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  1. The Truth

    [Oorp] after school today I'm going back to fix my broken English
  2. The Truth

    Dean got up off the ground unphased by the attack from the mescre. "Strength doesn't matter, it never did" Dean charged back at Jared with the same lifeless eyes and twisted grin "Fear is what matters, it can control anyone and anything!" and suddenly Dean was cut off by Mochi "Dean stop! You win, ok! Get you ass back to your dome before you die!" and at that moment, all that smoke on Dean Just went Poof. Dean was back to his normal mysterious self. you can see the Beautifully eyes dean had and his intent face. she stumbled on to the floor by Muff's paw. "s-sorry, i- cou-dent-" he said softly in agonizing pain before passed out right there. Hardly breathing. "what a shame, guess he isn't as strong as i thought." Mr.Ohtomo said before sending the someone to tend to Deans injuries. Mr.Ohtomo walked back to his office and said over the amusements "Did you see the fight Dean put up there! Haha~ that's what we call "class work" tomorrow all of you will go against a random demon somewhere into forest around checkpoint Carly. Dean has already gotten an A- on his report card. hope you can do better."
  3. The Truth

    Dean continued attacking by grabbing the nearest Mescre by the horns and started slamming it into the ground with tremendous forse. the black chains caught up with Jared and pinned him to the floor i hope Dean knows what he's doing. Mochi thought to her self as she disappeared into thin air. Dean still slamming the Mescre's head into the floor like a baby having a hissy fit. "are you dead yet" Dean whispered with the same distorted voice into he Mescre's ear before giving it one last slam into the floor. "awww... i broke it, Well of with the other one" Dean said walking over to Jared with a twisted grin going from ear to ear. "Looks like Mochi is good at something after all." Dean muttered as he got over Jared and started to beat him like there was no tomorrow "Isn't this fun, i told you this is who you are yet you didn't believe me"
  4. The Truth

    "may you show me what your Wisp can do, Dean? Think of it as extra credit." Mr.Ohtomo chuckled after he finished the sentence "with pleasure" Dean said as a familiar Smoky mist made its way from Deans lovely eyes and flowed along his arms, back and legs. "Mochi." Dean said calmly "y-yes Dean" Mochi replied with a little hesitance "Restrain all of them and don't hold back one bit. I got this" Dean said as his voice slowly got distorted. suddenly chains bursted from the ground and headed towards the Mescres. the students cheered as this is the first time they are seeing someone actually doing something interesting. "One by one they bite the dust" Dean repeated softly in a distorted voice as he ran to Jared with quite some speed; once in front of Jared Dean swung his fist as the mist formed a Bright purple claw and headed to Jared "We all fall DOWN!" Dean shouted. "great specimen indeed"
  5. The Truth

    "Hold up, it looks like this thing doesn't want harm. it looks rather sad don't you think? well, in any case, escort it to the arena so we can examine it in a safe area will you" Mr.Ohtomo said walking out the building with Dean because of the reports that were sent over the radio. a grope of people with a net captured the monster and move it to the sender of the area where there were students siting on the seats 20 feet (6.096 meters) og the ground by a wall. Dean was with Mr.Ohtomo as the other students were siting with the Profeser.
  6. The Truth

    "I'm a half Demon... I was blessed with a strong wisp I named Mochi." Dean said as he opened his bag pulling out Mochi "Hello, yes im a Demon B-but I mean no harm. just looking over him." Mochi said cheerfully "ok, I see. well, that's good to know as we do have other half demons here but none have a wisp. one has a defense familiar and the other has an Exo." Mr.Ohtomo said to make Dean feel a little better "unlike the other school, I accept half demons. Thay can be quite interesting don't ya think." "An Exo? what is that?" dean asked rather curious on the meaning behind it "an Exo is a type of puppeteer that can be tamed over time and their skill can be used for something good. This student's Exo changes their body's form." Mr.Ohtomo said so Dean can understand the his school had all types of half demons "s-so do you think I can get a dorm room to my self it will I still have to share one." Dean asked, "id like to get one to my self as there were stupid rumors about me and Mochi using demons to cause mayhem around the city in my last school." Dean said saddened at first "I will let you get your own room if it makes things easy, no questions asked. We have plenty room here, we just try to save as many rooms as we can, we do get some students that join class months after they start" Mr.Ohtomo looked to the clock "well its time for you to go to your dorm this way. Oh, one more thing." mister Mr.Ohtomo walks to the phone to say on the amusements "all students with passing grades will get $20 every other week. you can use this money by asking the campus tech coordinators to schedule some online purchases if your parents get you some shirt that says "I love mama" on it." then continued walking out "we get money from the SCC to use as I see fit, so I reward the students that pass with C's and up" he added walking to the dorms.
  7. The Truth

