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  1. I can take a hint. 


  2. There's one in Casper ( Cities of Terrenus section). Just a casual place for general social rp'ing. Kinda like Tavern of Legends is, but without a whole bunch of other people posting and having to sift through them all to keep up with a one on one conversation with someone Then there's the Rabbit Hole, which is run by @Avvercus, which I found to be really fun and would recommend cuz the rabbit dude is really cool >__> Hope this is helpful! If I have time, I can try to jump in too ^_^ If there's other cafe's, I simply don't know where they are O.o
  3. Shayda


    Since you share the same name with my oldest son, I guess I'm inclined to say hello! I'm one of those "oldies" @Tia Dalma, so I'll take the offense for @supernal so he can still feel like a spring chicken *swings my walking cane at people*
  4. Hi @Danihg Zuhn Bagoon :) I don't think our paths have ever crossed here at Val, but welcome back. I can completely relate to your reasoning, having a son (who's 20 now) that is also Autistic. He's exactly the same way about change (to the point WW3 explodes in his head), but he does tend to handle it better when given an advance notice that it's about to happen. Kudos to you for admitting what fault is yours and coming out to apologize. Even a lot of (what's considered) "normal" people can't even do that. Hope things smooth over and work out, and once again, welcome back! ^___^
  5. Solita tilted her head toward the soldier when young woman spoke of shooting demonic beings. With their current target being a phantom in nature, she had to wonder just what kind of bullets were used for that firearm at her hip. More importantly, Solita now took note to watch her own back throughout the expedition just in case the militant had a happy trigger finger. It seemed she would have to literally keep an eye out, now that the soldier chose to follow from behind her and Ridley, who seemed to find it necessary to call out her question as rude. Her own black eyes narrowed at the mortal while Solita bit back her own knowing grin by his retort. Obviously, this human had a knack for thwarting the point, but being an elusive trickster herself, she knew it was a useful quality to have. For now, she casually shrugged off the topic as they walked, but the silence didn’t last long when Ridley’s bluntness questioned her demonic attributes. With a rather shocked look, her stark black eyes even followed his circling finger only to feel one of her eyes narrow this time as the opposite eyebrow arched up high. Pointy bits?! If it hadn’t been for the unexpected shock of his bold words, Solita may have displayed a more aggressive reaction. A snarling growl with exposed fangs. Maybe smack him with a whip of her tail. Rip a tree in half with her claws just to demonstrate her strength. Truth was, she was rather amused and actually contemplated his question. Besides, how often was it that a human questioned what she was before trying to attack her out of initial fear? Her response began with a reenactment of his action, twirling her claw in the air between them toward herself before purposely reverting their form back to their humanly appearance. “Why yes,” Her words beheld an exaggerated tone of formality. “I guess I am what you call one of those…. monster folk.” Solita allowed the faint smirk to tug against her lips before a dismissive sigh while turning her gaze to the horizon ahead. “But don’t bother asking exactly what I am. Even I don’t know, nor have I met anyone like myself.” She spared their following company an occasional glance over her shoulder whenever the sound of their steps would change in pace, or if the two grew too quiet, or simply making sure there wasn’t a gun out of its holster. Now looking back at her walking companion, Solita gave an investigating sniff in the air. “I take it you’ve always been one of those... human folk?” Naturally, it wasn’t meant as a serious question, but she wasn’t the most socially inept demon, having lived a reclusive life. When Ridley stopped to look at the map again, Solita took the moment to take in their surroundings with a subtle yawn. The air was blissfully easier to breath now that they were on the outskirts of the populace and it was by far more easy on the ears without the endless racket of noise polluting the town they left behind. She spared the map in his hand a fleeting glance while waiting for their companions to catch up when her ears gave a slight twitch to the faint rustling sound within the nearby foliage, alerting her instincts that a possible hunt was nearby. For now, Solta ignored the opportunity while looking back to Ridley with a taunting quirk in her tone. “You’re not lost already, are you?”
