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  1. The Nøkken's heart stumbled for a beat, and she dropped the boy to the floor with a thud, practically leaping over him to drag Andromeda into the bathroom through the window. She didn't bother to register the sound of someone calling from out in the hallway, only focused on the familiar feeling of the younger water spirit's hair pressing against her cheek, and the soft tones of the only voice that ever called her Jewel. The younger female's scent flooded her highly sensitive nostrils, her ears all too aware of the thunderous beat that shook Andy's slender frame. So frail, so young . . . Nøkken yanked back, holding her charge at arm's length, and snarled, "Don't you dare pull a stunt like that ever again. I nearly started greying like a mortal when you disappeared." Andromeda's golden skin turned pale, those luminescent eyes dimming as her giddy grin faltered and she started to stammer out an apology. Good. Good that she remembered just how terrifying the Nøkken could be when she wanted to. "I - I didn't-" "Save it. We are going home, right now, where you are safe, and where I know that no one has a knife poised to slip between your ribs." She gave Andy a hard look, but its usual effect seemed nonexistent as the stubborn white-haired spirit bent to offer the boy - Luke - a hand up from the bathroom floor, ignoring the request. @LukeRipstine @Enk Razorwood
  2. She laughed, though it was a hollow, lifeless noise, and dodged the blow with far too much ease, weaving out of the way without losing her grip, and in the process tearing out of his. Her free hand shot out to grasp for both his hands, snagging into the delicate skin and clamping them together at the wrists. "Answer me, you pathetic creature. Her scent is all over you. You have been with her, and you cannot deny the truth." She squeezed his throat, a clear threat as her nails seemed poised to tear out his windpipe. "Where - is - Andromeda?" On the roof, Andy had missed seeing the ancient beast come tearing through the Inn, but her ears didn't miss the threatening sounds that were coming from her bathroom. They didn't sound like Luke - too feminine, too familiar. Jewel? The thought of the female had Andy springing to her feet, sliding down the tiled roof and stopping at the edge with a grunt. Her hands gripping the edge of the roof fiercely, she lowered herself down to peer in through her window, upside down, her still-glowing hair streaming down like a pale banner. In the bathroom was a tiny pale-skinned female, with a tattoo stretching down her left side that was inked even darker than her hair. Her eyes shone coldly, and her talon-like hands had Luke completely at her mercy as she dug into his threat. Her heart leapt, and she cried, "Jewel! For the Darkness's sake, let Luke go!" After an instant, she added, "Unless the red is still in his eyes - then don't let go." Those cold gold eyes snapped to her, and Andy bared her teeth in a welcome grin. Her one constant in life was here, and everything was going to be just fine. Even though I'm about to be chewed to bits over this. @LukeRipstine @Enk Razorwood
  3. (( Don't worry, it's fine, good time to introduce Jewel anyway )) Andromeda had spent the past several hours on the roof of the Inn, having swung herself up as she sought to escape whatever demonic thing had decided to slide into Luke's driver seat and take control. During that time, she had found a rather comfortable spot, leaning against the chimney of the main hall with her feet braced against the tiles for support, watching the sky with burning eyes that refused to dim, from fear that she might miss something. She should never have left home - never should have left Jewel. All my fault all my fault all my fault Yes. Most definitely, most assuredly all - your - fault. Arguments had been circling through her the whole time, a cacophony of self-hatred that made her head spin. As the sun slowly crept up above the horizon line, the volume of those raging opinions seemed to multiply tenfold. Her eyes, which had remained peeled open for such long stints that they were dry and itching, finally clamped shut, and she pressed the heel of her palm to her forehead to try and ease the ache. In doing so, she lost sight of the world around her and prayed that she wouldn't be taken by surprise. The Nøkken had swum all day, and all through the night, only clambering out of the water to run the last few miles to the Inn of the Rebellious Rose in a shortcut over land. She had not stopped for rest - except for when she had removed her light chain mail and other armaments from their waterproof pack to change - had hardly bothered to breathe in all that time, and it had paid off. The sun chased her as it climbed ever higher, but it couldn't catch her as she made those final sharp turns and caught a glimpse of the Inn. The half-lit silhouette of the building prompted her to push herself even faster, ancient bones singing as she vaulted over irritating obstacles and left a cloud of dust in her wake. When she reached the door and swung it open, she did not pause, following a scent that was still thick and heavy in the air, ignoring the odd suit of armour as she stormed