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  1. Hello again ^_^

    Hello, dear roleplayers. I have made an account here about a year ago and now returning. Not an important part of community, so you naturally don't know me, but it's nice to be back. Life hit hard, so could not use my time on roleplays. Hopefully, I will be able to now.
  2. Arachnophobia ToL Quest [Completed]

    Chi begins to surge through Keto once more. It again concentrates inside her left arm that is surrounded by bloody-red color. Queen exposed her vital part by deciding to attack Keto this way. That part is the queen's head. Giant spider did not prevent Keto from using her arms and that will bear huge toll. "Nuclear Punch!" Keto yells and shoves her fist into spider's face breaking it apart and sending the queen into the roof. Queen hits the roof and quickly grabs onto a rafter and then leaps towards Keto who just stood up. Keto, aware of the incoming threat, causes Chi to surge through her entire body again. It concentrates in many parts of her body giving her ridiculous strength and endurance. But the best thing is that she can ram through opponents like a bullet with this. Her entire body becomes surrounded with bloody-red. Name of that skill is... "Shooting Star!" Keto yells. She, too, leaps and charges at the spider. Chi that surrounds her allows her to jump much higher and soar like a rocket. And like a rocket she heads towards her opponent curled up in a ball. Keto and the queen meet in midair and clash. Keto rams right through the queen splattering her insides over the rafters. Like a feather, Keto lands on one of the beams watching the shower of disgusting thick liquid rain down. That is it. That is, finally, it. Queen, her little spiders and eggs have been eliminated. --- Step by step Keto jumps down from one beam to another to reach the floor. Wounds spiders caused her need to be treated or they might get worse. According to Keto's experience her best medicine would be to pour some sweet burning liquor on it. As for the broken bones she might want to see a doctor or her adventures will not continue in the future. She finally reaches the floor. Despite her victory she feels humiliated that it took her an hour... that despite her adventurer skills were useless and she had to resort to using Chi. For someone who huge confidence into her natural skills using those kinds of powers she used is a sign of weakness. She finally pulls out her bottle of liquor and takes a long sip until it is dried. And then she finally goes off to get her reward and get treated.
  3. Arachnophobia ToL Quest [Completed]

    Not seeing that coming queen does not move in time. Knife rams her into the abdomen and she releases an annoying screech of pain. Greenish sticky fluid begins to ooze out of her abdomen. It is probably her blood... or something. Utterly angered by Keto's move spider does not waste time on cramping from all the agony. Queen quickly jumps and charges towards her airborne target body-slamming her in midair. Keto hits one of the beams and actually breaks it in half and then bounces off and spins like a ragdoll. "Gaaah!" She loudly screams in horrible pain feeling like some of her bones might have been broken. Also, wounds those little spiders made began to swell and hurt like hell. Thanks to this impact some of the wounds opened up, looking like cracks in earth during droughts. These begin to bleed and hurt even more and they make it harder for Keto to use her bitten arm and leg. Keto crash-lands into another beam, but without breaking this one. She quickly grabs onto it so she would not bounce off again. Before she manages to look around and get the right picture on the situation queen jumps right before her and hits her with the giant sharp leg. Pinned down to the ground, Keto cannot escape spider's clutches. Queen climbs on top of Keto and opens her broken jaw to murder Keto with what was left of the jaw.
  4. Arachnophobia ToL Quest [Completed]

    Giant monster cannot hide for long behind the beams. Keto sees queen's disgusting legs peeking from under one of the beams in the near. Queen is probably not even aware that Keto sees her- a golden opportunity to strike. However, queen is under the beam and it makes it harder to hit her. Taking it slow and patiently is the key to defeat in this situation. Keto cannot afford waiting more or she might lose consciousness for good and become spiders' food. She makes one more slight stab on her left arm and fresh dark blood emerges. That burn ought to keep her awake. She jumps off the beam going towards one a few meters lower. While falling she turns to the queen in midair; now being able to get a clear look at her. With all her strength, Keto tosses the knife at the giant spider. Knife spins like crazy and is about to ram into the spider's flesh.
  5. Arachnophobia ToL Quest [Completed]

