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    Australia, mate
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    Reading, writing, art (just not Picasso), horseback riding (love you Dakota, best horse ever), rugby.
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    Student/Checkout Chick

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Hello, stranger! 

I'm just your typical Aussie teenager, living in country NSW and trying - trying being the key word - to figure out my life. I'm a bit of an introvert sometimes, but I love a good chat with someone who isn't going to bite my head off and have recently discovered a love for roleplay. I don't bite unless provoked, so feel free to say hello!

This is probably going to remain relatively empty for a while, at least until I find my feet.

Anyway... Have a fan-flipping-tastic whatever time it is where you are in this big wide world!

"May the winds of fortune guide you, [friend]. May you sail a gentle sea. And may it always be the other guy who says, 'This drink's on me.'"
-Ajay Janikowski

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