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    Her face became clearly dead, and the vines that sprawled around her began to sharply point at the dwarf, defensively.The little witch cleared her throat and looked at the demon girl, pouting and taking another awkward sip of her empty glass. "AAANYWAYS. I didn't know you danced." @NecroMage (Time for this hedgewitch to sleep. c:)
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    "Huuuh?" Gripping her hand tightly, the colorful flowers that erupted from her palm was immediately crushed into crumbles. Circe looked behind her to see the source of the voice, and located a dwarven fellow who seemed quite upset about the spilled drink. And when they both made eye contact, her black bangs and long braid curled in frustration, as her youthful, freckled face was clearly annoyed. "I'm having a talk ere'." The little witch sternly stated, as flower petals began to sink into the wooden floor. Although the tension didn't match, since it seemed like a kid was arguing with an elder man. Her porceclain body was twitching in anger, as the seventy-year old soul inside seemed to be in curiousity.
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    Her expression became over-exaggerated, clutching her two hands together like a fair maiden. "Nyehehe. Those are cliche`witches, being burned at a public execution or whatever. I guess I'm a special case, since I make sweet dang potions, and bring life to dead forests~!" She slammed her drink into the bar table loudly. "NOT." The look on her face went downhill, frowning in stress and furrowing her brows in disappoint. "I may be able to do some cool nature-y stuff, but there's still some shmucks who try to kill me and whatever. Ruining the nature system, and taking a dump on my rivers. It's like I'm taking care of a million babies everyday or whatever," suddenly stopping, she took a quick glance at the colorful dandelion perching on the demon girl's ear. Softly sighing, the little one took the glass. "... but I guess it isn't that bad.."
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    When the cursed one heard the word "Druid", her face turned into disgust and stuck a tongue out. "Blep. No, I'm a green witch. There's a difference.. I think." The little flower began to sprout larger, and as it grew, it became the size of a delicate flower. So she plucked it from her viny palm and stretched out nearer to her, putting the gentle flower behind her ear. Circe expressed a stupid grin on her face. "I'm definitely not a celestial being, probably a cursed little hedgewitch." @NecroMage
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    "Oooh." Lazily pouting, she rested her cheek on the wooden boards of the bar table, picking her ear out of boredom. So she spread her hand and looked at her palm, as tiny vines of green sprawled around, a little dandelion blossomed from the lively magic display. "Why don't you go talk to em'? They seem nice~"
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    "Who were your little friends over there? Did you know them?" Circe placed her chin on the bar's wooden table, looking up at the half-demon who was having a conversation with her earlier. The little one popped out of nowhere like a ghost, redeeming it's existence by talking to the girl. @NecroMage
  7. The little one rose a brow. Colorful irises watched as the busy woman and her.. whatever it was, dance into the room. Curious, she was. When the alluring lady called out her name, she jumped in response and started to flutter her eyes. It'd been awhile in the area, minutes felt like hours and hours felt like years. Now that time had begun to spring back into motion, the spaced-out witch began to once again take hold of her reality and surroundings. She was fast asleep for hours, and dozed off when the draconian began to make a heated scene. There was.. a man in a wheelchair, a dragon girl, a blondie guy with a beard cut, and two other guys who seemed serious. Sleepy eyes watched as the situation began to unfold, and she'd have to take that optimistic injection that they were so proud about. Expressing a tired grin, this curse wasn't going to lose to a medical dose. The witch was still cradling her little white owl in her arms, her familiar, frankly. As it was sleeping soundly, she slid her raggy backpack off and gently placed the owl inside, making sure there was room for it to fit. The bird made a little sneeze when she flopped on the leather cover, responding with a little chuckle. Taking in another brief moment of her familiar surroundings, the little one looked at the others who were going to make it through with her. If the experiments go well, she supposed. Something still felt wrong, as if they were going to step into something that they shouldn't have. The liveliness of this place was strange, and she knew that happy doses of energy wouldn't always turn out great. So she looked at the sleeping bird and silently whispered. "I still can't shrug off the fact that this place is creepy. You agree with me, right? Morris?" The owl only replied with a lazy groan, leaning it's head to the side to avoid the calling voice. "Maybe later.." He spoke. Circe only replied with a pout and rolled her eyes at the sloppy familiar. "Oi. What was up with all that huff n' puff this morning? I thought you said that you'd stay awake today." Her familiar replied again with a grimy groan, and struggled to keep his eyes open, "It's not my fault that I'm a night owl.. just leave me alone for awhile, I promise to wake up next time, mistress.." Sighing in disappoint, the little witch only shook her head and furrowed her brows. "Yeah, yeah. I'll give you enough sleep when you endure this." To the others, it seemed as if a little girl was talking to a bird, as strange as it looked. Picking up the bag and slinging it behind her back, she stood up and began to silently whistle. Waiting for what the others would do next, she figured that the youthful senior would have to follow their lead.
