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  1. open

    what you said i will agree with, Nova isn't a tool she is a part of my family *Nathen pulls out his Iron Paw* this is a tool*nathen added showing Cross before putting it back in his backpack* now hold on tight this may get bumpy *Nova then starts to bolt through the grassy plans with amazing speed* |Charicters in rp| | Nathan (char sheet not done yet) |
  2. open

    *zaiko went back to his table with silica* well... guess we need to go to a merchant or something silica. come-on let's go get that then we can go to the south *zaiko muttered to silica* |Charicters in rp| |Zaiko and Silica|
  3. slowly but surely
  4. open

    once Zaiko finished with his talismans he put them in the side pocket os his bag and asked Carter "Hey, know a place where I can get lamp fluid at a cheap price? " |Charicters in rp| |Zaiko and Silica|
  5. Zaiko had dressed silica to look as if she was a little poor girl with no home no money and would stand out mucks most of the people in the market. wearing a tattered jacket a witch was quite a bit oversized for her, and under it was a filthy blue shirt. her hair was tangled and dirty along with the fur on her tail. "silica I want you to go around the market and ask for some food or money, and if you see anyone that may be wealthy ask them kindly for money, ok? i will meet you here in an hour" Zaiko then dashed away and soon out of Silica's sight. "well... let's hope people here aren't much of a pain as the last time." Silica walks in asking the people of Lidsden for some food, water or anything they can spare. moments past and silica spots a Very Dapper Fellow Greeting people and made her way to him. @Mr. Who |Charicters in rp| |Zaiko and Silica|
  6. open

    Nathan bolted past Cross and stopped at the edge of the path "it will take too long for us to travel by foot, as well as i don't have much more supplies, maybe 1 or 2 more days worth. but Nova can get us there by tomorrow. the sooner we get there the sooner you can find your way home." |Charicters in rp| | Nathan (char sheet not done yet) |
  7. open

    *silica and Zaiko walked into the tavern and sat at a table near the entrance. silica and zaiko set their bags next to them as Zaiko pulled out small blank rectangular papers with a gar of ink and a quill then proceeded to write obscure hieroglyphics on them. as silica rested her head on Zuiko's shoulder.* this is the last job we got here right? After this, I don't have to dress like a "girly girl" anymore. *silica whispered to Zaiko* yes, or at least for a long time *zaiko muttered back* |Charicters in rp| |Zaiko and Silica|
  8. open

    it happens, people end up in places there not familiar with. i was born and raised in Sunset way till i decided at the age of 15 I'd go and live somewhere elts .after i left my father went to the military somewhere *Nathan said as he opened his bag to reveal a small wolf jumping out* Nova we got a friend that needs to get to someone fast, so take us to Sunset way *nova bursts into a flash of light revealing a big wolf* good Nova~ |Charicters in rp| | Nathan (char sheet coming soon) |
  9. open

    well, it's a lith... they know more about more about magic than us mortals may ever know *Nathan knowest Cross may not know what Sunset Way is* W-wait do you know Sunset Way? the land of the rare? *Nathan asks and he walks out of the tavern* |Charicters in rp| | Nathan (char sheet coming soon) |
  10. open

    well, i can take you to Sunset Way, I know a few people that can point you in the right direction. but the travel may take a while because you need to go on foot *Nathan said Quickly hoping Cross heard him.* and I was going to head somewhere near Sunset Way if I didn't find anyone willing to trade with me. *Nathan added* |Charicters in rp| | Nathan (char sheet coming soon) |
  11. open

    *Nathan looked puzzled* Toron? don't know a place with that name, sorry. ohh the name is Nathen, but for short call me Nate or Nova and you are? |Charicters in rp| | Nathan (char sheet not done yet) |
  12. open

    *Nathan saw someone walk into the tavern and Nathan didn't want to look like a chimp in a maze, so he walked up to them* so do you know this place well? *Natihan asked |Charicters in rp| | Nathan (char sheet not done yet) |
  13. Pm me if you want an rp. Shh. Don't let anyone know I was here.

  14. Nathan walked into one of the rooms beside him "wow... this place is amazing... so do we get t-" Nathan was interpreted by an attendant calling dridge to the arena. "can we fight as well or just our pets or 'monsters'. but back to the rooms like i was going to say is this place where we will stay or did it get rented out already? dyspeptical architecture like this is just soo... beautiful it won't be a surprised that this place is rented out." /a little bit of rustling can be heard from Nathan bag/ (OOC Nathan loves architecture if you didn't get that) |Charicters in rp| | Nathan (char sheet not done yet) |
  15. open

    Nathen walked around mindlessly hoping someone would struck up a conversation with his