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  1. I don't even have one, and you call yourself lazy?? @____@
  2. Oh my, we could go on and on, couldn't we LOL! And Square had HOW many years on "Versus" before they swapped it to "XV"? And that was the best they came up with.... And I would have enjoyed Crisis Core if it wasn't for the constant slot machine thing interrupting every battle.... For the love of the gamer gods, just let Zack slice up shyt! I don't need a triple faced Sephiroth to boost my battle stats! @__@ I need to shut up now XDDDDDD
  3. If you ever have a chance to play IX, do so. It was super fun and Zidane was a very entertaining character :) That one was a lot fun!
  4. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^This^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Thank you
  5. I didn't play XV, but my son did, who is an avid gamer, and even he wasn't thrilled with the battle system. I've watched and read the plot, but after watching and reading about the ending? I have to ask if the writers at Square are smoking crack. I'll never play it now. Seriously... what's the point now that I know the end? O.o I got so far as Snow obtaining the Shiva sisters in XIII and pretty much thought the same. Just what were the creators smoking? I pretty much failed at working the battle system in that game as well since no matter what "job" I assigned to what character, they wouldn't perform the actions. Especially whomever was the "healer" I went through potions instead like Billy the Kid goes through bullets, but still kept dying all the time. I guess I'm just an old timer. I enjoyed VII, VIII, IX, and X (X-2 meh). XII was fun as battle systems go, too! But XIII made me walk away from the game series entirely. Which is sad, because I miss it. I just got "old", I guess! LOL
  6. Played that one too, but just couldn't find the plot appealing. But still a great game! The graphics were beautiful!
  7. Lol which Final Fantasy? I've got Record Keeper and Brave Exvius on mine
  8. Learned how to take care of chickens today.... it was quite interesting o.O
  9. Send it here please... I have so much work to do
  10. The weather is not cooperating today -.-
  11. My fluffy Maincoon is sleeping on my feet ^_^ I am content XD
  12. What are we looking for? O.o
  13. Spacesuits.... and why I don't like them.... They make my butt look big O.o
  14. @Deviant As long as you don't mean "Cabin in the Woods" THEME, like the movie -.O And now my mind can't get Clint Eastwood and David Carradine getting drunk at a bar together....