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    in terms of rp: world building is fascinating to me, and i love reading and learning about the lore and background etc; generally a fan of elaborate histories and such.
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  1. Only a month in Virginia, Christian walked through the avenue with his hands in both pockets, exploring the state he was foreign to. While he hadn't met many people yet, he'd gotten past the culture shock and enjoyed where he was. Sure, he missed France, but Virginia would be full of new people and stories to better his life. Along the many liquor shops and comic book stores, he observed the nightlife in this small road; and while there wasn't much, something about it filled him with a satisfaction he never got in Nice. Reaching the end of the road, ready to turn around and go home for the night, something caught his eye. A sign reading Hollywood Cemetery was the first thing, but a man climbing the fence was the second. "Hey!"
  2. sorry i took a week to see this lol, but i'm ready when you guys are
  3. ah dude hell yeah!! i can't wait to get started with this :D
  4. oh that sounds really cool, i'm hooked ahah
  5. sounds cool! i'm wondering what kind of history you want to implement? maybe i could read up a bit on what you have in mind to have more context for the rp
  6. hey welcome back! + sure!
  7. hey don't worry about it; we've all got busy times haha
  8. i'm kinda with alex on that lol, but if either of you have discord that might work? it's easy to make an account if you don't have one already.
  9. yeah definitely!
  10. as soon as you want to! maybe you can go first to set up the story and all that.
  11. oh man that sounds awesome!! i'm definitely up for it if you are!
  12. lol i did; i guess i'll to this one too because why not? what kind of story do you have in mind?
  13. i definitely am! sounds interesting
  14. haha, thank you! and hello~~ :^)
  15. thank you both so much! i'm enjoying it already :^) and i'll be sure to check it out!