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  1. Expressing a tad groan, the cursed rolled her eyes to the left. Humans, humans, humans. Why did it always have to be about humans? Have she not seen what her actions caused? Such a hypocritical.. little.. Her hand brought up to her face to pinch her nose. Perhaps the nymph wasn't as wise as she thought. Although, she did remind her of a.. deity. A lost deity. Pinching the air with two fingers as if creating a delicate outline, an iron pipe appeared out of nowhere that resembled intricate details of steel leaves. She lighted it up with her pointer finger acting as a little blow torch, and exhaled a colorful mist of purple. It was like smoking a bunch of magic. It was stress-relieving to the witch, the purple mist creating little dragonflies that spewed out of the pipe. Magical glowing bugs buzzing around their atmosphere before they dissipated. "Ya know how you said you could help with a broken leg?" Circe curiously pouted, then looked down from the roof with a glance. To her surprise, a severely injured archer had looked back at her. Softly chuckling in reply. "Well I may or may not need that help." "Ah. Let me help you with that dear." The pipe on her mouth stayed, using her right hand to hold the smoking pipe, and using her left to perform a symbolic gesture. This made the vines nearest to Cecillia flourish with green glowing outlines, eventually sprawling onto the archer and pulling her up with the most gentlest of care. The plants set her down on the roof, right beside Circe. She crouched down and kneeled down near Cecilia, thoroughly inspecting her injuries with a smoking pipe. Her attention focused on her legs and hip, squinting her eyes with interest as the witch laid a finger onto her thigh. And with the most delicate tap of a finger, green nerves coursed through out the mid-section of her lower extremilities, through and through-out her legs. Her magic began to heal ruptured bones and pulled musclle, soothing the great pain that burdened the swift woman. But with a raise of a brow, Circe tilted her head to the right to glance at her peripheral vision. "You. Hypocritical. Child murdering! FUCK!" Akiris angrily pursued the nymph that tried to escape, speeding at her with inhuman speed and a thirst for blood. It seemed like she wasn't the only one who got pissed off. But perhaps for now.. for now, the nymph was important. So with closed eyes as Circe concentrated on Cecilia's injuries, a portruding vine aggresively latched onto the girl with brute strength, then mercilessly dragged her all the way back. Her magic was like the weight of a blue whale, showing no mercy as th cursed child pulled her into the jaws of Akiris. And once she neared her destination, more vines had portruded, but this time, to restraint the angered swordsman. Beating the deity into an inconcevieable pulp was probably a bad idea. So with a pinch of some more magic, flowers blossomed from his vines and produced yellow pollen. It was magic to soothe the soul, and make the swordsman think more.. rationally. She hoped to the gods that Zack was able to calm him down, and persuade the nymph. Once Circe had finished with Cecilia's injuries, she expressed a motherly smile followed by a gust of purple smoke. "Take a knee, gal." She ran to the trio, jumping off the roof to be only pushed up by a kind mushroom. Once she approached the nymph, sworsdman, and the young merc, the vines had dropped to the ground like a lifeless weed. Circe dug her staff into the ground like an stern teacher, and cleared her throat. "One of the archers are already pursuing the woman. I'll clear the way."
  2. :D !! hellla i'll be using Raine! ^^
  3. is it too late for me to join on this :0
  4. "Ah." Circe softly spoke, absent-mindedly allowing the nymph to snap the vines, and take control of them herself. It was as if the witch was in a sleepy mood, dozing off with a surge of light-headedness before shooting her eyes wide open by a loud rumbling. It was like a chaotic earthquake, and it looked like the mercenaries that pursued the witch had struggled to keep on the roofs-- eventually losing Elenwen and her servants. But a girl had caught her eye. She was a curse of mother nature, just like her. Or maybe.. gifted. It seemed like she was made to engage with the natural life of the world. Not a joke that a sorceress seemed to find amusing. However, that gift was trampled over with the reality of the world. The nymph was filled with dread and hatred, even Elenwen's own magic seemed to nip at her own consciousness. But now was not the time to daydream. Circe pushed herself up, and commanded the large fungi to grow larger in size, eventually reaching up as high as nine feet in the air. This allowed her to catch sight of the other three mercenaries, calling them over to signal the pursuit of Elenwen. And to their convenience, Circe provided them with green vines that she would use to pull them back. The sentient plants should grab onto the men, safely pulling them and placing the mercenaries in the target zone. Then, her attention turned to Zack and the nymph. They seemed to be interacting, with the young lad being unaware that she assisted Elenwen's escape. The green witch pointed forward with her wooden staff, and the massive fungi bend down to set her down on the roof with the two. After that, she smiled at the being and gave it a little pat, before letting it return to it's natural form. "Ahem." Circe gruffled. Tipping her hat in acknowledgement.
