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  1. @amenities Yeah, just had a lot to deal with at school. I will try to post sometime tomorrow.
  2. Alistair prepared himself as the lizards began to try and surround him. The one that had initially tried to surprise him made the first move, quickly dashing at him unhinging its jaw and attempting to latch onto Alistair’s leg. With ease, Alistair leaped over the beast’s attack and propelled himself off its snout and past it, landing just in front of the pool. His attention was now drawn toward the alligator to his right. This slippery reptile spun around whipping its tail at Alistair. Without hesitation, he swung his sword in a downward motion, scraping the tip against the wet stone floor and brought it up stopping at the height of his shoulder. The alligator’s body finished through with the motion of the attack as its tail flew into the water with a thud, severed by the swift slash of Alistair’s counter attack. In the middle of this attack, the third gator rushed Alistair’s back, leaping into the air snapping its jaws furiously. Alistair took a step back, spun his blade in his hand, and thrust it forward. Blood began to slowly flow down the central ridge and fuller of the blade as the lifeless corpse of the alligator hung from it. He had in on fluid motion skewered the beast through its brain. With his left hand, Alistair gripped the snout of the animal and ripped the blade out with his right hand, tossing the carcass to the side like trash. No longer outnumbered, Alistair was free to stop playing defense and to make an offensive move. Closing his eyes momentarily, the static aura that surrounded him dissipated. He did not want to use magical energy unless it was needed. He had no idea how much he would need to dispel a nest of these creatures, especially if there was an enormous one like the tracks had shown. Besides, he wouldn’t need any abilities to dispatch one lonely alligator, this would be child’s play to a skilled hunter like him. Alistair lowered himself into a low position, preparing to make his move and pounce. He brought his blade low to his right side and slowly brought his left hand to grip just below his right hand, the pommel of the blade resting in the middle of his left hand comfortably. The air became very still as the beast hissed and slapped its tail on the ground back and forth. Both waiting for the other to make a move. Alistair tensed, and then sprang into action, accelerating towards the animal. As soon as the alligator noticed movement, it leaped out towards Alistair, mouth unhinging preparing to strike its final blow. Alistair adjusted his course, moving slightly to the left as his grip tightened on his blade. In one motion, he brought it up into the alligator’s mouth connecting with the back of its jaw. The sharp blade combined with the strength of the ranger sliced through the thick skin and bones of the reptile until it had been completely cleaved into two pieces. One well-placed horizontal slice ended the encounter. Alistair straightened up, slashing his blade in a downward motion to his right, casting an arc of blood upon the ground in front of him, and then sheathed his blade. Turning around, he stepped into the pool of water. It was knee deep. He waded through it until he reached the mouth of the cave, where he gave out a sigh and said, “Three down, and too many more to go,” and entered the cave, preparing to face a nest of angry alligators that awaited him inside.
  3. Around the bend, Alistair noticed a glimmer of light off in the distance. He eagerly made his way to it, looking forward to getting away from the rancid smell of the cavern behind him. When he reached the other opening of the cave, he was welcomed with a cool mist as a wave from the sea broke against the rocks at the base of the opening of the cave. There was a slope to the left of the cave opening that had been trampled down by several creatures. As Alistair followed the path up, he came across a multitude of abnormally large reptilian footprints amongst a cluster of smaller ones. For a split second, his face contorted into a deep frown and grimace as he thought about the sheer size of the alligator that made that footprint. The trail led back down another slope where there was a calm pool of water that led out to the sea. This pool led into a cave opening on the other side of the slope Alistair was descending. “Trail ends here,” Alistair mumbled to himself as he bent down next to the calm pool. “Guess the nest relocated to this cave after the last attack on them, very peculiar.” Alistair tensed up as he noticed subtle ripples in the water just ahead of him. As he expected, an alligator ferociously jumped out of the water, mouth unhinged so Alistair could see every single tooth in its mouth. Like an instinctive reflex, Alistair’s body became surrounded in a static aura. The world around him began to move much slower has his reflexes and strength increased. He leaped backward as the alligator’s mouth turned sideways and snapped shut with impressive force. While in the air Alistair reached for the hilt of his blade and unsheathed the steel longsword as he landed on the ground in a fighting stance. Two more alligators crawled their way out of the sea pool and joined the other on either side.
