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  1. ZARP

    *time skip a few hours*
  2. The Outbreak (A Zombie Apocalypse roleplay)

    Yeh, sadly. I have a rp that was inspired by this one. If you want to join, the thread is called ZARP.
  3. Cult of the Damned! (3rd Version, no set place yet!)

    I'll join as quester 2, so is there anything I should get prepared for? Like should I pick a quest?
  4. Salutations!

    First things first Welcome to Valucer! It's nice to have newcomers here, and I'm willing to help you start your first IC roleplay.
  5. The Truth

    JUST some hints cause i don't know, i want to get Dean 'ready' here some stuff that can happin from what mochi said. and from that Dean asked will answer "follow the moon" (oorp)
  6. Cult of the Damned - Genesaris version!

    Can't wait till Cult of the Damned starts. I don't know why but I'm just so enthusiastic about this!
  7. The Truth

    A sawm of Mints (also known as Mana Thieves) starts to slowly engulfs the City. This vampiric insect glows with magical energy siphoned from other living creatures. Dean: As the day grows to an end I found myself walking through the city mindless. At first, i just fell a little hunger or some food. Maby a danish pastry? Or some ice cream, but I had no money to spend to I just kept to my self. The sky was blue with white clouds, the park I was walking beside was flourishing with life. Green trees, green grass, a pond with some fish, and kids playing with there family "Hey Mochi, do you have a Mum or a Dad?" I asked. "Yeh I do. But that was hundreds of century ago. I can't remember much about my Mom or Dad. But I do know I had a Brother. His name was Hunter and we were close. That's all I can remember from my family." "But you say your still a young wisp right?" Mochi nods her head. Mar is still tuckered out from what had happened to her.
  8. Greetings from a Mad Scientist

    Wellcome to Valucre I'm LazyFerret and it's nice to meet you, Otomra! Hope we can Rp together someday :>

  9. Im going from the name 'CuteCat' to 'LazyFerret' because I just think Ferrets are cool. 

  10. [Watching Mythbusters]

    Hello and welcome! I not too long ago (maybe some time but not too long) started getting used to this place, and I was wondering if you would like to plan a Rp with me? Love, a Sleepy Ferret
  11. Zaiko Yatagami

    Official color {}{}{} First name: Zaiko Surname:Yatagami Title: N/A Nicknames: Black Wolf Alignment: Neutral Good. Profession: Combat, Taking up Quests Affiliation: N/A Mental Status: stable and sane Gender: Male Age: 32 Visual Age: 28 Race: Human Marital Status: Never Married. Alias: Silica Quotes: "We live; We die. Some find love, but Death is will always find its way." "Light a fire they cant put out." [PHYSICAL] Complexion: Light skin tone. Medium tan in sun the sun. Voice: confident and clear. Eyes: dark blue eyes. Height: '5 "7. Build: Slim. Hair: black hair that goes over the ears a little, slightly poofy, partially covered by a dark red beanie. Scars: little scars on his back, one or to stand out from the others. Tattoos: N/A [MENTAL] Fears: Difficult choices, making the wrong choices that end up killing people. Likes: Peaceful places, listen to stories other people share, winter, a warm fire. Dislikes: rain or being wet, King's and Queen's. Habits: Massive separation anxiety for Silica. underestimates the consequences of somethings sometimes. [GEAR] Top: He usually wears a dark red jacket (often) Partially unzipped in the chest area. It has 2 pockets on the front for his hands. under the jacket is a white shirt with "Ill Fight By Your Side In Thick And Thin." all in black. Bottom: Zaiko has blue jeans with 2 back pockets and 2 side pockets. He wears Black Ankle-High Converse. Accessories: has a dark red scarf that covers his mouth and neck. Zaiko always has a blue ribbon tied to his wrist in the memory of his family. [WEAPONS] WeaponNameHere: Primarily had a dagger that he uses in combat, he often enhances it with some temporary spells or talisman. [SKILLS] Specialization: Item Enhancing, immobilize or disorientate his opponents. Skills Here: 1. Zaiko's talismans are used to enhance his Dagger or himself so he can get a slight advantage in combat. 2. Zaiko can make talismans to help aid himself or others. [STORIES] (main storage) Black buckle bag to store all his clothes and other supplies. (Secondary on the right) Small satchel sewed to the bag to hold his talismans, paper, red and black ink, and 2 small Ink brushes. [BIO] It was all normal in my life, I had a family and we all were happy. Until one day, my mom got sick. A few days had passed and my mom was only getting worse, My brother got the same illness my mom had. The nearest place where we could get medical attention was 4 days away so my Dad decided to take the whole family there. My mom was in a wagon with my brother, and my dad and I were on the horse that pulled the wagon. The next day my Dad and I got sick, My Brother passed away overnight and my Mom was just about to great death as well. This was by far the worst week of my life. On the 4 days, we could see the city but my dad was too weak to make it there and died half a mile away from the hospital. I was able to recover and live my life alone. I practice making talismans for 5 years (By now I'm 21 years old) and I found a little half wolf girl. The little kid, it looked so terrified, so... scared. I know what it is like to be alone, and scared, so I took her and cared for her. I named her Silica, I wasn't good at names, and I didn't want to give her my terrible last name so I just left it with Silica. I found she was good with plants, that she was able to make use of ferns and other plants to treat cuts and other injuries. we grow closer together over the next 11 years. she's 19 now and I'm 32.
  12. Cult of the Damned - Genesaris version!

    May I join? saw a cool kid cough MrAce post here and the system along with the crisis for this story is quite interesting and appeals me. If you don't mind may I be added as Person 2 ( i don't have to be person 2 I just want to start where ever I can! )
  13. Looking for partners

    evil you say? is someone with an addiction to killing people or manipulating them to do things for his own benefits and amusement type of evil you want?
  14. The Truth

    (Mar) "You're a weird person Jared, that's four sure." i said tas i lady next to him. (Dean) I Started to hack up blood onto the floor like i was some sort of infected monster after eating a deer for lunch. This happened before so im sure i can live thru it, But it will be painful for the next few days and that's to my standards of 'pain'. After a few minutes of cleaning up the period my face just had i started by climbing out the window and down to the floor to continue my way home. Mochi didn't like this because 'just leave the others without telling them goodbye' "its hard to say goodbye to someone like Jared or Joe, so its better to not say it at all; Its not like i will ever see them again." I keep walking till i find an alleyway to get away from them. (Mochi) the way Dean talks doesn't sound like the Dean i know. "Dean we cant we just leave the others without telling them goodbye!" (Mr. Ohtomo) "Dean is The Boy we want. Forget the others, Power like that must be taken for the SCC to use. Not some kid who uses it recklessly like that" I order some Soldiers to watch over Dean and strike him when he gets 'home'. after the orders, i turn off my radio. "Power like that must be for my leader, he will be grateful for the offering and will give me Immortality. Then i will be the King Of The World!"