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  1. Duke was beginning to get flustered. He was under a lot of pressure with all the attention the Aria was getting. It both excited him and scared him at the same time. Pushing the Aria to its limits, creaks began to ring out throughout the ship. Duke was making the ship move in ways in wasn't supposed and at speeds that were too fast for those maneuvers. Behind him, there was quite a lot of commotion from Claire and Cecil, but for the most part, Duke was tuning them out. He had to concentrate hard on what he was doing. After several more seconds of evasion, all the fire that the Aria was under turned towards the leviathan. Bringing the Aria under control and raising her into clouds to obscure them from their enemies, Duke drew his attention to his crew mates. "Captian, I believe we have attained what we have set out to do, more or less, what is the plan now." After finishing his sentence, he slumped down next to the wheel exhausted. It had been quite a long time since he had to fly like, and although he loved it, it was extremely stressful and tiring. Looking up to the ceiling of the chamber, he closed his eyes and waited for his next instructions or reprimanding.
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  3. "As am I. I've had an unfortunate series of events take place today, and I let it affect me. It's no excuse for my behavior though. Let me make it up to you by walking through town. However, unless you want to be eternally hated here, walk behind me a bit so that people don't think you are with me." After finishing this line, Arsus began to walk down the street. After a few minutes, they ended up in a square made up of single story buildings. In the middle, there was a tall two-story wooden building with large windows. On the front, there was a big sign that said Mayberry's General Goods Store in big red letters. Reaching the place, Arsus took a seat on a bench across the road from the store. Hopefully, Ainsworth could get what he needed from the store. If Arsus was lucky, maybe Ainsworth would even know something about the mysterious artifact that Arsus was looking for. The sun had just reached its peak and was now beginning to fall from its high position. Wow, I didn't realize it was already getting this late, I'll need to start being on my way before it becomes dark. Stretching his arms and legs, He fell into a relaxed as he waited for Ainsworth to come out of the shop he had entered just a few minutes ago. Hopefully, everything was going okay for him.
  4. palgard

    During the walk through the city, Lex's mind was racing. The weight of their mission began to hit him; the realization on how many lives depended on the success of their mission was taxing, but he needed to put it out of his mind. Those thoughts were enough to weigh him down mentally, making him less effective in combat. Shaking his head, he began to think about their surroundings. For the longest time, they had been walking in a narrow alley-like street with tall buildings on either side. This would be the perfect place for an ambush. Place some archers or snipers in the windows and surround the three men with opponents in the front and back. However, their enemy didn't think about that. Finally, the trail led them to an old building now being used as an apothecary's shop. The building was two stories, like most of the buildings around, and it was made of wood. The interior was extremely different from the exterior. It was neat and organized, not a scrap of trash to be seen laying around anywhere. Strange, this place doesn't fit the characteristics of this area. In a small and calm voice, Cadmium turned to the others and commanded, "I'm going to take a lap around the building, see what I see. Hawk, see what you can get out of him," Cadmium said eyeing a man behind a counter at the back of the room, "Remember, he may not be involved, or he may be the linchpin. Lex, you keep him safe." After finishing, Cadmium exited the door they had just entered. As Hawk and Lex approached the counter, Lex surveyed the room. Several wooden shelves were parallel to the counter. If the man or someone else began attacking, Hawk and Lex could use them as cover. They'd be enough to stop some arrows, maybe a sword, but probably not bullets. The next thing that he noticed was that there were only two doors that led into the room. The one they had entered that led to the street and one behind the counter to the left of the man that was bound to lead to the upper chambers. The last thing Lex took note of was the four windows that pointed to the street. They were high and narrow windows, so Lex determined they were not that big of a deal, but it was important to take notice of them nonetheless When they reached the counter, Lex positioned himself to the left of Hawk where he could easily get in between anyone who came through the back door or front door. He was also close enough that if the man behind the counter became violent, he could intervene before Hawk or himself could become hurt. Now ready to defend against most threats that could approach them, Lex turned his head to Hawk waiting to watch him do his job.
