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  1. Exactly! Only an idiot lefts a work unfinished.
  2. I love how now everyone is calling them "Salamanders"...
  3. Wow... Longest post I've ever did. Hope I didn't butcher the language too much
  4. -Defend yourself- Said the negligent man while throwing him a knife... Defend yourself.... -Defend yourself, Morty- Said Grandpa Roy after throwing little Mortimer to the ground with the hook-like handle of his walking stick -I didn't train no pansy, defend yourself like a gentleman- And so Morty rose up to fight -Good... Now, let's repass some key points- Morty, the present one, kneel down, grabbed the knife and stand up again. -First, always try to use words before fists, for a gentleman violence is always the last resource- Said the old voice of Grandpa Roy in his head Mortimer grabbed his umbrella tightly and said to the salamanders surrounding him, they were four and looked mean -Look fellas, I don't want to fight, Can't we just talk this out?- But his words meant nothing to the monsters and, sensing and opening, one attacked... Or tried to before Morty noticed and used the hook-like handle of his umbrella to pull the ankle of the beast, throwing it to the ground -Ok, then. It looks like I have no other option- -Second, when you are surrounded, and you'll probably be 'cause muggers are cowards who attack in groups, try to use their numbers against them. "Sow chaos in their troops and reap victory" like my father used to say- The young scientist was, indeed, surrounded. First, he had to diminish their numbers, so he took a fast step forward and stabbed the downed beast in the neck -One less, three to go-. The monsters were mad, and they attack all at the same time with the hope of overflowing the weird lanky man with sheer force of numbers... Great mistake. Morty just took a couple step backs and duck low, avoiding their attack entirely and making them trip with themselves. He spun around while grabbing the pointy end of his umbrella and used the heavy handle to smack the head of the right-most salamander, stunning it. He then stab forward with the knife and caught the middle-salamander in the back of the neck -Two down, two to go- Unfortunately the knife was trapped between the thing's vertebrae, distracted by the un-yielding dagger, Morty didn't saw the left-most salamander's claw that was heading for his head, luckily the ground below him was soft and muddy, making him trip when he tried to pull the knife with more force. Now on the ground and with a giant claw extended only some centimetres above his head, Morty chuckled a little and kicked the thing in it's left knee, making it trip and fall atop his extended umbrella -Three down, one left. Salamander kebab for dinner?- He got up, knife-less and umbrella-less but ready to face the last monster, who just finished shaking it's head -It's not too late mate, just run and I'll spare your life- But the thing didn't hear and darted forward with surprising speed. -Third, if you ever find yourself weaponless against a superior enemy... Fight as dirty as you can, kick his balls, twist his nose, bite his ear. We are gentlemen, but we are not stupid, honor is for the dead- And so Morty threw some dirt he had in his hand to the salamander's eyes, knelt down, took a heavy rock, and pounded the thing in it's face while it was distracted. One, two, three times he smashed it's face, and the creature fell limp to the ground like a potato sack. Quickly, the mud and blood-covered man retrieved the knife and the umbrella and began stabbing all the downed salamanders in the neck -Justo to be sure- He said and gave the knife to the negligent man -Now, I think that was the last- He looked at the pointed-ear lady and said -You seem like someone who knows about this shit- He pointed to the Hydra -Tell me, Do you think that it has some kind of poison in it's fangs? Normally Hydras have some kind of fire or poison breath but I didn't see it spitting neither of that, so I guess is just poison... Or bacteria like the Komodo Dragon- He sat down and patted the ground at his left -Look, I have a plan, we use the edge-lord's sword- He pointed to the man -To cut ALL it's heads at the same time, I guess it's memories are stored in there so if we just cut them all and it doesn't kill it at least we'll have an Hydra that is, functionally, a new-born- He said all of this while staring blankly at his umbrella -Whaddaya thing?-
  5. That's... Actually a very good idea, Mmm
  6. Wait... Csl is a she?!
  7. I read about that when I was searching for stick-arts but, as Morty is from London(or the generic brand equivalent) it doesn't really make sense giving him a Philippines combat style.
  8. God, now i find another stick-fighting style that's even MORE English, called Bartitsu... Time to home brew some shit.
  9. I'll probably butcher the actual techniques... But I'll try to stay loyal to them.
  10. ¿Did you knew that there is an Irish martial art known as Bataireacht that specialise in stick fighting? Guess what fighting style has Morty
  11. I'm thinking about making Morty very receptive to telepathy. Mostly so he can have a moment with an injured Xer and making him care about the things (With probably a peace negotiation with the Queen if the opportunity presents). Waddya Think? (The Xers communicate by telepathy, right?)
  12. :D
  13. *Wipes a tear away* It's... Beautiful.
  14. ... More than 0, which is in itself a problem.
  15. :D Mortimer thoughts on Sebastian: "It's like high-school all over again... But with more hydras"