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    Catori fidgeted beneath Luke as she tried to adjust to the weight of a man on her back. Several shuffling steps from side to side, tossing her head to give herself a little more rein. He was sitting a little too forward in the saddle for her liking, but he would settle once they moved off, surely. And, thank the stars, his hands remained gentle even as he strapped the viola into place at her right shoulder. In this form, this clinging scent of the oxen on Enk's clothing was more obvious, and she picked up on it as she fidgeted. She loosed a long, shaky exhalation of air, and shivered - oxen smelt strange to the mare. Strange things made her nervous. Again, Andromeda pulled at Catori's thoughts, soothing her jitters with silent words before she could decide she wanted to shy. Trust him. She would trust Luke, for the girl's sake. The one called Enk was negotiable - she'd make up her mind later about him. @LukeRipstine @Enk Razorwood
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    Catori let out a great, heaving sigh from that deep runner's chest, dropping her head as his fingers scrubbed at the base of her ears, which made it less of a reach for the comparatively short human. Those ears flickered warily and she stomped a hoof at the odd smell of the sword, but she decided that he otherwise didn't seem like a threat. Hands as gentle as these did not belong to cruel or wicked people. Luke whispered to her soothingly, as though he had made a bargain, and turned away slightly to the other male he called Enk. A tug of familiarity from the girl who now resided beneath her hide with the beast kept her from pinning her ears, and instead, she nosed Luke's side. Despite her innate fear of the sword's scent, she searched for it, her velvety lips walking across Luke's shoulders as she tried to approach the item from several angles. Perhaps it was different up close. Don't touch it, Catori. We will regret it, don't touch. Catori, no. The mare huffed indignantly at the voices of the two beings in her skin, pinning her ears at their yanking on her thoughts, and drew away from the blade. @LukeRipstine @Enk Razorwood
  3. BASIC INFORMATION Moniker: Nøkken Alias/es: Näkki, Neck, Nixie, Water Demon Sobriquet/s: Jewel Gender: female Actual Age: unknown Apparent Age: 18 Race: water spirit D.O.B.: the longest night of the year Orientation: heterosexual, bordering asexual Profession: intelligence agent PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION Height: 5'2" Weight: 50kg Figure: muscled, slight Complexion: icy pale Hair: raven black || falls to the hips Eyes: amber gold || slitted pupils Voice: warm, honey-smooth || alto || drops to a baritone when aggressive || can perfectly imitate most accents Tattoos/Brands: tattoo comprised of ancient glyphs scrawling down left side of face, left shoulder and arm, all the way to the fingertips Scars: none Other Identifiers: eyes tend to emit wispy blue smoke when using powers MENTAL STATE Demeanour: volatile, unpredictable, tense Likes: travelling to new places, being challenged, frightening others Dislikes: monotony, being threatened, small minds Desires: to learn as much as possible about her world Fears: dying before she achieves her goal Motivations: curiosity Quirks: always seems to have waterweeds in her hair Hobbies: learning new dialects, languages and cultures Talents: imitating accents || reading emotions TYPICAL ATTIRE AND ARMAMENTS Casual Headwear: leather cord to tie her hair Protective Headwear: " " Casual Upper Body: Dark blue woollen tunic with leather padding at elbows, hips and chest || pale undershirt Protective Upper Body: Chain mail and leather tunic with fur lining for added warmth and comfort, designed for mobility || leather kidney belt || leather baldric || leather and plate vambraces Casual Lower Body: dark leather pants Protective Lower Body: leather and plate cuisses Casual Footwear: knee-high calf-skin boots, fur lined || footwraps Protective Footwear: leather and plate greaves, worn over the boots Typical Armaments: rapier with swept hilt || parrying dagger || sword breaker Accessories: twisted metal armband on right upper arm BACKGROUND INFORMATION Father: nameless water spirit - whereabouts unknown Mother: Natasha Woolford - deceased Siblings: none Other Significant Relatives: none Birthplace: unknown Hometown: none LIFE EVENTS 1 - Separated from Father during a battle between two warring tribes in the early days of Valucre 2 - Became infamous across all three continents, with slightly varied names <><><> long an irritatingly empty period of time <><><> 3 - Fought in the battle for Orisia between Areder DuGrace and Aulden 4 - Witnessed the quieting of La'Ruta 5 - Met Andromeda Martell, taught her the song of the wind and taught her control 6 - Became an informant for hire QUOTES - "Three, two, one. Time's up." - "Ssh. Your shrieking gives me a headache." - "There aren't many sounds I enjoy more than the screams of dying men, but the wind is one of them." - "My, my. Don't you just look delicious."
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    Andromeda finally managed to get him outside, where the air was clear and no one stood witness. She dumped the pack on the ground before turning to him, proffering the viola with eager hands. "Luke, I won't be able to explain this to you again, so pay attention. Whatever you do, do not try to put the viola in the saddle bags. The right side of the saddle has several straps to hold it in place. Specially made. If she starts to buck and carry on, I want you to give her as little rein as possible and snarl at her till she listens. She's not the listening type, though, so that might take a while. If she bolts, again, as little rein as possible, keep turning her head from side to side until she either stops or runs herself into the ground. You'll be fine. Despite herself, she wouldn't dare roll on you. Got it?" She took a step back, but then seemed to remember something. "Her name is Catori, and she loves her ears being scratched." With that, she flashed him one last grin, ordered him to cover his eyes, and then disappeared with a groan of discomfort and a flash of blindingly white light. For several long seconds, the brightness lasted, and the other horses tethered to their hitching posts shied away and yanked at their restraints, their alarmed shrieks piercing the night air. When the light finally died, in place of where Andromeda stood was a tall, slender grey mare with a dark mane and tail and eyes that seemed depthlessly black, at least until they focused on Luke, at which point they flared that signature gold. One massive hoof pawed at the ground, and she tossed her head, nostrils flaring. A dark moulded saddle with polished silver metal and a bridle of the same make were already on the mare, along with the saddle bags Andromeda had mentioned. But this wasn't Andromeda. This was a different body, a different creature, a different personality. Catori snorted at the man and his strange sword, untrusting. @LukeRipstine @Enk Razorwood
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    "Why, a horse, of course, dear boy," she said with a bright laugh. "Although it will be a little awkward if our friend Enk the merchant doesn't have his own mount, because you two will have to double dink. I'm not used to carrying two passengers." Her smile twisted a little at that, thoroughly amused by the idea. She turned to call back to the quiet male. "Come on, Enk. 'Adventure awaits' and all that wishy-washy stuff!" @Enk Razorwood @LukeRipstine
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    "Well," she said conspiratorily as she grabbed him by the elbow and ploughed through the crowd to get to the exit, "Not necessarily." Something sparked in her eyes as she asked, "How well can you ride?" @LukeRipstine
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    "Don't look at me, Luke. In all my four centuries, I've never gotten over portal sickness, and I haven't used one for the past seventy years." She really didn't know how. Portals and her physiology just didn't agree, and the last time she'd used one she'd been carried through unconscious. @LukeRipstine
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    Andromeda nodded agreeably, gathering up her pack and viola and squaring her shoulders as she shrugged it onto her back. "Let's," she said with a broad smile. @LukeRipstine
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    She laughed quietly and shook her head to reassure him that he hadn't ticked her off, patting his shoulder. "You haven't seen me in action yet, mate. Nor have you seen the real beast. I don't intend for you to witness that, either." She recalled days when the bloodlust had driven her to such madness that every square inch of skin had seemed to be stained with the blood of her victims, and days when the beast had painted entire pools red in the aftermath of her feasting. @LukeRipstine
  10. open

