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  1. vyos

    vy doodles | LIVESTREAMING

    streaming again! I'll be working on some adoptable designs. :> https://picarto.tv/vyos
  2. vyos

    vy doodles | LIVESTREAMING

    @VulcanTheDrunken thank you!! I'll be livestreaming commissions for a bit, feel free to come and hang out! all good vibes https://picarto.tv/vyos
  3. vyos

    vy doodles | LIVESTREAMING

    u guys i found my old hard drive with all my art on it i'm so happy a comparison of the evolution of my art style: a jia design from 2011: vs a jia design from recently: ... i guess not too much as changed LOL hopefully my character design senses are better AAAND i'm done with school for the summer so now i finally have some time to work and draw!! this is probs the first thing i've done for myself in a while that isn't just a pencil sketch haha. Gemma sittin at some tavern:
  4. OHO. if he's someone who remains professional while on the job then he'd definitely be someone Kaitou would be interested in -- i imagine Kai would also have a lot of fun provoking him as well while they're not out murdering people for money hahaha Does she have experience with murder/assassination? o3o I imagine this would be a pretty selective job that requires some experience in killing
  5. vyos

    the orphan's plight [palgard]

    The pirates dragged Gemma hissing and screeching from their cargo, their nails digging painfully into her arms. "The lil' piece o' shit was takin' our goods!" Her whistleblower exclaimed. "I'm telling ya, these kids are like the vermin on our ships -- best ta cut them down before more of 'em show up!" At this, Gemma upped her efforts at escaping, twisting herself to chomp down on one of her captors' hand. He released his hand with a yelp but kneed her in the back in response. Gemma buckled to her knees in pain. There was no way she could let herself be killed now, not with Monty in need of her... Suddenly the grip on her arms loosened. Gemma wrestled herself away and turned around to see the pirates rapidly retreating, running back to their ship without so much as a word. How -- At the sudden voice, she whipped around and found herself face to face with a girl -- and her dragon. Startled, she leapt back a couple feet to a safer distance between her and those sharp teeth, before assessing the situation. "Did you make those assholes drop me and run?" She ventured. Eyeing the dragon warily, she calculated any possible routes of escape in case the beast and its owner decided to change their sentiments. ".... Thanks?" Wary of the girl's invitation, Gemma hesitated to return to the cargo. But her situation was still desperate. Choosing instead to slowly inch backwards towards the food while keeping her eyes on the other girl, she posed a question. "Awful kind of you to scare off those crooks for me, but if grown men are running away like children at the sight of you, what reason is there for me not to be doing the same thing?"
  6. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) i see some potential there both are possible! at the moment this is still a very fluid idea so there's potential for both a group rp for a mission as well as multiple individual rps that focus on organization/relationship building, depending on what people are interested in.
  7. heya so my character kaitou here is an assassin for hire but i'm thinking about expanding his one-man-show into something potentially more profitable -- maybe some sort of agency of hitmen for hire that get paid big bucks to take out politicians or whoever their clients hate LOL. it'll be a highly selective and secretive group that takes only jobs that they find to be the most beneficial to their business (not just the money). would anyone be interested in being part of this murder company? i'm also trying to figure out where this might be based the goal is to keep this a really small group so kaitou would be very picky about people who join ;o; he would be most interested in people whose life goals kind of align with his and are highly qualified killers aha. ok i'm going to stop typing when i'm tired
  8. vyos

    Kaitou Kazuo

    Name: Kaitou Kazuo Age: 23 Gender: Male Species: Human Hometown: Weland (but not currently based in any city) Occupation: Black market weapons dealer + assassin for hire Appearance: one | two | three Personality: It's hard to tell whether Kaitou's penchant for mischief is endearing or infuriating. He's a spotlight-hogging, prank-pulling little shit, and he knows it -- the bigger the performance, the stronger the audience reaction, right? Kaitou lives life with the sole intention of fulfilling his insatiable restlessness. Constantly buzzing with energy (when he's had his morning caffeination, that is), he constantly searches for the next opportunity to add some spice to his life in any way possible, regardless of the cost to his own physical wellbeing. As long as he survives to entertain another day, he's a happy camper. As a result, his interactions and connections with other people are almost entirely limited to business transactions with his clients or random encounters. In most cases, human connections serve little to no purpose to him -- he values people for their attention and virtually nothing else. Really, human relationships aren't worth the trouble. That being said, there are a select few whom Kaitou holds near and dear to his heart, however strangely he may express it. And if there's one thing that really, truly makes him drop his playful personality, it's one of those people being taken out of his life. History: Descendent of a shinobi family. Grew tired of the rigid structure surrounding Weland culture and education -- dropped out of university to pursue a career in murder. Business: Kaitou travels around Terrenus as a black market arms dealer and killer for hire, using a combination of illusion/lightning magic and magitech to carry out his work. He's thinking of making his business more profitable by partnering up with some other colleagues in the profession... Tech: TBD. He was always prolific in hands-on tinkering and work, and modifies lots of magitech for his own use. Abilities: TBD
  9. Jia's vantage point on the roof of a multistory pagoda allowed her a wonderful view of her hometown. It was a busy night -- she'd already managed to finish off one particularly unruly Yokai tonight, and the magic in the air tingled on her skin more than usual. She'd taken to her watchpoint to observe any source of heightened activity around her area. Perhaps Yomigane was making new contracts tonight? Perched atop the roof tiles, Jia fiddled with the tassel of her weapon as she scanned the city below. She had seen the telltale wisps and slashes of magic from other magical girl battles in the streets below, but so far it didn't seem like anything they couldn't handle. It seemed like a busy night for hunting, indeed -- but with the girls already out on the hunt, Jia decided to conserve her energy for now and continue to observe for anything else that needed her help.
  10. vyos

    What's in your speakers, nukka?

    for all ur chill/work music needs
  11. vyos

    Jia Wen [WIP]

    Name: Jia WenRace: HumanAge: 17Birthplace: WelandOccupation: Student | Magical Girl Weapon: lightweight jian Height: 5'7" Appearance: Reference Abilities -Iron Maiden -- summons a multitude of jian whose points converge upon a single focused target. -Red String Cage -- the red strings of her jian's tassel extend and form a magic-enforced cage around the target. Good for containing human subjects, but not as effective for monsters, etc. -TBDPersonality Calm + Collected. Friendly but friends with few. Being a magical girl for a bit longer than others has taught her to be cautious.
  12. vyos

    vy doodles | LIVESTREAMING

    Thank you for the kind comments <3 <3 I figured out how i'm bringing Zamuri into this world and BOY am i excited. she's going to be a magical girl. i can't wait to destroy her OuO some late-night doodles of her outfit. most of her magic will be bird/chinese kite themed haha
  13. vyos

    Weland Magical Girl (OOC)

    Thank you so much for letting me join, guys -- i know the initial thread itself is probably going to get pretty crowded, but i really appreciate the generosity. ;o; you can add me to the magical girls part of the current roster -- i'm in the process of modifying one of my current characters right now to make her a magical girl.
  14. vyos

    Missing (Palgard) OOC

    Are the perps going to actively try and kidnap some children? If so I can definitely see Gemma/Monty being subject to this -- it's also possible we could open that up for other people to contribute kidnapped children or bystanders or whatever haha
  15. vyos

    Vy Commissions! [OPEN]

    and i would love to draw petronella!! if you'd like to get a commission, you can fill out the ordering sheet in the original post so i can figure out exactly what you'd like. :> OuO