  5. Pushed away from Zack's shove, her nonchalant poker face not subsiding as the massive axe slipped right past her eyes, cutting a big trim of the outer edge of her witch hat. Circe watched as he battled against the brute, huffing a green mist of magic from her lips. And when the moment was right, she slided in with a swift action and pulled up Zack's shirt, exhaling into his wounds before shoving it down. The healing magic that coarsed through her throat cooled his wounds and spread over his body like a quick toxin. A rather healthy toxin, to be exact. In a moment of time, his bruises and cuts seemed to mend itself back together. If one would ask how this worked, Circe would answer with magic. She looked up with a pout, straightening her hat and patting him on the back. "Scared of a little medicine?" The witch cracked a smile, then her attention averted to the fleeing targets. Elenwen was the main target of their mission, but she was unsure about the nymph and draconian woman. The dragon girl seemed to pull at her heart-strings, arching a brow as Valentine urged the witch to run with her like a lost child. The nymph was rather intriguing, though. She hoped that the girl hadn't mistook her as a human, aswell. But a rather loud 'FUCK' made Circe glance to the source, and immediately find an injured archer. Funny. I've said something about treating a broken leg. The witch mused, then watched as Cecilia launch a swift arrow. Zack's remarks had made her snap back into real time, and an absurd idea had popped into her brain like a diglett. "Hey!" Gestured Circe, telling Zack to stay where he is, then pointed to the roof beside Cecilia. She tried to signal him to pursue the target, making sure her indications were clear. Then glancing back at the enemy, the draconian woman seemed to launch into the air with Elenwen, the cursed child muffling a scoff. Her eyes glowed a bright green that hit against the dark like bioluminescence, then thrusted her hand up with a symbolic hand gesture. This made roots under Zack and the witch stress and squeeze like a coil, a square-shaped symbol around their feet. "Don't worry. I'll catch you if you fall." Circe warmly smiled like a mother, then mercilessly let go the stressing magic that coiled the roots under them like a trampoline. They launched into the air so quickly, one would wonder if they'd trample into the closest building. In the air, she looked down from the height, and spotted the lantern mage with the grenadier, along with the cloaked merc battling against the knight. The interesting display of action and ignition seemed to amuse the cursed witch. They seem to be having fun. What pretty fireworks. The witch smirked. Flying in the toxic air of Dougton, the breeze aggressively hit against her robes like fierce wind, then used the nearest mushroom tree to soften her landing. Bouncing against the fluffy fungi before landing on two feet on the nearest roof to Cecilia. Now they were closer to their target. If Zack was on his way to crack his skull against a brick roof, the mushroom tree nearest to his surrounding would catch him like Circe's. To hold their enemy still, her hand clenched with a glowing green gaze, and the vines around the draconian and the other witch would restrain them, holding them still with a bruising clutch.
