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  1. When your daily life is done The hell of beige and grey is gone And you’re set free The holy blue upon the screen Don’t it wash your body clean? Oh, ain’t it sweet? You will take your syrup down You don’t sip Do you, Beverly? You will make thousand friends But they won’t know you in the end When they cut scene And you will find a better man But you can’t touch him where he stands Upon the screen You don’t feel those minutes pass Do you, Beverly?
  2. In the oldest of the mountains Where the fields of poppies grow There’s a maiden there as fickle As the wicked wind that blows And it’s there that you can find her But if you’re lucky then you won’t ‘Cause it’s many a fool’s lost all he knew At old Queen Hazel’s throne She’ll set her finest china Put her candies in your dish And if you haven’t left by midnight You’ll forever wish you did They say her hair is made of sunlight And her eyes, the purest blue And she’ll live on forever off the thing she stole from you They don’t know if they love her She makes them feel insane But they know they’d go to the ends of the earth In old Queen Hazel’s name They don’t know if it’s poison They’ve never felt this way But they know they’d go to the ends of the earth In old Queen Hazel’s name
  3. Oh no, we're all tied up Oh no, our stars got crossed Got you into my world on a string And started building knots But I love your eyes like stars And all your thoughts on fate And everything you are And how you radiate and All I want is my fingers in your hair And I'm tangled up as tightly as I dare And I know you're just another life away And they say if you want something bad enough you'll wait But I'd hate to be wrong So I tangle me in strings 'Cause I'm strung out on the way we're spiraling I'm a cyclone and every revolution's confused It's a shame that you seek resolution when I want to stay Tied up All tied up
  4. He loves the dawn But I am the night And I bet he wants Something beautiful, simple and bright But I think too much I love like I'm dyin' And I come and go like the moon, like the morn My face shows when I'm lyin' And I may not burn like some I bathe him in silver light And when the sunset comes I'll be lovin' him Lovin' him all through the night Well there was a time Many, in fact They called me Sunshine But only my mother knows that A kiss on his shoulder His chest and his hands And he talks so funny So I'd kiss his mouth and be Sunshine again But just for him
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