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    Somewhere between insanity and reality.
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    Rping, larping, writing, reading, comics, characters, voices, acting, and breathing.
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  1. Spooky Scary Skeletons!
  2. Manors and Manners

    "Ah, a little waif looking for a handout." Top Hat sighed. It was typical for the orphaned girls of Lidsden. They along with the disabled of the city were just trying to survive. Top Hat understood the struggle. When he was younger he had gotten into some trouble with loan-sharks...the bastards. They had beaten him to within an inch of his life when he couldn't pay his debts. But all of that was in the past. Now, he could focus on his prize possession. The city of Lidsden. Through some behind the doors dealing, he managed to buy the entire city. Anyone who could work was expected to do so. The disabled were given a small handout to survive. But children, no matter their background, at a certain age were expected to work. The girl standing before Top Hat looked old enough, so he would give her the chance. Gently grabbing her by the chin he moved her face to meet his eyes. His voice was soft and calming. "Calm down. You are among friends." He said with a smile. "I know of a place you can stay. My mansion has many empty rooms. But I am in need of hard workers. You are welcome to come stay with me...if you are willing to work."
  3. Manors and Manners

    As Top Hat awaited an answer from Doctor Deluc, out of the corner of his eye he saw a little girl. She approached him with confidence. An aura of bravado was oozing from her. It was...nauseating. No one ever approached him like that except for two types of people: Businessmen and "Heroes". However, the girl had something going for her. She was new. Or at least that is what he assumed. "I wonder who she is?" he thought to himself. Taking a moment to consider his options, Top Hat finally bent over and looked her straight in the eye. "Who are you little girl?"
  4. We interrupt this chat thread to bring you quotes from the depths of insanity. "The smell of burning flesh fills my nostrils. A great fire rages from the forests to the plains. Screams of pain and death surround me. I feel so...alive." "Someone once asked me where I would like to live. I said wherever the bullets are food and the water is gasoline." "Ever see an ice cream truck? You know what the stuff is made of, right? You didn't? Tell me...what do you know about liposuction?" The quotes above are brought to you by Mr. Who & Co. Thank you.
  5. Not what I was meaning but...Today is a day of retribution and redemption for peeps around the world! A revolution of the peeps, by the peeps, and for the peeps! No more shall we slave away under our so called "leader" and his/her cronies!
  6. Ugh....where are the peeps?
  7. Standing Tall

    @roboblu As the man reached for baby Benjamin the wind began to pick up. Chimes hanging from doorways rang out their beautiful chorus. A cat hissed in the distance before running into an alleyway. Without any warning, a large bamboo staff smacked the drunk man's hand. He writhed back in pain before shouting an obscenity. "Who the hell did that?!" He yelled before seeing a large shadow engulf him. The man's face turned from a drunken smile to one of terror. Slowly he turned around and saw a very large being with a straw hat. "You should know how to treat a woman of any race, you drunken oaf." The being said before punching him in the throat. The man gasped for breath before falling to the ground. "Who--are--y--you?" The man said between gasping for air. "I am Xi, of the Great Black Paw Tribe. Now, you go and spread the word I am here. Tell everyone you meet that I defend this woman." The being responded The man quickly got up and left without another word. Xi turned to the spidertaur and bowed. "Are you alright?" He asked.
  8. Looking for someone little Hobbit?
  9. Recruiting, New squad of Seven Deadly Sins!!! OOC

    Just found this while scrolling around youtube. I thought it was appropriate. Enjoy!