  6. After following Maira's stealthy gesture, and watching as her team sneak up to the diabolical witch, Elenwen was met with a friendly arrow. This intrusion had caused a surge of aggravation, and nade multiple enemies to pop out of their hiding places and attack the mercenaries. Her cold, green-eyed gaze met with Elenwen's, and it was like witnessing the anger of a mother. It wasn't soon before her wrath was cast down upon the men and women who tampered with the witch, summoning her servants to smite them with pain. A knight had already lunged at Akiris, battling with steel and grimace. Then there was the opposite of the knight, the swordsman. It seemed to have it's attention onto Tanner. A sharpshooter with an impressive bow had already attempted to shoot an arrow into Minerva's skull, and a massive beast in armor charging towards Zack. Circe had to keep watch on every single man and woman in the group. Being the healer, after all. But her attention had turned to something, much more greater. A high-pitched roar descended from the hollow skies of Dougton, adorned with greenish scales and marvelous wings. There atop stood a man, riding the beast like a noble steed. The wyvern was simply fascinating, and it could be even one of the most prettiest draconians she'd ever seen! But it's sights were set on Circe like a lambchop for dinner, and the rider was hungry for blood. And as she prepared for a nerve-wrecking combat, her green eyes lit up with magic, glowing against the dark shadows of the fungus jungle. The man and the wyvern were attacking and sabotaging everyone's battle, throwing lethal spears that could leave a man impaled onto a stone wall, her eyes quickly flickering as the rider prepared another spear to impale Zack, his eyes set on the prize. She quickly reacted with a swift and strong vine that jumped out of her right sleeve, slapping the spear off his grip like a painful whip and leaving a pained, red and swollen scratch on the back of his hand. He grit his teeth and growled in anger, a red-eyed gaze staring down upon a child. She smirked as the rider looked at her with an infuriated expression, his mounted beast growling with hunger. His attention immediately averted to the greenwitch, unsheathing another spear that latched onto the wyvern's side, throwing the blade with sharp accuracy only to be dodged by the child-like mage. Looking up to meet the gaze of her enemy, she created a shrill gasp that entrailed her features as many more spears had been thrown into her direction. And like a nimble fox, she danced with death with grace and dizzying cartwheels, as if moving to a harmonious rhythm. His weapons have depleted, and Circe forcefully raises her hand up to meet the man with a great fist made of intertwined roots, immediately knocking the rider off-course his flight. Since his feet was locked onto the wyvern's saddle, he only hung upside down from the beast's stomach, the draconian looking on with confusion and shock. The sight made her chuckle a slight glee, before returning to a nonchalant poker face as the man angrily yelled at the dragon to eat the witch, his noble steed lunging from the command. "Oh no, don't help me! It's not like I was expecting SOME ASSISTANCE FROM ANYONE!!!" Zack's yelling had caused Circe to look back, and be forcefully shoved into the nearest wall behind her. Head cocked against the concrete and slammed back into the floor like a stuffed toy. She grunted and forced herself up, holding a hand over her head with a light-headed surge, gasping again as the wyvern pounced, Circe rolling away with haste. The child was grappled by a vine, pulling her away from the wyvern rider and the wall. She unsheathed her axe as the servant charged into her direction, jumping to the left as the draconian attempted to snatch the witch into it's unholy jaws. Circe replied with a nasty axe throw, the blade immediately latching onto the side of his head before he crackled and disintegrated into crusty blocks that dusted against the ground. The wyvern, however, seemed to still be intact. It angrily screeched towards the witch, aggressively pouncing onto the child, and setting it's numerous jagged teeth into her left arm. Circe grunted as her back hit against the ground, a very aminous draconian nipping onto her bark flesh. Struggling to raise her right hand, it wasn't long before the wyvern had ripped off her tree-like limb, immediately disappointed from the lack of red blood. She grabbed onto it's nose, then unleashed a sharp spike of root that jumped out of her sleeve, immediately penetrating through it's scaly armor, and making the wyvern distintegrate like a sand castle. The greenwitch grunted and scoffed, picking up her arm from the dusty remains of the dragon. She forced it onto the severed area, the roots immediately intertwining and creating a noticeable brown line under her shoulder. Her attention averted to the injured Zack, scurrying to him in a hurry and making him kneel down for a moment. "Here. Let me patch you up." Circe sweetly spoke, hovering her palm over his stomach before getting to work on healing her ally.
  7. "Hey!" She yelled as the cloaked mercenary made his way to the dragon's path, throwing him a flask of what seemed to be glowing red fluid. It was colorful and vibrant, swirling against the cold glass. The flask was meant to consumed, acting like a health potion if anyone got incapacitated. "Be careful!" Her lullaby-like voice chirped. It was loud enough to hear, but hopefully not too loud to attract any so-called zombies. Circe made a soft sigh, her blackened hair growing colorful green leaves and hitting against the cold, mushroom dirt. But a shrill gasp entrailed her features, standing right beside the enthusiastic bomber. It was dark magic. Circe felt a strong aura, eminating from the direction that Akiris took. There was absolutely nothing that could match the dark magic she felt, other than the toxic smoke that flourished from the devastated ruins of Dougton. It had to be her. The witch glowed a green gaze that glinted off her eyes, muttering two words that described the situation. Oh no.