in the direction of the room where it seemed likely Andy was staying. The room door swung open with a crack that seemed even louder than the main doors, and her eyes flicked briefly to the rumpled bedsheets and the viola that lay there before she continued toward the bathroom, where she found - A human boy. Just an ordinary person, lying in a daze on the floor at her feet. She snarled, her damp, ink-black hair snapping like a whip as she bent down and grabbed him by the throat, dual rows of teeth flashing as her pupils turned to paper-thin slits, their ever-present glow less like the crackling fire of Andromeda's and more like the cold light of Death incarnate. The steel she swore on her belt and baldric bore the scars of regular use, and the steel in her voice bore the weight of a life longer than the existence of civilised peoples. She only had one thing to say. "Where - is - Andy?" Her scent was all over this room, curious and raging and terrified, and it clung to this male like burr clings to fabric. @LukeRipstine @Enk Razorwood
  4. Andromeda wasn't going to be that easily baited into such conflict. She didn't trust whatever was squatting in Luke's body right now not to kill her. The bathroom door was opposite her, blocked by his frame as he stood there, ready to strike. Which meant that the window was three paces behind her, and, if the cool breeze tickling the back of her neck were to be trusted, had the shutters thrown wide open. All she had to do was turn, jump, and claw her way out and up onto the roof of the Inn, where she might be able to breathe for just a moment. The beast was screaming for her to stay and fight, to conquer this body-snatching beast and free her companion. Her prisw was rampaging right along with it. Andy knew better. She was outmatched at the moment, and would only get herself killed. She would much rather live to fight another day. So she turned, and leapt. @LukeRipstine
  5. Her blood roared in her ears, and over and over in her head, only one thought played on repeat. Need Jewel need Jewel need Jewel If the ancient were here, maybe she would stand a chance of properly defending herself. But right now, she was about as useful as a swordsman without a blade. She had left at the worst possible time in her dear friend's teachings - had left without any consideration to the fact that it had been vital that she stay. If she got herself hurt before Jewel caught up with her again, the Darkness only knows what horrors she would face in the wrath of the Nøkken. Scratch that. Either way, Dromeda was buried neck deep in a pile of shit and sinking fast. The beast gave a yowl, and she sunk into a familiar defensive stance, poised with her weight balanced evenly, ready to barrel into him - through him, if need be. Her fingers flexed, and she studied him with predator's eyes as her hair, which was hanging over a shoulder and dragging on the floor, pulsed to the beat of her monster's heart. @LukeRipstine
  6. As each second ticked by, Andromeda settled into her regular state of being. Bound in the body of the water demon, forever hovering between her humanity and her insanity. Her vision cleared, and when she really noticed the subtle physical changes in Luke, her power shied away, seeking to protect her from any damage. Age-old panic flared at her being pinned in such a compromising way - memories surged like a peak tidal wave. Her eyes flared brightly, sending another pulse of light throughout the room, and she threw her hips up, driving her knee into his crotch and yanking her arms to her sides, using the momentum to slide out from underneath him. "Who are you, and why in hellfire are you hounding after this human boy?" she asked, those golden eyes wide, glittering with the predatory curiosity of the beast. For a sickening moment, she endured its pondering over what a man possessed by spirits would taste like, shaking off the idea as soon as she could be rid of it. You are no fun, girl. Oh, shut up. @LukeRipstine
  7. Her body was winded by the force of his leg slamming her into the ground, though not as badly as a regular human, but the shock of the blow was enough to shake the beast's hold on her loose, and Andromeda surged to the surface with a cheer of jubilation. She found herself lying on her back, with a highly disappointed and disgruntled alternate personality slinking back beneath the surface. Feeling returned, and she left out a noise that was half a groan, half a sigh of relief. She laid her head back on the cool floor and shut her eyes, biting her lip as she struggled to wrap the words around her tongue. "Sorry. And - thank you, you and your spirits, both." @LukeRipstine @Enk Razorwood
  8. Her eyes lit up, and her jaw snapped shut as she whirled away from him. She didn't bother to snap at him about his being ridiculously specific about the location of the Rebellious Rose Inn, such was her excitement. Before she left, though, she laid a fist on the bar's counter, opened it, palm downwards, and left behind two gold pieces. In a flash, the tiny, tattooed female was outside the tavern and sprinting at inhuman speeds for the nearest watercourse to travel even faster. She hated portals, and besides, the water was so much more inviting.
