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  1. I thought I'd make this post as an early reminder, just so it doesn't seem like I vanished. I'm gonna be away from my computer for the next two weeks, and my phone is a bit unforgiving with mobile. So, feel free to skip me and what not, but until I get back, the captain will be ordering his platoon from the future camp and Tyrant has temporary control of Sergeant Edvon. Thanks!
  2. The more dimwitted of the group, the heroic styled paladin, blindly scooted past Dryston and the others of his newfound companions. He still had his shield on him, raising it slightly in a short guard as he brought up his free hand, waving it as he continued to approach. He got stuck halfway, groaning as he pushed past the small block, continuing to wave as he spoke. "Hullo! Do you know me? I am Ujimar, paladin of the light!" the man shouted out with no hesitation.
  3. The Captain turned his head to face the mercenaries, them having reentered his tent. He crossed his arms as he took a step forward, his gaze turning to face Kyanne. For someone of his age, the Captain was quite tall, towering over the group within his tent as his eyes moved from one to the other, him sighing as he let his arms fall to his sides. "Your actions are the only thing halting this band of hired muscle. If you were to truly be heading north, especially on this route, I would have received a letter from the state warning me of this. Yet here you are, crawling into places where your noses do not belong." He said with stern tone, his brows furrowed as he turned his head from one member of the group to the next, his face contorting slightly as he looked at Hisashi. "I will.." He stopped, reluctantly saying his next words. "..Ignore, these actions. However, I ask of something in return. My Platoon has been stationed here for weeks, and we have seen little to no combat. What I ask is simple: Allow us to pass with your group so that you may be guided along the path North. Should you refuse, you will be sent on your way, free to cross the bridge and off into the savage lands of the North. I will not chase you, hunt you down, do any sort of action, but I simply ask that you allow us to pass with you into the North, we know of a small village that will shelter us for some time." The Captain made his request heard, the sergeant scurrying about outside ordering around the spare troops doing nothing but gawk at the tent to start cleaning things up. Blackblade stared down the head of the group once more, standing with his hands on his hips as he looked down upon whomever it was, waiting for some sort of answer.
  4. The paladin took a step forward, his armor scraping like nails on a chalk board as it collided with the stone and metal walls. He groaned, tilting his head back slightly as he lurched forward, breaking free from the catacomb's shackles before lowering his sword once more, sheathing it as he held his shield idly. As heroic as Ujimar looked, he was not the brightest, he had common sense, but his smarts were lacking. His identity as a member of the Light was surprisingly hidden, his mind rolling over such an issue completely as he responded. "I am here in search of the griffin that you speak of. I have come with a group of accomplices but I seem to have gotten separated.. Have you seen anyone in similar armor to mine? Bright white with gold trimmings?" He said blankly, resting his hands on his hips as he tilted his head to the side. "If you aid me in such an endeavor, I shall assist you in finding this cup you speak of."
  5. Gaulder Looked up from his spot at the temple gate. He was exhausted from the duel with Malik, not from overexerting himself, but from the toxin that was employed against him. He still felt it's effects slightly, getting a few pangs in the heart as he moved about. He sat quietly in his own little section of the temple, his speediness in decoration showing up as he left his mark on every little wall around his side of the building, along with multiple stained parchments, all detailing numerous different things about the oblivion realms and even beyond. His 'decorations' even popped up on the other end of the temple, either outside of the other Sin's rooms or in the common areas. He stood up however at the sound of fighting, smiling to himself as he grabbed his sword, crashing through the doorway to his section of the temple, tossing rubble and debris everywhere as he trudged along. His entrance into the other side of the temple was signaled by his uncanny yelling, him running over with his sword over his head as he sent it slamming down on to a Tengu warrior, decimating the creature, and the landscape around it for a good 10 meter radius around the strike zone. He pulled his sword from the earth as he looked around, a flash of light appearing on his left arm as his shield spawned from seemingly nothing, him raising it to deflect against a possible strike, all the while his eyes scanned for another thing to kill. "Come now! Weaklings! Bow to your Overlord! I am Gaulder the Exalted!" 14/15 (Don't know if its 15 for all of us or 15 per sin.)
