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  1. Artemis had finally arrived in Tia, she never had never travelled here before and was impressed by it's bustling activity. It was very different from her home in Veelos, here it was almost like a different world. However even from Genesaris she had heard about the growing technology, it had never really interested her before. Being far more inclined to magic and sorcery, why use technology when magic can give you what you want with a flick of a finger. Artemis however had taken an interest in a certain video game, Artemis had never expressed any interest in games, finding them droll and time wasting, getting her information from books and runes. However this game was far more advanced than others, Another World had gain her interest after hearing about it's real time play-ability, it could show her items, information, she hoped in some way it could point her in the right direction to find what she had been searching for. She was skilled magically, however her tracking skills were much to be desired, however by going into this game, it could solve a lot of her tracking problems. Once she had arrived in Tia she was quickly on route to find the games creator, she had heard little about Thea Armstrong, and was curious of how she manage to design and create an augmented reality. She eventually came across the location, advertisements for the game were all over the walls. Some people were walking in and out, their fashion a lot more modern and yet historical at the same time. She entered the building and set herself on finding Thea.
  2. That's the thread, Still Alex hasn't posted, and Uschi left so
  3. Its really awesome that you have knowledge of the Cintamani Stone. Did you ever complete it?

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    2. B2BBear


      I will help you if you'd like and still have the interest.


    3. Kierri


      I will see if we get any more people volunteering, if we get at least 3 then I will start it back up.

    4. B2BBear


      Sounds good

  4. At this point I am pretty flexible, just some general adventuring would be nice.
  5. I'm not too fussed as to who, they both seem pretty cool too be honest.
  6. Okay due to the RP falling through, I am now looking again for some RP partners :)
  7. Sounds interesting, wouldn't mind joining if you still have space.
  8. Any more space available to join?
  9. Artemis watched as Jasper and Petra left before Malik started a scene in the tavern. Having some interest in Petra's knowledge of the stone she figured that the other woman could be helpful in aiding her with her own goal to find the stone. She finished her drink, watching the scene unfold in front of her, watching Malik fling his arms around. She had only heard him speak to Petra a moment ago and he seemed perfectly sober then. And figured his moment was to make a fool of himself to distract the locals. Not that the locals aggression would stump her much. More than able to hold her own with use of magic. Artemis however decided to leave to at least speak with Petra. She followed after the pair soon catching up to them whilst Petra was speaking to a child. Artemis said nothing for the time being, not trusting Jasper, nor the child. Deciding she would just speak to Petra when they were alone, interested in what the other woman knew and what she could be seeking from the stone herself.
  10. Yeah but it seems kinda pointless him joining with no reason to go after the stone. And the aim was for them to group up a bit, lay down some ground rules. Which I now need to have Artemis to do just in the place that Petra has gone to with Jasper when it could've just happened in the tavern that they were already in.
  11. Ahh okay. Well Jasper and Slank's character still need a purpose for the stone. In the case of Jasper, he wants the stone for his brother. However the stone cannot actually be moved or taken anywhere so it wouldn't work if he tried to gain it for his brother. The reason's of why it won't be moved will be revealed later on. Also I'm having a bit of trouble writing my next post because this bar fight wasn't planned. Two of the characters aren't really involved in the quest and now two of them of left before even knowing about the second location. So I need to kinda rewrite my response, I will try and steer the rp on the right course.
  12. Even so was your character even drunk? Was there a reason for the drunken antics?
  13. Okay so random fight happening and Petra is heading out with Jasper. Got it. I think I'm following now at least to the point of what we've written so far.
  14. Yeah It's fine, I got super confused which is why I haven't posted yet. So I'm assuming we are going from Slanks post then? because Petra has already left so it's just Artemis, Jasper and Slank's character in the tavern, and now there is a fight or something? Also guys whilst it's good and all adding some drama we still need them to reach a common goal of reaching the stone and so far that just seems to be Artemis and Petra, who at some point will begin to work together.