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    The bridge between insanity and reality.
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    Rping, larping, writing, reading, comics, creating characters, creating voices, acting, power metal, and breathing.
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  1. *does a flip to gain attention*

    Welcome to Valucre! Hope you have a better time this time.
  2. Tavern of Legend Season 3

    "Oh, how foolish I must look! Forgive me for calling you petite; my eyesight becomes blurry when I have not eaten." Blackheart said jumping to his feet. Quickly Blackheart grabbed his hat and bowed slightly. "Where are my manners? I have asked you for help without even introducing myself. I am Lord Blackheart. My titles are of little importance at the moment but rest assured you are in good company. Now, who are you? I will take any help you can give." Blackheart continued before sitting back down. At this point, Blackheart would take any help he could. How he wished he could have eaten before finding himself in this realm. After all, he skipped lunch so he could eat as much as he wanted for dinner. @Bella_Donna
  3. Tavern of Legend Season 3

    Rushing inside the warm Tavern; Blackheart quickly found an empty table and sat down. He wasn't used to mingling with commoners. Grand balls and feasts were his things. He was a proper Lord after all. A Lord who knew what he wanted. Most of the time it was to make a deal with a duke or help an estranged noble for a favor. This time, however, it was for survival. "I wish Chester were here." Blackheart thought to himself Ah Chester, how he was a good servant. A sharp young man, but a bit of a pushover. It didn't come as a surprise though; he was a hired servant with a troubled past. Something about his only sister who had died in a fire. She was his only living relative. It was a shame really, considering where Chester lived was Blackheart property. Everything went down in value. But now wasn't the time to think about it. Blackheart was alone and without help. Blackheart suddenly remembered he was hungry. Fumbling around his pockets he pulled out some paper money. He quickly realized he couldn't use it; for everything was being paid with gold. Desperate, Blackheart looked around the tavern and saw a peculiar sight. A small winged creature amongst the rafters. "Excuse me my petite friend, but could you help me? I left my gold pouch at my home and am in need of a meal." @Bella_Donna
  4. Hello...again!

    Why thank you. I believe we have met before. You played as The Leper in The Golden Lotus Tea Shop. I played as a Panda named Xi. Unfortunately, your character left before we had a chance to meet. I would love to start something with you if you are interested.
  5. Hello all, anyone on? Would love to make some new friends on the interwebs!
  6. Hello...again!

    The good Doctor and I have seen each other from time to time. Alas, I am not him. Now the question becomes...who are you?
  7. Tavern of Legend Season 3

    The path up to the tavern was an interesting one, to say the least. Apparently a battle....perhaps even a war broke out? Twas of little concern to Blackheart. One moment he was enjoying a meal with his children; the next he was in a foreign land. Riding on a horse too. "Interesting..." He murmured to himself. As Blackheart rode up, he took note of the carnage of the battle all around him. Dead men, women, children, battle beasts...it was an intensely relaxing sight for him. Though it wasn't the dead which made him relax, it was the silence. As he continued, he saw all sorts of weapons littered on the ground. Everything from guns to swords could be seen. "The battle that took place must have been horrible. How exciting!" Blackheart chuckled to himself. Soon the tavern could be seen more clearly. Blackheart slowed his horse to a stop to admire this seemingly primitive shack. "Maybe it won't be as bleak as I think it is, I had better prepare myself in case anything happens." Blackheart said to himself. Instinctively he looked around to see if anything could be useful to him. Noticing a satchel strapped to the side of his horse; Blackheart reached in and hoped for the best. Blackheart thoroughly felt for anything. Suddenly he felt something...a hilt? To his amusement, Blackheart pulled out a mirror. "Well now, I wouldn't want to go inside looking like rubbish." he said Quickly he ran his fingers through his jet-black hair; silently hoping no one was watching. After all, his image was of special importance and he was quite sensitive about it. Moving the mirror around he noticed his mustache was quite gnarly. Reaching into his pocket he pulled out a very small comb. With two strokes he was looking quite tidy. Next, he checked his clothing. Black dinner suit with a red tie and a black top hat. "Good, everything is in order." he said while adjusting his tie. Riding up to the horse post; Blackheart jumped off and tied his new horse down. Heading up to the door, he thought of the endless possibilities which lurked inside. Perhaps he could even find a meal. He had just begun his feast back in his home before appearing in this new world. Slowly he opened up the door. Peering inside to see the many patrons, he instantly became excited. "Good evening!" He called out while barely keeping his composure.
  8. Hello...again!

    Hello! I am Mr. Who! It's a pleasure to meet your acquaintance. I have been on the site once before but left because of personal reasons. It's time to start afresh and try again. If you have a group rp set up, let me know. I would love to join.
  9. Spooky Scary Skeletons!
  10. Manors and Manners

    "Ah, a little waif looking for a handout." Top Hat sighed. It was typical for the orphaned girls of Lidsden. They along with the disabled of the city were just trying to survive. Top Hat understood the struggle. When he was younger he had gotten into some trouble with loan-sharks...the bastards. They had beaten him to within an inch of his life when he couldn't pay his debts. But all of that was in the past. Now, he could focus on his prize possession. The city of Lidsden. Through some behind the doors dealing, he managed to buy the entire city. Anyone who could work was expected to do so. The disabled were given a small handout to survive. But children, no matter their background, at a certain age were expected to work. The girl standing before Top Hat looked old enough, so he would give her the chance. Gently grabbing her by the chin he moved her face to meet his eyes. His voice was soft and calming. "Calm down. You are among friends." He said with a smile. "I know of a place you can stay. My mansion has many empty rooms. But I am in need of hard workers. You are welcome to come stay with me...if you are willing to work."
  11. Manors and Manners

    As Top Hat awaited an answer from Doctor Deluc, out of the corner of his eye he saw a little girl. She approached him with confidence. An aura of bravado was oozing from her. It was...nauseating. No one ever approached him like that except for two types of people: Businessmen and "Heroes". However, the girl had something going for her. She was new. Or at least that is what he assumed. "I wonder who she is?" he thought to himself. Taking a moment to consider his options, Top Hat finally bent over and looked her straight in the eye. "Who are you little girl?"