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  1. An Exploration of Haven

    The instant the strange voice up spoke again, Solita snapped out of her momentary amazement with her spine coming to an instant snap of alertness. She bit back the instinctive growl within the back of her throat to keep it silent when seeing Kazuhiko straighten as well. Something obviously struck a nerve in her companion to change his previous demeanor, where Solita was still unnerved at the fact that they couldn’t even see the source, let alone know what was addressing them. Naturally, she was thoroughly confused at first when seeing Kazuhiko now bow, and doing so without a word. When he motioned for her to do the same, Solita’s brows drew drown as she tilted her head with a questionable look across her face, only to tilt her head again in the other direction as if he had lost his own. Now giving the back of her head a thoughtful scratch, Solita took another silent look at their surroundings with a passive sniff to the air. There was no distinctive scent in the air that would identify what was speaking to them, nor could she pinpoint where the presence was located since its voice echoed from every direction when it spoke. More than anything, she despised feeling helpless, but she didn’t live this long being foolish either. There had been many a foe that crossed her path in the previous years, and Solita knew to swallow her pride whenever facing one that may possibly outmatch her. Especially when she couldn’t see the potential threat to begin with. Her sigh of disgust was more for herself than the situation at hand. It was her own fault for being stuck in this entire predicament. For simply stealing some food. That led her to hide on a damn ship. Leaving her to hide while suffering the hell at sea. Then shipwrecked and stranded on some foreign island. Solita had thought that maybe her luck had changed a little since Kazuhiko hadn’t tried to kill her on sight, but low and behold, they managed to stroll upon some mysterious guardian whom may, or may not, decide to attack them after a single day of traipsing through the damn woods. She had no one to blame but herself. Finally, with her jaw clenched, Solita reluctantly followed Kazuhiko’s actions without a word. If an act of showing throat would keep them alive for the time being, it was worth swallowing her pride for now. @Deviant @Slank44
  2. Just leaving a quick note to state I didn't forget. My work schedule has been pretty hectic the past couple of days and I have a friend in from out of town for the weekend. Be back soon!
  3. Awwwwwah! Thanks! I've been out of the loop over there for so long tho, I have a lot of catching up to do on the new stuff XDD And I LOVE sending gifts, so be on the look out! ;-) On my phone at work atm, but once I get home I'll get a profile done up ^____^
  4. I'm LightHart ^_^ go ahead and friend me! I can't believe I remembered my password LOL I'm thinking on using Haken or Peppin, but I was kind of curious to know what the roleplay setting may be to get a better idea on which dragon to know which personality would be best to use
  5. Just noticed this O.o Damn I forgot about Flight Rising! Used to play that too >__> *runs to see if I remember my old account* Were you still interested in others joining?
  6. An Exploration of Haven

    The hissing voice pierced into her sensitive ears, but Solita shook off the annoyance with the snap of her head and a deepened growl resonating from her chest. There was no sight of the source as her eyes instantly illuminated with their threatening crimson glow that now wildly scanned the terrain, but there was still an inkling of doubt that nudged her. Was she hearing things? Perhaps her mind was playing tricks on her. She had an apprehensive feeling of the land ever since stepping foot on it, and with every step thereafter, Solita grew unsettled. When turning to Kazuhiko, she didn’t have to ask to know that he heard the voice as well, but where her guard was ignited, he still appeared calm and composed. Yet Solita could have sworn there a hint of amusement behind those eyes when he nodded to her, only for her own to widen at the spectacle that suddenly followed. Her instinct was to lurch back from the growing shadows at first, simply because she didn’t realize what was forming before her, and she clung to the leeriness while watching with every muscle now tense in defense. When Kazuhiko then disappeared, the sight also led her alarm to vanish along with him, for wonderment and perplexity to overwhelm her. At first, the abrupt shock caused her alert gaze to dart in all directions that the foreign shadows flowed about in the air, as if she would spot Kazuhiko swimming through them somehow. Her hand even dared to reach up with growing curiosity luring her in, but Solita still wisely kept her fingers a breath’s space away to then flinch them back when he suddenly stepped out of the strange obscurity. She barely heard Kazuhiko’s words of confirmation while her slow and cautious steps began to inch around him, finding that the shadows had left him as he reappeared. Never in her life had Solita witnessed such a thing, yet she found herself quite astonished, if not in awe by seeing such an ability performed. Even when Kazuhiko addressed the mysterious voice, her attention still dismissed the hidden anomaly being so transfixed by what she had seen and still waving her fingers through the air in search for where the shadows had gone when she rounded Kazuhiko again. Her eyes flickered with excitement that even reached her whisper, and even brought a smirk to Solita’s lips without her even knowing. “Do that again….” @Deviant @Slank44
  7. Tavern of Legend: Season 2

