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  1. The beginning is up and ready guys :)
  2. Cintamani stone Artemis stepped onto The Rusted Corsair, the sorceress rarely visiting such places such as this. However this is where she stood. Instead of lingering in the entrance the female walked to the bar, ordering something mildly alcoholic. Taking a seat in a dingy corner she pulled away the black hood from her head, allowing her raven dark hair to fall over her shoulders. Her gloved hands wrapped themselves around her tankard. What a sorceress was doing in a tavern she could not quite say herself, having been wandering aimlessly for a while. She remembered little of her time before coming here, and it was a time she didn't want to remember as such. For now she only focused on how or when she could track down a relic. The Cintamani Stone. Artemis had heard of this stone through various sources and the offer of what it gave was too much to resist. The female did not wish for gold, nor to be more powerful, for a lovely estate, she hoped and desired to restore fertility. After discovering her magical qualities she quickly discovered she could not bear children, the same went for every sorceress she came across. A few years after honing her skills she met a man, they had loved, quarrelled but could never move their relationship forward, with no family to begin. The man was later killed in a battle and Artemis had quickly moved from location to location. So by her travels she found a means in which to restore her fertility, however, after realising the journey she would have yet to make she realised she would need more than her magical qualities, she needed someone who was confident in keeping monsters at bay, some simple ruffians perhaps. And whatever such the place to find such people she needed for her journey to come, the Port of Veelos.
  3. The idea is being worked on and is in progress, there won't be a group thread until the plot is more developed.
  4. open

    Artemis sipped at her drink, taking her time with this one now she had time to spare. A rare thing in itself, the magical female often travelling corner to corner, chasing rumors and legends. She would soon head to Veelos and follow another lead there, however seeing as the journey was a fair distance away, she wanted to pace herself. Not having the usual means of transport.
  5. Not saying it will take up the whole thread, just that it doesn't really tie in enough. Artemis issues with fertility will be found out through this legend that they are pursuing. That in itself will take a long time and I was planning for the characters to bond over that journey. It also depends on what the other characters are essentially seeking, it could be magical, physical or whatever they choose. He can be protective of his home, but the characters essentially will be focused on the legend that they have heard of through whatever sources they choose, having a character that offers a possible solution feels a bit like a side quest as such, and your character might not be able to possibly fulfil everyone's desires to what they are seeking in the group as such. Your character will also need to gain the groups trust, they might not want to go to your home. So with the amount of ifs and buts that goes into it, I feel like staying on one course doesn't over complicate things, they search, they bond, the main focus will be character development anyway. I'm already planning to add twists that will cause barriers and issues with the journey so I need to do a bit more reading regardless.
  6. Guy's it's going to take me a while to work on the plot itself so hold off on the idea's for now. I've the basic idea in mind, I also need to see if the other volunteers are interested at all. I've settled on the basic idea of starting in Veelos to essentially find this legend to give them what they desire, I will decide the final destination and destinations along the way so it can be planned properly and make sense. @Slank44 It's all well and good having a character that the group will need to gain the trust of, but that's essentially the same for every character in the group and will go into all of their relationship development, if he has a goal that involves the legend I am working on then fab, however just having the group try and gain your characters trust to try and be led to a destination doesn't really tie in with what I am working on, thank for the idea anyways :)
  7. So essentially I would like for my group RP to start in Veelos, I'm still working on the rp itself and where the next destination will be.
  8. I've been spending the last few days reading up on Veelos and it's whole lack of rule abiding is exactly why I chose it, it gives a sense of trouble for our characters whether they are "good" or "bad". Artemis practises magic and doesn't always stick to the rules herself.
  9. If the other volunteers like the idea I can do some work and expand on it a bit later.
  10. I like the concept of your ideas. How do you guys feel about perhaps trying to find someone. Chasing a legend as it were, facing issues along the way. Artemis has been looking for a way to restore her fertility, each of your guys could possibly be searching for something that this legend could possibly give?
  11. Okay, nice to get some responses :) And hey to the newbies, hopefully we can work on something together. Chuck me some idea's you guys would like to RP and perhaps we can formulate it into a RP for us to get into.
  12. open

    Artemis ordered another drink, this time moving away from the bar which was quickly becoming crowded with new patrons to a corner table, it gave her a wide view of the place and she could see everyone a little more clearly. Her violet eyes surprised by how many people were not completely human in one place, and yet they acted as civilised if not more. She leaned back in her seat to rest more comfortably planning to stay a short while before making the long trip to Veelos.
  13. Hello :) I'm new to Valucre but I've been RPing for several years now. Whilst I am new to the site and brushing up on the Lore I want to get into some writing, I'm generally looking for RP's that will develop long lasting relationships between my characters and yours. Artemis is currently the only character I have available for writing with, she is a rather strong willed woman, will do a lot to achieve her goals, even if that has caused problems with a few past relationships. Practices magic often and is eager to develop her skill in this. I do work full time but I can generally get one response done a day :)