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  1. Right, I'm mainly trying to think of a logical way to hop in. I'd say "I was here the whole time!" But that it seems a little overused. Please help! And thanks for the refresh!
  2. I'd say this is a relief! At the moment, we are almost to 25 posts between us (I have 12 counting most recent, Super has 11 ((At current time!)) I can only assume that this quest should hopefully be over in the coming week, by then we will have reached 30 posts (Maybe more!) Thanks!
  3. I'll go very last then, after Prestississimo. Just as a refresher of sorts, everyone is descending through a maze-esc system of sewers, correct?
  4. Sweet! Thank you!
  5. Is this by chance open? I saw the thread had a tag saying it was but I didn't want to jump in unannounced. If not, completely fine!
  6. Your art is spectacular! I'm gonna look into this in the future when I actually have money to my name! Keep it up!
  7. I've got a char that could fit the destructive bill that is Mars, if not I can take Moon if it isn't already claimed!
  8. (PLEASE NOTE: This character is and will be an alternate section char unless said otherwise! Thanks!) "The Forefather! The great demonic lord himself! May he be lost to his devices within the mortal realm! Forever may he stay to toy with his followers!" - Lunarus, God of the Moon Person -- | Name: Gaulder of Oblivion | Alias: Tiny, Forefather | Sobriquet: N/A | Title: Excommunicated, Exalted, Forefather of Mankind | Actual Age: ~7000 | Apparent Age: 89 (Younger appearence if Dragon aspect is used ((~40)) | Race: God (Banished) | Gender: Male | Height: 10' (Ten feet Normal) 17' (Seventeen if Dragon aspect is used!) | Width: ~6.5' (Six and a half Normal) 13.5' (Thirteen and a half feet if DA is used!) | Weight: 5317lbs | Physique: Extremely well-toned, inhuman physique | Eyes: Dead teal flames (Normal Hazel eyes if DA is used!) | Hair color: Grey/ Aged white | Hair style: Long flowing hair, usually tied up in a loose ponytail if helmet is removed. Roughly trimmed beard. (Think of Reinhardt from Overwatch!) | Skin Tincture: Pale white (Healthy olive pigmentation if DA is used!) | Domicile: Oblivion | Region: The Nebulatus | Affiliations: The Seven Sins | Occupation: Banished War God/ Drifting Swordsman | Alignment: Chaotic Good | Likes: Destruction, Successful duels, Soul stealing and undead conscription. | Dislikes: Unsuccessful duels, failed attacks or seiges, generally anyone else who he deems unnecessary. | Demeanor: Gaulder is the physical embodiment of the Sin Wrath, almost always is he furious with anyone and anything, going out of his way to barrate what he deems awful with any word he can think of. His knowledge of battle is extensive, as he practically wrote it, his ego fuelling is uncanny rage. His shouting is recognizable for miles, yet the man himself is only known as a demonic war god, dragging with him the gateways to eternal suffering and pain. His personality under the affects of Dragon Aspect drops down almost a thousand knotches, being a more stoic, heroic, and generally clear-minded. His rage carries with him, but it is more controlled then his demonic counter part. Attire - | Head: A heavily rusted helmet, adorned with unrecognizable markings and runes of old. Battle scars from ancient warfare are evident all across the aged helm, however it seems none were able to ever severely damage the armor. (DA) The helmet gives off a nearly holy aura to any around it. The once rusted appearence now completely gone, replaced with a glorious silver coating, shiny enough for one to view their reflection. | Shoulders: A, like the helmet before it, caked in rust piece of work. A heavy set of horned shoulder pieces, the right plate showing off three talon marks. (DA) The slivery, mirror like shine greets you, the plates carrying sets of wax seals and parchment. The parchment holding bits and pieces of Mankind's history, from beginning to end. | Torso: A hulking mass of metal, built for durability over speed. Many plates along the abdominal region carry burn marks. (DA) A gold trimmed chest piece, complete with a majority of the set made from the same silvery sheen. Historical papers hanging from wax seals dot the upper chest and waist line. | Arms: Terribly burnt metal greets you, various claw marks have almost ripped the many layers of caked rust away, leaving behind a sickly crimson/yellow mix. (DA) The same mirror like metal shines in