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    Tavern of Legend: Season 2

    "I come from a little village far East, it's quite far off and you wouldn't know it even if I told what it's called" the caveman said. The lies came easily. He almost believed it himself. "And yes, I've traveled quite a lot. The clothing gave it away huh?" He looked down at his dirty clothes. He was gonna have to find something better to wear. Maybe the tavern had some old clothes laying around. He looked at the girl. Although she looked quite young, she had an air of someone who'd been through a lot about her. He motioned the barmaid for another drink and asked Bela. "So, what's your story? Where are you from?". He was chattier than usual. It's the ale, he told himself, not that finding someone to finally talk to after months of travel alongside strangers was a bad thing in itself. He was starting feel like a person again.
  2. caveman96

    Tavern of Legend: Season 2

    The caveman nodded looking around at the bustling tavern. It was nearly full now, most tables were occupied, people chatting casually. Though there were tables like his own, tables clouded with gloom and loneliness. "I imagine it must be like this every night. It's hard to imagine a place like this empty." He said absentmindedly, half to himself. He turned his attention back to the girl @xenographer. She seemed to have loosened up a bit, she didn't seem tense. She reminded him of his sister. That happy thought was quickly extinguished by the memory of seeing her charred body, dead and lifeless. He remembered the Lord's daughters, they were someone's sisters too, what had happened to them? You know very well what happened to them. You killed them. He shook his head clearing the bad thoughts, and grabbed his mug. He downed most of it this time, with only a little remaining. He stared at the girl. She looked too young to be here. Her eyes glinted reflecting the light, a tinge of sadness in them, was she crying? The caveman didn't know what to do, he was never good with people. "My name is... uh...Galladon" he said leaning in. It wasn't his real name. He had given up his real name a long time ago. The folk he had travelled with called him the caveman, and that's what he'd thought of himself as too. He wondered where he'd picked this name up, Galladon, was that one of the people he travelled with? He couldn't remember. "What's your name?" He forced a smile. The ale must have been strong, because the smile came to his face effortlessly.
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    Tavern of Legend: Season 2

    The Caveman waited for his ale. Patience was something he had in plenty. He had nowhere to be. And where he had come from, he was sure he wouldn't be missed. He sat there trying to escape the noisy chatter that seemed never-ending in the background. What did he expect? Peace and tranquility? In a tavern? The caveman shook his head, his robe moved to the side revealing a glint of crystalline blue beneath his shirt. Hastily he pulled his robe around and casually looked around to make sure noone had seen. Would they know what he was even if they saw? They probably wouldn't, he didn't think there were others like him. He was a freak. Worse, he was a murderer. His heart sank in his chest as that thought came to him, just as it had come to him every day for the 6 months he spent traveling. It wasnt his fault, he told himself. But that didn't make it any easier. The horrific scenes flashed before his eyes, his village on fire, his parents' blood ridden corpses, the rage he felt as he stormed into the Lord's keep. He wasn't sure what had happened, when he had come to, the keep was in ruins and he lay naked on top of a mountain of corpses. He only remembered glimpses, the soldiers begging for mercy, crushing the Lord's head with his bare hands as his wife and children lay beneath his feet. He was broken out of his thoughts by the squeaking of a hinge. He felt something move under the table near his feet. A few seconds later a little girl climbed onto the chair opposite him. What had she been doing under there? The girl @xenographer looked at him and smiled awkwardly. He opened his mouth to speak but then he stopped himself realizing his grim expression. He looked around for the barmaid. He found her a few tables away and as if sensing his glare she hurriedly ran over, and placed a large full mug on his table and hurried off. He took a large sip, draining nearly a fourth of the mug. It was good. He wiped the froth off this beard and smiled at the girl. There was no reason to fear....There were no one who knew what he'd done. He was just another corpse rotting in a far off village. He had to put it behind him. "This doesn't seem like the place a little girl like you would frequent. What were you doing down there?" He asked hoping he didn't sound too intimidating.
  4. caveman96

    Tavern of Legend: Season 2

    The Caveman stood in front of the run down shack they called the tavern of legend. He knew the outward appearance was only an illusion, the place was probably massive inside. He considered for a moment at the door, how would these people treat him, once they knew who he was. His name wasn't really caveman, but that's what the local folk thought he was, a man out of his own time. He liked the name though, it reflected how he felt all the time. He was a man of short stature, with thick muscled limbs and a wide torso. He wore a tattered black robe over a torn brown shirt. The robe covered his back entirely, he wasn't sure they were ready to see what he was. Hell, with his messy black hair and scraggy beard, he wasn't sure he wouldn't be thrown out. He took in a deep breath and pushed open the rusty doors with more force than he'd intended, they crashed against the walls and all eyes fell upon him. The caveman didn't flinch, he kept going until he found an isolated table and sat down. A cheerful barmaid approached him but her enthusiasm fell seeing his grim expression. 'Get me you strongest ale' his deep voice made it sound more like a growl. Thankfully she understood and backed off as eagerly as she'd come. The caveman waited patiently, he did not look around like the newcomers, he wasn't blown away by the splendid looks either, he simply lowered his head and waited as he felt the eyes that were watching leave.