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  1. The Lost Dragon

    After several taverns, Arsus began to think they would never find a lead, but then a few drunken sailors later he and Ainsworth had found a lead. A promising one at that. Ainsworth turned around and locked eyes with Arsus to try and get his feelings on the matter. Arsus nodded his head and rotated his hands around each other trying to convey that Ainsworth should play cards with them so they could gain more information. Arsus was reasonably sure they found the information they needed, all they needed now was the location. "Darius," Arsus began, "We haven't seen or heard about dragons or nagas anywhere else. How far away was the place where you encountered these beasts?" Arsus plan was to acquire this information and leave before he and Ainsworth lost too much money playing cards
  2. The Lost Dragon OOC

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  3. The Lost Dragon

    A smile crept across Arsus' face as his friend spoke. Ainsworth threw his bag on his shoulder and said, "Lead on, Captain. Let's find a dragon," as the airship they were supposed to be on flew off in the horizon. "Alright, I have no idea how to track anything," Arsus began, "but I we need to get a lead. Rumors or legends, anything that mentions a dragon could be potentially useful to us. So, I say we go bar to bar asking about any dragons, but we should stick together. Those snake men are probably still around looking for me, and they'll be gunning for you now too. We should be safer together." After finishing, Arsus began his way to the nearest tavern, taking fewer breaks from walking than before. He was finally starting to feel like himself, but it would be a few days before he was one-hundred percent again.
  4. The Lost Dragon OOC

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  5. The Lost Dragon OOC

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  6. The Lost Dragon

    "Alright, I'll tell you what I know as we walk towards the flight." As they walked, Arsus described how his father went missing awhile back looking for an artifact. Ever since he left, the village he was from always tormented him. He couldn't get a job anywhere and then his mother fell ill. Arsus continues to tell Ainsworth how he is hoping in finding this artifact that supposedly bestows magical powers on its wielder as a way to attain money to care for his mother. "That snake person thing though, I have no idea what that was or how it is tied to the artifact I am hunting for. I had no idea this was the kind of crap I was getting into. As they walked, Arsus had to take a few breaks. Traveling was hard on him because the poison that was still being purged from his body. Turning to Ainsworth, Arsus continued, "I understand if you would like to go separate ways. You can take your flight, and I can find my way. I don't want you to get hurt on my account." He stuck out his hand to shake Ainsworth's conveying a goodbye, good luck, and thanks for your help meaning.
  7. The Lost Dragon OOC

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  8. Palgard's Club Med

    The next several moments were something of a blur to Lex. There were loud noises and lots of gray smoke. He tried to get up but found it extremely hard. Lex had pushed himself to his limits, and he was lucky he wasn't dead from using more magic than what he currently possessed. Soon after the gray smoke filled the room, Hawk had thrown Lex's arm over his shoulder and helped him to his feet. "Go, go, go!" Hawk said as he started to help Lex move. Using what remaining strength he had left, Lex supported some of his weight to make the task at hand easier for Hawk. As they moved through the door they had entered the room earlier, Lex managed the words, "I'm sorry for everything that happened back there," in a hushed voice. Not long after that, they had made it back down to the tavern area, and then they were out on the streets. "We need to contact Cadmium and orchestrate reinforcements or an evac. This looks to be too much for the three of us to handle on our own, and I don't think I'll even be able to stand on my own for a few days." Lex thought back to his days in training where he had found himself in a similar situation. He had been practicing some spells he had just learned trying to advance his skills when his body wasn't ready for it. He nearly killed himself from using just shy of all his magic reserves. It took him two days to wake up from a coma he induced upon himself from exhaustion. It was another three days after that before he could walk again. He hadn't learned from his mistake back then, but he was going to learn from this one. They might have failed at their objective to retrieve the medicine, but if Lex ever came across these individuals again, he wouldn't be the one walking away defeated again. Lex grabbed a wooden walking stick resting against a building and used that and Hawk to help support himself. By the time their enemy had found their way out onto the streets, Lex and Hawk had already disappeared into the crowd, making their way to safety.
  9. The Terrenus military clean up Palgard