    Solita muddled over his words. Thus far, Danik appeared quite open about himself, as well as sharing what goals he sought for. It just seemed odd that he did so to her. But who was she to question the methods of strangers? With a slow blink and a thoughtful twist of her lips, she dismissed the question for the time being and sifted through her own thoughts of what little she knew. “Genesaris, perhaps,” She muttered while watching the man produce his flame again to light his cigar. “Although I have heard people here talk of a place called Elendaron which may possess what your looking for. Ruled by an elf queen I think.” Solita straightened herself then with a casual shrug. “I’m afraid that’s all my own knowledge has to offer. As for me?” Her nose leaned toward the bottle to give a sniff. “I once thought to seek answers. Merely about myself.’ She instantly veered back away from the aroma of the drink with a pinched expression across her face. “But I learned there was no longer a need. None of that will change who, or what I am. Finding a purpose to each day has sufficed, although it does grow rather boring.”
  8. Tavern of Legend: Season 2

    Still sitting with her legs crossed, Solita lifted them simply to rest her forearms upon her hiked knees while blinking slowly at this Danik. “My interest simply holds because you’ve made no attempt on my life...” Without thought, the corner of lips quirked. “Yet.” It was then she allowed her gaze to slide to the very candle he lit, exposing his little talent, before her eyes veered back to his again. This time, she allowed her lips smirk enough for the light to gleam against the fangs behind them. “Well, well, Mr. Kovarin. Isn’t this night proving to be most unexpected.” In truth, Solita was quite amused to even share a conversation with another individual in this peculiar place of ruffians. She even straightened a bit, as if her curiosity piqued even more while her tail continued to waver with ease behind her, yet lifting higher in the air before it arched and the arrow tip aimed directly down at the flickering flame. While keeping the poison safely at bay, the tail dove straight into the wick with a quick jab, extinguishing the light in an instant. “Funny you should mention being able to take my life if you wish,” Her tone even lightened, as if they merely discussed the simplicity of the weather, and Solita even offered a rather delightful smile. “Why there’s another common trade we have!” Yet for now, she didn’t feel a true threat just yet by this gentleman, although wise enough to know that he could be at any given moment. Now dropping her knees as they were before, she bent forward and propped her elbows on the table to rest her fists beneath her chin. Her eyes widened at her present company once more, clearly growing more intrigued. Maybe to appease her own boredom. “I am called Solita. Now tell me, good sir, what knowledge to you seek exactly?”
  9. Tavern of Legend: Season 2

    She scowled from the unexpected puzzlement sitting before her. Only for her scowl to grow even deeper with narrowed eyes while her lips pursed into a tight line. Why was he not grabbing for his blade? Why did he not fly out of his seat, alarmed and screaming threats at her? Was he daft? Possibly addle brained? Must be something in the air in this odd tavern. Yet Solita reminded herself that she had seen a brawl or two here in the past. Maybe not violent ones, but disputes none the less. So there was nothing foul, or mysterious about the air, or some other unknown spell factor that would entrance patrons to get along where they would otherwise be at each others throats. And for far less reasons like a spilled drink. Hmmm…. Her thoughts couldn’t help but ponder. Curious fellow. But Solita wasn’t about to let an ounce of her guard down, even when she chose to crouch back and sit on the table with her knees now bent to entwine her legs in front of her. Her face peered close again, giving the odd man another sniff and finding a hint of the sea in his scent while her lips now twisted at him. “You’re either very bored…. Or very drunk.” She mused aloud with a bland monotone while continuing to study him. Still feeling a bit baffled, she gave her head a slight shake. “What human entertains the company of a demon, let alone display empathy?” Before giving him a chance to answer, Solita leaned back and blinked her now widened eyes back to her previous curiosity. More so at herself now that she chose to entertain his question. “What can a say? I seem to be inflicted with bad timing at all the wrong places. Perhaps because I am the only one of my kind that I know of and people find that to be something else to be afraid of as well.” She gave a shrug of indifference. “I do not care for the reasons.” She had even convinced herself of that same lie. With curiosity giving an extra nudge, she brought her gaze back to the stranger with a haughty tilt of her chin. “You’re an odd one, I’ll give you that. What is your name?”
  10. Tavern of Legend: Season 2

