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  1. open

    "Why thank you young lady. I am thankful that someone still appreciates good music."
  2. Ohh...that must be a pain. Thank you for sharing and try to get some rest...eventually.
  3. What in the world is circadian rhythm?
  4. open

    The old man wasn't in a good position to fight. He wanted to, but he knew the cost. If the inquisition taught him one thing it was fight when you have an advantage. Calming himself down, he picked up his fiddle once more and with a sigh apologized for his outburst. "Pardon this old man. I just remembered a time before a majority of you were born." Swinging his fiddle back to his neck he resumed playing. The mood changed once more and the party resumed as if nothing happened. At least for the old man that is.
  5. After a long rest, Gunder finally managed to get himself up. He got up and found his way to his friends. "Greetings again you two! What happened?"
  6. open

    The old man hit a sour note in his tune. The joy in his face turned harsh. He stopped his tune and muttered the words "Dark Magic". A bitterness began to rise in him that he thought he had gotten rid of years ago. He finally noticed the Zombie girl. Hatred seemed to seep from him as he began to walk towards her. "Necromancy. Occult practices, lies, and deceit." He said in a harsh voice. He was pissed and it showed.
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    "Come now honey. Loosen those joints and have some fun!" The old man said as he suddenly appeared in front of her.
  8. open

    "Young lady! I am to old for 'getting in peoples pants!" The old man laughed as he continued to play music. He was happy by the amount of fun he was having. Even if nobody else was.
  9. open

    "Greetings young lady!" The old man shouted. "Get yourself a drink on me!"
  10. Hi!

    Get to the tavern mate! Oh and welcome to the site!
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    Seeing the slight buzz of action gave the Old man some hope. Snapping his fingers an old case appeared right beside him. "Maybe some music will help." Bending down he opened the case and revealed a golden fiddle. The fiddle was expertly crafted and shone in the lights of the tavern. Taking a moment to think of what he might play he hummed an old song from when he was a small lad. "Ladies and gentlemen! Tonight I give you the a song from my hometown." With that he began to play a tune. As he played it started off slow, but as he played the bar started sounding like an Irish party.
  12. Hello everyone and anyone! Make a comment below and I will try to respond as quickly as I can.

  13. Your user name suits you well.
  14. open

    "Salutations to any and all!" Called an older gentleman from the front of the tavern. The man seemed to be entertained by all the happenings of this wonderful world. Soon he began to stroke his beard and a weird smile crept over his aged face. He walked forward to the bar and slapped a large amount of currency on the aged bar and shouted "Drinks for all, whatever you like!" Grabbing a pint of mead from a nearby drunk, he jumped up on a table and danced a jig. When he was done he jumped back down and looked around the place. "A tavern is supposed to be filled with life and song. Beer and women. Where is it?! All I see are people who are wasting their lives away speaking of death and misery to come. Someone come and have a dance with me! Let's have some fun!" The man quieted and waited for a response.
  15. Good. Everyone needs a day of rest. So tell me a little about your character(s). Or if you are bold, a little about yourself.