the light, various seals and papers draped like curtains near the bicep and elbow. | Hands: Horribly scorched rusted gauntlets, the fingers stained a deep crimson. (DA) Glorious silver gauntlets, the joints protected by gold trimmed knuckle pieces. Sharp horns protrude from the main joints at the beginning of the fingers, measuring 4 inches each. | Hips: (See Torso) Rusted and scarred metallic skirt, charred and burnt. (DA) The shiny metal is hidden under hundreds of red seals and parchment, as if it was the skirt itself. | Legs: Rusty and burnt, worn with centuries of age. (DA) Shiny and mirror-like, parchment and seals hanging from the knees and near the waist. | Footgear: The only real damaged piece of Gaulder's armor. Rusted and caked with rust, along with many cracks running from the base of the feet to the shin. (DA) Made from the same silvery metal as the rest. The end of the boot angled into a point for more physical needs. Gear -- | Shield: Alias: Spellbreaker Length: ~11' (N) ~18' (DA) Width: 5' (N) 14' (DA) General Description: A gold trimmed egg-shaped shield. A beady aqua blue orb sits in the center like a watchful eye. | Blade: Alias: Lunarus' Moonsword Length: 12' (N) 20' (DA) Hilt: 4' (N) 7' (DA) General Description: A master-crafted blade, made from an ornate unknown crystal. A boulder-weight bustersword/greatsword, made with neat rose gold material for the handle and hand guard. The blade itself is a bright luminesent teal, giving off an un-earthly glow.
  9. Wait, deleted the dule? Or am I really slow? And thank you! Nope, just slow!
  10. Last I checked, me and @ezkiel777 were still fighting, unless you want to speed ahead in progression!
  11. Eva flopped back as Sandra stood up, axe in hand as if she was about to turn her into mince meat. She raised her hands in front of her face in some futile attempt at defense, glaring up at her for a moment before watching as she sat back down. With a sigh, she lowered her hands and stood back up, brushing her pants off before scooting back over. "Apologies. This heat is making my mind weak and my sense dull." With a short chuckle, Eva reached into her pack, tugging a small water skin out from inside and handing it over with a smile. "Here, last thing we need is ya passin' out on us!" She said as she lowered herself to the same step Sandra sat on, crossing her legs as she grabbed a small bag from inside her pack. I had hoped to find work as a merchant guard before arriving. Now I can see that is unlikely. I have little money and now need to find a new way of earning my keep, unless you've any ideas?" "Oh, well I'm sorry to hear that, maybe there's something we can do ta' help ya!" She said as she grabbed a small portion of bread from the bag she had, tearing a half away and handing it to her. "I've got some extra coin if you'd want some!" With that, she took a bite out of the bit of bread she had, looking about the small group of four before tearing away more bits of grain for the rest of them, passing them around before turning back to Sandra. "I think money is the least of our worries at the moment, however. I say we ask a guard what's goin' on!"
  12. Sweet! Thank you very much!
  13. As the two pressed on further, they came to find a rather unnatural roadblock in their path. Lying in the snow was an overturned cart, dwarves were sat about either face down or strewn about, thick splotches of crimson somewhat hidden in the moonlit ice. Beside the massacre were a few bandit corpses as well, equally descicrated by snow and whatever got to them. Eva stood mouth-agape at the sight, rushing over to investigate the scene, leaving Yahweh to his devices in the snow. "By the divines! Yahweh, get over here quick! We've got injuries abroad!" She shouted as she tossed her pack over the overturned cart, following behind it as she hurdled the block and fell into the snow with a thud. Along with the gentle hum of the rocky earth, and low haunting howls of the snowy wind, distant groans could be heard nearby Yahweh, just up a small hill adorned with a dotty blood trail. A loud crack is heard as a bright light shoots up from the hill like a firework, making it up far into the air before gently hovering downwards, stopping midair all together as the flare idly sparked, emitting a bright light to illuminate the rest of the scene. More dead bandits and dwarves all around, some with weaponry lodged in them or held in their hands, like a vicious battle had erupted.