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  1. I was even thoughtful and chose the less sodium
  2. *makes mental note to fill PM box with spam*
  3. as long as they're practicing safe sex >_>
  4. I'm one of those people who barely has time to write or be as in depth thoughtful over plots as others. I'm basically here so I don't loose the last ounces of writing interest that I have left and why my character is as uninteresting as characters go LOL. So yeah, I'm one of "those" lack of luster writers here, but it's due to lack of free time on my end :-) But Kudos to @Deviant and @Slank44 for being so patient with me at the very beginning and so forth! But that's one of the wonderful aspects about Valucre. If you want writers who want "in depth", or fast replies, or those who are laid back and can wait days on end for a reply, or even all of that all rolled into one, you will find that here! There's no "specific" demand of writing style here. There's something AND someone for every form of writing on this site! ^_^
  5. Hello chatter bugs ^_^
  6. I bribe him with brownies to acknowledge me
  7. Ahhhhh the Nickelodeon days! LOVED Angry Beavers and Zim.... Zim still needs to be a movie.... another good one....
  8. Loony Toons, Shirt Tails, Smurfs, Dungeons and Dragons, Snorks, Monchhichis, The Littles, Alvin and the Chipmunks, Scooby Doo, Thundercats, Transformers (when Megatron was a MASSIVE MISSILE LAUNCHER), Voltron..... I could go on.......
  9. Solita had remained awake for most of the night, but not out of choice. It was simply how her instincts worked whenever she found herself in new and unfamiliar surroundings. She sat next to the fire while keeping her sights fixated on the forest line, and even as the flames died down, her sense of unease never settled. There was no explanation to the deep unrest she felt, nor did she voice her concern, while watching and listening for anything suspicious. When Solita’s exhaustion finally did cave into sleep, it was sporadic and restless, even when dawn approached and she could hear Kazuhiko moving about. Without word, she knew it was time to move on. Staying on the beach would do them no good, even if they did see another vessel pass by in the distance, knowing they would remain unseen unless they got on higher ground. Once Solita forced her limbs to move, they ventured into the forest where the temperature was instantly cooler beneath the thick canopy of endless trees, and just as she did so the night before during her hunt, Solita concentrated on various scents and sounds, mentally studying the terrain to get a better feel for it while occasionally snatching herself some breakfast when passing a berry bush. Her first and foremost instinct was to locate water. As she pondered over which direction they should start in finding a source, Kazuhiko unexpectedly broke out into a foreign hum. Since he didn’t seem all too concerned over their plight, or which direction they were going, Solita shot off into the trees with a swift climb to then walk and leap along the branches for her next hunt. She didn’t stray too far off, always knowing where her companion was by the noise he made while scanning the grounds below for any evidence of change to the growing vegetation as a sign, or even the distinct sound of a flowing stream or creek. The morning felt as if were growing late by the time a chance sighting of a herd of deer bolted through the forest, but Solita took notice that their legs appeared dark and wet. It was a hopeful indication of water, leading her to rush down the branches and land just a few feet ahead of Kazuhiko to then point and lead the way. “There may be water this way,” She announced with a guarded tone in her voice before walking off and hoping she was right.
  10. Yours would be the epic start
  11. I think a whole new thread of "Member's Memorial Quotes" is in order *hinthint at the bossman @supernal*
  12. *is allergic to tea*