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  1. Thanks for the like, I was surprised anyone not involved even bothered to read. 

    That being said, my follow up thought was "WTH is a turtle frog?"

    I greatly regret researching that question.


    That is the walking tumor known as a turtle frog. Your Val screen name is literally a Eldritch nightmare inducing horror from some dark hell plane.

    Thanks for keeping me awake at night.

  2. [Ravenspire] Finally.

    - - The frog of the rose valley. Raine shivered. Rather, trembled. A red flush of hue flourished through her features, anxiously looking down in blossoming shyness -- a reddened face. Unconsciously, she was holding onto Desmond's arm in a terrified manner, like a child holding onto their guardian before being swept away infront. When she was released to greet Celine, a gulp forced down the witch's throat, anxiously lifting her hand to wave -- but quickly swished away by Desmond by the grab of her hand. Everything was beginning to unravel too quickly, not even noticing the little noise she made when the prince introduced her to the Empress and Emperor, or the tip of hat she made that almost made Merlin fall out the hat. So with a confused quiver, the pale woman immediately tipped her hat down even further to cover her pinkened cheeks -- pinkened already when Desmond graced her knuckles, but intensely reddened when she was introduced to the lovely group. Her stutter worsened, and her accent poured into her tongue. "It's a pleasure to meet you Raine! I apologize on Desmond's behalf, I know that he can be sour company." "T-The pleasure i-is all mine, yoh-- your highness. H-His company was r-rather sweet, r-really.." A soft chuckle was expressed by the rosewitch. Desmond's company made her feel more relaxed, calm, as his kindness charmed the pink-haired lady. Butterflies began churning in her stomach, but bearing it with an unsure grin, she stood straight and smiled at Leoa from under the hat. She cleared her throat, hopefully not too noisy or rude to catch the royal's attention. A curtsy followed after, then a shy hand slithering behind her back, and the other pressing down her hat. “It seems you have captured my son’s affections. Perhaps you may be the one to tame him into marriage, hm?” "U-Um--.." The question alone made Raine glance up in hesitation, expressing a surprised gaze and a look of unsureness. She whipped her head back down after suddenly looking at the Emperor in a perplexed demeanor, following with a more stern grip determined to conceal her face with a hat. Her flickering eyes clicked to Desmond, but quickly shot back to the ceramic floor. She began fidgeting her hands together, displaying an embarassed and shy manner towards the group. "I-I'm not.. v-very.. sure.. if.. um.." "Your time here has been spent well? I hope the crowd isn't too overbearing." "Ehrm--" The silent scream in the crowd created a dwelling curiousity inside the witch, slightly shifting her head to the side in acknowledgement. Should she bring it up? No, that was not wise. It unsettled Raine, unsettling enough that the noise more likely sounded like a child's. She only hoped that the situation was one of an angry, crying child, bickering their guardian for a handful of sweets. However, Raine was once more timid, and oblivious toward the happenings of the room, so she returned back to their conversation with a peculiar gaze, and anxiously shifted closer to Desmond. ".. n-not at all, y-your grace." "I'm assuming my son has already stolen a few cookies from the table, and forced you to indulge with him." "Ah," The black-blooded witch expressed a soft chuckle. "Y-Yes. Although I-I was rather eager to indulge w-with him, I-I'm emanored t-towards sweets, m-myself."
  3. [Ravenspire] Finally.

    - - The frog of the rose valley. Raine glistened a soft smile, charmed by the prince's understanding of the wellbeing of her familiar, Merlin. Once hidden, the reptile sneakily whispered into his mistress's ear. She slightly tipped her hat to the side, to smoothly allow Merlin to speak. The exchanging of words between the two sounded like an innocent gossip, the topic being most likely the prince. She giggled, masking her gleeful nature with a pale hand. Once it seemed that their conversation had come to an end, the witch gestured for Merlin to quickly hide, fixing the ribboned headress that crowned her head. "It would be safe to say it's appropriate that he remains hidden. There are guests here that don't appreciate such a species." "I-I agree. I may be scolded f-for bringing my familiar to a wedding party." Drinking the fizzy glass in her pale grasp, her curious gaze shifted to Desmond, when he begun to exhibit a strange pain in his hearing. As he pressed his shoulder against his ear, a worried concern welled up in the witch. She placed her hand onto his arm, looking up at the man. "A-Are you alright?" Her gaze drifted towards the happenings in the room, an unnatural feeling filling up the lady. There was something.. rather strange. It disturbed the rosewitch for a moment, but her attention shifted towards Desmond, shrugging off the ringing in his ears. "Raine, would you like to meet my mother and father? Knowing her, the Empress would love to entertain you." "T-The Empress.? ..O-Of course." A nervous lump stiffened in her throat, forcing it to go down with a drink of the fizz in her hand. Anxious, she took the offered arm -- but immediately stopped mid-way. "A-Ah.. t-theres something on your face." The small witch tipped to her toes, raising up her heels to slightly reach up to Desmond's height, then used her thumb to gently brush off a crumb that stuck near the edge of the man's lip. When the cookie crumb was gone, she rested her heels onto the ceramic floor, Raine expressed an unsure smile. Swirling the glass in her hand, she offered the prince to lead the way.
  4. A Likely Rivalry

