m ready to get writing again.

  4. WIP I. The Basics Birth Name: Calstrod Erebus Name: Cal Carter Title: None Age: 21 Race: Human Class: Fighter/Sorcerer II. The Diagnostics Height: 6’0” Weight: 168 lbs Hair: Dirty Blonde & Messy Eyes: Red next to the pupil and slowly transitions to amber at the edge of the iris Voice: Mid-ranged Skin: Caucasian III. The Armament Weapon: Longsword, Dagger Armor: Leather Accessories: Phoenix Pendant with Ruby eyes, Adventurer’s Kit Spells: WIP IV. The Dossier Likes: Generosity, Humor, Empathy, Strategic Games. Dislikes: Oppression, Unjust hatred, Cruelty. Attitude: Chaotic Good Habit/Twitch: Small Village/City or Forest Quote: “To be heroic is to be courageous enough to die for something; to be inspirational is to be crazy enough to live a little. The real hero is always a hero by mistake; he dreams of being an honest coward like everybody else. The heroic cannot be the common, and the common cannot be the heroic.”
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