  8. "Why, hello there~" A childish tone ringed in their surroundings, it was almost lullaby-like. The source of the voice came from a figure whose identity was concealed by a long, dark robe, a hood draped over their face as they were clutching a long, wooden staff. Their staff seemed to be infested with vines and colorful flowers, a white owl who perched on the curled top, and a jewel hanging from it's roots. From afar, it seemed the cloaked being was about their height. But as it approached closer to them, the robed person was only about four-feet tall. So when it came nearer, the little one waved their hand around to get their attention. It looked up and smiled. Donning a witch's hat, the robed being patted their fabric down and tip-toed. "Gentlemen." It spoke. In courtesy, the little one tipped their hat and nodded their head, as white the owl bowed it's head in respect, following identically to it's master. Clearing their throat, the mysterious being slid their hood off and expressed a great smirk. It was a little girl, no less. As she looked up at the two men, the child had black bangs and braided hair, green-starred eyes and a youthful face flourishing with freckles. "I've come to deal with the rotten creatures that reside in this forest. You wouldn't happen to know about the ghouls, would you?" Her voice was persuasive, as if it was a mother singing their little ones a song before bed.
  9. Aaaaah! Sorry, I didn't notice that it was my turn to post! I'll do it immediately!
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    "Lilyanna? Familiar. The pleasure's all mine~" Picking the empty glass up, green pupils only watched as the remaining fluid would run around in a circle, running over dried liquid and slide on slippery edges. "Not quite sure. This tavern is rowdy at night." The little child looked at the demon girl with a smirk.
  11. Yay! :D
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    The little child on the bar stool just listened to the conversation of everyone else. Green irises hopped back and forth whenever it was time for that person to speak, to the point where she'd gotten light-headed. She swayed her legs around as it couldn't reach the end of the floor, observing her surroundings in the tavern. Taking a sip of her glass once again, she just listened as if they were telling eachother fairytales.
  13. Do y'all still have room for one more? >;3
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    "Ooooh. Crafted from the love of two individuals.. interesting~" The midget mused, putting a finger up to her mouth in curiousity. Then, her green-starred eyes looked back at the demon girl and smirked. "My mother cursed me this way. She wished for her child to be innocent and prim for aaall eternity." Gently taking a sip from the glass, her smirk expressed into a disappointed frown. She put the glass down, and huffed out a deep sigh. "And look how that turned out to be. I'm now also cursed a green witch, because the contractor was little scumbag. Tsk." By lifting up her big braid, she showed the demon girl her nape, which had a monochrome tattoo of two koi fishes, circling a round moon. "Oh! And, I'm Circe, by the way~ It's a pleasure~" The little witch tipped her hat in respect, introducing herself to the other trapped soul. @NecroMage
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    Gently, the child stirred her glass in amusement. "I mean, being stuck in that porceclain body of yours. If you've been cursed for so long in that little trapped soul of yours, then there must be a reason why."