    Queen quickly makes a defensive move and shoots silky webs. Keto is quickly caught in the trap and trapped on the rafter. Wrapped up like that she cannot move hands or legs so there is no chance in hell she can get the knife. Queen approaches as quick as possible to devour Keto before she somehow gets freed again. She spreads her jaws at Keto's face. "Think that'll stop me?? Nuclear Punch!" Keto yells. Chi surges through her body and concentrates in her left arm. Her left arm easily breaks out of the web, like it is made of steel. Bloody-red chi flows around it, but can only do so for a short period of time. Nuclear Punch grants Keto's left arm immense power for a few seconds or until she scores a punch. And that's exactly what she is about to do. "Go to hell!" Keto screams and punches the spider queen in the jaw breaking her long fangs all at once. Under that huge pressure queen is sent flying back and hits the beam. She then jumps away in panic trying to hide behind beams. Keto will take none of that anymore. She draws the knife and gets herself out of the webs once again. She then jumps on another beam seeing how her target is trying to escape.
  6. Arachnophobia ToL Quest [Completed]

    *about a minute later* Queen has not returned yet. Keto's sight and consciousness have gone blurry a few times. To make herself not lose either just yet she has been intentionally poking herself in the left arm with the knife. Every time she does that a small trail of blood comes out as she painfully and yet silently squeals. As brutal as it might seem it is highly necessary in this situation to keep the organism from going numb. Finally, frightening sounds of scratching catch Keto's attention. They become louder and louder. Within a few seconds two large spider legs appear before Keto. Before it could reach her she jumps on the closest beam and turns back. Spider queen was right under her attempting a surprise attack, but with all that scratching she does in movement it was certain to fail. In that position queen can attack right away- she leaps towards Keto once more. In her quick reaction Keto decides to be defensive again. "Shield Stance!" She yells. She does not take damage form impact, but since she does not have anything to lean on she is pushed off the beam. Queen falls down alongside her and they both manage to grab opposite sides of the same beam. Tired of this postponed and annoying fight, Keto decides to resort to tactics as brutal as possible. She draws her bottle of liquor once more and takes a single sip before putting it back in the pocket. "Bring it, your majesty!" Keto yells and charges at the queen.
  7. Arachnophobia ToL Quest [Completed]

    Keto reaches for her pocket. She pulls out three tiny rock-like items; each about the size of a peanut. Those are fire stones; they are part of a larger stone that can be found in various ruins and mines. It is very dangerous to mine ore if there are fire stones present in the mine at the same time. Why is that? They are sensitive to impact; one strong hit against these and they will explode releasing flames. And that is why Keto brought them here- to use them on these eggs. Fire will spread over them and destroy them all. But why did not stones explode while Keto was being thrown around? Hmm... that is a mystery. "Roasted spider eggs coming right up." Keto makes an evil smile. She tosses the stones, one by one, at the eggs. Impact causes stones to explode like firecrackers. Tiny streams of flame emerge and surround the eggs. Eggs catch on fire and burn. Disgusting stench spreads around them and Keto makes a few steps back while covering her nose. "Ugh..." She mutters in disgust. At least that disgusting smell got Keto's numbness from the poison go away for a while. Now that these things are done for and there are no more interruptions to be expected... only one left is the queen. God damn the Queen. She will be up there in a minute; doubt that she would give up knowing her eggs are up there. Well, they're kinda not, but... she does not know that.
  8. Arachnophobia ToL Quest [Completed]

    With those infected wounds Keto will not be able to move around so quickly as she used to. Soon, her sight will go blurry and she will barely be able to clench her fists or hold the knife. She puts her knife back to its sheath and prepares for queen's attack. Another idea comes up in her head- it is a product of a 3-second thinking, but it is better than nothing. Plus, who knows how many of those smaller spiders are still in the building- better act quick. Keto leans against the rafter knowing it is sturdy enough to endure queen's attack. Queen is one tough spider, but she is not powerful enough to break rafters. At least... that is supposed to be truth. Nasty spider leaps at Keto who is completely leaned against the rafter. "Let's see if you can do better than that. Shield Stance!" Keto shouts. Chi flows through her body and creates thin blue streams of light to appear around her. Spider queen hits her head on, but fails to push her back or do any damage thanks to the rafter and Shield Stance. Queen cannot land from that position and Keto pushes her aside making her fall far down. *thump* Hard impact sound comes from below. It is far below so it cannot really be seen, but giant spider must have crashed on something. It will take time for the queen to get back up even if she plans to make quick jumps. This gives Keto time to get rid of possible help that queen might receive if not dealt with quickly- egg sacks. If those creeps hatch before queen is dead Keto will be in big trouble. She quickly jumps from beam to beam. And there, before her, lays a huge number of eggs- if those things hatch it is gonna be trouble. "I am beginning to hate spiders."
  9. Arachnophobia ToL Quest [Completed]