  8. Her gaze glinted an amused expression, with the explosion followed by an enthusiastic grenadier, and the woman in command immediately coming-off character. She didn't expect her to be so straightforward and seemingly aggravated, storming off as Maira gestured the others to hurry up. Circe put a finger on her chin with intrigue, fingers dancing on the long wooden staff that she clutched as she scurried along just behind Tanner, but that gleeful face soon frowned when one was a bit too overconfident. He mentioned something about them never oustripping his killcount. She scoffed and rolled her eyes, tipping her black hat. Supposing that the witch was incharge of blown-off limbs, she followed the most dangerous-looking men and women that looked like they could rip an infected to ribbons. They entered the fungus-ridden ruins of Dougton, the toxic breeze softly blowing against her blackened bangs. The witch looked down, slightly kicking at the purple mushrooms that grew from the ground. She wondered if she was even allowed to take a little piece back to inspect and examine. But thinking that it was perhaps an unwise decision, she shook her head at that thought and hurried beside the enthusiastic bomber to catch up. Her attention averted to Rasim, his magical aura being quite similar to the cursed one. Hell, they may even be the same age! Well, not specifically, but exciting! So the little witch looked at him with a big smile, squinting her eyes and waving at him with joy. They were complete opposites toward their magical capabilities, with the lantern mage exceeding at fire, and the greenwitch with mother nature's curse. It was like a highschool reunion with a stranger. Circe looked forward with excitedness. She's never dealt with a plague this big, being as massive as a city. Clearly inspecting the overgrowth of bacteria, the mushrooms that sprouted off of demolished buildings, and the fungus-ridden creatures that took control of the very locals that once inhabited this city. It was quite sad, to be frank. But her gleeful attention directed to a massive roar, shaking the very roots of this mushroom jungle. That must have been the beast she felt before. Being able to confirm it's existence, the cursed child was definitely sure of a draconian. "Did you hear that?"
  9. Circe expressed a warm and gentle smile, resting her head onto her hands and glancing back at the indigo boy. He saved a damsel in distress? Perhaps he did have a heart, after all. The fox boy grunted and slipped off a book ladder, creating a thud against the grassy floor. She chuckled in amusement, gesturing a vine to grasp the ancient paper and sprawl it across the wooden table. Feng approached to the two women, scratching his head and attempting to slide his freakish features into his colorful hair. "You're quite far. But close." She spoke, sliding her finger against the map across red marks that lightly glowed onto the paper. "Just go between these mountains with Feng. You'll be there in a few weeks." The vine offered it to Mia, crawling back into the floor. Opening her mouth to speak, Circe was interuppted by a sudden knocking on her door, a man angrily yelling from the other side. A frown showed itself on her face, the witch and fox looking at eachother in unison. They understood the situation, and immediately raised her hand to open a secret door that lead outside. "Let's go!" Feng whispered, grabbing Mia by the hand. He scurried to the door, leaving Circe to deal with the thugs. She looked back at the two children, before tipping her black hat with a farewell.
  10. The greenwitch curled a smile, lightly scratching at her cheek with a finger, and taking note of that answer. She didn't exactly like being inspected by a scanner, but supposing that this one was necessary, Circe didn't mind. Her basic stats would consist of a dangerous cleric, having extraordinary skill with nature and healing, being able to patch up severe injuries just in time. Like an ancient tree, her stature is rather decieving to her defensive and offensive capability, as if she was bark. But her downfall is heat, being extremely prone to lighting on fire and weakening her plant structures. Circe offered her battleaxe with free hands, expressing a rather amused expression as the red-haired woman rambled on with a interesting notion. "I'll believe I'll assist with a broken leg." The greenwitch warmly smiled, lightly stomping on the ground to impale the lit zombie in place with a sharp root.
  11. She blinked, surprised that he was eager to answer her question. In preparation, the little witch unsheathed a rather heavy axe from her back, looking on to the destruction of Dougton. "I'd like to know how the fungus spreads, or infects the human body?"
