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  1. Dawn Over Draco South (OOC)

  2. Dawn Over Draco South

    The resounding clang of the massive double-axe striking Catherine made Ujimar laugh. His trip and fall quickly stifled his giddyness once the paladin's head bonked the floor of the catacombs. Quickly, he sjot back up, giving the vampiress no chance to strike as he thrust his weight into her side, hoping to pin the woman to the ground. If knocked off, he'd resort to repeating his motions with the axe, afterall, it dented her armor, one well placed hit was all it took for the mighty foe to topple over dead.
  3. Dawn Over Draco South (OOC)

  4. Dawn Over Draco South

    Ujimar wasn't prepared for Catherine to simply let go of her axe, but he was prepared for the two strikes she threw at him. The paladin quickly shot back at the kick to his shin, ducking his head at the sudden headbutt. He looked about the room, watching the massive griffin get attacked from all angles and Shiel charging it while it was grounded. His eyes turned to Sandra, who was still out cold, mechanical spiders crawling, making hideous clacking noises against the metal and brick surfaces of the catacombs. One crawled onto him, poking his kneeguard, only to be smashed by his balled-up fist, picked up, and thrown into a smaller swarm, destroying a good few of them. In his hand was the massive axe, as tall as he was, and quite a hitter. With a heavy groan, he dragged the weapon across the ground, bringing it up and slamming it down onto Catherine, hoping the overhead strike would do her in.
  5. Heroics in Ashville

    Perfect, thanks!
  6. Heroics in Ashville

    I've got a heroic warrior with a box of rocks for a brain, so if there is room for more on the hero party, I'd love to throw him in.
  7. Heroics in Ashville

    Is there still room in here for one more?
  8. Dawn Over Draco South (OOC)

  9. Dawn Over Draco South

    The large falling axe worried Ujimar alot less then it should have. He quickly brought his arm up, hooking it under the blade and halting the swing halfway. He got stunned at the sudden blow from Catherine's elbow, shaking his head as he retaliated. He dropped his sword, grabbing the lower end of the axe handle, trying his best to rip the beastly weapon from the vampiric ally's hands.* "Children do not- Ach!- play with scissors! Give it!"
  10. Dawn Over Draco South

    Ujimar looked back and forth, the weird looking killer beast, or the crazy lady that wears the same stuff he does. He raised his shield, along with his sword, bouncing between the two in his head before making his decision. He rushed Catherine, his shield lighting up, making her vampiric presence known to him, along with the rest in his group like her, a flaming glow surrounding the ivory-gold plate as he continued on the war-path. He brought his sword up high, it too glowing like his shield, bringing it down quickly, hoping to finish her quickly with a slash at the neck, or head, they were both the same height, so he generalized it this time around.
  11. Dawn Over Draco South (OOC)

    I know Catherine is a vampire now, but does she still have her paladin armor?
  12. Savage Lands OOC

    I thought I'd make this post as an early reminder, just so it doesn't seem like I vanished. I'm gonna be away from my computer for the next two weeks, and my phone is a bit unforgiving with mobile. So, feel free to skip me and what not, but until I get back, the captain will be ordering his platoon from the future camp and Tyrant has temporary control of Sergeant Edvon. Thanks!
  13. Dawn Over Draco South

    The more dimwitted of the group, the heroic styled paladin, blindly scooted past Dryston and the others of his newfound companions. He still had his shield on him, raising it slightly in a short guard as he brought up his free hand, waving it as he continued to approach. He got stuck halfway, groaning as he pushed past the small block, continuing to wave as he spoke. "Hullo! Do you know me? I am Ujimar, paladin of the light!" the man shouted out with no hesitation.
  14. The Company - Savage Lands

    The Captain turned his head to face the mercenaries, them having reentered his tent. He crossed his arms as he took a step forward, his gaze turning to face Kyanne. For someone of his age, the Captain was quite tall, towering over the group within his tent as his eyes moved from one to the other, him sighing as he let his arms fall to his sides. "Your actions are the only thing halting this band of hired muscle. If you were to truly be heading north, especially on this route, I would have received a letter from the state warning me of this. Yet here you are, crawling into places where your noses do not belong." He said with stern tone, his brows furrowed as he turned his head from one member of the group to the next, his face contorting slightly as he looked at Hisashi. "I will.." He stopped, reluctantly saying his next words. "..Ignore, these actions. However, I ask of something in return. My Platoon has been stationed here for weeks, and we have seen little to no combat. What I ask is simple: Allow us to pass with your group so that you may be guided along the path North. Should you refuse, you will be sent on your way, free to cross the bridge and off into the savage lands of the North. I will not chase you, hunt you down, do any sort of action, but I simply ask that you allow us to pass with you into the North, we know of a small village that will shelter us for some time." The Captain made his request heard, the sergeant scurrying about outside ordering around the spare troops doing nothing but gawk at the tent to start cleaning things up. Blackblade stared down the head of the group once more, standing with his hands on his hips as he looked down upon whomever it was, waiting for some sort of answer.
  15. Dawn Over Draco South

    The paladin took a step forward, his armor scraping like nails on a chalk board as it collided with the stone and metal walls. He groaned, tilting his head back slightly as he lurched forward, breaking free from the catacomb's shackles before lowering his sword once more, sheathing it as he held his shield idly. As heroic as Ujimar looked, he was not the brightest, he had common sense, but his smarts were lacking. His identity as a member of the Light was surprisingly hidden, his mind rolling over such an issue completely as he responded. "I am here in search of the griffin that you speak of. I have come with a group of accomplices but I seem to have gotten separated.. Have you seen anyone in similar armor to mine? Bright white with gold trimmings?" He said blankly, resting his hands on his hips as he tilted his head to the side. "If you aid me in such an endeavor, I shall assist you in finding this cup you speak of."