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  1. He was just helplessly looking at the two soldiers bicker, it was obvious that their lack of motivation and the poor conditions that they were sitting in the camp made everyone irascible with little patience for one another, he doubted that him and the rest of the team would be of too much help. Elialde wanted to interrupt them from the sudden argument to assure them they are just passing by when the mention of the captain came up, if anyone out of all of the soldier could help them with some information that would be him but Elialde has always been bad with words and judging by the reactions of everyone else they didn't seem to want to deal with the captain he was scared that they would piss them off even further. He really wanted everyone else view on this so he stepped back between the team members and said loud enough for them to hear but not the soldiers. "If anyone can help us it would be their captain right? Maybe..." but he just stopped there. He was still pretty unsure about this.
  2. Elialde was quietly listening to what everyone had to say and began weighting down each suggestion in his head, all of them were more or less right and the situation could turn for the better or worse, but taking another look around he came to the conclusion that they would needlessly endanger their lives trying to trek the uninviting forest or trying to swim to the other side of the river, they would probably lose more supplies by doing that than whatever it's waiting for them in the camp, and as far as they knew this could be their last time meeting any allies, or at least he hopped they would be allies. "I think our best option is to go in, carefully," he took a slight pause "we have to show them we're on the same side." he stated, flicking his tail once, and looked up to everyone one more time, he was used to everyone being way taller than him. He made sure to know where his knife is and slowly started heading towards the bridge.
  3. This sounds fun, I want in.
  4. Elialde was quietly following the team, they haven't known each other for a long time but they already started to grown on him, and was listening to the others talk when he spotted the camp up ahead which made him stop for a second not knowing if they are allies or not, being close to the border presented them with more dangers, but quickly spotted the flag and let out a sigh of relief as they have been walking for a while now and his feet started to feel sore and this was their opportunity to catch a break and maybe resupply, he know that at least he was starting to go low on water. "Look, an outpost." He softly but bluntly blurted out, he was sure the others noticed as well but just wanted to make sure.
  5. Here's his profile page* but I'll give a short description anyway. Eli is usually quiet in every aspect to the point where you may forget he's there but he always listens, and can remember even off hand comments others made, but won't shy away if you strike a conversation with him. He's much older than he looks but the child like appearance can be off putting to some and doesn't mind if someone is being condescending, he uses his looks as a weapon if someone is caught of guard by it. His actual weapon is a small knife. *his shapeshifting ability was took out to fit the setting
  6. interest check

    Can I use a preexisting character and modify him for the setting or have to come up with a new one?
  7. interest check

    This sounds neat! Are you fine with new people?
  8. [BASICS] First name: Elialde Surname: Nostranyx Nicknames: Eli Age: Unknown Apparent age: 12 Race: Demon Gender: Male Sexual orientation: None Alignment: True Neutral [APPEARANCE] Hair: Deep dark blue Eyes: Baby Blue Skin: Pale red Height: 4'8" Weight: 40 kg Voice: Mellow and soft spoken Build: Thin but very flexible Scars: His right ear is ripped in half, he's missing one eye, has a deep gash across his mouth and several knife scars on his abdomen Accessories: Two earring in his left ear, two rings at the end of his tail [MENTAL] Personality: Polite and shy, won't speak until spoken to, always asks permission before doing anything, doesn't get easily scared unless it's things he's truly terrified of, gets attached if you treat him with kindness. Fears: huge dark cloaked figures with sharp objects like knives and swords Likes: Sweets and crunchy stuff, night time, being praised Dislikes: being in the center of attention [SKILLS] Tail - his tail is prehensile and can be fully used as a third arm Shapeshifting - he can shapeshift in other animals or even other people but for a short period of time before he gets exhausted Fire magic - as long as he's in possession of a flame ember stone he can control fire and flames, as well as heat up objects Horns - his horns are a magic magnet and what let's him use magic at all, if they are cut off he's defenseless Night vision - can see better in the dark than your average human [GEAR] A little shard of a flame stone that it's sitting as his neck, also acts as a safety pin to hold the collar of his shirt. [WIP]
  9. open

    She giggled. "Nah nah these take like, maximum 10 minutes to fix I just need the right pieces...which I don't have at the moment, now I remembered the other reason I was traveling" She picks up two more of them and shoves them in a bag. "Do you know what's the fastest way to the ocean from here?" @ODSTDRAGON
  10. open