  4. Alistair woke up face down on a table. He ran his hand through his long black hair as the inside of his head throbbed. He slipped his hand into his pouch and pulled out a small round bottle with a red liquid in it. Taking the cork off with his middle and index finger, he brought the neck of the bottle to his mouth and took a small sip. He shuddered and stuck out his tongue and then corked the bottle and returned it to his pouch. He walked to the counter and placed currency on the counter asking for five pounds of provisions and then left Sally’s Swamp Bar. The sky was full of clouds, with few breaks for the sun to cast its rays on the ground. The hair was heavy with humidity. He began his journey out past the rice fields nearing the sea caves northeast of Dawic. The region had been full of animals, but the closer he came to the caves, the scarcer the animals became until they were vacant altogether. Alistair finally reached the sea caves. It was a beautiful sight. The caves were naturally formed from the sea pounding against the rocky coast. They would have been a truly breath-taking sight if it hadn’t been for the stillness in the air. Alistair could feel all the death that had happened in this area resting in the air. Walking down a hill and sifting through some mud, Alistair entered one of the sea caves. There was a slight stench at the opening of the cave that Alistair knew all too well, rotting flesh. He began further into the cave as the stench grew stronger and the light of day was left behind. He brought his right hand out from under his cloak and concentrated a bright blue electrical energy in it casting out an aura of light around him. What was illuminated around him was sickening. Rotting corpses of creatures and people alike littered the moist cave floor. Further past the corpses were streaks of blood with footprints out to the side of them. Alistair bent down next to them and sent a bolt of electricity out further to see what was ahead. The trails of several small alligators led around a curve in the sea cave. “Hm, there are a lot of these things.” He stood up as his voice echoed off the cave walls and cracked his back. “This might be a little more difficult than I imagined.”
  5. Alistair Deoward had been traveling for days, tracking a pack of roalites across the area around Dawic, with no luck. This was not the normal area he hunted in, but he heard there was a vendor in Oasis City who was paying a high price for roalites’ pelts, and no other high paying jobs were being thrown his way. After six days and nights tracking this pack across the swampy lands around Dawic, Alistair was running low on provisions and patience. He decided to give up the trail and head into Dawic to pick up some supplies and get some well-needed rest. He would set out again in a couple of days to try and pick up another trail left by a pack of roalites. Alistair slowly walked through small but confusing community getting lost every so often, having to ask the scarce military soldiers for directions. Although it was night and slightly drizzling it was a beautiful region. Eventually, after walking past rice field after rice field Alistair made it to a small bar called Sally’s Swamp Bar. He lumbered into the bar, water dripping off his cloak, and walked up to the bar and placed down money asking for beer and food. He turned back around and sat at a table with a candle at it, providing him with some light as he pulled out a small journal. It was a small leather journal, held shut by a piece of twine. Alistair opened the journal and flipped through the pages until he came upon a page that said Dawic at the top. Under it had a hand-drawn map of the region with notable landmarks that Alistair had come across. He scribbled a little building onto the map and wrote the initials SWB next to it. He closed the journal and put it back in its pouch as the bartender brought out his beer and food, with a nod, he took his meal and began to eat. The Bar was relatively empty with only a few other individuals in it besides Alistair. There was a drunk couple all over each other at the bar, two old men playing a card game and smoking near the door, and one man in relatively nice clothes staring out the window, nervously playing with his nails. This piqued Alistair’s curiosity, but the rumble from his stomach was more important than his curiosity at the moment. All of the sudden, a man in a tattered jerkin covered in blood. The man next to the window stood up, eyes filled with fear and anxiety. The bloodied man walked over to him and yelled, “They’re all dead, my whole crew! That thing is a bloody monster, take your money back, I don’t want it!” The man threw a coin purse on to