    " - - The fox who cried wolf. @Jambone "HEY!" Feng growled, immediately turning back to see who the hell did that. He swore, the boy was out of breath and overwhelmed with a starving appetite, so it wasn't surprising when he hissed at the man with menacing fangs and jumping back to keep his distance. Who knew if he was a thief, too? He had that award-winning smile, and the fox could already smell the gold on this man. "What's the big idea? It's just a peach --" "Y'know, if you want to be a good thief, you might want to consider a new color, Blue. You'll also probably want to steal things a little more valuable than fruit." He looked on with a baffled face. What was he trying to do? Stall him? Well he was doing pretty good at it, with the two standing in the middle of a busy crowd. Feng only slowed down when this part of the market hadn't reached the calls of a thief, but he hoped that those cries wouldn't get here too quickly. So with a discerning look, he let his hair gently sway in the hot wind, and curiously looked at him with blue slitted orbs. He wanted to remember how this guy looked like.. for future recognition. Then, he skeptically looked behind the man, and groan a mild discomfort as he watched three more individuals run to the boy in piercing determination and overwhelming justice. They looked much more athletic to catch up with the fox, so he had to act quick-- either have a weird conversation, or just run with the damn peach. "Uh.. what? Look buddy, I'd love to chat and all, but I've gotta run." Spoke a nonchalant tone. When the three individuals neared closer, a surge of his polaric power magnetized nearby signs to crash down, causing mild panic in the crowd, dust to bloom into air and temporarily slow down the persistent men. On a general view, it just seemed like the obstacles collasped by accident. Once that was through, Feng winked at Ridley, taking a bite of the fresh fruit with sharp fangs and dash away with his restored energy. If Chase looked closely, his wallet of money and beloved jewel amulet appeared missing.
  5. A Likely Rivalry

    " - - The fox who cried wolf. @Jambone A sly expression settled off his features, uncaring, yet unhappy. How long has it been since he'd stolen something from an unsuspecting merchant? Too long, perhaps. Ever since the boy pledged his allegiance to a noble greenwitch (who knew far too much of knowledge and wisdom the reckless fox did), he took only perhaps a quarter of a coin of gold he have snatched from a poor man. Even so, he carefully returned the stolen gold out of pity and self-loathing. Stealing from a rich snob would've made him feel better -- the look of a prideful wealth turning into despair? Now that was gold. Feng grinned at the thought, keeping his eyes locked and steady to unwavering individuals walking by the market's colorful street. A few had interesting bags to take, and a couple with mouth-watering delicacy to pilfer of. He leaned groggily against a concrete wall decorated with paint and green moss, attentive of the ragged robe that concealed most of his freakish identity, and a hood over his head with a discerning shadow under his eyes. How long can he keep this up? His legs were already aching from standing all day, and he was cursing at himself for letting some good loot to pass by. Feng was at the market the whole morning, and his stomach began to roar in burning pain and acidic action. A simple bite wouldn't hurt, right? His blue-eyed gaze turned over to an old lady across selling fine fruit, sitting behind the stand with colorful decorations to appease the eyes of passing individuals and bystanders. His feral instict for food began to kick in, and he waited no time at all to walk sneakily to the stand. A hood over his head and a robe over his shoulders, he unceremoniously snatched a peach from the display -- and immediately the merchant noticed the reckless action. A cry of a thief rang out through the crowd, and the fox boy promptly sprinted away from the scene. Behind him were two men, who intended to assist the poor woman and reclaim the stolen goods. A smirk under the shadows of the hood, he raced them through the colorful market, jumping and evading blockages and signs. Feng slipped under men who carried heavy clocks, pounced onto bars to only lift himself up and jump above the crowd, and finally shoving through unsuspecting individuals by pushing them aside -- but not too strong to push them over. These swift evasions caused his hood to slip off, and reveal indigo hair with a smug smile. For now, his freakish characteristics stayed under his hair in disguise. But mischeviously, whilst slipping away with his dashing speed and agility, an unwavering gaze that settled onto the boy caught his attention. So cunningly, Feng winked at a man who was previously seen trying to call over some pretty dames, then run off into the distance. Behind him were the two men who attempted to pursue the young boy -- out of breath and out of stamina, it seems that gunning for that peach was a lost cause.
  6. Terrenus Bounty List [need bounty hunters!]

