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  1. DividedTiara

    Lyric Talk -- Literally

    I want the one word that you refuse to say to me You're so good at giving me responsibility I wash my hands clean and let you watch me as I go And I'm sorry for you, just so you know It's not the curtain closing causing us to call it a day I wanna walk away, too But I want you to say you are sorry
  2. DividedTiara

    Lyric Talk -- Literally

    A heartbeat skip, relationship So we would stay up late A teardrop drip below your lip Beside the airport gate A sudden slip from where We used to be a year ago A real-life script of how Our hands would hold and not let go But delay the mournful words Of complicated overcast Please take the message That you taught me how to live at last But I said my confidence It gets stronger when you're next to me But we wave respect goodbye In quest for what we long to be, but I might crumble, I might take a fall again (Still missing you)
  3. DividedTiara

    Lyric Talk -- Literally

    Now he's gone, I don't know whyAnd to this day, sometimes I cryHe didn't even say goodbyeHe didn't take the time to lieBang, bang, he shot me downBang, bang, I hit the groundBang, bang, that awful soundBang, bang, my baby shot me down...
  4. DividedTiara

    How do you like your steak?

    Books. Sister of Darkness. Shadow magic. ...Twins. Apparent suicide. Evelyn was filing all of this information away, committing it to memory. After all, Jennifer was her new sister. The girl was watching her new friend and boss break down, feeling absolutely powerless. Eve stood, getting out of the booth and moved herself beside Ember. She reached out and touched her shoulder while cries and sobs were racking her body. The waitress began to approach, but Eve waved her away. Evelyn didn't have advice for this girl, didn't know what to say to help heal her pain. All she had was this job, the one Ember offered her; all she could give was her word that she would take care of it. "Hey," she finally said as some of her Ember's sobs were quieting down. "I promise I won't say it'll be okay. Because it's not going to be okay, ever." Her hand was still of Ember's shoulder and Eve gave it a reassuring squeeze. "Listen, this doesn't make up for any of the pain you've been through. Doing this won't... won't make the pain go away. Nothing will." A pause. "But, it will make it bearable. It will make it so you can even begin the healing process, which is a real bitch, lemme tell ya. But I'll be here. To listen, to smoke, to help you beat up some dudes. We're in this together. I'm so sorry this happened to you, Ember. I'm here for you. I'll do this, she'll be at rest, and we'll smoke weed together for the rest of time, okay?"
  5. DividedTiara

    Lyric Talk -- Literally

    Hello, again Friend of a friend, I knew you when Our common goal was waiting for The world to end Now that the truth is just a rule that you can bend You crack the whip Shape-shift, and trick the past again I'll send you my love on a wire Lift you up, every time Everyone, ooh, pulls away, ooh From you
  6. DividedTiara

    Confession Thread

    I gave my boyfriend a bj during Raiders of the Lost Ark one time and now every time we watch it he's like "heeeyyyyy" like step off I just wanna watch Indiana Jones
  7. DividedTiara

    Lyric Talk -- Literally

    I'm underwaterWith no air in my lungsMy eyes are openI'm done giving upYou are the waveI could never tameIf I surviveI'll dive back in As if the first blood didn't thrill enoughI went further out to see what else was left of usNever found the deep end of our little oceanDrain the fantasy of youHeadfirst into shallow pools
  8. DividedTiara


    $90.01 worth of genius.
  9. DividedTiara


    Same. @Chouette gave you absolutely perfect advice, though. Too often characters are friendly, but they don't have to be! Rude, insolent people exist and as long as they're mildly entertaining, use 'em! The only time you really have to kind of "play along" is when you want a specific goal in mind, but pointing out all the different ways to want the same thing is a perfect reflection of personalities.
  10. DividedTiara

    General Chatter [18+] Violence always permitted!

    I have two rps to post in, two speeches due next week, having a fight with an ex, aaaannnddddd work tomorrow when I was supposed to be off. And I am definitely about to take a nap instead of work on any of that!
  11. DividedTiara

    General Chatter [18+] Violence always permitted!

    Yoooooo. What up?
  12. DividedTiara

    General Chatter [18+] Violence always permitted!

    Well let's fix thaaaatttt.
  13. DividedTiara

    General Chatter [18+] Violence always permitted!

    I'm saying! It's rough out here. I just like everyone, haha.
  14. DividedTiara

    General Chatter [18+] Violence always permitted!

    I ran out of likes-- just for the day, but still. I didnt even know that was a thing. I've just been giving it away like a common whore!
  15. DividedTiara

    General Chatter [18+] Violence always permitted!

    ❤️ Awh :3 for lil ol' me??