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  1. Are the perps going to actively try and kidnap some children? If so I can definitely see Gemma/Monty being subject to this -- it's also possible we could open that up for other people to contribute kidnapped children or bystanders or whatever haha
  2. and i would love to draw petronella!! if you'd like to get a commission, you can fill out the ordering sheet in the original post so i can figure out exactly what you'd like. :> OuO
  4. The food looked delicious. Cured meats and other nonperishables sat enticingly in wooden crates placed side by side on the dock, taunting Gemma with their sheer volume and variety. It sure was a shame that the people unloading them from the boat were pirates, and not ordinary cargo ship sailors that she could easily pilfer from -- on any other day Gemma would have sought other targets, but today was a rare exception. Her stomach grumbled as she stared at the food, reminding her of the dire situation. Even in rougher times before, Gemma had been able to scrape together enough money from menial labour to put a small meal together for her and her little brother Monty, but this month's reserve had run clean out, and work was nowhere to be found. The more gangs consolidated their members, the less willing they were to accept freelance help, and Gemma was paying the price for nonpartisanship. The image of her baby brother emaciated and begging for scraps shook Gemma out of her hesitation. Okay. There was no way she was going to let it get to that point. Eyeing the workers from her vantage point in a nearby alleyway, she observed their movement, gauging a good time to strike. The two unloaders finished their latest haul and retreated back to the ship for another round, leaving no visible pirates on the pier. Slinking forward as quietly as her feline senses would allow, Gemma advanced until she was flush against the tallest stack of crates, next to an open box of canned fruits. Good for now. She grabbed an armful and began to stuff as many as she could into her bag, careful not to drop the cans and make any noise -- "OI! THIEF!" Shit.
  5. wheezes. okay so it turns out i'm in a bit of a more dire financial situation than when i initially posted this, so i'm going to go ahead and open up the shop now for anyone who might be interested! The shop is open!
  6. wEEPS thank you guys ;;;;v;;;; drawing is certainly something i'm not going to give up anytime soon! i've been busy with finals the past couple of days, but i was digging through my sketchbook and found a bunch of (i think) pretty cool stuff, so here's a sketchdump ;u; 1. Gemma alternate concept 1 2. Monty hair/profile designs 3. Gemma+Monty's mom 4. Older Monty -- he hits a pretty drastic growth spurt but still remains a skinny weak nerdo 5. Another Gemma alternate concept MOre gemma outfit designs! Was playing around with different hairstyles Outfit redesigns for my first ever RP character, Zamuri -- definitely going to bring her into the world of Valucre at some point as well.
  7. Ah, so he's got experience dealing with lil kids who get themselves in trouble -- Monty will definitely need that at some point -- he's inevitably going to slip away from Gemma's attention and get himself into trouble in Palgard. He'd probably almost (or actually) get himself kidnapped. D:
  8. i'm not actively taking commissions until a couple weeks from now, but if anyone's interested, i can put you on a waitlist to notify you when i open! ;v;;;;;
  9. Currently OPEN// WAITLIST ONLY // CLOSED Hello and welcome! My name is Vy, and I am but a poor college student. I need money to help pay bills and other living expenses, so here I am with an art shop! RULES: -For orders under $30, I will start drawing once I've received full payment (via Paypal). -For orders over $30, I will start after an initial payment of half the commission price, and take the latter half of the price after I've delivered the finished product. -Please don't order more than 2 commissions per slot! -Commissions usually take up to 2 weeks to complete, except for extenuating circumstances. -Please don't remove my signature (VY) from the pictures. And if you repost my art to other sites, please credit me as "Vytamins!" :> -I reserve the right to refuse commissions. -Slots are first come, first serve, but I reserve the right to refuse your commission if it violates any of the FR guidelines or is on my "I WILL NOT DO" list. WILL DO: -Humans and Gijinkas -Pairings WILL NOT DO: -NSFW -Anthro/Furry -OCxCanon(in some TV show, game, etc) character -Excessive Gore (bruises and some blood are ok) SLOTS 1. 2. PINGLIST 1. spacegy4 THE GOODS! Please use this ordering form when ordering commissions and either reply with it in this thread or PM it to me: Ink Sketches -Black and white, with 1-2 highlight colors Headshot | $5 USD Waist-up | $10 USD Fullbody | $15 USD For cleaner lines like the example on the right, add $3 USD Watercolor -Sketchy lines Headshot | $7 USD Waist-up | $15 USD Fullbody | $20 USD Each additional character is +$7 USD Cell-Shade -Full color -Clean lines -White or simple background (Please specify what you'd like!) Headshot | $20 USD Waist-up | $30 USD Fullbody | $40 USD Each additional character is +$10 USD
  10. i thought about starting a webcomic once, but that never happened. ;o; Gemma and Monty on the cover!
  11. Gemma would probably be too distrusting to intentionally let someone babysit her lil bro LOL. i can definitely see him wandering away from her while she's busy at some point and getting himself lost, which would be a terrible thing given Palgard's nature haha. Is Jasper the type to save lil kids in bad situations?
  12. snow sounds like a fascinating character, i'd love to plan something out with you involving him and gemma/monty! Jasper sounds really cool ;o; Gemma's got a 7-y-o little brother she has to take care of though so idk if at this point she would be able to do bounty hunter/adventurer work effectively -- small children are probs not the most effective bounty hunter assistants haha thank you!! at the moment i'm not really looking for questing RPs since i don't yet have a character suited for that stuff, but i'll be sure to hit you up when i do. :> Jella sounds like she'd be hilarious to RP with imo. at the moment i'm trying to keep my RPs to within Palgard tho ;v;;
  13. Thank you ;o; he wasn't originally a prince but this was a drawing i did for a special event at the time -- i might reincarnate him as some form of royalty on here, though. he fits the role quite well. :>
  14. Gemma and Monty both have quite a liking for boxes as well, so I'm sure they'll get along swell ! atm they don't have ways of getting outside of Palgard easily, so if your character ever has a reason to be in Palgard there's ample opportunity for them to connect. If you're on Discord, i'd love to plan something out on there!
  15. ahhhHHh there's no need to design a character specifically to fit my needs, unless they happen to fit what you were intending to design for your character -- i'm sure we can figure out something with whatever characters you can come up with! I'd be happy to write with you :)