    Bounty hunter? I've got a guy.
  7. LFG

    Psst! If you desire, a tedious thief boy could be interested in poking fun at Aurora. Perhaps he'd be interested in a long-term partnership aswell.
  8. A path diverged in the woods [CLOSED]

    Psst! I believe my character Feng would love to come along. ^^
  9. [Ravenspire] Finally.

    @Aleksei -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Are you willing to put that down on paper?" "P-Paper?" Raine was a woman of uncertainty and timidness, forgetful nature and clumsy behaviour -- so it wouldn't be surprising if she stepped on the man's shoes during a graceful dance, or even accidentally trip. She took the star-cookie with an eager smile. The witch was a shy one, never attempting to say anything unless necessary, and often preferring to stay out of sight in the dazzling crowds. And, perhaps, oblivious aswell. Oblivious of the magic that spewed out of her lips and onto one of the cookies the prince must've took. "..Perhaps." Once again, she carelessly huffed the dawn sky onto her pastry, and immediately noticed her oblivious whiff of fairydust. Gasping with a startled look and a finger to her lips, the witch could only hope now that nobody had noticed to see the sight. When she glanced at Desmond, the prince was stuffing a number of pastries to satisfy his sweet-toothly needs. It was quite cute, she admit. That he had quite the liking towards sweets. "You sure seem to fancy these sweets." A gentle giggle of her own mellow accent hummed towards Desmond. Then, took a bite off the sugary cookie with a smile. "I fancy sweets, myself." Her gaze recklessly strayed away into his, and shortly looked back to the charming crowd that snickered and mused with all sorts of events. She took a sip from the bubbling drink in her other hand, and quickly chucked the cream hat onto her head to avoid holding three items all at once. A confectionary on her right, and a glass on her left. "I'm not at all for these sorts of crowds. As beautiful as these people may be, these kinds of events often draw a ... flavorful crowd." "I-I see. I'm not one for quite the.. s-sociable party." Raine stuffed the star-cookie into her mouth, and began to sip the bubbly drink that thoroughly washed down on her throat. The witch was equipped with her magical rod hidden somewhere within her grasp, and a dangerously sharp knife sheathed somewhere onto her thigh -- under the white dress that clothed the woman.She wouldn't dare to hurt anyone with such weapons. Instead, they were essential items for her.. performance. It was probably the reason why the shy lady was invited to a wedding, to perform a lively performance to allure the audience and it's King and Queen. Her spacing look glanced at Desmond with a curious notion. "Luckily, I have a bit of sun to keep me warm and dazzled; I can ignore the transgressions of others for a time. Tell me Raine, what's your companions name? And is he as shy as yourself or does he just prefer to remain out of sight?" Companion? "Sly, you are." His low, raspy voice erupted from the crowned hat of the witch, peering from under to meet the royalty with beady eyes and a slithering tongue. It was rather strange to hear an animal speak without it's lips to move, especially when a dragon sounded like a fifty-year old barbarian. Merlin was a cold-blooded reptile, a white-bearded dragon. For now, he only peeked from under the hat to avoid such wandering eyes toward his very mistress. "How long have you noticed me, your highness? It is quite an embarassing acknowledgement that you've known about me all this time. Althought I can't blame you, it'd be rather strange to ask someone about their lizard in a hat." "A-Ah. T-This is Merlin. H-he can't be present right now. He d-demanded to stay hidden." Merlin slithered at the prince with a hasty reptilian tongue, then crawled back into the hat. Raine was quite unsure and skeptic about his reaction, awkwardly taking a long sip, and straying her eyes toward the dances of the party. .
  10. Hurrican Irma Preparedness!

    dagn!! dont you go hurtin yurself! if that rain touches you, IMMA BEAT THE CRAP OUTTA IT YA HEAR
  11. [Ravenspire] Finally.

