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  1. I like your hat!

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      Why Thank You! *Tips hat* I am honoured to have some amenities on this profile ;p

  2. Tavern of Legend: Season 2

    "WOWSER!" Shade shouted enthusiastically "Now that is Spicy!" He said with a grin on his head . He then snatched the dark hat and plopped it ontop of his head now wearing two hats. "This is ironic" he laughed "You are called shade because you're shady" he laughed out loud. He was having the time of his life. "Ah dear so.. who are ya really and why have you stolen my beautiful body is your own too ugly or is it just that its me I mean if I were you I'd want to steal me." He said enthusiastically at his doppleganger twirling both hats round his head.
  3. Tavern of Legend: Season 2

    (Sorry for the lateness) Shade harumphed as he put away his dagger muttering something about 'Women ruining fun' then picking his hat up , shaking the cat furs of , he plopped it onto his head giving that award winning grin . "Yeah sorry bout the knife" he said to the women with the corset "Just ol' habits" he said his voice fading away into a flashback... He then shook himself and turned his head to look at just how packed the tavern had gotten! Although their table was by far one of the most crowded - a trait he was not sure he liked. He then looked at his wrist , to which nothing was there, and said out loud "Crikey is that the time . I'dve hoped that I would be doing constructive and rewarding by now.." to which he turned to the whole table in general "Anyone got any tasks that I could perform for Gold? And not simple make the task spicy."he said with enthusiasm
  4. Tavern of Legend: Season 2

    Mr Slipps carefully padded over to the treat he pawed at it snatched it and trotted back to Antionette and nibbled on it. "Seems he's created a nest on you" Shade joked as he sipped a drink. "Thanks for the treat"he turned towards the generous gifter "He doesnt deserve it but hey it keeps him happy"I said pompously whilst taking out a black knife with shadows flitting out of it and started to stab my napkin burning dark holes through it. Growing bored of this I put the knife down on the table took of my hat and plopped it onto Mr Slipps. He looked like an angry black tortoise with a yellow disfigured shell. I chuckled to myself my black cropped hair lightly swaying
  5. Tavern of Legend: Season 2

    "Oh ok..." I said unsure of how to react " Ah yes sorry my name . My name is shade but NOT because I'm shady " I said apologetically adding the last part hastily "As for my cat's name he's called Mr Slipps ; Slipps for short. He's a slippery cat and of course you gotta add the gentlemanly Mr at the start or Guvnor'..... Guv'nor Slipps"I was lost in my own world before coming back to reality "So what brings you to this place its not the most attractive looking place. There are more attractive things out there " I said winking at the last bit
  6. Tavern of Legend: Season 2

    He smiled at her warmly before returning the handshake noticing her tattoo however before he could mention it she spoke " Yeah I wish I could say the same about my cat . It literaly hates anything and everything....-" he cut off to watch the cat 'who hated anything and everything' pad over to Antionette and mewl whilst rubbing his head almost smirking at me. "How..." I trailed off before I changed the topic " I noticed you have a peculiar tattoo - not that I was staring at you or anything " he said while blushing "but is it merely cosmetically enhancing or something else?"
  7. Tavern of Legend: Season 2

    He nodded at her comments scowling at shady 'I am not shady' he thought to himself before turning to the newcomer ( @Sparrowgirl). " G'day, So what's your name. Pray sit " I said drawing a seat to our already busy table as my cat smiled at the attention it was recieving I snatched it back to enjoy its hiss of annoyance before politely turning to the newcomer (Also kimchi I wasnt directly talking to you so I didnt mention you sorry D:)
  8. Tavern of Legend: Season 2