    Spiders chase after Keto. There is no much brainstorming required to know how to do this by now: stick to the beams, block, squash and stab. Luckily, spiders' brains obviously have not grown enough to realize the flaw in their attacks- it is unorganized. One jumps right in front of Keto and then attempts to attack her head on ending splattered over the rafters. A few more spiders attempts different stunts, but they all ultimately end up the same way- either they get stabbed or squashed. Fighting without the queen in the front lines was a mistake for them. However, as soon as Keto cleans that mess up there comes the Queen again. Can't say by the look of her face, but she seems kinda pissed. Well, Keto just turned a few more of her children into pudding right in front of her eyes. Who wouldn't be angry? Queen makes quick maneuvers around the place and then leaps towards Keto. Keto jumps aside, but queen shoots her web at Keto. After binding the girl by her arm queen pulls her back and opens the gigantic jaw to devour her arm. "You're wide open!" Keto confidently shouts at the spider and pulls the knife out again. She misses queen's head, but rams her in the back. Queen panics and lets go off Keto and jumps aside before turning towards Keto again to attempt another attack. Keto begins to feel a bit dizzy and tired from the spider venom. "Damn it... You're stubborn." Keto mutters. Figures she will have to go all-out if she is to beat this spider. How humiliating. This combination of terrain and opponents really does not do it for her. Maybe going up here alone was a bad idea.
  10. Arachnophobia ToL Quest [Completed]

    *5 minutes later* "Ugh..." Keto mutters. Against her expectations, she is having quite a difficult time with the queen. Despite the giant body queen moves very quickly around the beams and rafters and can jump almost as fast as her kids. Who could have expected something of that size to be so fast? Queen climbs up the rafter and then leaps towards Keto who has to avoid so she would not get crushed. With little ones Keto could have waited and then crushed them, but do that with a spider that probably weights over 100 kilos. Even Shield Stance is not guaranteed to help Keto since she can still get pushed down. Keto draws her kitchen knife and runs towards the queen and strikes to destroy the head. However, queen quickly leaps aside and then leaps towards Keto slamming her with the massive body. Keto flies into a beam under that force and breaks the beam. "Ugh... Who's gonna pay for that...?" Keto asks rhetorically. Bet owners will make her pay despite the fact that she is risking her life jumping up there and killing cat-to-horse-sized spiders. Other spiders quickly run up the rafters and three of them jump on Keto who is barely making sure she does not fall off. They sink their teeth into her left biceps, back and left thigh. Keto squeals in pain and jumps up and purposely falls down on the beam with her back squashing one spider. She quickly stabs the remaining two spiders and stands up. By the time she realizes what is going on queen spider is already preparing to make another leap. Keto looks left and right, but there is no good spot to jump to without being exposed to more attacks. Queen leaps towards her and Keto jumps on another beam and then just continues jumping from one to another until she finds herself in the middle of the construction. Jumping is a bit more difficult now with that annoying pain in her body from spiders' bites. And worst of all, she notices a few more spiders incoming from the sides. "Oh, Jesus Christ on a bike..."
  11. Arachnophobia ToL Quest [Completed]

    It takes a minute or two, but Keto reaches her destination. It is the right place- temperature is much higher here and disgusting smell fills Keto's nostrils. Beams become sticky to walk on- this must have been oozing out of those monsters' queen. "Eww..." Keto mutters. She makes a few steps forward into the darkness and loud sound of scratching catches her attention. Slowly, from the darkness, giant insect legs emerge and, soon, the rest of the body. And guess what hot supermodel it is. A giant freaking spider. Big surprise, yes, but wait, there is MORE. This spider is not as big as a cat- it's gargantuan, like a giant dog or a smaller horse. It's the queen. If that lovely lady bites you she can tear off your entire arm. And her webs must be stronger than of her 'cute' little kids. "You're a big one, aren't ya? Oh, you're gonna pop so nice." Keto says in a dark tone and smiles. She then takes her little bottle and takes one good sip. She puts it back in the pocket. "Alright... LET'S DANCE!!" Keto yells and leaps forward at the spider queen to smash her head into bits.
  12. Arachnophobia ToL Quest [Completed]