  5. "Cook me alive Claire? I didn't know you were into that kind of kinky stuff," Duke yelled in response as he positioned the Aria on a course directly at one of the ships in the enemy fleet. Duke started making fast drum noises as he said, "Ramming speed." The Aria sped up again and began to close distance fast. They left the land they had been flying over, probably a small island off the coast somewhere. "Shouldn't be long now, I'd suggest you brace yourselves." Duke had no idea if the captain wanted him to ram the other ship or not, but he took the order of ramming speed as an indication to, well, ram. There was a large sound of metal crashing into metal, and after that, snake smashing into metal that was smashing into metal. Upon impact, Duke went flying over the wheel and slammed into the window with a loud bang. "Ow, that hurt a lot!" Getting up, he returned to the wheel where he saw the Aria scraping up the hull while the serpent circled them. "Alright, what do we do now that we have rammed them, sir?"
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    Lex was silent for the rest of the journey. He was trying to think about where he had heard the name Deonne before. Reaching the end of the trial, Cadmium informed him and Hawk that Hawk would be guiding them the rest of the way. The area they stood in was a shady one, with suspicious characters lurking everywhere. The three of them looked very out of place, maybe because of Lex's armor. "Is there anything you want me to do right now, or should I just follow along and try not to draw attention?" Lex asked the others. He didn't know what to do with himself; he wasn't the best at tracking. His skill was in combat and tactics. Lex looked around the area they were in. It was different then what he was used to. The buildings that were around were ugly and falling apart. He was surprised people still used them. This town is really horrible. Lex took a step to the side and knocked against a rack of clothing causing it to knock down with a bang. "Sorry," he said quickly picking up the rack but not the clothes. Afterward, he gave Hawk and Cadmium a look of Let's, please go before we draw too much of a crowd, and sorry again.
  8. Walking through the doors that led to the center of the Colosseum, Drudge was met with a loud cheer. Approaching a stand for him to view the battle at, he noticed that his pet wolf was already in the rink. How did they get him here already, I never summoned him? No matter, he'll do for this tournament. The stones in the circular arena began to vibrate and collect. Soon, a giant stone Golem towered in the air. Giving out a deep roar, it pounded its fists together and charged Drudge's wolf. The white wolf looked behind itself to Drudge, and with a nod of Drudge's head, the beast began to grow to double its size. Soon, it was the size of a bear. The fur on its legs began to rise until it raised rigid above the wolf's head. Its white fur turned gray like that of thunderstorm clouds, and his one tail split into six. Stripes of glowing blue energy become laced within the wolf's fur creating strange markings. Its ears grew, and its eyes turned a bright blue. Once the beast's transformation completed, it tilted its head back and let out a roar of thunder. The sunny sky quickly turned gray and lightning leaped across it. "Ladies and gentlemen, may I present to you the one of a kind Raiju, the wolf of lightning!" Drudge yelled at the audience who gave out a loud cheer. "Now tear him apart." Raiju lowered into and aggressive and began to growl as small bolts of electricity jumped from his fur to the ground. With lightning speed, the beast shot towards the charging golem slamming its head into the golem's chest making it stumble backward. Drudge pounded his fist in the air with excitement. Simotanusley, Raiju twisted to put his paws on the golem's chest and jumped off landing several feet away. The golem attempted to attack Raiju, but it was too slow as Raiju easily evaded every attack with his lightning speed. The Golem slammed his hand into the ground burying it just as Raiju jumped back out of the way. After, he jumped onto the Golem's arm and proceeded to run up it until he reached its face where he twirled around slashing the face with an electrical tail attack. Once again jumping off and landing a few feet away, Drudge yelled out at his companion, "Stop toying with it, go in for the kill." Snarling, Raiju jumped into the air and began spinning in a forward motion as his body became surrounded with electricity. To the crowd, it looked like the beast transformed into a spinning ring of power. The ring shot forward slamming into the Golem causing bolts of electricity to fly everywhere as the Golem groaned in agony until finally, it shattered back into the rubble it was formed from. Landing next to Drudge, the beast reverted to its original wolf form still towering over Drudge. He turned towards the girl that showed him the way here. "So, was that satisfactory enough for me to be in this tournament of yours?"