    Annoyed I decided to go into a corner of the tavern to have a peaceful time maybe even find a quest giver who knows. Looking round the easiest least packed corner to get to was only occupied by a women in a corset and a man talking to her. Hoping they were distracted with each other I picked up my hissing cat and strode over to the corner sitting on a seat opposite the pair plopping the cat down onto my lap where it gave the evil eye to me but remained still. Ordering a drink I thought so as to join the social convention I tipped my yellow fedora at them and said "G'day. What brings us here" I said in a friendly tone avoiding their eyes and trying not to stare. @Alex Kimchi @Uschi
  9. Tavern of Legend: Season 2

    (Its ok :p you posted first @ODSTDRAGON) Sitting there a faint hiss came from inside her till a snake protruded doin' the usual 'hiss stay away nonsense' . " I wish I had a familiar who was that well trained" I said wistfully reaching into my pocket and pulling out a fat black cat and plopped it onto the table. It just sat there lazily hissed at me then fell asleep "See uselessnesss" I muttered. "Raine eh well my name is-" she abruptly got up and left the tavern. Slightly hurt I called "Was it something I said?" before slumping down in my seat. 'I really needed to find someone that can heal' I thought as my cat almost smirked at me bemused that my company abandoned me. God I hated this cat! I sat there noticing that my hands were sweaty.... 'that's why' I thought to myself annoyed.
  10. Tavern of Legend: Season 2

    As more and more people milled into this great Tavern I decided to leave my companion for someone who'd be better for her to talk to I got up before being a witness to ( @TurtleHat ) fall flat on her face. Usually I would've burst out laughing with my immature personality however I felt sorry for her and geniune compassion.My heart melted when she went over to the corner and started crying... I did the best and worst thing to do : cheer her up and the drawback , she'd unfortunately have to deal with me. Walking over to her and donning my bright yellow fedora and sitting opposite her I opened my mouth "Are-" I was cut off by the chap next to me. Blushing and embarrassed I fiddled with my fingers until she answered with an 'ok'. Then I peeped in " We cant have you falling over now can we?" I said kindly . Then with a smile I asked "Soo what is your name?"
  11. Tavern of Legend: Season 2

    "Yeah.. apologies once again 'bout that . Osana ... O-S-A-N-A." He muttered testing out the syllables of her name "Pretty cute name --er I mean quite a nice name "he said hurriedly avoiding her gaze before hurriedly changing the topic "Yeah most of all my friends call me Shade"He said wistfully before sharply adding "Not because I'm shady" . He swiveled back round to face the bar before adding "So what brings you to these parts?" He inquired curiously taking off his bright yellow fedora and plopping it on the counter revealing his dark hair which looked fancy after the amount of combing he'd done to perfect it. @smolbee
  12. Tavern of Legend: Season 2

    Sitting at the bar I quietly pondered life before I vaguely noticed the woman from previously ( @smolbee ) sit next to me. I turned and politely tipped my bright yellow fedora at her and politely " Well G'day how are you and what might be you name-" he was cut off by the sharp tapping of the bathroom door nearby and with a great sigh. He turned and threw a dagger at the door keyhole and with a squeak from the occupant inside the door slowly creaked open revealing @balls a STEEL as I quickly hopped over to him patted him on the head and reclaimed my dagger and returned to my seat as I turned to the lady "Apologies for that , you were saying" a faint blush creeping into his face as he fully comprehended her face and features.
  13. Tavern of Legend: Season 2

    The road is ever long a journey in which I will take. A goal in mind naught, an end I must make. In the distance as far as the eye can see , in the distance a tavern just over the trees. I then , headed north all alone just me... Entering the tavern I could see I was not the first newcomer as I passed by a lady ( @smolbee ) I tipped my bright yellow fedora at her and passed politely past her to eventually find a seat. After looking round for a while I called over a bartender and decided to order a treat. "Something to quench my thirst" I said "Something ever so sweet." If I did not have a drink soon how was I ever to survive the heat. I sat there patiently slurping next to many a spare seat , as I wondered to myself 'Who on earth am I going to meet?' OOC: I have no idea why I posted in rhyme guess I felt like it. xD..... but who cares , probably wont ever be doing it again anyways :p