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  1. I'm alive! I also just posted though, so idk if Robbie should make the call to skip since he's also next or whaaaaat
  2. Robbie Rotten Prestississimo VulcanTheDrunken MrMaturity SweetDreamur @EpicRome23
  3. The griffin isn't the only one that's stunned. Head spinning and chaotic noises above her, the vampire stirs quickly but stops to gain her bearings. This blow isn't enough to slow her down for long- but even so, having a giant flying animal crush you against a wall with its body is bound to leave a mark. Still dizzy, Eden stands and staggers out of the way just in time to watch Sandra slice off the beast's wing. And then the blood begins to flow. Like a fountain of youth flowing freely from the stump. It's red and thick and it smells marvelous, and Eden realizes: She is still thirsty. So very thirsty. Something comes out of her throat, like a growl or a roar, but it's not a noise a normal human should be able to make. The vampire lunges with renewed vigor, grabbing hold of the stump where the wing had been and starts pulling and biting and twisting and crushing, anything to quicken the flow of blood so when the animal is torn apart she can feast in peace. The griffin screams in agony, and thrashes, but by now the vampire has latched on quite thoroughly, and she has no intention of letting go. Rooted in place, like immovable stone, the griffin is pinned in one place as the life is slowly sucked out of it.
  4. Ok yes I posted with the fury of a thousand suns @EpicRome23 it's your move (again)
  5. "Mrrrrrgggghh!" It'd be an impressive war cry if Eden hadn't done it through a mouthful of feathers and grit teeth. Fangs sinking into the hard bone and soft flesh, the vampire stays latched on like a particularly dangerous parasite. Little by little, she feels skin tear and the beast itself shriek in pain. Its path of flight becomes erratic as the rhythm of its wings becomes misaligned. The wing itself is too large to tear off completely, but at least Eden has seriously crippled it. Egged on by the taste of blood and the prospect of feeding on a beast so large, the vampire's instincts take over, fangs becoming more vicious as she grabs the base of the wing with one hand and the appendage at the other, pulling with a considerable cracking noise. A horrible noise, of something breaking that is not meant to break. It's then that the griffin rams Eden into the wall, but by then the damage had been done. Even as she falls to the ground, stunned, the beast itself can only move the injured wing with painful, jerking motions. It can no longer fly. Eden herself doesn't seem to be in much better shape, however. Vampires are tough, but even being momentarily crushed will put her in a daze. From her place in the ground, she stirs, her tongue licking some smatterings of blood on her face, but the vampire seems to be at the mercy of the griffin now.
  6. Whoops, sorry mates! I thought I'd already posted. You can go ahead and skip me, though, I should had double checked.
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