  6. Solita’s initial instincts were naturally defensive when seeing the young woman’s hand shift toward her weapon. Her spine arched while digging her claws deep into the bounty board while flicking her tail with agitated jerks and a deep growl resonating within the back of her throat. Crimson eyes even brightened with silent warning until one of the young men verbally noted the obvious, which rather appeased the demon enough to rest back on her haunches again as if never being threatening at all. Little did they know of the lethal poison that flowed through her now swaying tail, but that was a little fact Solita chose to still keep to herself. As the conversation continued, Solita still kept a watchful eye on the fellow female as the discussion was averted back to the challenge. For the first time in ages, she actually felt a swell of excitement. Not just for the hunt ahead, but to actually be included without having been made to be the prey itself! Even her claws began to tap against the frame of the board with anxiousness to get started! Especially when leering closer to look at the weathered post just as Ridley gave her glance when speaking of gut instincts. It was a rather knowing look, as fleeting as it was, but Solita knew a hint when she saw it. Especially when she heard it within one’s tone. What was the point of toying with danger without a little mischief? At the announcement of departure, Solita beamed before leaping off of the board and landing softly on her booted feet to give the paper another close look while Ridley still held it before meeting his gaze head on with grinning suspicion that even reached her eyes. “Are we departing with unspoken assumptions about said treasure?” Her back straightened again while lacing her claws behind her back and giving Ridley the very same look he previously glanced her way. The gleam of sly deviousness known amongst thieves. “Or are you an honest enough human who would graciously split the reward four ways?” Solita knew that hearing the truth was highly unlikely, but the amusement she found among these mortals just couldn’t be ignored. She already came to expect that there would be no earning their trust, which she didn’t need to survive such a jaunt, but she wasn’t about to go into this hunt completely blind. Or come out of it completely broke.
  7. @DmitriNoir Did you want our dragon profiles posted in this thread, or in the profile database? I have mine done!
  8. Her interest awakened when the stranger acknowledged her without the usual air of hostility Solita was accustomed to receiving. She even paused in her movements to study the human with a gleam of suspicion, as if his casual demeanor were some sort of ploy to thwart off her guard. And when another body approached, her spine stiffened as if prepared to bolt, but alas, this new mortal appeared just as lax by her presence as the other when questioning her words. He even seemed a bit more well orderly and dressed than the bloody nosed human, but clearly he had the same gleam of adventurous interest. Now finding her instincts begin to relax somewhat, Solita shifted her position upon the board again to crouch as before, which still gave her the option to flee should the need arise while taking a more serious note to the conversation after the unexpected proposal to join along was offered. Had this Ridley Chase seen the rest of her true form, no doubt the eagerly adventurous mortal would’ve sped off and made his journey a solitary one. But the invitation did lure her curiosity. After a contemplating moment, Solita relaxed a bit more upon her perch while studying the two strangers closely. “It would seem that’s a rather aged posting, Mr. Chase,” Her face turned slightly, but coal black eyes never left the freckled gold and green. “Surely you know that’s a clear sign as to why no one else has taken up on the challenge. Especially any one of those ruthless louts.” Her gaze flickered up to the ruffians who previously left the board after decorating it with his splattered blood. “I may know about such demons, but not how to destroy one. Nor have I ever heard of anyone who has survived an encounter against a wraith.” She paused to tilt her head and look up at the sky as if caught by an amusing thought that even trickled into her voice before continuing. “Unless you consider becoming possessed by one as surviving.” Now giving her shoulders a nonchalant shrug, Solita returned her gaze to the pair with a hint of eagerness in her own dark hues before daring to swipe her hood back with her hand, revealing the elongated curved ears that protruded from the long alabaster mane of hair. “The name’s Solita,” she announced with a sense of leeriness returning to nag at the back of her neck simply for further exposing herself, yet if she was going to accept the offer to join in the hunt, it was best that they know exactly what would be in their company. The slender tail unfurled from it’s hidden position around her waist to now dangle over the bulletin board with a sway and a twitch just as her slender fingers slowly extended into lethal claws. Eyes now illuminated with a deep garnet hue, and with an inquiring smirk, Solita peered her head a bit closer to the pair of humans. “If your offer still stands, I’m quite intrigued to join along.”
