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  1. Open in the breath of the wild forest of Japan, a small 11 year old Kaneme wandered silently through them, the tracks of mud left over from today's rain imprinted on his bare feet. So small, so weak now. He's tired from this journey he's taken from the Yakuza who had taken his family away from him. He was lucky to be alive, granted. But... he watched his home burn down to ash and flame. The home he grew up in all gone to waste. Sniffling a breath at the thought wrapping his mothers old scarf around his neck wrapping his small and frail arms around his body he glances around in hopes to keep himself occupied. And hopes that it'll keep that way. Leaves dripped with fresh dew. How early was it? 5:00? 6:00 AM? He didn't sleep much last night. Thankfully a tree he slept under kept much of the rain away from him. But it still made him soaked from the trees dripping with them. Although he hadn't gotten a good slept. It was enough for now until he should pass out from exhaustion. Tilting his head up, the small child turned his head viewing over his shoulder to see what was coming. Did the Yakuza find him?! No... he was well hidden surely! Whimpering a breath he turned his body around to see what the sound was coming from. Crunching of leaves that followed it. The leaves were starting to grow back, sure, but some fell either way and that gave Kaneme security. "Who... who's t-there?" He whispered quietly shivering with unknown fear.
  2. Soooo I'm looking for a specific roleplay that involves a non-human character adopting a human child. This is called interspecies adoption roleplay. And for me; I have a huge ass list of fandoms/species we can do. I would highly like to be the child being adopted but will be the parent if requested. Soooo, here's my list! Fandoms ---------- The Lion King (Sarabi/Nala/Kiara/Zira/Simba, regular or anthro) DragonBall-Z (Beerus, but can look up any other character you want to roleplay as) Aliens Vs Predators (xenomorph or Yautja) Zootopia (Judy Hopps, Nick Wilde, or any other character Marvel (Mama Venom/Carnage/Anti-Venom/Toxin. We can do male as well. You can play as other character as well) DC comics (would love to do a killer Croc or Cheetah adoption, male or female version is fine. Again you can play other characters as well if you don't feel for Killer Croc or Cheetah) Jurassic Park Godzilla franchise Monster Masume Pokémon (any Pokémon is fine!) Digimon (Any Digimon is fine) Minerva Mink My little pony: FIM (mainly interested being adopted by royals, however can do Mane Six or any other character if requested) Pleasure Bon Bon Furry (ONLY CLEAN) ---------- Non-fandoms: Dragons Dinosaur Aliens Anthros Mythical Creatures
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    Hi!! I'm a Japenese Teenager from Ito, who actually loves reading adoption fanfictions and actually so write a bit of them!! Call it regression but it's adorable to see and imagine. Anyway, i do a bit of art myself of the topic and still am learning how to do it. I'm not the best but not the worst!! Anyway, hope to be better friends on here!!