    She stops from sprawling on the floor after all the spilled objects and looks at him confused. "That's cute an' all" she shoves the ones in her fist in one of the satchel "but I have a bigger concern at the moment, a few of them rolled under other tables..." She lowers her goggles over her eyes and tries to turn them on but all they give it's a defeated sound "oh yea, they broke.."
  11. open

    She squints her eyes but then puts a smile back on her face. "Ooooh more mysterious than you look huh? That's fine I'll find out sooner or later, I always do." the last part came out almost in a mocking manner but then laughs and slaps her knee making all her satchels fall on the ground spilling everywhere "Ay crap! My bombs!"
  12. open

    Kade blinked a few times in confusion, then raised an eyebrow. "No no, you, as a person, what is your role?" She was wondering if he's avoiding the question but she was stubborn enough to press on. (it's okay ^^)
  13. Omg i love your character picture. Did you draw that yourself???

    Also love the cat avatar. Cats are awesome!

    1. CaptainCasual


      yea I drew it :D thank you!

      and yep I always found that cat so funny, that smug face

    2. Metty


      it's so smug and lovely. :D

      seems right for a meme

  14. Kade, the Tinkerer [BASICS] First name: KadanceSurname: AlbastoNicknames: Kade, KiddyAlignment: Chaotic GoodRace: HumanMarital Status: SingleGender: FemaleAge: 24Role: Mechanic [PHYSICAL] Voice: Medium pitch but cracks a lot, especially if she's yellingEyes: Grass greenComplexion: Olive skinnedHeight: 5'5Weight: 45 kgBuild: Thin with slight muscular build Hair: Brownish red, short and ruffled in the back with two streaks of long hair on the side of her faceTattoos/markings: Wings tattoo on her back [MENTAL] Demeanor: Bubbly and happy, acts before thinking, is blunt with words and can come as insensitive but she's just oblivious, not very smart academically but can figure out solutions to seemingly impossible problems, she's a perfectionist in what she's doingHopes: To make her father proudFears: Others suffering from her mistakesLikes: Baby animals, booze, deconstructing machinery Dislikes: moody people, kill-joys, mushy things [GEAR] -will update- [WEAPONS] A crossbow with a large range of projectiles: normal arrows, exploding arrows, poison arrows, fire arrows, freezing arrows and web traps. Mini bombs and traps. Two daggers for close range combat. [STRENGTHS] -will update- [WEAKNESSES] Magic. She doesn't have any magical powers, and even if she uses magical elements like pixie dust and others, she can't quite understand magic itself. [SKILLS] She's a very skilled mechanic that can figure out how any mechanism works no matter how complicated, it will take her days or months of careful analyzing and deconstructing depending on how intricate it is. She will make and use her own inventions and crazy experiments, some may be failures and explode in her face. Agility and quick thinking are her saving grace in dangerous situations. [FAMILY] She grew up with her brother and her single father most of her life after their mother died at childbirth when she was only 3, so she doesn't remember her mom much. Her uncle taught her how to use a crossbow and was always keeping her around in his workshop giving spark to her passion for anything mechanical. After her mother died when she was very young her dad raised her and her brother at best he could, he was a skilled magic user and a con man which didn't set the best example for either of them, while she found it hilarious and entertaining her brother had a greater sense of justice and often called him out. At the age of 12 her brother, Lornen, awakened his magic powers which shifted their father's attention on him and left her to her own devices. It was until a year later that her uncle asked him for an apprentice to help him in his workshop and she eagerly volunteered before anyone could say anything, the next day she was on her way. It was only the first year when she came up with her own invention, a mechanical bird who could deliver letters faster and with more precision to her family and back, which impressed her uncle greatly and decided to teach her everything he knows, and over the course of 7 years that's what he did. When Kade hit 20 years of age she started having dreams about adventure and far away places, as much as she loved her uncle she wanted to find out what's out there, but he felt like it was not the time yet. Soon she was more and more persuasive about this but he still wouldn't let her go, until one day, when she was sneaking around in his office and found an old rusty locked up box, smashing it open wasn't hard, and inside she found a golden crossbow but it looked unfinished, like something was missing so she took her in her room and started working on it adding as many modifications as she saw fit. Her uncle caught her working on it one day and was quite impressed as that crossbow was his father's, but it was broken and unfinished and he was never able to fix it, Kade wanted to give it back to him after she's finished but he decided it should be hers and told her that after she learns how to use it she can go on her own path. Seven months later they told each other goodbye and she went on her way.
  15. open

    "That would be great actually." She scratched her head. "But you still didn't tell me what YOU do. Some sort of circus run away? Entertainer?...Happiness fairy?" Being blunt with her words was a specialty she unfortunately mastered.