    That sounds fine to me!
  10. I don't have the time to maintain posting here along with the other threads I have going on and school. Sorry, I should've mentioned this sooner.
  11. Palgard's Club Med

    Lex remained on the ground, his mind slowly clearing along with the pain that had been coursing through it. As the ringing in his ears began to subside, his surroundings began to become more apparent to him. Hawk was between him and Iraut who was pointing a gun at Hawk? What the hell had happened in the short time Lex was disoriented? After noticing his environment, Hawk's voice echoed in his thoughts relaying the message to charge when the signal was given. With that, the intrusion of his mind ended leaving Lex even more puzzled. What signal was he waiting for? "I don't know... own damn supplies," Hawk directed towards Iraut. "These are our damn supplies now," Iraut responded. His hand compressed as he tried to pull the trigger of Hawk's gun; however, he was horrifically surprised when a powerful jolt of electricity emitted from the weapon short circuiting his nervous system. The man froze, paralyzed from the electricity. Lex took this as the signal Hawk had referred to. Extending his hand, Lex whispered the words, "Volux sh'ling nilon." A single jolt of electricity flew across the room to his sword. The jolt melded into the metal sword ionizing it, and then it flew across the room into Lex's hand. A smiled crept its way onto his face as sweat began to crawl down his face. He was tiring from his use of magic and fighting; he wouldn't be able to keep this up much longer. He needed to finish this fight swiftly, and he had the perfect spell in mind to do just that. All Lex hoped was that he wouldn't be rendered unconscious from being too fatigued to cast the spell. "Fla'rack o'rolm!" Lex said going pale in the face. His eyes glowed yellow as he surged forward at a stunning speed while a stream of lightning was left in his wake. Bringing his shield to his forefront, Lex collided with Iraut sending his paralyzed figure skidding backward. In the few seconds of the collision, he managed to separate the gun from his hand and threw it towards his companion. Turning his attention to Sierra who was now backing up towards a wall, he uttered in an angry voice, "And you!" With the same stunning speed, he closed the distance between him and Sierra, bringing the length of his blade to her throat pinning her to the wall. Now, Lex's spell finally faded off as his exhaustion was about to overwhelm him, and to anyone who was paying any attention, Lex was barely able to stay on his feet right now.
  12. The Terrenus military clean up Palgard

    How would Iraut respond to Hawk's comment? Would he just fire the gun or make a remark back at him?
  13. The Lost Dragon

    Arsus slowly opened his eyes to find himself in a shabby medical room. There was a scorching pain in his shoulder, and he was cold and clammy. The bed he laid on slowly creaked as he sat up, alerting a nurse and a nearby doctor. They lazily sulked deprived of sleep. Arsus thought they must've been quite busy in a town full of drunken fools. They briefly informed Arsus his situation and that when he was conscious enough, he was free to leave. The way they said it almost seemed that they were trying to rush him out, probably to make room for another poor fellow. Once they left, he looked at the clock to see that it was early the next morning. When the throbbing in his head subsided, he slowly rose from the bed and frantically looked around when he didn't see his saber or pistol. Leaving the room, Arsus approached a desk nearby asking about his lost items. Luckily, the receptionist knew the guard who had brought him here also had confiscated his weapons to prohibit him from causing any more unwanted commotion. Pulling out a bag from behind the desk, the kind lady handed Arsus what he had been searching for. Leaving the building, he noticed Ainsworth sitting on a bench just outside. While strapping on his belongings, Arsus approached his friend still clammy, but at least the color in his face seemed to be returning. "Ainsworth," he began in a hoarse voice, slowly growing in strength as he continued,"What the hell happened?"
  14. The Lost Dragon OOC

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  15. The Terrenus military clean up Palgard

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