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  1. Some remote, frozen place in the mountains is the best place to live and anyone who says otherwise is wrong This sounds cool (pun intended)
  2. Savage Lands OOC

    yea exactly! It happened a few times this week btw whose turn is it?
  3. Savage Lands OOC

    Sorry for being gone so long but I'm finally done with all my exams and I took a mental break and now I'm ready to go again! But if you decide to not continue I'm okay with that too (also I seem to have a problem where the site refuses to load not matter what I do, does anyone else have the problem?)
  4. I love your background picture! XD

  5. Savage Lands OOC

    Ah...umm if you want to skip me as well? I'll be up to my head in work until next Wednesday
  6. Possibilities for many roleplays *Updated*

    Are you still open?? I would love to try
  7. Kade has been walking up and down the trolley station for almost ten minutes now, searching in the trash cans, under the benches, behind other's people luggage, in other's people luggage which ended up with her being yelled at before giving up and plopping on a bench letting out a heavy sigh. She looked up on the wall at the clock, the train should be coming any minute now and her little experiment could be nowhere to be found, 'well I guess they will have to deal with it' she thought to herself, not like it was dangerous or anything but people are usually not happy getting their ankles zapped out of nowhere by a small rolling metal ball. She took her ticket out and raised it up to look at it 'Okamura's Grace huh? Spooky' , but that's exactly why she was headed that way, she loved these kind of places. She got up from the bench to continue her search for her little thing when something zoomed past her feet right into the crowd that was gathering on the platform, "Uh oh" it's all she said be she saw it hitting someone.
  8. Savage Lands OOC

    so I updated Elialde's page in case you want to see how he looks like without the mask
  9. Elialde Nostranyx [UPDATED]

    He was the seventh son in a noble family of demons that thought very lowly of humans, using them as slaves and servants to even eating them, always sending mercenaries and assassins to bring them human children from far away villages. The humans were enraged but too afraid to take any action, the Nostranyx family, along with being powerful also found how to use elemental stones giving them control over basic natural elements. Even with all that Elialde was the odd one out from his brothers and sisters, he opposed their ideals and was disturbed by their actions, but fear was greater than his sense of right or wrong and never spoke up against them not did he help any of the humans that were held captive, just quietly watched from afar. On his coming of age, Elialde was given by his father the Ember stone that allowed him to take control over fire, but it was hard to master it so he was sent into training away from his family which is what saved him on that faithful night, it turned out that the humans asked a group of demon hunters for help behind their backs, paying them everything they had. They were skilled hunters and masters of ambush. The element of surprise was greater than their training and the entire family was wiped out before they could even counter them. Elilalde never found out. The humans gave the hunters a head count, to make sure they kill them all and when they noticed one was missing most of them didn't really care, except for one that was living for the thrill of the hunt, it wasn't hard for him to find out where Elialde was sent and headed there without hesitation. A knock in the middle of the night is what woke Elialde up, opening the door he was greeted by a dark, tall figure with a manic smile and a blood stained sword in his hand who attacked him without any warning and knocked him out, after what seemed forever he woke up in a dark room, tied to a chair with chains and a table where different tools were lined up, and the dark figure emerged from the shadows with the same smile from earlier, "I'll have some fun before I kill you" is all the man told him before relentlessly torturing him for two days. In one of the hours where he was left completely alone, Elialde was making a plan of escape when he wasn't passing out, and his saving grace was when the man bought a barrel of oil with him, he was planning to burn him alive but Elialde decided he was going to be the first one, noticing earlier that his stone was placed on a table somewhere on his right was enough for him, he trained enough to be able to use it's powers without holding it, just being in proximity was enough. As soon as the hunter put the barrel down and turned around he spit a ball of fire onto it, the explosion sent him flying in the opposite wall, the old chair breaking in pieces and the chains falling down but he was knocked out as well He suddenly woke up, finding himself in a ragged bed in some old house, his wounds seemed to be taken care of and food was on the bedside. After the initial shock and confusion wore off he realized he can't remember anything beside his name, which didn't tell him much. After eating the food he went to look around in the house, the rest of it being just as decrepit as the room he woke up in but in what seemed to be the main room he found a change of clothes, his stone that has been crafted into a pin, some supplies and a note from an anonymous person that only said "good luck". With no memories, in some weird place, he was scared and lonely and just closed himself up back in the room he woke up in. After an entire week no one came back to the house, nor did he saw any people what so ever around it's vicinity, but the supplies were growing thin and starving was inevitable if he remained there. After gathering his thought and things he was ready to leave this little save haven that sheltered him, he decided to find out who was this person that saved him, as long as getting his memories back.
  10. The Company - Savage Lands