  12. Quirking quite a curious brow, the cursed witch looked over her shoulder. Nothing. Strange. She felt something rather peculiar, questioning the rather sudden aura. It didn't come off from the strange, cloaked men, neither did it come from the other individuals. Circe had felt this type of magic before, and it resembled that of.. what was it again? Attempting to put her mind into it, she was abruptly interrupted by the sudden needle that penetrated her right arm. It was rather quick, really, and the witch wasn't paying much attention to the sergeant. The sharp iron stopped the moment it grazed her white skin, unable to stab it through. Circe expressed a curious pout, the nurse looking on with a confused look, shaking her head and attempting it to push even deeper. It was like trying to puncture a thousand-year-old great tree, creating crackling sounds that came off the bark flesh. Circe quirked a smirk, softly chuckling. Her other hand gently pushed the woman's hand away, driving it away from her skin. "I'll be fine. I'm not exactly human anyway." The nurse blinked, grunting and grumbling under her breath as she moved on to the other individuals. Now, what was it? Ah, nevermind. She's already forgotten. Her attention averted to the holographic portrait of the infamous Elenwen, and perhaps the cause of all this hectic chaos. She squinted at the maniacal laugh that the woman expressed, overcome by ecstatic joy and power. Although, her attire was quite familiar. Was she a witch, aswell? He had mentioned about this woman having negated physical death, almost similar to the greenwitch's sorrowful immortality. Sanguine was filled with interest, even eager to meet her! ..If she wasn't hellbent of the destruction of Dougton, of course. She looked over at the line of soldiers ready for the departion of the group, even more interested as she scanned the fall of the city. Overhearing the sergeant's question about questions, the small witch slightly raised her hand up like an eager child.
  13. "Excuse me." A lullaby-like tone erupted. In the group, green-eyed gaze squinted in sheer curiousity, and a face hidden by an adorned mask. The black bangs that entrailed her forehead had sprawled out onto the material, sidebangs decorating the sides of her face. It seemed that the witch had arrived late to the party, glancing at the individuals before tipping her black hat in formality. Perhaps her appearance was decieving, standing at an astonishing four feet. She almost seemed like a joke, or a wandered child that was lost in the chaos. The black-haired witch joined the group, removing the mask that concealed her features and expressing a warm smile that laid opposite to the opposing shell. Her green eyes softly squinted once more, glinting a welcoming expresson. "Apologies. am I late? It was rather difficult to convince anyone to direct me here." She spoke, a strange amount of maturity in her voice. Interestingly, her fingers danced across the wooden staff she clutched upon, inspecting the individuals that stood with the group. Two red-haired women with bow and arrow, a fellow with a peculiar amount of magic. And.. a lively boy. He had the look of punching someone's lights out in an instant, the thought intriguing the cursed witch. Circe wore dusty black robes that reached just above her knee and entrailing onto her shoulders, followed by black shorts and jet-black boots. Her hat had a curled tip, ragged holes that ripped the fabric with fresh leaves and vines, and possibly an owl inside. The choice of weapon she chose was a long, curled staff. It was adorned with even more plants, small flowers growing at the wooden stick. Intriguingly, there was a jar tied onto her hip. Inside was an amount of calm water glowing of what seemed to be bioluminescence. It seems to be alive. She looked up at the men and women, expressing a warm smirk.
  14. The wise witch expressed a long sigh, glancing away from the girl. Perhaps she was quite far, but they had to trek mountain to mountain, and great valleys to reach the far away land. But she was persistent, and perhaps Feng was able to endure and protect her from the obstacles that came across. Her green-eyed gaze met the royal-blooded girl, shimmering with hesitance and pity. She grit teeth and closed her eyes, brows furrowed and fingers dancing on the wooden staff she clutched onto. "Of course. Follow me." Nodding at the young boy to lock the door, Circe gestured the two youth to a viny door, the plants retreating as soon as the witch laid her hand onto the wooden boards. It allowed them to open the door, twisting on the doorknob and inviting them to her room. It was large and spacious, filled with witchcraft and all sorts of decorations. The atmosphere was like entering an enchanted forest, with bookshelves filled with interesting literature and mythology. She sat down on a table near a sunny window, closing the curtains and offering a chair to the young girl. Meanwhile, Feng had been sccurying through the shelves to locate a map. His distinguishables loosely embracing the fresh air. The green witch cleared her throat, and gestured the girl to give Circe her wounded arm. The cut had been bleeding for awhile, dripping onto the floorboards and possibly staining against grassy plants. She hoped that it didn't create a trail. Holding Mia's arm with gentleness, the light grasp of the witch almost felt like tree bark, although it didn't match her proceclain skin. She hovered a finger above the bleeding scrape, and began to work her magic. Like sitching a ripped dress, the magic of the cursed one began to nip up the sharp flesh wound, glowing mist dancing according to her movements. It sped up the regeneration rather quickly, the astonishing flesh and skin mending itself together as Circe focused. When she finally finished, green eyes looked up at Mia, with a warm and gentle smile. "I'd like to know more about your troubles. Do tell."