  9. Responding to the Hatter, Aric yelled, "Yes, Nico and I can take care of the one over here." A few seconds later, one of the entities took a form of a gladiator with a shield and sword and began charging at Aric. "You want to fight, then let's fight." The fighter brought down his sword, and Aric easily parried it only to be shoved back by a shield. This isn't going to be easy. Aric rushed the gladiator, and the two of the met in a flurry of clinking steel. For every strike, the other parried. It was a spectacular dance between the monster and demon with neither gaining any ground on the other. Jumping back to avoid a near hit, Aric stopped to catch his breath, and the monster followed suit. They were both skilled swordsmen, but one would have to give in eventually, and it wouldn't be Aric. "Shall we continue?" he said charging back at the gladiator striking at him only to be blocked again.
  10. "Hey, wait," the man called out chasing after him. "I'm sorry, again, but I'm just passing through, and I have absolutely no idea where this 'Ms. Mayberries' store is." "It is in the opposite direction of me buddy," he said in response hoping the trailing man would bugger off. More and more Arsus was becoming annoyed with this person. He had thought he made it clear that he wanted to be left alone when he walked away after providing the man with his information. "You said you were traveling, right? Are you going north? South? If you're going south, I can give you the names of a few places that will put you up for free if you help out a bit, of course. Or, um, I know a couple places up north that are really nice this time of year," the man following Arsus informed. Stopping and turning around to face the man, he responded, "Look, buddy, everywhere in the Great North is great this time of year. It's great any time of year, it is part of the reason it is so 'great,'" he made air hand quotes when he said great, "Furthermore, I don't even know where I'm going or what I'm doing. I'm just going, and I'll figure out my way on my own." There was a moment of silence, and then the man persisted again saying, "So, directions?" "Just how dense are you? If it gets you to leave, I'll tell you. Turn your ass around and march back the way you came. You'll end up in a small square, in the middle of it will be a two-story building. That is the store you are looking for. Now, if you are done bothering me, I'm going to be on my way." Arsus turned around once again and began to walk away. While slowly making his way down the road, he started to think about how much of a jerk he was to that guy. He didn't even know him, and he treated him like trash. That guy didn't deserve that. Oh god, I must seem like the other jerks in this town. Deeply embarrassed, Arsus turned around and ran back to the man. "Excuse me, sir," he began in a small voice, "I would like to apologize for the way I acted. I've just had a rough day, and I know that is no excuse, but I am sorry. I don't want you thinking I'm like the other people in this town. Could we just start over?" Sticking out his hand and smiling, Arsus continued saying, "Hello, my name is Arsus, what is your name?"
  11. As much as Duke admired the snake and the storm, he knew it was time to leave. Adjusting the propulsion units, he forced the Aria to lose altitude, and fast, well as fast as the Aria could change altitude. Grey clouds engulfed the bridge prohibiting any site. A thunderous hiss emitted from somewhere behind him. "Damn, that thing seems really pissed," he yelled out. There was a loud thump from the giant reptile slamming into the Aria. We need to drop faster. Reaching over, Duke cut all power to the thrusters and propellers. "Hold on to something; I'm gonna do something crazy!" The nose of the Aria began to dip down until it was almost pointed directly at the ground. After this was accomplished, Duke reset the propulsion units back to their regular positions and reactivated them sending the Aria speeding towards the ground. Ten seconds passed, then thirty. Duke could hear the basilisk screeching in a fury behind them. Finally, the Aria broke away from the grip of the storm clouds, and the tops of green trees filled his view. "Oh shit!" Adjusting the flaps on the wings and the orientation of the thrusters, Duke tried to level out the craft, and he succeeded if you ignore the fact he scratched up the hull of the ship on the top of several trees. Duke didn't know if the snake had followed them out its storm or not, and at this point, he really didn't care. He was just excited to finally confront the military ships that were hell bent on annihilating them. What did we even do to them? It's not like the Aria is full of pirates or anything.
