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  1. smolbee

    OOC: Weathered Graveyard

  2. smolbee

    OOC: Weathered Graveyard

    @Queen_Pryde your turn!
  3. smolbee

    Weathered Graveyard

    She was startled to find a young man staring at her from a fair distance. Osana froze at the spot, unsure of whether or not to approach him or casually walk away. He also had company, some girl who seemed to be around her age. She began to wonder if there was a situation unfolding. If there were any disruptions that threatened to cut the peace of the cemetery, Osana always felt a wordless obligation to solve it immediately. After putting her hand on her lips and pressing it to each of her family members' gravestones, Osana slowly approached the pair, fiddling with her hands. She had to do something with her fingers. So used to being introverted, Osana never thought she would have the audacity to even begin a conversation. "Hello, are you guys visiting loved ones?" she asked softly as she looked to him and then to the other girl. "I'm just asking because I heard some yelling. Something going on?" Hopefully Osana didn't trigger anything in the slightest.
  4. The Great Gatsby was so tragic, wtf.

  5. I got two books to read, but I'm not as motivated as I should be. Aghhhh! :dizzy:

  6. Y'all should listen to Sad and Boujee by Elijah Who. It sounds so good, wtf.

  7. smolbee

    Tavern of Legend: Season 2

    Osana was just about to introduce herself when @ShadowBurn had suddenly thrown a dagger at the bathroom. She gasped in shock as the door opened to reveal the man inside. Quickly, Osana turned away from the unnecessary view. She came here to drink and rest, not to run into some random commotion that slightly disgusted her. Osana distracted herself by sipping on her drink and jumped a little when the man regarded her once more. "Oh! My name is Osana. And you are?" she tipped her cup toward him, awaiting a reply. At the same time that she felt awkward about the current situation at hand, she was also intrigued by him and where he'd happen to learn how to use a dagger with such skill for a minimal reason.
  8. I want to eat some ramen right about now.

  9. smolbee

    OOC: Weathered Graveyard

    Cool! This is pretty convenient :'))
  10. || Hey! Mind if I respond? :') || Osana had heard his voice the night before and the time it took for him to step down and go away for some time. Her heart still ached from what he'd done to her. She wasn't one to forgive easily, but Dylan was strangely persistent. She wasn't as hard as she thought she was and stumbled between her choices--whether or not she'd open that door and let herself be vulnerable to him, or continue to ignore him like she had before. But Osana wasn't so cruel like that. She got up from her bed and walked up to the door, slowly opening it to find Dylan drenched by the rain and shivering in the cold. "Oh my god," she whispered and didn't hesitate to pull him inside, closing the door behind her. "What the hell, Dylan?"
  11. smolbee

    Weathered Graveyard

    Osana found solace in the graveyard where her family was buried. As morbid as it sounded that Osana found peace in the setting, it was true. She always came here everyday after classes to sit beside her family graves and tell them about her day. It wasn't that she didn't have any friends, but that it was something obligatory to her to tell her deceased loved ones about her daily life. The routine had never exactly stopped ever since they passed a while ago under frustrating circumstances. Visitors would usually go to the graveyard to send their condolences quietly, but not today. There was someone here who called out for another person in the premises. She didn't even know there were other people in the graveyard until she heard another voice call out. It didn't irritate her, but she thought the common graveyard etiquette was to maintain a quietude inside the property. She stood up from her family's graves, smiling sadly at them. "'Til tomorrow," she murmured and walked away from them. Each time she left their side, a burdensome weight lifted off her chest. She began to feel at much more ease everyday. Perhaps it was her looking toward the future and that dwelling on the past was soon becoming nonexistent. It slightly bothered her, but at least it was a small step toward moving on.
  12. Craving some mochi ice cream right about now...

  13. I'd like to participate in this roleplay!
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    Friends of the Prince

    I'm interested in this RP! My character profile is in the signature :')
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    Ventrix Industries Is Hiring!

    I'm interested in joining this RP!