  9. Victorious

    The Cadre

    Herein lies each character I have bothered to create and use. Significant life events are updated to keep myself and others on track. BASIC INFORMATION Moniker: Nøkken Alias/es: Näkki, Neck, Nixie, Water Demon Sobriquet/s: Jewel Gender: female Actual Age: unknown Apparent Age: 18 Race: water spirit D.O.B.: the longest night of the year Orientation: heterosexual, bordering asexual Profession: intelligence agent PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION Height: 5'2" Weight: 50kg Figure: muscled, slight Complexion: icy pale Hair: raven black || falls to the hips Eyes: amber gold || slitted pupils Voice: warm, honey-smooth || alto || drops to a baritone when aggressive || can perfectly imitate most accents Tattoos/Brands: tattoo comprised of ancient glyphs scrawling down left side of face, left shoulder and arm, all the way to the fingertips Scars: none Other Identifiers: eyes tend to emit wispy blue smoke when using powers MENTAL STATE Demeanour: volatile, unpredictable, tense Likes: travelling to new places, being challenged, frightening others Dislikes: monotony, being threatened, small minds Desires: to learn as much as possible about her world Fears: dying before she achieves her goal Motivations: curiosity Quirks: always seems to have waterweeds in her hair Hobbies: learning new dialects, languages and cultures Talents: imitating accents || reading emotions TYPICAL ATTIRE AND ARMAMENTS Casual Headwear: leather cord to tie her hair Protective Headwear: " " Casual Upper Body: Dark blue woollen tunic with leather padding at elbows, hips and chest || pale undershirt Protective Upper Body: Chain mail and leather tunic with fur lining for added warmth and comfort, designed for mobility || leather kidney belt || leather baldric || leather and plate vambraces Casual Lower Body: dark leather pants Protective Lower Body: leather and plate cuisses Casual Footwear: knee-high calf-skin boots, fur lined || footwraps Protective Footwear: leather and plate greaves, worn over the boots Typical Armaments: rapier with swept hilt || parrying dagger || sword breaker Accessories: twisted metal armband on right upper arm BACKGROUND INFORMATION Father: nameless water spirit - whereabouts unknown Mother: Natasha Woolford - deceased Siblings: none Other Significant Relatives: none Birthplace: unknown Hometown: none LIFE EVENTS 1 - Separated from Father during a battle between two warring tribes in the early days of Valucre 2 - Became infamous across all three continents, with slightly varied names <><><> long and irritatingly empty period of time <><><> 3 - Fought in the battle for Orisia between Areder DuGrace and Aulden 4 - Witnessed the quieting of La'Ruta 5 - Met Andromeda Martell, taught her the song of the wind and taught her control 6 - Became an informant for hire QUOTES - "Three, two, one. Time's up." - "Ssh. Your shrieking gives me a headache." - "There aren't many sounds I enjoy more than the screams of dying men, but the wind is one of them." - "My, my. Don't you just look delicious." BASIC INFORMATION Moniker: Asterin Blackthorne Alias/es: The Messenger Sobriquet/s: Angel, Thorns Gender: female Actual Age: 19 Apparent Age: early twenties Race: human D.O.B.: February 7th Orientation: heterosexual Profession: assassin and mercenary PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION Height: 5'7" Weight: 56kg Figure: slender, angular, toned Complexion: olive Hair: warm reddish-brown || falls to the small of her back Eyes: rich chocolate brown || wide, attentive Voice: smooth, buttery || fairly low for a female || pitch often climbs at the end of sentences || slight burr Tattoos/Brands: none Scars: numerous small