    Each limb moved with a slow purpose until Solita crossed to another adjoining beam that would bring her directly above the new stranger. He may have appeared relaxed, but even she knew how such appearances proved to be deceiving. Now crouching on her perch, she gave a faint sniff to the air to learn of this new scent while her tail now twitched and her curiosity grew. When the lone patron began to speak, Solita was none to surprised that he knew of her presence, yet his words were intriguing enough to keep her attention. She scoffed to herself at first; at his claim of similarities. Her? Sharing any similarity with a human? Perhaps his true occupation was a jester. He simply portrayed himself as otherwise when out in public. With her nose now tilted away as if smugly ignoring him, his comment over hatred and being despised snapped her head back to attention. So much so, Solita now began to slowly rise up and straighten until her spine threatened to snap with a piercing stare directed on the man below. She didn’t even leap. Just a simple step off of the beam and her form dropped into a free fall through the air, but her muscles instantly tensed with her body curved forward and her back arched by the time she landed upon the table on all fours with a soft thud! in front of him. She remained poised in such position, should the need to leap for escape would arise. Her studious gaze grew intense with a heightened flicker in her crimson eyes before tilting her head with what appeared to be a bewildered expression. Her tail was the only other limb that moved, giving it a sharp flick through the air as a silent warning before her low voice broke through the silence like shattering glass. “You speak of being hated and despised for something you chose to do.” Her head now tilted in the opposite direction without breaking their eye contact. “Yet I am hated and despised simply for what I am Solita gave a slow blink before drawing back. “There is no similarity in that, even if our trade is the same.”
  11. It's psychedelic baby!!!
  12. Tavern of Legend: Season 2

    Hearing the tavern door burst open had become an expected sound by now, so with a lazy turn of her head, Solita slid a lazy glance below to see who the new visitor may be. Her mouth paused in mid chew of her apple with a quirk to her brow when the gentleman strolled in as another potential participant to the entertainment of the evening. She may have appeared uninterested, but Solita was quite observant, having learned to study people while keeping to the shadows. To sense how much of a threat one may, or may not be. He appeared a bit rugged around edges since the tanned skinned hinted that the new presence may be a sea fairing fellow, especially when Solita caught sight of the blade strapped at his hip. Nor did the rings on his hand go unnoticed. Naturally, those piqued her interest most of all. Her gaze followed the stranger after he was served his drink, noting his gait was quite confident. Most likely an experienced hand in a fight. Something she avoided at all cost as a last measure since her tail was lethal enough to get her out of what conflicts she came in contact with in the past. Speed and trickery was more her game for one of her small stature. After finishing her small meal, Solita sheathed the small blade back into its scabbard strapped at her thigh. For now, she was merely intrigued by the flashing little jewels on those hands which lured her curiosity to cautiously crawl across the high beam with lithe movements for a closer observation.
  13. Tavern of Legend: Season 2

    Solita was quite content upon her perch, high above the patrons below as she entertained her attention from time to time to watch them from the rafter beam she casually relaxed upon while slowly slicing an apple with her dagger. Normally, she would keep her presence obscure from sight, having learned that most did not tolerate a demon like her in public society, but this particular tavern appeared to cater to all kinds of species, humanoid or otherwise. So her slender tail hung down freely, wavering from side to side as her legs lounged along the length of the wooden beam with her ankles crossed. The hood of her cloak was drawn back without care to hiding the lengthened curvature of her ears that poked freely through the long strands of bleach white hair while crimson eyes occasionally flickered to those below. The apple was a rare treat to behold, and she savored every slice slowly. It held her attention far more that the antics occurring below. During her visit thus far, Solita had seen faces come and go. Some seemed lost, some stormed in with a purpose. Everyone had a story of their own to tell. So for now, she mused over what individuals would enter and leave since her curiosity nagged at her to stay.
  14. I seem to pop in at the most unusual conversations O.o