the table with a heavy thud and the clear clink of coins smacking against coins, lots of them. With that, the man stumbled back into the night rain and disappeared. Alistair might have been hungry; however, this instance seemed very intriguing to him. There was a stressed man near the window with a sack full of money and what seemed like a job that had not been completed. Alistair finished his beer and took one last bite of his meal and walked over to the man’s table. The man was slouched down in his chair staring into a mug of beer. He didn’t look at Alistair, but he addressed him nonetheless. “Not in the mood to talk so bugger off pal.” “Interesting,” Alistair started in a calm deep tone, “Well maybe you’re in the mood to listen then.” He pulled out a chair across from the man and took a seat. “From what I just witnessed, it seems like you’ve got a problem that needs fixing, and that last guy didn’t exactly get the job done. So, I’m here to offer my services.” The man erupted into laughter and looked at Alistair for the first time, taking notice of his rugged wilderness appearance and the hilt of his sword on his back. “What do you think you can do with one sword that ten men just failed to accomplish? What they embarked on is no task that one ranger could accomplish. So, do us both a favor and go off to your table!” The man began to reach for his beer, but before his hand reached it a dagger stabbed into the table with a loud thud has small trendies of electricity rolled off the blade. The man sat up quickly with a glimmer of fear in his eyes. Alistair stared at him, his eyes glowing blue with energy. “Let’s get one thing straight, I am no ordinary ranger. I have faced horrors that would rip twice as many men apart as you sent on that quest, and I’ve come out unscathed.” He ripped the knife out and sheathed it behind his back and sat back down. “Now, you have a problem, I need money, let’s see if we can’t help each other out, no?” “Fine, you seem capable enough,” the man started, “My name is Gerald Lorfquik. About a year ago my wife and son were wandering around the sea caves exploring on my son’s birthday. They had been gone for some time and had not returned, so naturally, I became worried. When it was almost dusk, I set out to see where they have gotten off to, expecting the worse, but not nothing like what I found. I found my sons body, torn to shreds; it was horrifying. I only found remnants of my wife’s clothing, no one has ever found her body.” “So, you want me to go find your wife’s body, is that it?” “No, no, no, don’t cut me off, I’m getting there. Now, where was I? Oh yes, I only found remnants of her clothing, and a trail of blood that led to one of the sea caves. I saw several small alligators around the entrance, but I am not the type of person to deal with such things. So, I promised a small band of mercenaries a reward if they cleared out those alligators and brought back my wife’s body. I waited several days for their return, but they never did. The next group that took the job met the same fate, but the third group, two of them survived. The story they told when they got back, well, it was haunting.” Gerald shuddered and took a big gulp of his drink. “They described a nest of alligators, and at the core of it, a giant monster that devoured anything it laid its eyes upon. Ever since then, anyone who goes near the sea caves of Dawic is never heard from again, except a lucky few. But they are scarred physically and mentally for life.” Alistair sat back, intrigued by what the man had told him. “This sounds like an interesting predicament you and Dawic are in. Luckily, this is something I am quite good at, hunting and killing creatures.” “This is no creature ranger, this is a monster.” “Makes no difference to me Mr. Lorfquick. Let’s talk price though.” “I can pay you half right now, but no more, that’s not negotiable. When you bring proof back I will pay you the other half. How does that sound?” “You can just pay me at the end, that shouldn’t be an issue. However, anything I find or take from that nest is mine, can we agree on that?” “Fine, whatever you want.” “Good, I will set out in the morning. Where can I find this cave of alligators?” “Just north-east of Dawic is the coast with several sea caves. The nest apparently moves around from cave to cave.” “Understood, and finally, how many parties have you sent out before me?” “Seven, and out of that only three survived. I hope you’re as good as you think you are because not even a party of ten men could take this nest down.” “I guess, we’ll see how good I am.” Alistair stood up, but before leaving said, “I’ll be back in two days, and if not, well, I guess you can just assume the worst.”
