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  1. The Lost Dragon

    Due to the pain from the bite in his shoulder, Arsus only managed a weak grunt to Ainsworth. The Naga slowly backed off of him and coiled up preparing to pounce on Ainsworth. As the monster leaped at his comrade, Arsus pulled the silver revolver with elegant golden lines ingrained in it and released a round of magical energy that pierced the naga just below the torso. While in midair, the serpentine creature collapsed in on itself and collided with the hard ground several feet from his target. "How dare you sshoot me!" It began with hate booming in its voice, "I will make your death especially painful now!" Opening its mouth and pointing it towards Arsus, the naga spat venom at Arsus. Using all of his strength, he threw himself to the side narrowly escaping the acidic grasp of the green poison. Where he once lay was now a puddle of bubbling green liquid with fumes rising into the air from it. The naga prepared to shoot another stream of its venom by opening its mouth once more. Knowing he couldn't muster the strength to dodge the next stream, Arsus pointed the gun off the ground towards the naga. However, the venom from the bite earlier began to take effect on Arsus' eyes. He tried his hardest to focus; however, the poison made his vision much too blurry to effectively aim. What made the situation even worse was that now the naga was between him and Ainsworth, therefore, if Arsus missed, he might kill his new friend. Knowing he didn't have time to think of another option, Arsus let off another shot. The round missed the naga spectacularly and met with the side of the brick building to the side of them causing splinters of clay to spray over Ainsworth and the back of the naga. The spray caught the serpent off guard and startled him giving Arsus enough time to fire off his third shot. Luckily, this one met with the beasts left shoulder causing it to slump over in pain and hiss. Bringing up its head, the animal's menacing eyes met with Arsus'. Seeing that Arsus was pointing the magical revolver at him once again, it ducked and shot forward slithering past him with incredible speed. Arsus brought the gun around to point at the serpent as it escaped and fired one last shot that failed to do anything but cause more damage to the already run down town. Ainsworth ran up to the fallen Arsus and helped him up. "I need to get to a physician for my wound and this veno..." Arsus whispered before he blacked out from the pain of the poison running through his veins.
  2. The Lost Dragon OOC

    @AngryCacti, I'll post sometime tomorrow hopefully, if not the following day. I've been having writer's block the past few days and haven't had any good ideas on my post, but I think I have one now.
  3. Palgard's Club Med

    After regaining his wits, Lex turned to see the much shorter man who had assaulted him with an empty bottle. Grunting and realizing he didn't have time to deal with the man, he tried to step around him and pursue Iraut; however, Arin moved with Lex remaining in his path. "You aren't going anywhere bub," Arin said fumbling over his words. The only thought that Lex had at the moment was that he needed to get to the stair case immediately. Winding his fist back, Lex brought it up in an upward motion connecting his metal covered knuckles with the small space under the man's chin that knocked him out. As the unconscious body of the drunk slumped to the floor, the surrounding crowd took a step back in amazement and fear. Noticing the opportunity, he wedged his way through the group and finally made it to the stair way just after Hawk. After seeing his comrade race up the stairs, Lex followed eventually reaching the fifth floor where Hawk is standing outside. Entering the room, they were met by a beautiful woman in an equally beautiful place. Lex also noticed that the chamber had a sweet fragrance to it. The scent caused him to relax allowing Lex to realize just how tense he had been. "So, you two... they need medicine," said the attractive woman in a sweet and calming voice. "Be careful, there is something in the air," Hawk whispered to Lex, but it was hard for Lex to think. Ever since he had entered the room, his thoughts had become foggy as the overwhelming feeling of calm washed over his entire being. Even more, after the woman had finished her banter with Hawk and himself, he felt horrible for what he was doing there. Should they be on this mission trying to recover medicine from poor people who needed it? They were criminals, but people nonetheless. "Hawk, maybe we should go. She makes a good point. We can get medicine from elsewhere, can't we?" Turning his back to the lady and the room, Lex began towards the door.
  4. The Terrenus military clean up Palgard

    Alright. Won't be able to post until Monday night.
  5. The Lost Dragon

    Arsus spent the next hour or so walking between bars asking for information about the golden dragon, but no information came his way. The most he got was, "Buy something or get out kid, I don't have time to mess with you." Frustrated, Arsus would leave for the next establishment only to get a similar response. As he walked through the streets, he got a strange feeling that something was watching him, but he couldn't see anyone around sober enough to pay attention to anything but themselves. He figured it must be his imagination and kept moving on. After awhile of no success, Arsus turned around and began his way back towards where he and Ainsworth were supposed to meet. As he passed an ally, a green tail emerged from the shadows and wrapped itself around his leg; pulling him into the ally. Once there, two large yellow eyes with long black slits down the middle hovered over him. "That's a nice gun you have," the creature said in a venomous voice. Continuing, it said, "Where did you get it, boy?" "I'm supposed to be somewhere soon!" he began frantically, "If I'm not there, my company will be worried, and he'll come looking for me. You better let me go or else." "The snake like monster snapped its mouth at him, only stopping centimeters from his face. "Tell me now! Where did you get the gun, and why are you asking around about the golden dragon?" "It's my dad's! The rest is none of your business, now let me go!" "I don't think so, not until you tell me why you are looking for that artifact. Maybe this will help entice you to talk." The monster opened its mouth again, revealing significant venom covered fangs. It lowered them until they rested just above Arsus' shoulder. In fear, he looked away closing his eyes fearing the worst. He just hoped someone would come down the ally to save him from his current situation.
  6. Palgard's Club Med

