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  1. I want the one word that you refuse to say to me You're so good at giving me responsibility I wash my hands clean and let you watch me as I go And I'm sorry for you, just so you know It's not the curtain closing causing us to call it a day I wanna walk away, too But I want you to say you are sorry
  2. A heartbeat skip, relationship So we would stay up late A teardrop drip below your lip Beside the airport gate A sudden slip from where We used to be a year ago A real-life script of how Our hands would hold and not let go But delay the mournful words Of complicated overcast Please take the message That you taught me how to live at last But I said my confidence It gets stronger when you're next to me But we wave respect goodbye In quest for what we long to be, but I might crumble, I might take a fall again (Still missing you)
  3. Now he's gone, I don't know whyAnd to this day, sometimes I cryHe didn't even say goodbyeHe didn't take the time to lieBang, bang, he shot me downBang, bang, I hit the groundBang, bang, that awful soundBang, bang, my baby shot me down...
  4. Books. Sister of Darkness. Shadow magic. ...Twins. Apparent suicide. Evelyn was filing all of this information away, committing it to memory. After all, Jennifer was her new sister. The girl was watching her new friend and boss break down, feeling absolutely powerless. Eve stood, getting out of the booth and moved herself beside Ember. She reached out and touched her shoulder while cries and sobs were racking her body. The waitress began to approach, but Eve waved her away. Evelyn didn't have advice for this girl, didn't know what to say to help heal her pain. All she had was this job, the one Ember offered her; all she could give was her word that she would take care of it. "Hey," she finally said as some of her Ember's sobs were quieting down. "I promise I won't say it'll be okay. Because it's not going to be okay, ever." Her hand was still of Ember's shoulder and Eve gave it a reassuring squeeze. "Listen, this doesn't make up for any of the pain you've been through. Doing this won't... won't make the pain go away. Nothing will." A pause. "But, it will make it bearable. It will make it so you can even begin the healing process, which is a real bitch, lemme tell ya. But I'll be here. To listen, to smoke, to help you beat up some dudes. We're in this together. I'm so sorry this happened to you, Ember. I'm here for you. I'll do this, she'll be at rest, and we'll smoke weed together for the rest of time, okay?"
  5. Hello, again Friend of a friend, I knew you when Our common goal was waiting for The world to end Now that the truth is just a rule that you can bend You crack the whip Shape-shift, and trick the past again I'll send you my love on a wire Lift you up, every time Everyone, ooh, pulls away, ooh From you
  6. I'm underwaterWith no air in my lungsMy eyes are openI'm done giving upYou are the waveI could never tameIf I surviveI'll dive back in As if the first blood didn't thrill enoughI went further out to see what else was left of usNever found the deep end of our little oceanDrain the fantasy of youHeadfirst into shallow pools
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    $90.01 worth of genius.
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    Same. @Chouette gave you absolutely perfect advice, though. Too often characters are friendly, but they don't have to be! Rude, insolent people exist and as long as they're mildly entertaining, use 'em! The only time you really have to kind of "play along" is when you want a specific goal in mind, but pointing out all the different ways to want the same thing is a perfect reflection of personalities.
  9. Welcome back! I get to say it, too (:
  10. I like you; you're funny.

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      Well, you should trust my judgement. I'm basically a super genius. 

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      Oh relly? Huh, I guess I should just defer to that impressive feat.

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      I mean, if super genius actually means "has a 2 INT score but at least like 7 charisma", then ya. Preeeetttyyy impressive. 

  11. As appallingly delightful as their banter had been, Rose was still glad Teddy had been there. Without him, she probably wouldn't have had the idea to take the gold and go, and more importantly-- would be dead on the train. Would you rather eat crap-flavoured chocolate or chocolate-flavoured crap? Obviously crap-flavored chocolate. Yeah, I get it, it's gross but you're not putting actual excrement in your mouth. Certainly not a conversation she'd had before. She wanted to knight him when he tossed her a bottle of liquid. When she saw it was water, she almost picked him up and spun him around. Twice. She didn't know if he had another, though, so she tried to conserve it, but it was so difficult. As it soothed her, something bristled on her neck. Turning her head to look, she noticed he was staring at her. Embarrassment painted her face, and her cheeks turned red. Rose didn't have the energy to be mad, couldn't even muster a hmph, just felt self conscious. We are a mess, indeed. Then, he did something that made her sit up straight, shift uncomfortably. The gold. How open was she supposed to be about it? She didn't know how to handle situations like this; there was no etiquette lessons for how to lie-- to the guy who saved your life--about your father's gold. She decided to tell some vague truths, pepper in a lie or two. "I'm sure you noticed, but I come from a well-off family." Truth. "I was supposed to transport some of that wealth." Truth. Getting too close to reality. "I was meeting a suitor, supposed to offer a dowry." Lie. Did people still even do that? "But I've failed now, I won't be able to... marry that suitor. Without the gold; all of it." If you replace 'marry that suitor' with 'take on pivotal role in family business and earn place in family', then yeah, this was true. "More interestingly," she said with a small smile, turning to face him. "What about you? Wanna tell me why you were on the train? Are you really a bounty hunter?" As the question left her mouth, she started pulling pins from her hair. She was giving up on keeping it nice, sure that pulling it down would look less ridiculous than her feeble attempt to keep it up. Her curls fell in waves, landing just below her shoulder blades. A long sigh followed. It felt freeing to take it down, something Rose hoped she would get more of a taste of soon.
  12. Thank you for the Like. I've put a decent amount of time and effort into the Faith, so I'm always pleased when it catches someone's eye.

    1. DividedTiara


      You're welcome! Part of the reason I enjoyed it so much was that it was obviously a passion project. 

