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    Tavern of Legend: Season 2

    "Oh I do love spicy." The voice came from thin air, which upon closer inspection was not so thin. An inky black cloud twirled like a whisp of smoke into the form of a lanky man wearing a dark pinstriped suit with a midnight fedora on his head. His shape and posture was a near exact copy of his neigbor: the way he sat, the way he held his arms, even his big unassuming grin (though this doppleganger's smIle felt a bit more malicious), with the exception of color and its lack thereof. The transition from suit to skin was a seamless black on black, a sharp contrast to the cheery yellow; indeed it seemed as if a living shadow given three-dimensional form had appeared in the seat next to the man at the table. His eyes were the most solid part of his form, like two onyxes gleaming at the bottom of an underground lake. "Pleasure to make you're aquatiance. I'm a Shade," he said, tipping his hat. At this his eyes widened with his grin: even for a creepy eavesdropping shapeshifter, he at least knew a decent pun when he made one.
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    Tavern of Legend: Season 2

    Bela nodded, having hoped to learn the name of a town, any town nearby. She really had no knowledge of the surrounding lands, let alone cities, roads, countries. "I'm from, well, somewhere far. Somewhere close, but not somewhere you could go back to..." It was difficult to explain at best. Bela remembered flashes of darkness and light, of clean metal walls painted with blood. She had escaped that laboratory, now through space and perhaps even time, and she had no intention of finding her way back, even in her mind. Even now the thought of more buzzing flourescent lights, passively shedding harsh light on experiments was nearly too much. "Not someplace anyone would want to go back to, at least. Now, I'm just trying to find my way in the world, I guess." She laughed a little, trying to take the edge of the somber tone of the conversation.
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    Tavern of Legend: Season 2

    "My name is Bela..." she said quietly. She blinked twice and wiped at the corner of her eye with her sleeve casually, covering up her leaking emotion. Her shoulders relaxed a bit more, and she settled into the chair more comfortably. "Nice to meet you, mister Galladon." She stared at him another moment before diverting her gaze, looking around. Exploring the rafters with her eyes, taking in her environment. Her gaze lingered on exits, taking note of their locations and the potential pathways to them. While looking at the Tavern's main door, she asked "Where are you from? I'm new to this... here. You seem like someone who's seen travel."
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    Tavern of Legend: Season 2

    Bela brushed a stray lock of hair behind her ear and gave a noiseless nervous laugh. "I was just, uh, exploring." An obvious lie. "I like to see new things, learn about new people." Bela stared at the caveman intently. "There's a lot of people here, huh?" Bela's grip on her knees became a little less tight, her shoulders a bit less tense. For better or for worse, it seemed, she had found a new stranger to learn about. Her eyes skirted his form rapidly, searching for anything of interest, her powerful curiosity momentarily overwhelming her sense of politeness. Her eyes searched and scanned, taking his figure in: his body seemed strong, thought it was difficult to tell through the bulk of clothing that concealed his form. His grim expression and hunched back told her he had seen much, perhaps more than he had wanted to--an experience Bela understood all too well. Bela wondered if he had nightmares like she did. She wondered if he missed home, like she did. She wondered, while blinking hard once to stifle a single tear, if he had lost someone like she had.
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    Tavern of Legend: Season 2

    Beneath one of the many tables, a trap door rattled once, twice, before creaking open on a stiff hinge. Two blue eyes edged in gold peered out from the darkness. Bela pushed the trapdoor open slightly more, finding just enough space to wriggle out of the opening and into the small space beneath the table without disturbing the pair of legs just inches to her right. She closed the trap door as carefully as she could, but the squeaking hinge would be difficult not to notice for the occupant @caveman96 of the isolated table. Bela sat there hugging her knees for a moment, before carefully scooting backwards and ducking her head around the edge of the table. She lifted herself up carefully into the too-big chair behind her, and pulled up her knees to her chest once more. She gave a little wave with a nervous smile to the gruff figure next to her.
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    Original Introduction Post

    Hello! Xenographer here (I'm not an actual xenographer). I found this site through toprpsites.com, and thought I would give it a go. My last rp site experience was less than savory to say the least, so here's hoping I've found a nice community. I love to write, but lately have found that there is less and less time for it in my increasingly busy life. One of my main reasons for joining this site is to give myself a compelling excuse to do what I love (write) while also giving myself a chance to escape from my increasingly stressful and busy life. Looking forward to playing and writing with you all. Edit: I think I posted this in the right place
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    Tavern of Legend OOC

    Ande, also character sheets are completely non-canonical, serving more as a formalized introduction rather than a qualitative list of capabilities?
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    Bela Dae

    Name: Bela Dae Race: Human Age: 10 Height: 4’5” Weight: 67 lbs Appearance Bela is a ten year old girl with brown hair and slightly tanned skin. Her blue irises fade into a gold trim. She has a carefree smile and is missing one front tooth, which she keeps with her but finds to be quite foreign. She weared a light pink shirt under a faded, oversized purple hoodie, along with with jeans and sneakers. Aside from their gold trim, Bela’s will flush full gold when she exercises their powers, edging her gaze with piercing intensity. The full gold irises, upon microscopic inspection, are etched with many complex runes, the “source code” for the magical function of her technologically advanced eyes. There are mysterious runes burned into her upper left shoulder as scars, too intricate to be anything but intentional. Personality Bela’s maturity and level-headedness contrast sharply with her otherwise happy-go-lucky attitude. Not one to make much noise or draw attention to herself, Bela prefers to watch and listen from the edges of the room, learning as much as she can. Bela tends to avoid conflicts, and rarely defends herself preferring instead to run away. She aspires and dreams big, but is very practical and down to earth, especially for a ten year old. Abilities Due to her enhanced sight, Bela passively sees the world in a color spectrum unavailable to most humans. She can see most infrared waves, all ultraviolet waves and low frequencies of x-rays as normal humans would view visible light. This allows her to see in what most humans would consider complete darkness, as long as there is some form of UV or IR light. Bela’s ocular magitech requires that she can see and causes her eyes to flush full gold and glimmer ever so slightly in even the darkest of darknesses. Extended use of Bela’s abilities has some drawbacks, in phases of equal length, starting with no problems, progressing to a light headache, progressing to a debilitating migraine as well as loss of brain power, progressing to temporary loss of sight and consciousness, and permanent nerve damage. Too many bouts of temporary blindness without sufficient time for her eyes to heal results in longer and longer periods of blindness. Bela can activate Study, turning her into an incredibly fast reader and massively increasing her comprehension (provided it’s not too far above her innate comprehension level). This has phases of several hours. Bela can activate Synesthesia, temporarily allowing her to “see” sounds that she hears with her enhanced vision. This has phases of about 10 minutes. Bela can activate Scry, giving her 360 degree vision in a sphere as large as she can see as well as a halo of gold runes projected into the air around her head. This has phases of about a minute. Bela can activate Memorize, giving her the ability to turn her eyes into high quality video recorders. The data is stored in her brain, taking up a large amount of space. She can only hold about three minutes of video at most. Equipment Bela’s slim steampunk goggles interface with her eyes, allowing her to store data from Memorizing, as well as project this data as light onto any surface. Weaknesses Bela’s eyes are highly sensitive and packed with more numerous and complicated nerve cells than the average eye. Any moderate damage she receives directly to her eyes will immediately send her to the verge of losing consciousness.
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    Tavern of Legend OOC

    Hello, newbie here. So, as I understand, character sheets/descriptions are completely optional?