    Dean sat in the principles office "so ower documents say that your father died from complications of an illness, right" Mr.Ohtomo asked, "Yes, my dad died from an unknown illness." Dean answered, "and your mom was slain by an unknown demon, is that corrected?" "Yes, that's correct" dean replied putting his bag off to the to the side. "as well as, you ran away from 9 different families that adopted you and ended living on the streets. How did you get away with that? by that I mean in your documents it sees you "live on the streets" Mr.Ohtomo asked once again "well, the court and the orphanage got tired of me saying "I want to live alone on the streets" so they let me do so." Dean said sadend my the memory. Mr.Ohtomo looked at deans bag as it was slightly opened "is there a secret you have? I can keep them between you and me. after all, you're going to be here a while and you're going to share a dorm with someone. so if there is something you want me to know, just to make it easy for me to keep you safe and happy id be best if you tell. i can keep it between you and me if you like." Mr.Ohtomo said pointing at Deans bag "W-well i... uhh.."
  8. The Truth

    The bus got to the test grounds. the area was a big facility with one-way in and out, the bus had to pass throw 3 check points before it entered the fisilidy and stopped at the big building in the middle. the students were greeted by a man with a chain, green hair, around 5'10" and had a rather dapper set of clothes on. "so this is the best class huh. look like one of them were just so stupid to stay on the bus... what a shame, don't worry kids we have people who are going to get him, so don't feel too bad." He chuckled "I'm Mr.Ohtomo, your new Principle . and this is my school" He walked off the bus into the building and showed the students around from his office and the Dorms to the 'arena' which was a big stadium for the students to practice and billed their skill "Now on to the important stuff" the professor said as the students sat in the cafeteria. "Like Mr.Ohtomo said, you all were top of the class and so you didn't need to take the exam there for Mr.Ohtomo will be Principle. we knew your family that you will be away for the time being, so they should send us your clothes for the year. let's just hope they have good taste in style." the professor chuckled "Dean, ma boy. I need to talk to you about some concerns with your 'Family' and Jared. Just follow me.
  9. Flight Rising | Group RP |

    Pudding was recently kicked out of her clan. she wandered for a while till she came across a newly formed one, and decided to join them. the small clan had 6 so she thought it would be a safe bet that they won't attack her if she keeps her distance from there eggs. (My Account)
  10. The Truth

    (oorp) you need sleep its like 12:30 am sleep like Dean Dean sleeps at 6:00 am Dean is only _____ at ____
  11. The Truth

    dean is a good kid
  12. The Truth

    Dean sat on the bus like a good kid why do you do this to me, you know who you are, just follow the moon, pore blood of those in our way and you will prosper. just because i said i will let you kill what i want you to kill doesn't mean I'm going to do as you ask, I'm still the host. I'm in control. i know i am
  13. The Truth

    dip potato skip
  14. The Truth

    "M-Mochi, when we get home i need to ask you something ok"
  15. The Truth

    on the ride dean talked with Mochi softly, the sound of the bus made it hard for anyone to hear him or Mochi. "at this rate we might camp at the site for the night, and that may or may not go out well... like what-" dean was interrupted by Mochi "you can alway hide outside of the camp site like you do for your teacher house. everything will be fine, Dean"