scars all over body || faint scar around throat under the jaw || slightly raised scar tissue on left cheek, under the eye || multiple knife slash wounds across palms Other Identifiers: missing tip of ring finger on right hand MENTAL STATE Demeanour: closed off, calculative, determined Likes: organisation, causing chaos, proving others wrong Dislikes: disorganisation, blunt weapons Desires: to make a name and a life for herself Fears: having her thunder stolen || dying alone Motivations: the prospect of living well || sticking it to her male colleagues Quirks: places a hand on her left hip/sword pommel when feeling threatened Hobbies: the lap harp Talents: balancing knives on the tips of her fingers || eavesdropping TYPICAL ATTIRE AND ARMAMENTS Casual Headwear: black ribbons to pull back her hair Protective Headwear: black, multi-panelled hood with silver embroidery || black leather eye mask, moulded to shape over the bridge of the nose, leaving the mouth exposed Casual Upper Body: a sleeved blouse (usually white, bell-sleeved with cuffs in summer, straight in winter) || tooled leather corset vest, laced at the front (black or tan) || heavy black woollen cloak (cold weather) Protective Upper Body: fitted bodysuit with armouring similar to kevlar on the spine and over the chest || black leather vambraces with silver embellishments and stitching Casual Lower Body: full-length skirt (usually grey, green or black) || knee length pleated skirt (usually black of white) || skintight leather pants (black or tan) Protective Lower Body: fitted bodysuit with kevlar-like armouring atop the thighs || black leather greaves with silver embellishments and stitching || 'no buckle' leather belt Casual Footwear: tooled leather sandals || lace-up calf-high boots Protective Footwear: specially designed leather boots with exaggerated grip for scaling walls and pipes (to be worn under the greaves) Typical Armaments: throwing knives strapped to the thighs, fighting knives in various other places, 'toadsticker' rapier worn on the left hip Accessories: a pendant necklace hanging at the base of the sternum, composed of snowflake obsidian BACKGROUND INFORMATION Father: Luca White - missing Mother: Christine White (nee Blackthorne) - deceased Siblings: none Other Significant Relatives: Julia Blackthorn (aunt) - deceased Birthplace: Orisia Isle Hometown: Ceyana LIFE EVENTS 1 - Christine and Julia die in a fire lit by Asterin's estranged father. (Asterin aged sixteen) 2 - Asterin takes up the mantle of assassin and sword for hire. (Seventeenth birthday) 3 - Ambushed by rivals. Is nearly strangled to death with a wire garrote. (Asterin aged eighteen) 4 - Asterin loses the tip of a finger when she steps in to stop a knife fight between two drunks. (Asterin aged eighteen) 5 - Murders a colleague after discovering he'd been keeping tabs on her for her father. (Asterin aged eighteen) 6 - Decides to disappear for a time, heads for the Tavern of Legend. (Asterin aged nineteen) QUOTES - "I am no one's slave." - "You like to walk the thin ice? Watch your step - I'll melt the ice you walk on." - "Yes, I'm female. Translation - I'll kick your ass." BASIC INFORMATION Moniker: Kasida Alias/es: The Arrow Sobriquet/s: Kas Gender: female Apparent Age: 6 Race: Marwari horse D.O.B.: unknown Profession: mount of the Messenger PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION Height: 16 HH Weight: 374 kg Figure: slender neck and legs, deep chest Colouring: raven black (blue-black) Eyes: heterochromia idris || intelligent Tattoos/Brands: 'K' branded on left shoulder Scars: old bite mark atop withers Other Identifiers: three white socks (right foreleg blank) || narrow blaze MENTAL STATE Demeanour: