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  1. *zaiko felt the craft lift off the ground and soon after herding the countdown. He grabbed Silica and bolted to a place to strap silica and himself in* that could have ended badly *soon the engines were roaring, and silica still covering her ears seemed as if the sound was tearing her head apart. but Zaiko couldn't help but feel sorry for her* |Charicters in rp| |Zaiko and Silica|
  2. Feels Badman... my Wacom art small broke...

  3. Hello!
  4. *Nathan had heard there was going to be some sort of tournament in a foreign city. Where did he hear this, well, his friend from a nearby pub offered him to go. The Guy knew Nathan's pet and Nathan himself when he was just a lad* "Nate! yo, Nate! There is a tournament in a city 3 Clicks away from here!" *Nathan walks into the main area of the pub where there are a few people taking a few too many mugs of ale or are playing a good game of darts in the back* "what's the reward if I win?" *Nathan asked* "dunno but if you want to get there in time you better go now!" *Nathan shrugged* "okay, I guess I will enter, not like anyone will even try to-" *Nathan saw the flyer on the desk by the man* "Ohh yeah, I'm so going. I that it was going to be a 1 on 1 magic fight; but this is so much better!" *Nathan ran outside and called for is pet* "Nova!" * and a flash from Nathan's pendent made a little wolf appear before him* "Good nova~ but where going to travel far so you might want to be a bird and fly me ok, Nova?" *The wolf bursts into a quick flash and appears as a big eagle* "good Nova~ I'm just going to pack some stuff and we can go to the tournament." *Nathan runs into the pub and up the stairs to his room, getting a backpack and filling it with some clothes leaving some room for food and water. Nathan grabs his Iron paw and got back with Nova* "okay Nova lets go" *then hopped on nova's back and flew to the city*
  5. is there still room to join? (i need to make a new char for this so it may take me one more day to start)
  6. *zaiko and silica walk into the craft unprepared for the wave of warm air that surrounds them both* damn its warm in here *zaiko mumbles under his breath as he takes his jacket and beanie off then put them in his backpack revealing his white shirt with "Hope I die by your side" on it* silica you should give me your cloak too. *zaiko asked * you can put it back on before we get to the destination. *he added, silica nods and unties her cloak. when silicas takes her hood off, her ears twitch* ow! my ears.. *silica drops her cloak and puts her hands over her ears* it's too hot in here... and my ears are sensitive *zaiko puts her cloak in his backpack before patting her head* you'll be fine *zaiko mumbled*
  7. i figured
  8. *zaiko asks vinsue* you see the woman over there, at the front of the group. she doesn't look all too prepared. but everyone has there reasons. *silica tugs on her cloak a little before going into her bag to put on some mittens to keep her hands warm* |Charicters in rp| | Zaiko and Silica|
  9. is there a order?
  10. *Zaiko replies to Vinsue with* Well, to be honest, I don't know. I just took the job and we don't know what to expect of it other than the cold and harsh night if we don't get the task done by today. *silica asks Vinsue in hesitation* Ms.Vinsue? what do you mean by "out of your element" are you some type of elemental user like Zaiko? |Charicters in rp| | Zaiko and Silica|
  11. *a girl with white wolf ears under her hoodie who was still in her teens and had been revealed once the air warmed making the man closer to the group. The girl can be seen with a winter cloak and warm pants. she has a backpack that seems to have a fair amount of items in it, and on the side, there are tow pouches that hold the blade her daggers in. the handle of the daggers is made of a dark wood with a blue ribbon tied to it. the girl tugs on the man's shirt* sorry silica... it doesn't seem to get any warmer as we get closer to them. *the man said softly as he came to a halt. soon the man sees some women with warm brown clothing and approaches them* Hey, I'm Zaiko. You seem to be a both colder than the others in this group. *looks back at the group* Ohh! and this little here thing is silica. |Charicters in rp| | Zaiko and Silica|
  12. of you have concerns just tell me ok. Love, Zaiko and Silica
  13. I won't metagame Love, Zaiko and Silica
  14. ya, its a habit i still need to break .
  15. both me and silica rarely ever get separated. I will make sure silica and I will both have a fair share of this journey that lies ahead. Love, Zaiko, and Silica