    2. King


      It is, indeed. If you're up for a bit of reading, here is the sister project that goes along with it: The Book of Insight.

  13. "The Poor Sons are dicks," Eve declared between her last drags. "But not difficult to charm. Though, I guess your method works just as well." With her last words, she offered Ember a smile and a wink. Mirroring the red girl's actions, she put out her own cigarette and cut into her steak, listening carefully. Pretend to be sister, look upset, answer questions. This would-- hopefully-- be a way to prove you Ember that Eve was useful. She would have to do it, and do it well. Eve pushed the plate aside when Ember handed her the photo. It took Eve off guard how charming the photo was-- snarky shirt, happy girls. The difference between their posture and level of excitement only added to the charm. Eve studied the Ember in this photo and then glanced up to the girl in front of her now. Oceans of anger and grief seemed to separate them, but Eve would make this girl and a raft. "Absolutely," Eve agreed. She looked into Ember's eyes and tried to stress that she was being sincere. "I'll help you; I promise." Magic generally made Eve uncomfortable, not in a hatred or judgement way, more of a please-don't-turn-me-into-a-chicken way. Regardless, she knew that a lot of people considered her charming, and she'd certainly won a lot of people over in her lifetime, so talking Ember's sister into Izral wouldn't be a cakewalk, but she should be able to do it. "So, tell me a little bit about her; I'm sure they're going to ask me a lot."
  14. The operation was a success, but she wasn't going to lie: she had her doubts. At one point, the bullet slipped out of the tweezers and she thought he was going to kill her, or scream, or something even worse. Despite this, he remained much calmer than her. At one point, a grunt escaped him and she found herself almost unable to continue. God, I've ruined this. I can't. But even as those thoughts raced through her, when she looked him and he winked at her, Rose knew she was just going to have to power through. Stitching him up was by far the easiest part. Rose was forced into years of female-appropriate skills by her father, and one was sewing. It was like sewing a pillow or patch, but.. ya know, with skin. Rose nodded to him when all was said and done and he patted her shoulder. Even his mild praise made her feel like soaring. She paused to wonder why this was, but realized it's because she hadn't heard praise in a long time. Since her mother died. Standing, she wiped some of the dirt of her dress; she probably would have to give up on that endeavor soon. Listening to his plan, she didn't really want to agree, but knew it was the best option. Something was coming over her. It felt a bit like betrayal, but a lot like survival. If she failed this mission, which she had, Father was going to give her nothing. Rose had no idea of her future. But there was another option; she didn't have to live in shame in a grand palace. The gold she'd tried to save was still spread about and she quickly began to gather it as he talked of walking the tracks and making camp. "Really our only option," she said, distracted and anxious. As she gathered the bars, shoving them in the bag she'd taken from cargo, Rose felt determined. Maybe the life she'd always imagined didn't have to be her life. The bag went over her shoulder and she clasped it closed. She bent down, took a deep breath. Said a prayer for the beautiful embroidered silk she was about to ruin and... ripped. The skirt had been down to the floor and dragged slightly, not exactly great for long walks on the beach train tracks. She kept ripping until the skirt fell just above her knees in a jagged edge. Keeping her cloak full length for the night was smart, but she could barely move in the dress as it was and knew it would have been impossible to follow his plan if she'd kept it full length. "Much better," she said to herself, stretching her legs. They were pale and thin, like the rest of her. The boots he'd practically pissed on (No, she didn't forget) went up to her mid calf. She still had the cloak attached her shoulders and her full length sleeves. She felt a bit foolish looking, but it was certainly more practical. Rose had found a sort of hysterical excitement from her new plan. She'd make it to Tia and use these bars to start a new life. She didn't have to go back to her father if she didn't want to. She didn't have to do anything. "I think... we should probably get going," she said and grabbed his hand, heading toward the tracks. They'd be walking a while, and she was as ready as she'd ever be. "We can rest when it gets dark." ____________________ It was hours and hours of walking, or at least it felt like it. Rose felt herself begging for nightfall as her feet were actually killing her. She was stumbling a bit, and finally spit the words out. "Hey, uhm, can we rest; I don't think I can go much longer," she breathed, feeling a little queasy. What she would give for some water about now. Rose moved toward a thick trunk near enough to the tracks and pressed her back to it. Sliding down, she huffed a bit. This was difficult for her. She wasn't trying to slow them down or anything, but her body wasn't made for this. She was thin but not strong. "Sorry..."
  15. "Fuck that guy, indeed," Eve agreed with another drag. She was a little over halfway done with a cigarette, and the muscles in her back were releasing tension faster than the babysitter’s boyfriend when the car pulls up. However, she bristled listening to Ember's job proposal. Was she really doing this? Fuck, this is exactly what Eve was looking for; someone to help her get back on her feet. It felt like a blessing, but wasn't this too good to be true? As the conversation continued, Eve perked up a bit after thinking of Ryan's face being fired. She nodded, and had already mentally agreed before Ember had finished the sentence. The cigarette hung casually out of the side of her mouth while she smiled, extending her pale hand to shake. Maybe Ember was red like the devil, but she looked like an angel to Eve. "Deal." A pause. "Don't tell him I have anything to do with it," after shaking, Eve took a long drag, taking her time with this exchange. She was nearing the end of her cigarette. As satisfying as it would be, Eve wasn't ready to face what he'd done to her, and certainly not ready to get back at him publicly. She shrugged casually, "He'll figure it out eventually." Just as the cigarette ended, the waitress placed the food at the table. The steak looked perfectly mediocre and the weed was making Eve starving. She dug in, and looked up at her new friend and boss, "I assume first on the agenda is getting your sister?"
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