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  1. Nathen stayed in the cave for some time "I think that Demon and his pet is gone now." Nathen said in a soft voice. He thought back to all the times he got off on the wrong foot with these spirits and monsters learning from his mistakes running away was the best option. He took a step out the cave and looked around. The air blows through his hair and made Nova's fur saw alongside.
  2. Nathen didn't want to have anything to do with whatever Zyphren's plans for Warufu. he grunts "I have no chance agents him, even Nova feels intimidated... and that says something." then mutter to himself he desids back off into the forest and heads trying to find a way around the waterfall. but rather he finds a small cave and from the looks of it the cave doesn't go very far so he hides in it for the time being.
  3. Nathen had some bad experiences with anything unholy. that's the main reason why he is so nonresponsive with this situation. Jadis then started to speak, and Nathen agreed with her. Worufu seemed to despise Zyphren just as much and Nathen. Soon after Jades starts to speak in an unfamiliar language as the ground started to rumble. Nathen asked "what the hell is happening!" Quickly he picked Nova up and off the ground worried it might cave in on them.
  4. Nathen tensed up hearing that Worufu worked for a half demon. You whodunit expect someone like Worufu who looked so peaceful at first to have worked with such an awful creatures. although Nathen could be imagining only the worst, he hadn't ever seen any good come forth from something unholy. The grip on Nathen's weapon grew till his knuckles started to crack. Nathen looked towards to Worufu then to Zyphren. He wanted to keep Worufu safe, but on the other hand, can cant trust anyone around him at the moment. slowly Nova started to grow fearful of Worufu shifting to his normal little wolf self, then balled up beside Jadis's feet.
  5. The same moment when Worufu warned us of the threat a sickening odor filled the air. Nove started to growl with a sense of bloodlust in its eyes. Nathen heard what Zyphren said and replied with "Well I can trust Warufu more then I can trust you, at least he doesn't act suspicious Like you." soon after Warufu started to attack the blurry figure on the top of the waterfall. Nathen ran over to Jades and pulled her away from the water "don't want to take any chances of a hostage" He said watching the spears whistle in the fog. Finding that the finger was an illusion Nathen commanded Nova to Protect Warufu as it seemed Zyphren was after him and not us. Nathen rummaged in his bag and pulled out his Iron Claws a claw-like weapon. "keep your guard up Jades. we don't know what this thing is capable of"
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    The Truth

    At the Moment the Rp is dead. I don't know if we are going to start it up again or move on to a new rp but ill be dead for a long time.
  7. Nathen nodded "Good idea." in response to Worufu. shortly after Nathen's companion started to lightly jog to the waterfall. "So Jadis, why do you need you find this plat? Does it has some sort of medical use?" Nathen asked curiously "make use of the daylight, Right? what better way to use it now then to inform us about what we are searching for." he added bluntly. open on arrival to the waterfall Nathen had knowest that it was really quiet. The only things he could hear was the waterfall and the light breas that was blowing the mist around. Nathen climbed down from Nova and set his hand out to help Jadis down as well.
  8. Open for an RP plan! Pm me and we can talk about it! (really bored now that school is over for)

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    The Truth

    Mar got really sad and couldn't stay in the same room with Ash knowing he was dead. It just made her uneasy as well as make her stomach turn. Mar ran upstairs to her room crying, tails flared an all. passing the hallway she saw Dean on the floor. Ruching over Mochi was there as well nudging on his cleek "Master... please.. start moving" Mochi kept repeating. Mar also found that Dean had rashes all over him. "CT! DEAN IS SICK TOO" Mar called out.
  10. "I cant make any promises, but you don't have to worry. I'm not someone that causes trouble." Nathen replied kindly. Warufu started to do his thing, becoming one with the tree and slowly making his way to the top. Warufu's behavior was a little odd and picked Nathens interest or it might just be that he has someone to relate too. But this was beside the point. After hearing what Worufu had said Nathen asked if anyone wanted a ride to the mist. Nova nealed down low enough for Nathen to climb on to his shoulders. "It may make traveling a lot faster and easier, anyone care to join?"
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    The Truth

    tears and had a break down
  12. A Dead Account

    The Truth

    The pledge that was put on Ash and Dean had killed the both of them, Mochi was unharmed and so was Mar.
  13. A Dead Account

    The Truth

    Dean "at this point, i don't care what happens to me. i don't care what happens at all, i just don't care. I got what i wanted, to get rid of that demon." Dean gets up and starts to walk up to the top floor where Joe's room was before collapsing on the floor. Mar asked if there was any way he could help
  14. Nathen replied to Warufu "Well if Jadis is looking for a specific plant and i was going to help her." Nathen then looked back at Jadis "If you want Warufu to join us I won't mind."
  15. Nathen was quite surprised by the Jadis when she bowed to Nova "Well i saw a green glow was around in this area, would that be the plant you were looking for?" i asked "Ohh i should mention, This wolf here is a companion of mine. so you don't have to treat him as a god or anything, he behaves much like a loyal companion would." and as i say that Nova nuzzled Jadis. But out of nowhere, Worufu descends between us. "woh... spiderman up in here..."