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    Bound by Fate and Ivy

    "Army of the undead. Lovely," Sam muttered. "I could've been down the road, out of town. Instead..." He left the thought unfinished, focusing his energy on dragging one of the heavy wooden tables over to barricade the front door. "Does anyone know a way out of here that doesn't involve them?" He asked, gesturing to the horde outside and directing his question to the room at large. "Underground tunnel, nifty dragon steed...? Something that doesn't involve a suicide fight against an army of reanimated dead warriors, who might not be so obliging when it comes to dying a second time?"
  2. Sparrowgirl

    Hallo i has arrived

    *pets ur head* Hello fwen and welcome xD
  3. I'm interested, and I have a character for the cook, if the position is still open! I'm still working on a character sheet, but I can have it done by this afternoon or tonight.
  4. Sparrowgirl

    The Creature Cup!

    Nick finally spotted the building, which wasn't hard to miss once you had found the right street, which wasn't hard to find once you were in the right section of the city. Tyst padded along behind him, bumping his head against Nick's shoulder every few minutes as if to ask, Are we there yet? The giant bribeck was nearly shoulder to shoulder with Nick himself, midnight black with blue highlights through its fur. It's ears flickered back and forth, picking up every sound, and it's claws, sheathed now, were each as long as a human thumb. Nick patted Tyst's head as he felt it bump against him again. "Just ahead, buddy." He left Tyst outside, beside a large Gryphon with a stern warning to behave. Tyst gave him a sorrowful look, but reluctantly lay down and closed his eyes. Nick headed inside to the desk, apologizing for his tardiness and quickly scribbling his name on the signature line. He was just in time to slip into the back of the group, catching the tail end of the clerk's words as he surveyed the other participants. (Sorry for the lateness, hope this is okay!)
  5. Sparrowgirl

    Bound by Fate and Ivy

    Sam felt something shift in the air, though he wasn't sure quite what, only that it unsettled him, set his nerves on edge. He startled and jerked around as a hand dropped on his shoulder. "Hey, thanks man, I owe you one." Joe laughed. Sam snorted, trying to cover how jumpy he was. "You owe me seven now, and I'm going to call them in eventually." "Yeah, yeah." Joe waved his hand dismissively, and Sam started to leave. He turned back at Joe's call, automatically catching the towel his friend threw. "You mind wiping down the counter before you leave?" Sam's eyes flickered to the door as his ears caught the faint gasp of the man standing there, and he tossed the towel back. "Wipe your own darn counter." He made his way across the tavern to the door, passing by the window and craning his neck to see out, brow furrowing. That didn't look like the road he'd travelled on to get here... "What's going-" A few more steps put him beside the other man, and he glanced out the door. The words died on his lips as he caught sight of the dark army.
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    Bound by Fate and Ivy OOC Thread

    Hey @Alex Kimchi I think it's your turn
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    Monster Battle!

    Sorry, I hope I'm not holding anything up, I've been sick all week and am trying to muster the brainpower to finish my character :P
  8. Sparrowgirl

    Monster Battle!

    Is it too late to join in on this?
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    Bound by Fate and Ivy

    Samil D'Lacey scowled as he ran a cloth over the counter. "I'll only be gone a second, Sam," he muttered under his breath. "I just have to check something in the back, Sam. Oh, and did you know we painted the word gullible on the ceiling again, Sam?" He gave one last swipe of the cloth, deciding that the oddly smelling pool of liquid could wait until someone who actually worked here could deal with it. Probably Joe, and it'd serve him right for tricking him into covering again. Sam hadn't even come in here intending to stay long, just grab a quick bite to eat and be on his way again. Sending another glance over his shoulder, he huffed out a frustrated breath and crossed his arms, leaning back against the opposite counter. At least the tavern wasn't too busy, just a handful of customers spread out throughout the room. And no one had asked for anything he didn't know how to make, though with his luck it wouldn't be long.
  10. Sparrowgirl

    Samil D'Lacey

    Name: Samil Anthony D'Lacey Gender: Male Age: 19 Apparent age: anywhere from 18 to early twenties Race: Human Occupation: jack of all trades/traveller Hair color: blonde Hair style: long, about shoulder length. If he's doing something where it can't be in his face he ties it back, but usually it's just loose. Eye color: blue Skin: Naturally very pale, but he spends a lot of time outside and travelling, so he has a sort of permanent tan Build: lean Height: 5'8" Markings/Tattoos: colorful dragon tattoo spiraling from his wrist to his elbow Personality: Quiet, mainly keeps to himself and thinks a lot more than he says. (Not to say that he won't chime in with a surprisingly witty/funny quip if given the oppurtunity) Goals: Get back home to his sister, make the name D'Lacey synonomous with hero, not deserter. Morals: killing is killing, no matter the cause, but is not necessarily a last resort. Aka he will not put himself or others in danger in order to spare the life of someone threatening/attacking them. Fears: being used, being lied to/manipulated/backed into a corner and having to do things he wouldn't otherwise Other: Is disinclined to trust authority, be they government, rulers, leaders, etc. He'll follow orders, but not mindlessly. History: Joined the army as soon as he was old enough, but started asking too many questions and wound up sticking his nose in some things he wasn't supposed to see. In light of what he'd found, he deserted and fled. He can't go back to his sister until things cool down, as she is undoubtably being watched, and involving her will get them both killed. Until the day he can use what he knows to take down those in power, he bides his time, always looking over his shoulder, never staying in one place for very long and doing odd jobs to accumulate enough cash to live on. Abilities: Skilled fighter and strategizer, passable with just about any weapon. Very smart. Weaknesses: doesn't know a lick about how to fight magic. He's also only human, with no magical abilities or superhuman strength. Theme song: Army by Zayde Wølf
  11. Sparrowgirl

    Bound by Fate and Ivy OOC Thread

    Ooh this looks cool! I'm interested, if you've still got space and don't mind a Valucre newbie. I have a character who can join the protagonists (I'm working on a character sheet), or I can play a villain. (Just fyi tho, my "bad guy" characters tend to turn into more of... redemption arc anti-heroes more often than not. Idk if that'd fit?)
  12. Sparrowgirl

    Tavern of Legend: Season 2

    "I don't have a set destination," Antoinette admitted. "I am looking for someone, but I... I honestly haven't the faintest idea where he might be. I'm just following a trail of breadcrumbs right now, bits and pieces of often vague and unhelpful information from his last known locations." Antoinette sighed, glancing away at the road, her voice dropping. "It may be time to accept that he isn't going to be found, if he's even still alive. In all honesty, I'm not sure how much longer I can continue searching." She was quiet a moment, then abruptly shook her head, turning back towards Petra with a forced laugh. "Sorry. I... I guess I'm a 'free bird.'"
  13. Sparrowgirl

    Tavern of Legend: Season 2

    "Oh I've known him since he was a foal. A friend of my family breeds horses, and when I needed a horse for my journey he was more than happy to let me borrow Matthias." Antoinette took the carrots, offering them to Matthias. He crunched them contentedly, not caring who owned the hand that fed him, as long as he was fed. Antoinette glanced over at Petra's notebook, idly stoking Matthias's neck. "What are you writing?"
  14. Sparrowgirl

    Tavern of Legend OOC

    Character sheets are helpful, but not required :) I have one scribbled in a notebook for my character, from trying to figure out her backstory and such, but that was just to help me personally.
  15. Sparrowgirl

    Hello evryone

    Hi, and welcome! ^0^ I'm new here too. You can just jump in at the Tavern of Legend, it's pretty easy to pick things up once you get started!