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  1. Rudolph

    Taen HQ

    I'M BACK, BEACHES!!!!! So... What did I miss?
  2. Rudolph

    Taen HQ

    So... So yeah.... Well, school is beating the shit out of me at a regular pace and I don't have time to even exist... Long story short, I'm gonna be out of Valucre 'till those fuckers on the "directive board" (Rector, Vice-Rector, Secretary, Teachers, etc... I don't know the word for that in English) chill their tits or I die from over-working, hopefully the first one. I'll come back... On vacations/near vacations. I give permission to do with my characters as you see fit (Even kill them, but make it epic) as long as it isn't out of their personalities... I'm gonna take some pills for the headache, see ya later. (Best goodbye song I could think of)
  3. Rudolph

    Taen HQ

    I would be... Taking a vacation of role-playing for this week. Coming back next Monday, if not before
  4. Rudolph

    [Quest] Questionable Custody

    Without a word, Mortimer approached the now 4-headed Hydra with all the calm and care he could muster. -Shush... Shush- He said to the four heads. Charlie was looking at him with tired eyes, always on the verge of closing them, and didn't make a move to come closer or farther away. Rick eyed Mortimer suspiciously, and bared his fangs menacingly, but made no move to bite him, preferring to watch the two new heads instead. Clarence, as Morty decided to name the head directly left to Charlie, was sticking out its tongue and trying to get close to Mory's pocket, but was quickly held back by a particularly menacing hiss from Rick. Logan, the left-most head, decided to ignore Rick's warnings completely and darted forward towards Morty, not to his pocket but to his head. Mortimer flinched and took a step back, but Rick tackled the aggressive head with one swift motion and hissed at it, Logan retreated reluctantly. -Ok... Well, calm down- Like always, the scientist's tona was calm and low -The danger has gone away... Calm down- And, to reinforce his words, threw four pieces of chocolate towards the Hydra.
  5. Rudolph

    The fight for Totenborough

    Firearms... So noisy... But useful... The armour-clad form was calmly standing near Challara, giant stone war-hammer at the ready and watching... Watching for anything that could pass the murder-zone... Watching for any queen, princess or high-ranking Xer... Watching for- And, at that moment, a group of Xer were coming dangerously close to the gun. The man in armour jumped high, very high, jumping like he had wings and no armour, and landed right on top of a 6-feet-tall normal soldier and crushing it beneath the full weight of the armour. Even a Consort would be fine... I wonder how their brains work... It was a slaughter. The war-hammer was moved with the force and speed of a cannon-ball, and after only a couple of minutes there was a giant circle around the armoured figure, a circle paved with Xer body-parts and insect-blood. But the Xer horde seemed to have no end, and Me was surrounded in no time.
  6. Rudolph

    Totenborough OOC

    Yeah, sorry... School is fucking my shit up
  7. Rudolph

    Taen HQ

    Can you explain the second part? Wrap it? Like... The Hydra thing?
  8. Rudolph

    [Quest] Questionable Custody

    -Uh... It tickles... Je... It...- Mortimer open his eyes slowly, oh God that strike knocked him cold... Where was he? Oh yes, the Hydra! Morty could't wait to see Rick, Charlie and Lenny again... Lenny? OH GOD LENNY! Mortimer's eyes opened quickly and he got up with enough speed as to make him slightly dizzy -Lenny?!- And now he saw it... Lenny's limp head... Lenny was dead... Lenny was dead and it was all that kid's fault... Mortimer got up, picked his gun and... And he wondered why the kid wasn't moving... Wait? Were those scales?! He didn't had scales before, right?... No, he didn't, Morty was sure. So, how did he grew scales all out of sudden? Morty had three ideas: 1- It was his innate ability (a lot of people around here seemed to have one) and he made then appear by himself 2- It was some kind of armour, something that he put on while Mortimer was sleeping 3- It appeared after Lenny's dead, so maybe it had to have something to do with it... Maybe it absorbed it's essence? More test were requiered And so, the scientist took over, looking around the now paralysed kid and touching his skin -Hard and cold to the touch...- The sole fact that he seemed unable to move on this state quickly disproved the second option. How do you put on an armour that you are unable to move? Mortimer now punched the scaly statue square on the face... It hurt his hand. The scientist aimed the gun at the kid's foot and fired without hesitation. The bullet bounced off harmlessly to the distance... Now to the final test: Mortimer picked what was left of his umbrella and stabbed it through the kids foot, and it cut him like a hot knife through butter... So, it was number three, eh? -Now... You killed one of my children and almost ended our project- Said the scientist with a cold grin on his face -I should kill you... But no, I'm not a savage- And he stabbed the other foot, and each of his arms -I'll let you live, at least until the boss finds what the hell to do with you- And now he glanced back to a corner, the same corner in which the Hydra was curling itself into a scaly and sad ball of fear -But now I have things to do and a baby to mourn...- ((OOC: Just tell me if this is too much for your liking, Setanta, and I'll edit it))
  9. Rudolph

    A Defenseless Ursa Madeum [2/4]