  12. palgard

    After all of the chaos, dirt, and the bright green light dispersed, Lex noticed that their enemy had fled. Lowering his spell, he fell to his back with a sigh of relief. After being bashed around and using a fair amount of magic energy, he was tired. One thing about the fight had unsettled him. Right before their enemy had fled, Cadmium had suggested they might lose. Personally, Lex didn't like this. He saw that accepting that one might lose, or was going to lose a battle, was a sure way to ruin any chances of rallying and succeeding in a fight that, to an outsider, seemed hopeless. After that remark towards the end of the fight, he had heard the remaining archer call the lady with the hammer Deonne. So she was in charge. Deonne, that name sounds familiar. Rolling to his knees, he pushed himself up and walked over to the wagon. While looking it over and brushing his hand against it, he thought to himself, What a shame, now we are going to have to walk all the way to town. Shifting his attention from the vehicle to himself, he assessed his own wounds. Lex was battered up, but he had sustained no serious injuries. "I'm bruised up pretty good, but I'm not seriously injured. How about you guys?" He asked his two comrades while rotating his sore left arm. "So I guess those are the guys, or girls, we are after." Taking a moment to pause, Lex thought about how they should regroup, gather some useful supplies from the wagon, and then move on. They didn't need to remain here just in case their friends decided to return. "If I may make a suggestion commander," He began addressing Cadmium, "I would suggest we gather some supplies and start making our way to the city. We can stop on the way there to rest for the night, but the last thing we need is to be here if our friends show up with some more guests." Moving to the back of the ruined wagon, Lex inspected the back. The boxes they had loaded earlier were all completely broken with their contents scattered all around. On closer inspection, Lex noticed the same was with his deck of cards. "Aw, that was a good deck of cards," he muttered to himself. "I know I don't have a ton of experience, but those are my thoughts. Hawk," Lex approached him, "If I'm right, you have the most experience out of all three of us. What would you suggest we do?" Getting to a knee, Lex fell to his bottom and sat down to get some rest for the time being.
  13. Reaching outside after all of his torment, Arsus walked past a wagon and over to the side of a building. Slamming the side of his fist onto it, Arsus mumbled to himself through tears, "Why does everyone have to be so damn mean all of the time. One day they will be sorry for messing with me." Hearing footsteps behind him, he quickly wiped his eye of tears and composed himself. The last thing he wanted was to be seen crying in public, especially in this lovely town. "Hi, sorry to bother you," the man started as Arsus turned around. It was the same man with the black smudges on his mouth that was sitting near the bar when he had been humiliated. However, now the man was holding a bowl of chili and was tapping it at a fast pace; he must be very nervous, but what for? "You were the kid from earlier, right?" he continued, " I'm sorry. I heard what they said but you don't look too bad to me, and I'm not just saying that I mean, I don't know you, but I-er," the man tapered and took a deep breath. Composing himself again, he continued once more saying, "What I'm trying to say is that I was wondering if you could point me in the direction of a shop that sells nonperishables?" Eyeing the unknown man up and down, he began to make a quick judgment whether to help him or not. He probably wielded some magic, especially if he bought something from the tavern owner, and Arsus hated people who used magic. They were all mean to him or pitied him. However, out of all the individuals in the tavern, this man didn't take part in jeering and humiliating him earlier, or at least he thought. Taking a deep breath trying not to show the emotionally fragile nature he was in, Arsus responded, "If you are looking for provisions, the only other place in town that would sell them besides that blasted tavern would probably be Ms. Mayberries' Store, but she is worse than that trash heap behind the counter in there," he gestured to the bar, "But, if you have magic, you should be okay. Now if that is all, be on your way. I have a long journey ahead of me, and I have no money and no means of travel besides my feet. Along with that, I also have no money now." With that, Arsus began walking away from the stranger toward the countryside. He didn't know where he was going, but he didn't care. All he knew was that he was sick of this place and he would be able to find no aid or answers in this town. It would be best just to head to the next nearest tavern and rest and collect information there. Perhaps even pick up a local job to collect some money he had lost. At the thought of leaving his hometown finally, Arsus became ecstatic. This adventure would be the marking of a new life for him, and he would live it to the fullest!
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