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  1. Bela cocked her head sideways at Arashi. "Hmm... I can't imagine there would be any natural cave formations around here." Curiosity indeed. What was he wondering? She studied the chipped piece of rock again for a moment before looking more closely at the pieces that were falling away from the wall by Arashi. A gleam caught her eye. Slowly she raised a finger and pointed. "It looks like it's coming off..." She moved over and began picking at the wall to see what lay beneath.
  2. So I never actually set where the quest was on Biazo, but looking at the lore articles it would probably be somewhere near Outpost Grey near the western coast of the isle. That puts us far from the main volcano, Bia'Thera, but Biazo is canonically covered in volcanoes of all sizes. Just thought I'd throw that out there!
  3. "Well, the Island is pretty famous for its geologic activity. The landscape is practically covered in volcanic pimples, not to mention Bia'Thera, the big ol' one up near the northern coast. I suppose it shouldn't be particularly surprising to find, but... well, I was thinking it's possible the volcanic flows may have covered something up that lies beneath them though. Unfortunately, I'm not well versed enough in geology to say exactly how old the rocks here are, only that they weren't always here, which is something that may have changed in recent history. Well. Geologically recent. So like, past 300 years or so?" Bela nodded in a no-nonsense manner towards the mushroom. "For its repopulation, I'll be needing a spore sample as well. The more spores the better; what kind of conditions does it like to grow under? Does it prefer the shady moisture of a cave like this, or would it rather have some sunlight? Does it prefer areas with lots of prey—I mean—uh, 'ecological activity' so it can, er, interact with lots of other species? I'm sure HERB would be happy to hear about whatever we can learn about this species in the process."
  4. No worries. Respond whenever you're ready 🙂
  5. Sorry, I know its been a few days but anyone want to post?
  6. Bela nodded, her suspicions confirmed. That of course raised a whole additional host of questions, but knowing how to ask the right questions was just as important as the answers. At least, that's what she was thinking when she wasn't carried away asking every question that came to mind—her ears twitched as Sinder spoke to the plant, however. That was certainly not a language she had heard of before. While languages were quite possible her favorite things to learn, she figured now might not be the appropriate time for a lesson in plant-talk. Or whatever it was called; the name of a language was just as important and just as powerful as the language itself. She nodded appreciatively that she had the fortune of a companion who could speak multiple languages. "I wonder if the mushroom knows how it absorbs things? Though, I suppose even on the off chance it did, that might not explain why it does... hmm, would the mushroom be alright with me taking a sample? I should probably stay away from the stalk without proper protective equipment but I'd love a piece of the cap. Just a liiiitle bit." She smiled in what she hoped was a non-threatening way at the mushroom. Did it have eyes? Probably not. But did it have ears? Also probably not, yet here they were, talking to a mushroom. Best not to be careless. While waiting for the response she ambled over to where Arashi had taken a piece of the wall out. More seemed to be crumbling away. Maybe it was previously undisturbed cave rocks. Yeah, maybe. She bent to where the wall had broken away and brought the thumb and forefinger of her right hand together, holding the 'O' shape in front of her right eye. She closed the left one and peered intently at the rock, the golden flecks edging her iris flushing towards the center changing her eyes from blue to gold. They shed a slight radiance on the rocks, barely noticeable thanks to the relative dimness of the cave and her proximity to the rock. After studying it intently for a moment she pulled her hand away and blinked a couple times. "The rocks here contain traces of what looks like volcanic ash, and it has a very porous microstructure. I'm not an expert on rocks, but I'd guess that this cave might have in the recent past—recent in geological terms, so yknow like past hundred years or something—in the recent past, it might have been lava. Probably quite fertile. That combined with whatever the mushroom is able to suck in, well, that would explain how it's able to pour all that energy into glowing all day. Can't be easy, glowing." Ironically, her own eye was still glowing, giving her an odd look having one eye blue and the other gold. The gold slowly retreated back to the edges of her iris as she spoke. She nodded at Arashi's question. "Yeah, I'm doing okay. I've worked with cadavers, uh, a little. So. It's not totally weird to see dead people? But it's also kinda weird to see dead people." She shifted her feet uneasily. "Uh, you doing okay?"