  6. Statistics Moniker: Alistair Deoward Title: The Lightning Wolf Visual Age: 24 Birth Place: Hodra, Neo Oeste, Elendaron Race: Human Alignment: None Gender: Male Class: Magi - Ranger Personality: Lone Wolf Physiology Hair: Black Eyes: Blue Height: 6' 1" Weight: 168 lbs Voice: Medium Tone, a bit Raspy Build: Athletic Clothing Black Bandana around the neck. Pulls up over mouth and nose on occasions Hunter's Jerkin Mercenary gloves and bracers. These are a combination of leather covered in areas by metal plating. Traveler Boots Belt with pouches. The belt also has a wolf buckle on it. Black linen cloak with a hood. Skills Wolfkin: Due to an unknown phenomenon, Alistair has always been perceived as wolfkin to nearly all wolves. They view him as an alpha in their pack and treat him with the corresponding respect, usually following his commands. Ranger/Merc Skills: Alistair grew up in the rural areas of Neo Oeste fending for himself and providing for himself. He learned how to hunt at a young age. Because of this, he is very adept at hunting and survival skills. He is extremely resourceful and an excellent tracker. Along with this, he is proficient in stealth and is cunning. He makes a living by picking up odd jobs, mostly mercenary jobs, and therefore carries a sword and is proficient in sword combat and some hand to hand combat. Electric Based Magical Powers: Alistair has a variety of spells that vary in the amount of magic, concentration, and skill needed to cast. Most of these spells work in conjunction with his weapons or physical abilities to give him an advantage in battle when it is needed. Alistair has a base Magicka of 500 pts. This can be increased by trinkets. He can use more Magicka than what he posses, but this has a moderate risk of self-injury, and the further beyond his limits he goes the more likely he is to die from overexertion. It should also be noted that the abilities Static Aura and Charge Blade have base magic requirements listed; however, if Alistair pours more energy into the abilities to get increased effects, it requires more magic energy to sustain. The levels of skill for spells are as follows (Novice, Apprentice, Adept, Expert, Master) Static Aura: Sparks begin to roll off Alistair's body as he is granted the ability to move at increased speeds and augmented strength. Alistair has been able to use this ability since a young age. It is the first power he attained when his magical abilities were manifesting. (Magic Required: 20pts/min used in battle//Concentration requirement: Low//Skill Level: Novice) Charge Blade: Alistair focuses electric energy into his blade causing it to glow a bright blue while small trendles of electricity ripples off the blade. This increases the sharpness, strength, and durability of the blade while the spell is active. The more energy Alistair pours into the blade, the stronger it becomes; however, this requires more magical energy consumption. (Magic Required: 10pts base/min used in battle//Concentration: Little, the more energy put into the blade the more concentration is needed//Skill level: Apprentice) Lightning Trail: can create an electrical energy trail from the blade and control the movement of the trail as well as the shape. (Magical Requirement: 40pts more on top of the Charge Blade requirement//Concentration: Medium//Skill Level: Adept) Wolf Hunt: Creates electric clones of Alistair that can fight according to his will. He can use them to scout and see what they see. (Magical Requirement: 40pts/clone/min in battle//Concentration: Medium//Skill Level: Expert) Lightning Fang: A giant lightning arc that can be released in a horizontal or vertical manner. (Magical Requirement: 150pts/cast//Concentration: Medium//Skill Level: Expert) Lightning Execution: A giant lightning strike usually released from the blade of Alistair's sword; however, with more concentration he can call it down from the heavens. (Magical Requirement: 250pts/cast//Concentration: High//Skill Level: Master) Wolf Essence: Alistair surrounds himself in an aura of an electric wolf. This increases his speed and strength to the extreme. However, this puts tremendous stress on Alistair's body. (Magical Requirement: 100pts/min//Concentraiton: High//Skill Level: Master) Inventory A teardrop blue pendant necklace. This trinket has the ability to store Alistair's unused Magicka. He can store up to 300pts of Magicka in it, however, it takes several days to store that much into it along with deep meditation. It is only used in emergency. First Aid supplies and potions 1 bottle of poison oil to but on blades and arrows Provisions Information Journal and Map Hunting Bow with 20 steel arrows 5 Throwing knives 1 steel dagger. This is carried in a scabbard on the back of Alistair's waist. 1 steel longsword with an ornate hilt and handle lined with silver and depictions of a wolf pack hunting. This is carried in a scabbard on Alistair's back.