  9. Alleys had a knack for being quite useful, aside from their putrid stench and ambiance of rotting food and excrement if one lacked a watchful, sober eye. Solita was quite accustomed to taking refuge within such repulsive surroundings, especially when venturing into more populated districts in order to keep her hide safe from any altercations. Whether humans found her demonic presence a threat, or other demons found her to be a nuisance, or easy target, she preferred stealth over having to kill someone and wind up with a cursed bounty on her head simply for defending herself. From her current view sitting behind a heap of discarded trash, it appeared as if another had been the chosen mark for the usual brutal rough housing that came with the predicable ruffians combing the streets. While crossing her ankles, Solita continued crunching into her stolen pear from the drunken fruit merchant two streets to the east and found the scene at the bounty board quite intriguing. A free meal plus a free show? What more could a lone thieving demon ask for on a boring afternoon? She even winced with an unexpected chuckle as the youthful human found his head face planted against the board, causing his nose to splatter over the bounty notifications before left to his own humiliation to be smeared away by his sleeve. Upon closer observation, the mortal didn’t appear all that threatening while he studied the worn paper within his hand. Solita took the final bite of her delectable fruit and this time, chewed purposely slow while contemplating just why she even contemplated on investigating this stranger who now had a lump of pride to mend. Perhaps it was her own boredom. Perhaps she was simply curious over the bounty notification he now held. Or perhaps it was the slight jingle of coins her sensitive ears honed in on somewhere on his person. With a dismissive toss of the uneaten core, Solita gave an assuring tug to the hood of her cloak that kept her curved ears concealed from sight and drooped long enough over her forehead to keep the haunting sight of her coal black hues from attracting unwanted attention. Now standing on her feet and brushing off the dust and dirt from the tattered garment, her short stature quietly made the way through passer-bys with swift steps that prevented her from even brushing up against a single soul. Once she neared the scowling human, Solita made a single leap into the air to gracefully balance herself upon the top of the bounty board poised in a crouching position to now study him more closely. “So you found yourself a scrap to hunt, have you?” Her tone was genuinely curious, even with the taunting lilt laced through her words. She wasn’t too concerned if the lengthened canines of her teeth revealed themselves as she spoke, and even dared to expose them a bit more when she grinned with a hint of mischief and an inquisitive tilt of her head. “Hmmm…. Wraith’s are quite the tricky lot.” Her posture shifted to crawl her lithe form across the top of the board, much like a stalking feline before peering a tad bit closer to the stranger and his potential mission, allowing just a peek of her onyx gaze to be unveiled from the shroud of her hood. “And what, pray tell, is your devious scheme to hunt the impossible?”
  10. The instant the strange voice up spoke again, Solita snapped out of her momentary amazement with her spine coming to an instant snap of alertness. She bit back the instinctive growl within the back of her throat to keep it silent when seeing Kazuhiko straighten as well. Something obviously struck a nerve in her companion to change his previous demeanor, where Solita was still unnerved at the fact that they couldn’t even see the source, let alone know what was addressing them. Naturally, she was thoroughly confused at first when seeing Kazuhiko now bow, and doing so without a word. When he motioned for her to do the same, Solita’s brows drew drown as she tilted her head with a questionable look across her face, only to tilt her head again in the other direction as if he had lost his own. Now giving the back of her head a thoughtful scratch, Solita took another silent look at their surroundings with a passive sniff to the air. There was no distinctive scent in the air that would identify what was speaking to them, nor could she pinpoint where the presence was located since its voice echoed from every direction when it spoke. More than anything, she despised feeling helpless, but she didn’t live this long being foolish either. There had been many a foe that crossed her path in the previous years, and Solita knew to swallow her pride whenever facing one that may possibly outmatch her. Especially when she couldn’t see the potential threat to begin with. Her sigh of disgust was more for herself than the situation at hand. It was her own fault for being stuck in this entire predicament. For simply stealing some food. That led her to hide on a damn ship. Leaving her to hide while suffering the hell at sea. Then shipwrecked and stranded on some foreign island. Solita had thought that maybe her luck had changed a little since Kazuhiko hadn’t tried to kill her on sight, but low and behold, they managed to stroll upon some mysterious guardian whom may, or may not, decide to attack them after a single day of traipsing through the damn woods. She had no one to blame but herself. Finally, with her jaw clenched, Solita reluctantly followed Kazuhiko’s actions without a word. If an act of showing throat would keep them alive for the time being, it was worth swallowing her pride for now. @Deviant @Slank44
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