loyal, sweet-tempered Likes: sugar cubes, a long run Dislikes: other horses, particularly males Fears: the sound of gunfire Motivations: food || pleasing her mistress Quirks: 'leads' herself Talents: responding to vocal commands/hand signals TYPICAL ATTIRE AND ARMAMENTS Casual Tack: leather halter with chain under the jaw || woollen blanket Formal Tack: bitless bridle, silver embellishments || moulded endurance saddle, silver embellishments || steel horseshoes Typical Armaments: steel mask to protect the face Accessories: running braid in the mane || braided tail LIFE EVENTS 1 - Stolen by Asterin Blackthorne (aged roughly 2) 2 - Got into a fight with a gelding, scarred above the withers (aged roughly 3) 3 - Branded with a 'K' for Kasida (aged roughly 4) 4 - Tail chewed off by a calf (aged roughly 4) 5 - Panicked when a gun went off next to her ear and threw Asterin (aged roughly 5) BASIC INFORMATION Moniker: Andromeda Martell Alias/es: Galaxy Sobriquet/s: Andy, Dromeda, Roma Gender: female Actual Age: 420 . . . or thereabouts Apparent Age: 19 Race: Each Uisge D.O.B.: unknown Orientation: heterosexual Profession: thief, bard, singer PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION Height: 5'9" Weight: 58kg Figure: whip-thin, angular, wiry Complexion: suntanned Hair: platinum blonde || falls to the tailbone Eyes: dark gold || abysmally sorrowful and wise Voice: melodic || sits comfortably in the alto range || highly pronounced, rumbling accent || thick vowels Tattoos/Brands: inky black tattoo of a dragon coiling around a Celtic knot Scars: none Other Identifiers: bioluminescent eyes MENTAL STATE Demeanour: quiet, measured, curious Likes: the smell of old books, the outdoors, the song of the wind Dislikes: quarrelsome people, being threatened, the night Desires: to be mortal Fears: immortality Motivations: finding a way to restore her humanity Quirks: always disappears after dark Hobbies: deciphering ancient texts Talents: tricking others || the viola TYPICAL ATTIRE AND ARMAMENTS Casual Headwear: black bandana with white and gold stitching Formal Headwear: gold hairpiece to weave hair into position Casual Upper Body: fitted long sleeve with gold embellishments (most commonly black, white or both) || fur-lined coat Formal Upper Body: white full-body leotard with black panelling across the chest and down the lower arms, with gold embroidery climbing over it Casual Lower Body: fitted leather pants (black and white) || knee-length skirts (black, white or gold) Formal Lower Body: white full-body leotard with black panelling on calves, with gold embroidery climbing over it Casual Footwear: lace-up combat boots || footwraps Formal Footwear: none Typical Armaments: teeth, nails Accessories: Celtic bracelets on ankles and wrists, looped over digits BACKGROUND INFORMATION Father: Jean-Luc Martell - deceased Mother: Marigold Grey - deceased Siblings: Kress Martell (brother) - deceased Other Significant Relatives: none Birthplace: the Areder Mountains Hometown: the City of Drakiss LIFE EVENTS 1 - Slaughters a witch's familiar by mistake. Tortured for three months. (Andromeda aged 18) 2 - Cursed with immortality and changed into a bloodthirsty creature. (Andromeda's 19th birthday) 2 - Has a run-in with bandits. Devours two, dismembers a third. (Andromeda aged 62) 3 - Returns to Drakiss to condition her mind and control her urges. (Andromeda aged 193) <><><> long and uneventful period of time <><><> 4 - Decides to take a break from her life of thievery and heads to the Tavern of Legend. (Andromeda aged 420 . . . or thereabouts) QUOTES - "Listen to what the wind has to say. You'll be surprised by what it knows." - "Don't irritate me - I like that vase too much."