    @Aleksei Accepting the offered arm with a hesitant grace, her pale hand curled around his limb with a cold sensation, like snow touching naked skin. Whilst following him, Raine made sure not to step on the man's shoes. She was clumsy and flustered, so her movements were shy, not daring to reach near his feet in fear of abruptly stopping him, or worse -- trip. Heels clinked against the ceramic floor, a white skirt chasing after her feet every each step, it was skeptic to try to not fall onto the man. Glancing up from her heels, the crowd began to thicken, and it became harder to catch up. She didn't expect him to hold her side, but when he did, a little noise escaped from the witch's lips, eventually leaning onto the prince with her fragile hips. With pinkened cheeks and having little time to react, he swept her infront of himself, leaving the woman to look down in trailing her steps to assure she wasn't going to fall down. But shifting her heels to avoid another, she was unaware of the indirect dance that swayed the two. She was charmed, glancing with a blue gaze to the other. "Sorry." He spoke with an apologetic smile, to which she could reply with her own. "I-It's ok." Raine's gaze settled on the dessert table, exhaling a blue gust that flew from her lips. It was tinted with glittery specks, and a slight hue of blue. Unaware of her own magic spewing from her mouth, she looked up at Desmond with a gentle expression. "I.. believe so. I-It's beautiful. I haven't been to celebrations like these i-in a long time." Spoke the witch, taking a glass of sweet concoction. It bubbled with a colorful spark, and topped with an adorable little umbrella ontop. Tilting the glass with uncertainty and curiousity, she glanced back to Desmond, smiling as her blue-eyed glance crashed with his own. "Y-You're a pretty good dancer."
  12. Friendly Rivalry

    thief, hmmmmmmmm i got the perfect guy hey man, no need to fear for i am heeere :DDD
  13. [Ravenspire] Finally.

    @Aleksei A surprised expression overtook her features, looking to the man in shock. It clearly puzzled her, expecting a harsh complain about the woman's clumsiness and forgetful nature. Looking to the comforting hand atop her shoulder, then back to the stern man that who charmed a smirk. Although the witch was at unsease, a soft glint of happiness reflected off her blue-eyed gaze. And a perplexed look from the cold-blooded reptile. He expected him to scold his mistress aswell, preparing a feral attack that would've wounded his face, and possibly ended up with an unpleasant situation. However, Merlin sneered with a delightful smirk, and sneakily slithered inside the hat. Holding the ribbon, Raine had noticed his zoned-out face. Blinking in insecurity as he stared at.. her hair? Whatever it was, it left her rather curious. But returning her gaze to the prince, she anxiously fidgeted with the ribbon, and awkwardly coughed into a balled fist. "Raine.. I-I mean-- I'm-- er.." The lady brushed her blossom locks to the side, and looked up with glowing eyes of blue. A sincere smile brought itself to her lips, perhaps a charming smile back to the man. "R-Raine. Raine Rhodyln. I-It's nice to meet you, Desmond." She chuckled at his request, bringing a pale hand to her lips, and softly tied the cream ribbon onto the hat. "O-Of course! I was getting quite hungry, a-anyway."
  14. [Ravenspire] Finally.

    @Aleksei "S-Stop laughing, Merlin! I-It's not funny!" "Well, it is." It almost seemed like she was talking to herself, if it wasn't for the white lizard that perched atop her shoulder. Raine was suffocating against the uneasy atmosphere that some gazes gave off, some with the look of ridicule, and some with the look of despision. She was a witch, after all. Bearing blood of the morning sky and the late afternoon. However, the witch was oblivious to the wobbling prince that began to walk toward the blossom-haired lady, darting forward and always keeping her face hidden. The quick movement of the girl made it harder for Desmond to catch up, it was already difficult for him to bend down and take her ribbon. So as she slowed down, a gentle touch of had lightly landed itself onto her back. Expressing a tad gasp, she turned back to face the man with a curious, yet alerted look. A cyan-eyed gaze looked back into black orbs, with colorful pink hair that trailed down her shoulder. She lifted up her hat to get a better view, and eventually pryed it off her head. The familiar stealthily snuck into the hat, hiding against the cream fabric of his mistress. Finally able to see who it was, an even wider gasp entrailed her features. "Y-Your majesty!" A british accent trailed onto her tongue as she made a polite curtsy towards the man. He was noticeably.. out of breath! Had he been chasing after the maiden? She must've created so much of a hassle for the prince to go after her tail, speedily darting outwards the more sociable groups that clearly intimidated the timid woman. However, there was a cream ribbon in his grasp that caught her attention. "..I-Is that?" Looking towards the ribbon, her pale hands gently took the cloth from the royalty. "M-mine..? O-Oh, dear! H-Have you had a b-bit of trouble trying to return t-this? Oh, I-I'm s-so sorry!" She apologized with utter anxiety, then made a little curtsy once again. How has she been so oblivious? What pain he must've gone through! "Y-Your leg must hurt f-from all that.. I-I'm sorry..!"
  15. [Baaj Island] Open Role Play!

    psssssssst i want in :D