  7. After several taverns, Arsus began to think they would never find a lead, but then a few drunken sailors later he and Ainsworth had found a lead. A promising one at that. Ainsworth turned around and locked eyes with Arsus to try and get his feelings on the matter. Arsus nodded his head and rotated his hands around each other trying to convey that Ainsworth should play cards with them so they could gain more information. Arsus was reasonably sure they found the information they needed, all they needed now was the location. "Darius," Arsus began, "We haven't seen or heard about dragons or nagas anywhere else. How far away was the place where you encountered these beasts?" Arsus plan was to acquire this information and leave before he and Ainsworth lost too much money playing cards
  8. A smile crept across Arsus' face as his friend spoke. Ainsworth threw his bag on his shoulder and said, "Lead on, Captain. Let's find a dragon," as the airship they were supposed to be on flew off in the horizon. "Alright, I have no idea how to track anything," Arsus began, "but I we need to get a lead. Rumors or legends, anything that mentions a dragon could be potentially useful to us. So, I say we go bar to bar asking about any dragons, but we should stick together. Those snake men are probably still around looking for me, and they'll be gunning for you now too. We should be safer together." After finishing, Arsus began his way to the nearest tavern, taking fewer breaks from walking than before. He was finally starting to feel like himself, but it would be a few days before he was one-hundred percent again.
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  10. "Alright, I'll tell you what I know as we walk towards the flight." As they walked, Arsus described how his father went missing awhile back looking for an artifact. Ever since he left, the village he was from always tormented him. He couldn't get a job anywhere and then his mother fell ill. Arsus continues to tell Ainsworth how he is hoping in finding this artifact that supposedly bestows magical powers on its wielder as a way to attain money to care for his mother. "That snake person thing though, I have no idea what that was or how it is tied to the artifact I am hunting for. I had no idea this was the kind of crap I was getting into. As they walked, Arsus had to take a few breaks. Traveling was hard on him because the poison that was still being purged from his body. Turning to Ainsworth, Arsus continued, "I understand if you would like to go separate ways. You can take your flight, and I can find my way. I don't want you to get hurt on my account." He stuck out his hand to shake Ainsworth's conveying a goodbye, good luck, and thanks for your help meaning.
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  12. The next several moments were something of a blur to Lex. There were loud noises and lots of gray smoke. He tried to get up but found it extremely hard. Lex had pushed himself to his limits, and he was lucky he wasn't dead from using more magic than what he currently possessed. Soon after the gray smoke filled the room, Hawk had thrown Lex's arm over his shoulder and helped him to his feet. "Go, go, go!" Hawk said as he started to help Lex move. Using what remaining strength he had left, Lex supported some of his weight to make the task at hand easier for Hawk. As they moved through the door they had entered the room earlier, Lex managed the words, "I'm sorry for everything that happened back there," in a hushed voice. Not long after that, they had made it back down to the tavern area, and then they were out on the streets. "We need to contact Cadmium and orchestrate reinforcements or an evac. This looks to be too much for the three of us to handle on our own, and I don't think I'll even be able to stand on my own for a few days." Lex thought back to his days in training where he had found himself in a similar situation. He had been practicing some spells he had just learned trying to advance his skills when his body wasn't ready for it. He nearly killed himself from using just shy of all his magic reserves. It took him two days to wake up from a coma he induced upon himself from exhaustion. It was another three days after that before he could walk again. He hadn't learned from his mistake back then, but he was going to learn from this one. They might have failed at their objective to retrieve the medicine, but if Lex ever came across these individuals again, he wouldn't be the one walking away defeated again. Lex grabbed a wooden walking stick resting against a building and used that and Hawk to help support himself. By the time their enemy had found their way out onto the streets, Lex and Hawk had already disappeared into the crowd, making their way to safety.