    She grinned, though confusion swam in her vision, and for a moment she lapsed into the naive teen she had once been. "Why in hellfire would you like a man-eating beast residing in a human's skin?" Shut up, something within her snarled, and she flinched internally. The beast raked its claws along her insides again. Something about Luke's mannerisms bothered her, though, and that naive persona faded quickly again. @LukeRipstine @Enk Razorwood
  11. open

    "Damn right she does," Andromeda said with a musical laugh, her grin growing ever broader as she did so. Her head shook slightly as she dropped her chin, a more thoughtful look crossing her face. "If only I knew where Jewel was. She's good with this sort of thing, but she doesn't really enjoy the crowds. You'd like her," she said, but then her brow wrinkled and a wistful smile glossed over her features, and she added, "Or you'd run screaming." @LukeRipstine @Enk Razorwood
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    Andromeda picked up on the racket outside and hollered over the crowds in a startlingly masculine voice, alarming considering her outward appearance, "Just open the damn door! Push, not pull!" That said, she cleared her throat and turned back to Luke and Enk with an innocent smile.
  13. open

    "I'm fine, Luke," Andy said stubbornly, setting her jaw against it. This pain was driving her mad. Why is he so interested in my wellbeing? she pondered, turning over possibilities in her mind as she stared him down with ancient determination, trying to will him to believe her. @LukeRipstine @Enk Razorwood
  14. open

    Andromeda's gaze also turned to Enk, the supposed merchant, and her eyes heated as she did so, burning with a list of questions and queries as long as her hair, though she didn't open her mouth to add to Luke's input. Another wave of pain. Andy's facial muscles twitched. @LukeRipstine @Enk Razorwood
  15. XD editing absolutely murdered me, @supernal Thanks, fellow psychopath! @zackrobbman