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  1. I was thinking more of a 4,6 m tall adult "giant" who's only power is... Being a big ass person.
  2. :)
  3. So... I have a question regarding the limitations of characters (Probably not the place to post in, but I can't find one that looks appropriate) Can I make a character who's just a giant? Like, twice the size of a human (GoT's giants for example)
  4. Memories of death... Memories of panic and fear... The big and bulky man looked at the knight with blank eyes and a weird expression of vacancy and confusion -Death... A lot of death... They caught them in an ambush... Lots of blood... They took some- His words were mechanical and monotone, he didn't sound like a man who just loosed all of his comrades -Holy fuck!- Said the guard before catching himself -Emm... Sorry Sir Hawkwood. I'll be going back to my post now, sir- The guard's voice had all the emotion that Derek's lacked, and then some -I want revenge... Revenge...- This was the first hint of emotion that you could hear in Derek's voice, and it was anger. They show deference... Queen? Maybe... Ask permission... -I want to go and get my revenge- Said the big man -Do I have your permission?- I'll have my revenge... Revenge for taking me from home... Revenge for their offence against Me. And something weird was happening to the creature inside Derek's head, for the first time in it's short existence it refereed to itself. And without knowing, it's name was now Me and it had a sense of self and a purpose. It was Me, and it will have it's revenge.
  5. I'm sure Morty would like to run some experiments on the Hydra's scales (maybe make some kind of armor whit it)
  6. Ok. And you should probably change the name of this OOC channel... It's confusing to say the least.
  7. So... Is there a post order or is just reactionary?
  8. So... First of all: @V1L3 VILLAIN, thanks for the opportunity to begin my over-arching narrative of all my characters. Second: Sorry if it was someone else's turn, I just had to post.
  9. Morty was flat on his back when the storm began to take form -Da fuck?!- He screamed to the lady who threw him of the truck's roof, while rubbing his aching arm -Why did you do...!- And then everything went black. Morty was building his machine, his glorious child. Promises of fame, fortune and, more importantly, of money. He began sleeping at the office, totally focused in his machine. One day, Mariel went to visit him, she pleaded that he took a rest -Please! You look horrendous. What will the investors think if they see you like that!?- Morty knew that she was using the omnipresent figure of the "Investors" to make him understand, but he wasn't so stupid as to not see what he was becoming... What they were becoming... And so Morty rose up and said -You're right... You always are. I'll rest, the machine is almost ready anyways- And she hugged him, and all was nice... But now Morty saw something that he didn't remember. A screw, so little but so important, was rolling and rolling out of the room, and the poor and ignorant janitor took it. Now Morty saw the explosion, in vivid and painful detail, he saw Johnson being decomposed into a billion atoms, he saw the janitor exploding into goop... And he saw Mariel, looking trough the reinforced glass with the investors, imploding into a mass of flesh and blood. And then he saw himself, popping out of existence. And he saw a figure, dark and powerful, beautiful and terrible, he saw a giant woman holding his Mariel in her hands, like a mother holding the broken doll of her child. And finally, Morty saw his world in all it's blue glory, and he saw a symbol... An uroboros, the symbol of infinity, around it. And then Morty saw, in quick succession, seven symbols. All inside an uroboros, all important, and he knew it's names. Pride, Sloth, Envy, Wrath, Greed, Lust and Gluttony. When Mortimer finally awoke, he felt an immense pain in his chest, not INSIDE but on his skin. He hurried to unbutton his shirt, now dirty and bloody, and looked at the spot in the middle of his chest. He found a tattoo, a symbol trapped inside a star, trapped inside a dragon eating it's own tail, and uroboros... And he knew it's name, Pride. And he knew what to do, search for the other six and find out what the hell all of this means. So now he had a motivation, perfect... Wasn't he forgetting about something? Ah, yes! The Hydra, and the storm. Mortimer looked around him just in time to see a thunderbolt striking the Hydra and making it glow like some kind of insane disco show. While he was looking at the spectacle, he heard a loud rattling behind him and, purely on instinct, rolled away in time to dodge the red claw of one of the salamanders -Really?! I tough you were all dead!- He ran to the back of the truck, grabbed the first gun he could reach (some heavy pistol with silver carvings), and screamed to the woman in the roof -WE HAVE COMPANY, I'LL DEAL WITH THEM!-
  10. I still don't know who's next...
  11. @Ataraxy, bro... I think that I'm over-extending too much right now. This is probably gonna annoy you, but I've reconsidered joining the tournament. So yes, sorry but too much shit to follow and role-play right now (even if it's a weekly thing, I'm playing like 2 other campaigns in my free time and GMing another one)
  12. (There is a Val chat discord?!) Yeah! Of curse!...
  13. -...Cyborg- Said Ren with one of the smuggest smirks that any of you had ever seen -A modified human is called a cyborg, androids are fully mechanical- The little boy (If he could hear me I'll be already dead) was walking nonchalantly trough the tick jungle, the vines and branches parting on their own to make a path -Ghost...- He tasted the word in his mouth and let a low chuckle -Look, maybe you think you are some big shot and that you need a nickname to prevent us from clinging to your legs...- There was a big smile in his voice -...Or maybe you think that you are being cool and mysterious by giving yourself the name "Ghost"- He rolled his eyes -Either way, nicknames are not your's to decide and, as you won't tell us your real name, I propose we call you "Smoky"- He turned around to face the rest of the group -What do you all think?- He was now walking backwards, the veins and branches still parting on their own. A loud... Howl? It sounded like a wolf's howl but... stranger. Regardless, the loud sound made him stop and almost fall, he quickly turned around and assumed a low position, the dagger floating at his side -Shit- He looked around, searching for any movement -Sounded like Zkriz'kas, everybody form a circle, back to back... They attack in packs, be careful and don't let them surprise you- This was weird, Zkriz'kas are generally more deeper in the jungle -Did something drove them here?-
  14. Question! Is this canon? 'Cause I want to see if I can use a character that I'm thinking about, but I don't want him dead....
  15. So... I'm in, bros. Just gimme some time to think about a character (probably disposable but maybe no).