  7. Sorry @SteamWarden it looks like I didn't fully read your post some how. let me edit my post to reflect that real quick Done!
  8. Bela glanced sideways at Sinder as they rushed out, but otherwise didn't say anything. She paused her search before finding an opening to study the mushroom. She stepped around it, examining it carefully from every angle before forcing herself to look at the bodies beneath. The bodies were remarkably well preserved for the moisture in the air... Bela gave a start as she realized the air in here was not just fresher but drier than it should be. Maybe the mushroom had something to do with it? There certainly wasn't any obvious air vents in here. She brought her lensed device up to her eyes, angling it at the mushroom from beneath. The device clicked once, a shutter snapping closed and open again, followed by the sound of gears winding and clicking inside like some sort of mechanical instrument. She set it carefully on the ground and studied the mushroom further. There appeared not to be anything aparently magical about it at first; she would have been able to see it, but as she focused her eyes on the area where the stalk met the cap she noticed a few tiny golden particles fluttering down from the fins beneath. She had little doubt there would be a more severe response if the mushroom was perturbed, which gave her pause for what Sinder intended to with a stick, but for now at least she would leave it alone. It might be best to be ready to clear the cave if and when she decided to take samples, and she said as much out loud. Once Sinder returned, Bela did indeed have a few questions. "I can't seem to find any way the air is getting out of here, so I'm guessing the mushroom has something to do with it. Maybe it's like a sort of magical vacuum? Sucking up air and particulates and magic--maybe even life force!--all at once? That would explain some things. Could you ask if it does anything like that?" She squinted a moment, losing focus as thought appeared to take the reins before asking once more "Oh and what's up with the bodies? They don't look very consumed, if that's what's going on. A collection of some sort perhaps?" She grinned a little at that; she seemed to be taking the morbidity of the situation surprisingly well. Or maybe that was just the shock.
  9. Sorry for the delay! Back to your (ir)regularly scheduled programming 😁
  10. Bela set her pack back down as Sinder disappeared behind the waterfall, removing some sample collection kits form her bag as well as the lensed contraption from earlier. She peered carefully into the cave before picking her way down thr slick incline, making sure her footing wouldn't slide. As she approached the cave the smell of decay wafted towards her and she automatically began breating through her mouth to avoid the stench. No, perhaps it's better I have all my senses at my disposal. With a bit of effort she resumed breathing through her nose. The stench was complimented and somewhat masked by the musty fungal smell that dominated the cave. Despite the corpses beneath the mushroom itself--Bela's gaze slid off those quickly--the cave seemed rather small and unassuming. The intensity of the stench should have been stronger though, which Bela took to mean there must be some sort of air flow through the cave. After again passing her gaze briefly over the corpses she asked with her same enthusiastic curiosity "How long do you think they've been here? The way they're arranged I can't help but wonder if they were placed there. Maybe a ritual sacrifice, or perhaps some carrion feeder stocking a pile? Either way this is a bad spot, the moisture won't let these last in any kind of preservable condition." She poked around at the back of the cave, looking for a vent or outing that extended deeper into the cave. The light from the fungus certainly helped in the search; she made a note to take a sample once she satisfied this specific bit of curiosity.
  11. @Solaeris @SteamWarden did you want to post or should we just continue on to the cave?
  12. Bela laughed as Arashi told of his misadventure with the projectile snake. "Well that's good that you weren't hurt at least. I'm pretty sure I know which species you're talking about, I have a dose or two of antivenom for it in my pack, though the snake's venom is usually not the most dangerous part of its bite, as you saw. I'd have to see the colorations on it to be sure though. Let me know if you see any more once we get in the cave!" "Actual fire, huh? That sounds... Hmm. I wonder how..." She began muttering to herself a moment before snapping back to the present. "Ah. Right. Glowy cave. Let's go." She dusted herself off before shouldering her pack again as she finished off the apple. "Thanks for that, by the way," she said around a mouthful of fruit. She swallowed the last bite before saying "that really was delicious. Do they always taste that good?" As they walked along, Bela did her best to refrain from touching anything, heeding Sinder's warning, but she certainly was taking it all in. Her gaze never seemed to rest anywhere more than a fleeting moment, but the piercing quality of her eyes suggested she was taking it all in with a fine attention to detail, looking for something, anything, that might be interesting.
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