  10. "Information first, payment later," she repeated. "On my life, I swear to you that I won't back out of a deal - never have, never will." Never was a long time, for her, at least. Spanning aeons before the rise of Stormward and the invention of magitech, never meant more to her than an oath sworn on the grave of a loved one - especially since those graves had long been forgotten. And her life meant everything to her - not necessarily the living, but the wealth of knowledge she had gathered in that time. She didn't take life oaths lightly, but Andy's safety was worth it, regardless of this coward who hid behind a mask and spouted theories on her character like a fountain. ((She considers people who hide their faces outside necessary circumstances to be cowardly, no offence to Tobais)) @ODSTDRAGON
  11. "Humans," she spat, repulsed by the man and his motives. Her everpreset shitty mood had resurfaced. "You are all the same fire underneath, no matter the shape of the kiln." Her pupils expanded so far that they almost consumed her entire iris, and then returned to paper-thin slits as her lower jaw unhinged like a python's out of habit, properly displaying her second row of horrendous, barbed teeth. Wisps of fracturing blue light seemed to come from the corners of her eyes, and she hissed the following in an old language that somehow translated itself in his head: "Inotmrfoain fsirt, pymenat ltear. Teh weharebtuos fo Amdormena Merltal." Information first, payment later. The whereabouts of Andromeda Martell. @ODSTDRAGON
  12. ((Hi, mate! XD I do know where Dromeda is, she's with Luke, but poor Jewel doesn't.)) Her amber-gold eyes locked on his as her head snapped about to face him with inhuman quickness, and her upper lip curled as she snarled, low and crisp. "The only trouble you will have is from me if I find that you are withholding information that could save lives, which I will. It is my job, after all." The lines of salt that interrupted her imposing tattoo stood out in tiny sparkling streaks against the ancient glyphs, which trailed from her left temple, around her eyes, down her cheek and neck, disappearing beneath the collar of her tunic and reappearing to ink her fingertips, the claws of which still bore Edric's dried blood from only minutes ago. If he did know something about where she had headed, Nøkken needed to know - now. @ODSTDRAGON
  13. Her head dropped, the point of her chin almost touching her collarbone, and she breathed out shakily, trying to collect herself and avoid throwing a magical fit. The Tavern of Legend was a dead end. "If that's all, I suppose I shall take my leave of you then, Carter. Wouldn't want to share my misfortune with you, seeing as you look like a man with enough on his shoulders. May the wind be always at your back." Her voice cracked subtly, and her unintentionally overbearing presence seemed to reel back into her small form. She had nowhere to go, but remaining near Edric might serve only to further antagonise him, and so she left him and the newcomer he had called Rafael to their business, slinking with that feline grace over to the bar. Nøkken couldn't really get drunk, but she felt like she needed something in her system, or she might just be sick. She had no idea where she might find her charge from here. The world was a big, scary place, with too many places for a single immortal to disappear to. She had no way to contact Andy, no leads, and no luck. The girl was as good as dead and buried, and so was she. The Tavern of Legend was a dead end. For a moment, she wished she were human so that she might drown herself in liquor and forget her complete and utter failure.
  14. She didn't give him the satisfaction of her rubbing her throat, nor did she bother to wipe at the pale streaks that roughened her cheeks. Her voice was a raging storm, a still lake, a song left unsung, as she said, "Andromeda Martell is not just a colleague, Carter. She is my family, or as close to it as it gets. About your height, I'd say, and her skin tone would come close to yours, too. Hair as white as ice, glowing gold eyes. Teeth like mine," she flashed her dual rows of teeth again, and lifted her hands, frowning at the blood that painted her nails, "And nails like these, too. She was headed here last I heard, and its a matter of life and death. I need to find her, and I was hoping maybe you and your colleagues might have seen her. You look the sort to run into her." After a moment, she added, "She may have used her alias for work - Galaxy." @CrimsonAurora
  15. The unnatural amount of salt in her tears caused them to crystalise before they'd even made their way past her cheekbones. She coughed pointedly, still as prickly as ever, even with her emotions running dangerously rampant and with that massive shield pressing against her throat. If he expected an answer, he'd need to get that thing away from her throat. Unsure how to properly convey that she hadn't really meant to cause the injury to his shoulder - it was just part and parcel of having such sharp nails, and she had been careless. Her smooth voice turned raspy by the immense pressure, she ground out an apology for the shoulder, and then hissed, "Would you be so very considerate as to let me breathe? I can't explain anything if I die of asphyxiation." A small lie - she had enough air in her lungs to keep her alive for at least an hour, thanks to her physiology. @CrimsonAurora
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