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  14. Lex remained on the ground, his mind slowly clearing along with the pain that had been coursing through it. As the ringing in his ears began to subside, his surroundings began to become more apparent to him. Hawk was between him and Iraut who was pointing a gun at Hawk? What the hell had happened in the short time Lex was disoriented? After noticing his environment, Hawk's voice echoed in his thoughts relaying the message to charge when the signal was given. With that, the intrusion of his mind ended leaving Lex even more puzzled. What signal was he waiting for? "I don't know... own damn supplies," Hawk directed towards Iraut. "These are our damn supplies now," Iraut responded. His hand compressed as he tried to pull the trigger of Hawk's gun; however, he was horrifically surprised when a powerful jolt of electricity emitted from the weapon short circuiting his nervous system. The man froze, paralyzed from the electricity. Lex took this as the signal Hawk had referred to. Extending his hand, Lex whispered the words, "Volux sh'ling nilon." A single jolt of electricity flew across the room to his sword. The jolt melded into the metal sword ionizing it, and then it flew across the room into Lex's hand. A smiled crept its way onto his face as sweat began to crawl down his face. He was tiring from his use of magic and fighting; he wouldn't be able to keep this up much longer. He needed to finish this fight swiftly, and he had the perfect spell in mind to do just that. All Lex hoped was that he wouldn't be rendered unconscious from being too fatigued to cast the spell. "Fla'rack o'rolm!" Lex said going pale in the face. His eyes glowed yellow as he surged forward at a stunning speed while a stream of lightning was left in his wake. Bringing his shield to his forefront, Lex collided with Iraut sending his paralyzed figure skidding backward. In the few seconds of the collision, he managed to separate the gun from his hand and threw it towards his companion. Turning his attention to Sierra who was now backing up towards a wall, he uttered in an angry voice, "And you!" With the same stunning speed, he closed the distance between him and Sierra, bringing the length of his blade to her throat pinning her to the wall. Now, Lex's spell finally faded off as his exhaustion was about to overwhelm him, and to anyone who was paying any attention, Lex was barely able to stay on his feet right now.
  15. How would Iraut respond to Hawk's comment? Would he just fire the gun or make a remark back at him?
  16. Arsus slowly opened his eyes to find himself in a shabby medical room. There was a scorching pain in his shoulder, and he was cold and clammy. The bed he laid on slowly creaked as he sat up, alerting a nurse and a nearby doctor. They lazily sulked deprived of sleep. Arsus thought they must've been quite busy in a town full of drunken fools. They briefly informed Arsus his situation and that when he was conscious enough, he was free to leave. The way they said it almost seemed that they were trying to rush him out, probably to make room for another poor fellow. Once they left, he looked at the clock to see that it was early the next morning. When the throbbing in his head subsided, he slowly rose from the bed and frantically looked around when he didn't see his saber or pistol. Leaving the room, Arsus approached a desk nearby asking about his lost items. Luckily, the receptionist knew the guard who had brought him here also had confiscated his weapons to prohibit him from causing any more unwanted commotion. Pulling out a bag from behind the desk, the kind lady handed Arsus what he had been searching for. Leaving the building, he noticed Ainsworth sitting on a bench just outside. While strapping on his belongings, Arsus approached his friend still clammy, but at least the color in his face seemed to be returning. "Ainsworth," he began in a hoarse voice, slowly growing in strength as he continued,"What the hell happened?"