    Spider queen should not be too far now. Little by little, Keto has been climbing, jumping from one beam to another. This quest mainly consists of jumping and climbing rather than fighting the spiders. Quite a workout, but Keto is not complaining. She is more-or-less used to such activity thanks to all the treasure-hunting she has been doing over the past 6 years. All this jumping around and dealing with creepy crawlies is a regular Monday for her. And also, the more advantage enemy has the more satisfying is the victory. If a bunch of ugly spiders got the best of Keto she would throw herself off the bridge. A few spiders make their way up, but Keto takes her time with them. She gets them one by one; some being squashed, some being stabbed with the kitchen knife. Ultimately, she racks up the score of 12-13 spiders and paints the beams with their insides. "Aww, damn... the owners are gonna force me to clean this up, too." She complains. Sounds of crawling stop completely. So that leaves Keto with one more mission- kill the mother of pests.
  13. Arachnophobia ToL Quest [Completed]

    While Keto is handling one spider other one seizes the opportunity to attack. It jumps at Keto aiming to bite her face. Keto reacts quick enough and blocks the spider with her left arm, but spider still remains attached. It starts crawling around Keto's arm to quickly find a spot it can bite into. Keto reaches for a small sheathe on her back with her right hand and pulls out a sharp-looking kitchen knife. Spider produces long strings of silky web and binds Keto's left arm completely. Bind is too strong to resist and Keto's left arm becomes unusable. Spider continues to make webs binding her elbow and coming close to the shoulder and face. "Not today!!" Keto yells angrily and rams the kitchen knife right into spider's head making it fall off. She then throws spider on the ground squashing it with her foot. Other spiders have been knocked down a minute ago and they do not seem to be coming back. Perhaps they're still climbing up or perhaps they gave up? No point in staying here to find out. The sooner the queen is killed the better. Keto cuts webs off with the knife, sheathes it and jumps up grabbing onto a beam. She then climbs up further to look for the spider queen.
  14. Arachnophobia ToL Quest [Completed]

    *5 minutes later* Keto has not yet killed a single spider. They have been working together and forcing her to move from beam to beam. Because she cannot keep her composure and fight them simultaneously with equipment she has this proves to be quite hard. For someone with a wide array of magical attacks, or ranged attacks in general, this would have been a piece of cake. After another united jump of spiders Keto is forced to jump on another beam to avoid getting hit by them all together. She makes several jumps making a few meter distance between herself and spiders. This gives her a little time to think. "If I am to worry about getting hit I will never land a single blow." Keto thinks. She then turns towards the spiders and takes a deep breath. Spiders jumps towards Keto and she silently growls without jumping away this time. She puts both her arms over her head to protect the eyes and the face. "Let's change the game a little bit. Shield Stance!" Keto yells. Surge of energy goes through her body and surrounds Keto briefly with translucent blue light. Three or four spiders land a direct hit on Keto, but are just deflected and sent back flying. Two spiders land near Keto; one on the left and one on the right. One remains still and the other one quickly grabs on Keto's right leg. It quickly goes up and nearly crawls up under her skirt. Keto quickly grabs it with her right hand and lifts it. "Just what are you trying to do!?" She angrily yells and clenches her fist crushing the little crawler and splattering its insides around. Luckily, Keto wears gauntlets so it should not harm her. Keto did not intend to use her Chi to fight these bastards, but it appears they leave her with zero choice.
  15. Arachnophobia ToL Quest [Completed]

    *3 minutes later* "Pesky little buggers, aren't you?" Keto thinks. She cannot afford wasting breath on them. This task is proving itself to be quite tricky. Keto knew what she was signing up for, but these spiders are really annoying. They are very tiny and quick, maneuvering around Keto and trying to catch her off guard. She manages to kill one or two by punching them and crushing them against the beams. Using the beams she manages to preserve her balance and attack any incoming spider. But that tactic ceases to work as the number of spiders beings to grow. A few of them jump at her simultaneously. Keto jumps off and grabs the edge of another beam quickly climbing up to regain her composure. "This is going slow... but, at least, it's working." Keto thinks. If she can just repeat this tactic all over and over she could exterminate a dozen of spiders or so. But there is no guarantee her luck will last. And this might last for an hour or so considering how it has been so far.