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  1. Not what I was meaning but...Today is a day of retribution and redemption for peeps around the world! A revolution of the peeps, by the peeps, and for the peeps! No more shall we slave away under our so called "leader" and his/her cronies!
  2. Ugh....where are the peeps?
  3. @roboblu As the man reached for baby Benjamin the wind began to pick up. Chimes hanging from doorways rang out their beautiful chorus. A cat hissed in the distance before running into an alleyway. Without any warning, a large bamboo staff smacked the drunk man's hand. He writhed back in pain before shouting an obscenity. "Who the hell did that?!" He yelled before seeing a large shadow engulf him. The man's face turned from a drunken smile to one of terror. Slowly he turned around and saw a very large being with a straw hat. "You should know how to treat a woman of any race, you drunken oaf." The being said before punching him in the throat. The man gasped for breath before falling to the ground. "Who--are--y--you?" The man said between gasping for air. "I am Xi, of the Great Black Paw Tribe. Now, you go and spread the word I am here. Tell everyone you meet that I defend this woman." The being responded The man quickly got up and left without another word. Xi turned to the spidertaur and bowed. "Are you alright?" He asked.
  4. Looking for someone little Hobbit?
  5. Just found this while scrolling around youtube. I thought it was appropriate. Enjoy!
  6. Corny, but I like it!
  7. Someone has a debt to pay...and I think its me.
  8. Heavily annoyed with the fact the bandaged man would not speak, Xi got up from his seat in a quick manner. The gods were apparently lunatics. Why would they give him a vision and not move the man to speak. Downing the rest of his tea, Xi knew he wanted nothing more with this place. Demons, spirits, dark magic users, all of it got on his nerves. Grabbing his hat, Xi looked around him and felt nothing but contempt. This is why he chose to be a nomad. As he left the building, he placed a mark on the doorpost in his own language. Right beside it he wrote another mark in which only the people of the light could see. "Beware this den of jackals." It read. Xi then headed along on his journey. Hoping his warning would be heeded.
  9. Swapping his cane to his left hand, Top Hat came closer to the doctor and shook her hand. He was very impressed with her professionalism. At the same time, he was excited by the fact that she had even heard of him. Writing was little to none in Lidsden. Very few people were literate. Everyone here worked. No one had time for a book. So when Top Hat decided he should become a writer instead of a fisherman, the whole community shunned him. He was fine with it of course, he was different in more ways than one would ever imagine. But when he heard those words 'I am a fan of your work', it almost put him in a state of euphoria. "Why thank you Doctor Deluc. I am glad you could make it. I hope the others haven't forgotten about us. But even so, we will have much to work on, with or without them. I trust that you have brought all your necessities with you. Am I correct?" Top Hat said with a smile on his face. @AngryCacti
  10. Greetings from the Badlands. What is going on?
  11. The toll of the bells echoed throughout a sleepy town. A man could be heard singing in the town square. The market was beginning to bustle with activity. Everyone was getting ready to start another day in Lidsden. The docks had already been hustling since three in the morning. Fresh fish could be seen being carried in large crates by burly men. Many of them with bags under their eyes. Last night was terrible for them. A great storm had come in the wee hours of the morning, making fishing almost impossible. Fortunately no one was hurt, but something about the storm was eerie. Lightning flashed and thunder boomed non-stop. It was only until five this morning that the storm suddenly stopped. As the morning went on, Lidsden became increasingly foggy. But not so much so that everyone would stop working. Lidsden was dependant on the local hard working fishermen. Without them, the town would be nothing but ruins. Soon a small carriage arrived around the market center. The old hickory door opened with a loud creak. Out came a foot in a black dress shoe. Then another foot appeared. Suddenly a beautiful ornate walking cane smacked the ground and out jumped a man in a purple top hat. He was thinly built and stood at six feet. A malevolent grin came across his face as he surveyed his surroundings. “Ahh, the market! I wonder what today will hold?” The man took a moment to inspect his cane. It was truly beautiful. A silver owl acted as the handle. His custom design of branches and leaves circled the cane all the way to the bottom. “No one has had anything quite exquisite like this cane. That silversmith did an exceptional job. To bad he hanged last week. Hahaha! The bastard never should have crossed me!” The man guffawed “Morning Mr. Top Hat! Having a grand time I see.” A vender shouted. “Good morning to you Mr. Heath. My memories of the past decided to grace me this morning. And what a queer morning this is.” “Queer indeed. Some things you just can’t explain. But I prefer to think about more realistic money. So, since I have your attention, might I interest you in some apples straight from the McCoy farm?” Just as Top Hat was about to answer a few more carriages arrived. Top Hat moved his hand into a pocket of his black suit and pulled out a golden pocket watch. “Time it seems will not allow me to pick through your baskets Mr. Heath. My guests have arrived. Till we meet again.” Top hat then left Mr Heath’s booth and went over to the carriages to greet his guests. “Greetings fair guests! Please exit your carriages slowly. Wouldn’t want you to get hurt on your first day! Also my memory seems to fail me, so if you would kindly tell me your names, we can head back to my manor.”