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  19. Lex turned to face Hawk with an annoyed expression spread across his face. "No, they need the medicine more than we do, we are leaving now!" Lex surprised himself with the aggressive tone which he ended his sentence. He took a step toward his companion preparing to remove him from the room forcefully. Hawk took a small step away from him as he approached with a menacing look on his face. In the background, Sierra could be heard pleading Lex for his help to keep Hawk from taking the chest of medicine. When Lex finally stood next to Hawk, he put his hand on Hawk's shoulder saying, "We are leaving immediately. You and I both know that we don't need that medicine. Can you let dozens of people die because the military decided its resources?" Hawk pushed Lex's hand off of him and took another step back. Frustrated and angered with his comrade, Lex raised his fist and propelled it towards Hawk's face aiming to render him unconscious. However, he ducked under the attack and rolled off to the side with ease. Becoming increasingly frustrated, Lex drew his sword relaying one final message. "Either you walk out now on your own two legs, or I'll cut them off and drag you out myself." Lex had no intention of actually removing any of Hawk's appendages; however, breaking a few bones wouldn't be out of the realm of possibilities. Hawk held his ground trying to convince Lex there was something wrong with his head or something; Lex wasn't paying attention. All he could think about was helping Sierra and her cause. Charging, sword held vertically to Lex's side, he swung the blade turning it so that flat of the blade connected with Hawk instead of the razor sharp edge. Finally connecting with his friend, Hawk was sent tumbling sideways onto the ground, out of breath. Pausing for a moment, Lex thought about how he shouldn't be fighting his friend. It wasn't right. Sierra noticed his hesitation and her voice rung out to him. "You have to continue. If you don't, he'll take the chest away from those who need!" Bringing his hand to his face, Lex rubbed it. All the events that were transpiring were causing him to have a massive headache. Hawk took this opportunity to tackle Lex to the ground. Because of this, Lex's sword skidded across the floor while he became pinned under Hawk. Upon Lex's chest Hawk plead with him to fight what was happening to him. Lex's head split with pain. He didn't know whether to listen to Sierra's voice or Hawk's. Head butting the detective to disorient him, Lex grabbed the man by either side of his chest and heaved him over to the side. Rolling over to his knees, Lex punched the floor screaming in pain while bolts of electricity arched off him and onto the ground around him.
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  21. Due to the pain from the bite in his shoulder, Arsus only managed a weak grunt to Ainsworth. The Naga slowly backed off of him and coiled up preparing to pounce on Ainsworth. As the monster leaped at his comrade, Arsus pulled the silver revolver with elegant golden lines ingrained in it and released a round of magical energy that pierced the naga just below the torso. While in midair, the serpentine creature collapsed in on itself and collided with the hard ground several feet from his target. "How dare you sshoot me!" It began with hate booming in its voice, "I will make your death especially painful now!" Opening its mouth and pointing it towards Arsus, the naga spat venom at Arsus. Using all of his strength, he threw himself to the side narrowly escaping the acidic grasp of the green poison. Where he once lay was now a puddle of bubbling green liquid with fumes rising into the air from it. The naga prepared to shoot another stream of its venom by opening its mouth once more. Knowing he couldn't muster the strength to dodge the next stream, Arsus pointed the gun off the ground towards the naga. However, the venom from the bite earlier began to take effect on Arsus' eyes. He tried his hardest to focus; however, the poison made his vision much too blurry to effectively aim. What made the situation even worse was that now the naga was between him and Ainsworth, therefore, if Arsus missed, he might kill his new friend. Knowing he didn't have time to think of another option, Arsus let off another shot. The round missed the naga spectacularly and met with the side of the brick building to the side of them causing splinters of clay to spray over Ainsworth and the back of the naga. The spray caught the serpent off guard and startled him giving Arsus enough time to fire off his third shot. Luckily, this one met with the beasts left shoulder causing it to slump over in pain and hiss. Bringing up its head, the animal's menacing eyes met with Arsus'. Seeing that Arsus was pointing the magical revolver at him once again, it ducked and shot forward slithering past him with incredible speed. Arsus brought the gun around to point at the serpent as it escaped and fired one last shot that failed to do anything but cause more damage to the already run down town. Ainsworth ran up to the fallen Arsus and helped him up. "I need to get to a physician for my wound and this veno..." Arsus whispered before he blacked out from the pain of the poison running through his veins.
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