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  1. Weathered Graveyard

    Carmine was about to respond to the new woman that approached them when Kabuto began to run toward the fence"Look! I think he wants us to follow him."She called before sprinting after him.She couldn't help but laugh at the fact that just a few moments of go he was barely responsive now He's running and sprinting over fences.As she made it to the fence she wondered if she could vault it as well as Kabuto did, but decided to play it safe and ungracefully climbed over the fence. When Carmine reached Kabuto he was already drifting back to sleep"Whoa there! Don't fall asleep just yet!"She jostled him in the hopes to prolong his slumber, then looked at the door he was resting on, then the lock of the door"The chapel? Is there something in the chapel?"She paused and looked for the other women behind her then at the lock again..."Look I can get you into the chapel but you're gonna need to stay awake. Deal?"
  2. Weathered Graveyard

    Carmine's eyes met with the man's only for a moment and felt the warmth momentary run out of her body and she instinctively shivered.She began to eye the man cautiously...Something wasn't right...he- She suddenly heard a voice coming from up ahead.She looks up to see a small woman, not small in stature- well maybe but, in presence.Chances are she would have never noticed her if she never approached them"Huh? Oh Um...No...!" She suddenly snapped back into reality" Well...I knew some of these people but, not that well- I'm sorry if I was bothering you."She said politely with a slight bow, then quickly moved to the woman's side, facing the man"I just found...This guy sleeping here and I was just trying to figure him out."she said in almost a stage whisper as she occasionally glanced back at him.
  3. Weathered Graveyard

    Carmine jumped before let out a sigh of relief when she noticed him moving "Oh so you can hear me?"Carmine asked with a chuckle, She knelt down"Look mister, I don't know if you realize or not but you were taking your nap in a graveyard."She took her cigarette and gestured at the general area.She quickly noticed his grimace and figured it was the smell of the cigarette. she stood to her full height of a little more than five feet and tossed the almost completely used cigarette aside.She pressed it into the ground with her boot"Sorry about that I know it's not the best smell in the world, my mom is the same way."She chuckled" Anyhow, how about you get up and we see about finding a better place for you to catch some 'Zs'?" She was honesty trying to figure this person out, she considered reaching for her dagger in her purse, but the man didn't seem like he was going to try anything...
  4. Weathered Graveyard

    Carmine parked herself in the front of the chapel and looked at the ruins of the once pristine building with a sigh. She took a pack of cigarettes out of her pocket and tapped it lightly against her palm. She began to approach the broken doors of the chapel. Carmine placed the cigarette in her mouth and pulled a box of matches out of the other pocket. She struck the match against the box, she brought the burning match to the cigarettes hanging lazily out of her mouth.She peeked through the broken door into the dark sanctuary, Grandpa would be so disappointed... She thought to herself as she tossed the used match to the ground, ... He devoted his life to this place... She felt the frame of the door and ran her hand along it gently, almost giving herself a splinter in process ...And here it is,only thirty years after he died... She didn't dare to walk inside the dilapidated but she did peer inside, she did have some memories, vague ones but memories nevertheless. After a moment or two she began to walk around the the building. She took a drag from her cigarette as she wondered why she came here of all places.She came to a place her father barely cared about both in his youth and in his later years. For once though, since her fathers passing she felt calm here. As she thought she kept walking, it wasn't long before she found herself behind the chapel.There she fond a small graveyard, if could even call it that at this point... she walked deeper into the graveyard despite her uneasiness. She'd - according to her father- was always afraid of this part of the chapel and who could blame her? Especially now that it's in such disrepair, it looks like something straight out of a horror movie. In the middle of her thought something caught her eye...Was that a...person?She found herself creeping toward the figure laying on the bare ground next to a grave. It wasn't a corpse it was way to...fresh to be something that would be buried here.What if it was some weirdo sunbathing in a graveyard....for some reason.Or what if they were someone that needed help?She gulped and against her better judgement she approached him" Excuse me...?"She Called with a slight lisp "Excuse me...!"She sighed and prodded the man the man in the side with her foot" Hey mister? Can you hear me?" she called again.
  5. Hi there! I think this is really interesting, I would love to be a part of it!