  6. I can't read, I'm sorry! But the Captain is tall himself, so..
  7. Blackblade turned his gaze to the woman currently touching his elbow, quirking a brow as his attention was flipped from the exiting mercenary party to her. The unusually comforting presence of the tiny being set him to calm down slightly, resting the tent flap back into place as he turned himself to face her, crouching slightly to meet her gaze. The captain appeared much older up close, his hair greying in some areas, and his voice rather hoarse from age. His eyes were slightly dulled, and his skin was losing it's once prominent pigment, turning to wrinkles with time. "Is there a reason you are touching me? I'm slightly busy with a matter that could destroy our untouched Northern barricade." He said, waiting for an answer. Outside the tent, the bridge was defended by four troops, two on each side as they stepped in front of the path, creating a human wall as they held their spears upwards. By the looks of them, they were of higher rank then the other troops, their armor having seen more wear and tear and generally looking stronger then most with additional plating here and there. "Not so fast you fiends. You cannot simply walk this bridge and expect to live to tell the tale, for this reason I ask that you stow your anger and exit this camp from whence you came, immediately." a voice said from behind the party at the bridge. The sergeant from earlier stepped forward to the head of the group, his hands cupped behind his back as he spoke again, his germanic accent putting emphasis on his words. "This is your final warning, Ma'am. We do not wish to resort to violence, we are simply doing our job of defending this bridge from entrance and exit, and you are making this harder then it should be." he said, a few paces away from Marigold as he looked up to her slightly, giving her a cheeky grin as he stood.
  8. The sudden intrusion of random, armed civilians sent Ujimar back slightly. He raised his longsword as he found a knife to be pointed towards him, lowering his guard as the blue-haired man eased off as well. He stood up straight, his posture quite heroic in stature as he looked upon those in front of him. He was, undoubtly, cramped in his position, his shoulder plates scraping the metallic and brick walls every so often as he shifted. "I am Ujimar Ysgrimorus, you are?" He questioned, setting the point of his blade into the ground as he held his tower shield by his side. His armor was a grand, ivory white, adorned with gold trimmings, a short, flowing cape fluttered behind him, waving with every little move.
  9. Eva looked up at the new patron who approached, giving him a smile as she set another small craft to hover about in circles, watching as it bumped into other displays galore, knocking one over as it bumped into it's port side. "Hi, I'm Eva! Thank ya, these lil' airships are prototypes at the moment, but they're powered by a recently discovered piece a' magitech. They don' have as much power as their bigger counterparts, but they're gettin' there!" She said to the man, grabbing the hovering display and setting it back in it's respective rack.
  10. Ujimar has been traveling through the tunnels alone, he just broke through a wall and found himself next to Dryston's group last I checked.
  11. Eva peered up from her stand, letting another small aircraft hover about on her stand. By this two point, two of the small contraptions were floating in loose circles on her stand, sometimes bumping into other display pieces but causing no harm to them. She noticed Wendolyn rushing over, and shut down the two idle floaters, setting them back on their respective display racks as she moved to greet the fellow dwarf. "Hey! Your stand looks great, you have some incredible things here. I wish I didn't get stuck with guard duty so I could show some stuff I was working on." Eva gave a curt nod of thanks as she leaned back in her seat. "Thank ya! I've been workin' on 'ese fer quite a time. They came out good didn't they? I'm ta' hear yer stuck on guard duty, hopefully ya get off soon!". At that, she looked to her own armband, sighing at the more frequent amounts of chatter clogging up her screen. She tapped the band for a little bit, turning back to Wendolyn as she finished her sentence. "We should get together sometime and brainstorm some ideas for inventions! I'm sure it'll be great fun." "Aye, we should. Tell ya what, I'm free next week if ya wanna stop by, got all sorts a' scrap we can poke around with!"