    And so the little weakling said something that confirmed Bobdor's suspicions that he was, indeed, a weakling and he then transformed itself into jet another weakling and disappeared into thin air -Well...- Bobdor's gigantic face had a wild smile, or a snarl depending on how you see it, on it -Wanna go kill some things, you disgusting bastard?- But the question was just a formality, for they both knew that if they didn't made enough chaos... Well, they wouldn't receive the coin and endorsement promised by that winged weakling. What was his name again? Ah, yes! Bobdor remembered: Titus the King of Weaklings... Or something like that. And so, our giant monstrosity of a "man" grabbed his club with both hands and charged towards a small troop of city guards who where attracted by the sounds. We could say that this is were this little part of Bobdor's life ends, for there is nothing more worth mentioning... Except maybe A FUCK TON of body-parts and blood. - Exit (?) Bobder -
  10. Rudolph


    -If I can intercede...- Said Mortimer with a respectful voice and a finger raised, like he was at school -I don't believe that disturbing the Hydra now is a good idea- There was a glint on his eyes, it felt cold and dangerous but it didn't last more than a fraction of a second -We had an... Incident. There was this kid, tried to kill the Hydra and almost succeeded- He tightened the grip on his umbrella, remembering the pain it was to repair it -It killed a head... He seemed to have the ability to copy... No, acquire the abilities of creatures it killed- ((OOC: I don't really know what to post right now))
  11. Rudolph

    || The Hunt ||

    -Ha ha, make fun of the little child that know not how to whistle...- Ren's eyes rolled in annoyance at Elizabette's smirk. He was tempted, oh so very tempted, to say "at least I can feel my hands", but that was overly cruel and insensitive, even for him -Yes, yes... I'll go catch the team's pet. But please, tell me this would not be my duty from here onwards- The jungle was damp, thick and probably filled with Morphers... And that was why Ren used his dagger to stab anything that looked even remotely suspicious, which was almost everything. "It would leave a trail" Ren thought when the idea aame to mind "but I don't give the slightest shit, leave them find me". The theory behind his plan was simple, "trees don't feel pain and, if it cries out or jumps, knock it out and tie it up". And so Ren was hacking away for minutes and minutes, heading quickly towards where the Morpher's camp was and feeling watched every inch of the way. Behind him, a trail of stabbed trees and dead animals was left. Once, he tough he heard a tree sobbing quietly, and so he stabbed it ten times more just to be sure. Somewhere along the path, Ren stopped suddenly and watched intently at a squirrel. The thing was little, brown and extremely cute, with big black eyes and a fluffy tail, it was watching Ren with curiosity on it's adorable face... The knife flew with the speed of a bullet and the Morpher was only able to evade it by transforming itself into the same squirrel but facing the other way. Still, it lost it's tail and cried like a particularly loud torture victim -Ha! I got one- But Ren didn't have only one, three trees that he had already stabbed began to move and change, showing faces on their barks and moving their branches menacingly -Hey! I got four- And Ren smiled, his dagger quickly moving to orbit it's master.
  12. Rudolph

    [Quest] Questionable Custody

    Lenny was dead... Lenny was dead and everything was Morty's fault... If only he had keep a tighter grip on the umbrella, if only he had left the umbrella in the lab, if only... But no, now it was too late, too late for poor old Lenny. Mortimer didn't cried out, he didn't shout, he didn't muter a word. With the precision of someone who had practice for the last week and had spent a lot on ammunition, he raised his gun. His face was blank, devoid of any emotion... Any emotion but perhaps one, anger. But not the red fiery anger that makes people shout things and make stupid choices, no... His was the icy blue anger, the kind that puts resolve and determination in the spine, the kind that gets shit done. He waited for the right opportunity, careful as to not harm the hydra mora that it already was. He aimed his gun at Sétanta's chest, not caring if it killed him or not. His finger was in the trigger, still as if it was made of rock. There was no hesitation on his pulse, only determination. And then... THUMP Mortimer didn't saw the tail until it was too late, the force behind that long thing of muscle and thick scales colliding against his side and throwing him to the ground. There was not shots fired, but the gun was now meters away from his hands.
  13. Rudolph

    [Quest] Questionable Custody

    Wait... What?! When did the kid grabbed Morty's umbrella?... Oh, maybe when he closed his eyes... Yeah, grandpa would break his arm if he found out that he closed his eyes during a fight. O well, at least the kid didn't seem to know that the only part "indestructible" about the thing was the frame and wires, and even then it would probably bend before stopping anything the size and weight of the Hydra. Speaking of which... -Wow... Wow... Calm down, calm down and I'll give you more chocolate- He tried to put all the calmness and serenity he could on his voice, speaking with a hand in his pocket and the other acting as a shield between the cute little bloodthirsty monster -Just calm down... Calm down...- Mortimer could care less about the bothersome kid and his close-minded ideals, but if he got himself killed that would only serve to prove his points... Besides, better to calm the Hydra now before eating people becomes an habit.
  14. Rudolph

    Taen HQ

    Nah, I'm cool, dudette
  15. Rudolph

    A Defenseless Ursa Madeum [2/4]

    -Karna, you disgusting bastard!- Bobder's thunderous voice exclaimed from the slightly open door, he had a smile on his face -You just way there while I open this thing!- And so he started to re-double his efforts, putting more strength and leverage on the now bending wood -Don't you dare break on me!- And it was working... At least for a little bit, it was working and the gate opened a little more. It was slow, VERY slow, but if the wood didn't break and the kid didn't pull the rest of the leaver, Bobder would be capable of open the gate on it's entirely in less than an hour... In theory. ((ooc: Edited! This happened for not reading the post well enough))