    Elialde gave out a sigh of relief that this worked out pretty well, at least from his perspective, and looked at the Captain maybe I judged him wrong the little demon thought to himself, yes the Captain was a harsh person who didn't had the patience for shenanigans but then again they were the ones that barged in uninvited and started acting up, but in the end he was still a rational person because this could have ended way worse. He took a side glance to the sergeant dealing with the soldiers outside, now that guy Elialde didn't like at all and kind of had a bad feeling about him but he was,most likely, the Captain's right hand so he wasn't going to bring it up. His attention went back to the tall man standing in front of them and listened to his request and weighted down their option in his head, on one hand,while he was sure the Captain can carry his own weight, these soldiers didn't to be able to hold their ground when something came up and personal, they might have to actually protect them in case something attacks them, but on the other hand the more the merrier are the words that popped up in his head, they were advancing in unknown lands, and it's not like they would have to deal with them until the end. He cleared his throat with a short cough "I...I can't speak for everyone but I would like to apologize for what happened." He looked up at everyone else before continuing "And your request seems reasonable enough sir, I'm sure we could watch each other's back." He still felt like he spoke too much, and averted his gaze from the man.
  11. (Recruitment) Prisoners of Science

    Can I come too? this sounds cool
  12. Kouga Ishi'ra

    [BASICS] First name: Kouga Surname: Ishi'ra Birthplace: The Ishi'ra Tribe Nicknames: Kou Age: 20 Race: Hybrid Gender: Female Sexual orientation: Bisexual Alignment: Lawful Neutral [APPEARANCE] Hair: Red Eyes: Deep Blue Skin: Mocha color Height: 5'2" Weight: 70 kg Voice: Quiet and low pitched Build: Thin and borderline muscular Tattoos: Her clan emblem on the back [MENTAL] Personality: Blunt and sharp, won't hesitate to say what's on her mind, social skills are close to zero so she can come off as insensitive and rude without realizing, it takes a long time to gain her trust and once you lose it you'll never get it back, kinda naive about any other topic beside fighting or weapons, due to her animal nature she has little shame in her actions and mannerism but she's not trying to make others uncomfortable on purpose it just happens, is very obedient towards higher rank figures and respects orders, doesn't like to admit it but get extremely flustered when someone compliments her and due to her lack of human interaction she easily develops crushes on people. Fears: losing her senses (going blind, deaf, etc.) and diseases Likes: has a very soft spot for babies no matter the race or species, nature (big cities make her uncomfortable), sharp weapons, her Master Dislikes: being touched without her permission, vast open spaces with nowhere to hide, big crowds [SKILLS] Animal speak - She can speak with animals, but unfortunately animals don't like her very much Blades - She can fight with almost anything as long as it's sharp, but prefers her spear Enhanced senses - due to her animal features she has sharper hearing and smelling as well as partial nigh vision [GEAR] A spear specifically made for her by her Master that can extend double the size, can be used as a pole for vaulting, very sturdy made with enchanted tree bark and magic steel. [BACKSTORY] She was adopted by the chief of the village after her parents died in a war between tribes when she was only 1 year old, she doesn't remember them at all making the chief her only parental figure in her life, raising her with love and care always making sure she is not missing anything, despise all this she grew up being shy and was never very social but had an appetite for fighting and swords. The chief was, along with being her father, her teacher. He taught Kouga everything he knew and more, she can read and write in their language but can speak multiple languages, despise her appearance she's pretty educated about the world. Soon her 20th birthday came along, the age where their members can officially lead the tribe if it comes, and she was fully prepared to take in the role if any emergency happened, but the chief was still strong and bold and wasn't going anywhere anytime soon. But she was, you need to go see the world that's what her father told her, for 20 years of her life she stayed in his care, she wasn't even friends with her own kin let along with anyone from outside, and now she had to go, at first confused and angry she was reassured that she did nothing wrong, it was just him hoping that would break her out of the shell. She didn't complain much even if disappointment was still in the air and set along on her journey.
  13. Savage Lands OOC

    ohh hmmmmm Elialde random facts: -He chews on the tip of his tail like a person would chew their long hair when he's bored. -The only swimming technique he knows is like a dog. -His mortal enemies are sour candies and mushy stuff like bananas. I hope that's what you meant
  14. Savage Lands OOC

    like random facts about them?
  15. The Company - Savage Lands

    Elialde was looking around at each one of them, everything was going bad and he just wanted to get everything over with, they didn't even venture in the real danger and they are already stuck. The Captain seemed to be preoccupied with Odelle right now so he was completely ignored which, in insight, it made him glad. He turned his attention to Kyanne who was heading towards them visibly embarrassed so he gave her a sympathetic look. "It's okay, just stay here." he quietly whispered to her before heading out of the tent, noticing that all the soldiers were focusing on Marigold, who was facing the sergeant and the other fancy armored men, his pants are too funny to look threatening Elialde thought to himself before shaking his head, now it's really not the time. He proceeded to make his way towards them trying to avoid the soliders' looks but they seemed to ignore him, and quietly managed to get behind her tugging on her sleeve before shooting a look at the funny looking dude and his holier-than-thou attitude left a sour taste in Elilalde's mouth, he didn't like these type of people but for the moment there was no other choice than listen if they wanted to get out of this peacefully. He looked back up to Marigold, "Let's just go back, we need to calm down...all of us" he empathized the last part, loud enough that the soldiers could hear him too.