  12. Oh bollocks, I forgot the most important bit of my post! Thank you for reminding me!
  13. The Captain led the way to his tent, having enough common decency to at least hold open the tent flap to his little troop. Once everyone entered, he let the flap swing shut, walking past the group to his seat on the other end of a large table, littered with various well-drawn maps. With a groan, he sat down, looking to the band of mercenaries with a dull look, yet a dormant ferocity in his eyes. He leaned forward, looking to whomever was at the head of the group, directing his question to whoever that may be. "Now, my question is very simple, and it is well within my justification to ask it. Why in the four plains has this man come crawling into my tent, especially fully armed with weaponry. If I didn't know any better it'd be full blown stupidity, but I sense something else in his mind. So what is it, espionage? Or were my previous thoughts correct? And this was a blunder of the mind." He gave them no time to answer, instead throwing another question their way, standing up as he loomed over them. "Better yet, what is your reasoning for passing this far out of Skarn. You stand upon the Northern border, fully armed, or close to it." He said, crossing his arms as his eyes slowly darted between the few people before him. "If your plan is to cross, I'm sorry to say, but your answer is a very big no. Numerous savage tribes have occupied this region, we get attacked a good few times a day from them, yet we've held strong." He sat back down in his chair, brushing a small bit of hair out of his eyes as he looked on. His finger idly tapped on the armrest of his seat, his patience slowly draining as he waited. He quirked a brow however, raising a finger to count the mercenaries before him, coming up short of one as he stood up. "There was.. Oh for Hysmir's sakes.. Where's the other one?" He said as he stepped to the tent flap, poking his head out as he ordered his troops to bring the straggler in. Those nearby stepped towards Kyanne, weapons sheathed as they calmly approached. The soldier nearest to her pointed to the Captain's tent, piping up in a quiet tone. "You'd better go, for your sakes, ma'am.. He's feisty.. Just listen to him and you'll be home free."
  14. Eva looked out on the raging battle just in front of the base, evaluating what she saw and trying to think up quick possibilities that could work in her favor. Her thought was broken by Renin however, the amount of noise making it a little difficult to hear, but she nodded anyway, running in the opposite direction to the gunship. She grabbed a handful of engineers, and ordered them to grab as much powder kegs or spare artillery shells they could fit in the ship. She hopped into the pilot's seat, flicking switches and pushing buttons as the gunship began to gain air, hovering slowly into the sky as she took hold of the handle. Before long, the mighty beast was above everything, engineers poking out of the side doors of the gunship, holding nothing but artillery shells in their hands as they opened up their main shells, altering the inner timers as they conveyor-belted the bombs down the line. Eva came on the global channel the dwarven army shared, shouting out her orders. "I want artillery ta' start preppin' HEAT! Get the field guns in position and start shovin' HEDP into those damn tanks, and aim fer the turrets! Current callsign fer gunship one-one is 'Valkyrie One-One'! We'll be actin' as air support!" The gunship tipped forward, staying on a high angle above the field before she turned to the crew. "Drop 'em! Go! Go!". The engineers nodded, and began dumping the artillery shells they grabbed out of the side doors. The timed projectiles whistled as they fell, exploding just before they hit the earth, sending shrapnel and other metallic bits in every direction in a rain of hellfire. Soon the powder kegs followed in loosely precise attacks on the hover-tanks, landing on top of them and exploding on contact, the primitive wooden barrels falling apart under the intense heat. Artillery cannons slowly angled themselves towards the field, and booms of the mighty guns filled the air. Whistle after whistle cracked the air as they slammed against the ground, exploding in massive plumes of dust and sending the mechanized soldiers in every direction. The recently ordered field guns turned to face the approaching Hover-tanks, firing their dual-purpose armaments at the strange contraptions, mainly their turrets. Eva returned to the radio once more, spouting another order. "I want all spare engineers ta' start collectin' loose shells, shove 'em in open crates and set 'em by the entrances, or even the field if ya 'ave ta'! Shove some sticks a' dynamite in them and wire them up, I want sections of these mines made, make it quick! This is our fallback plan!"