    Lex nodded and took off towards the elevator as fast as he could; although, it was difficult in the crowded room. As he made his way, he had to shove people with his large body which enticed several negative reactions from drunken civilians such as, "watch where you're going," and, "Get back over here so I can kick your arse!" However, Lex was so focused on getting to the elevator he put all these other people's comments out of mind. As he neared the elevator, Lex noticed Iraut slip in frantically trying to get the door to close. Barging through the last few people, Lex wedged his shield between the two sliding doors to keep the elevator open. "You aren't getting away from me that easily," Lex said grinning at the man. Unfortunately, one of the angry drunks that Lex had pushed walked up behind him and smashed a beer bottle on his head sending him out of his senses for several seconds. Iraut took this moment to slip past Lex and run towards the stairs. Damn it; I can't let him get away! Lex thought has he ripped his shield from the elevator and took off after him again. Hollering over the already loud crowd, Lex yelled, "Hawk, he's heading towards the stairs!"
  7. [Quest] Conflict of Territory

    Brand nodded his head and began floating. "Alright, let's go." Taking off, he breezed by trees, the wind whistling in his ears as he passed the large plants. During his flight, Brand began to think of how to take care of the beasts. Perhaps he could scare most of them off with a bright light, and maybe some loud noises. However, he was concerned about the largest one and the supposed human on its back. Brand doubted it'd get scared that easy. Passing two large trees right next to each other, Brand entered a large area spared of trees. In the center was a watering hole which some of the wolves were drinking out of. The others were either knawing on a dead carcass or surrounding the largest of them. Brand rose high into the air uttering, "Ligsunyt ra desbrecto!" Holding out his hands, they began to glow as a large beam of light burst from them colliding with the edge of the pond. After, dirt flung through the air and water turned into steam. The smaller wolves jumped back startled, soon collapsing on the largest for protection, but none had fled like Brand hoped they would. Oh, this is going to be much harder than I thought.
  8. The Terrenus military clean up Palgard

    I'll post sometime today
  9. Conflict of Territory OOC

    @Alex Kimchi
  10. [Quest] Conflict of Territory

    Brand remained there waiting for a response that never came. Looking out into the dense jungle, he saw nothing. Clasping his hands together, he uttered ancient words under his breath. "Ligsunyt siheobrv." After speaking the words, his eyes glowed a brilliant yellow and Brand was able to see anywhere light touched the jungle for a mile around them. Blinking, his eyes returned to normal. Whispering now, he turned to Marcus saying, "I see a group of wolves. Most of them were average size, but one is unnaturally large. Also, I thought I saw a man with them, on the large one's back. I could be wrong though." When Brand looked back to Shiro to ask what they should do, he was already gone. Where had he gone now? There was no time for Brand to find out; he didn't want to waste any more energy on another locating spell. "I say we move now; our primary objective is to drive these animals back to where they came from. If we can capture some to tame while we are doing it, so be it. However, if we can't, I say we focus on driving them back then tame a few after the mission is complete. What do you think about that Marcus?" Brand said finishing up and raising an eyebrow.
  11. Conflict of Territory OOC

    I'll post tomorrow
  12. Conflict of Territory OOC

    Ravencrow hasn't been on since the 4th. I'm going to just move the story along cause I'm tired of waiting
  13. A Strange Building in Casper

    "Help, help, the invaders are overwhelming us!" the shape-shifting creature hissed as it attempted to fly out the door. Dropping his sword to his side, hell fire burst from it as Aric made a whipping motion towards the beast. At his will, the fire lengthened into a thin string and wrapped around the creature. Tugging at the hilt of the blade, the beast tumbled back slamming into the creature he had previously been focused on. "Oh no you don't, you're crazy if you think we will let you go get reinforcements," Aric yelled in a deep raspy voice at the entities.
  14. Conflict of Territory OOC

    Is this still going or has everyone quit?
  15. The Lost Dragon

    Arsus pondered on Ainsworth's words. A refueling city; must be a good place to gather some information then. Arsus also believed that he wouldn't need to worry about pickpockets, he had no money. However, he probably should keep a hand on his sword and revolver. As they entered the town, Arsus was in awe with how different the place was from his home. There were towers for airships to dock at and a lot more bars and hostesses than he had ever seen. He would be willing to wager that they were all full almost every night. The air was thick with smog and the streets were littered with alcohol bottles and cigarette butts. This would be the perfect place for him to pick up on some leads. "I'm sure you have stuff you need to do here, so I'll let you do that. In the meantime, I'm going to wonder around and explore the town. Do you just want to meet back here?" Arsus pointed to a two story brick building with a big horizontal neon sign reading The Red Brick. "Is there anything else I should know about this town before we go our separate ways for the next few hours?"