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  1. As the time passed the man had gone to sleep. shaping back to her humanoid self she got off the table and tried to open the door, sadly it was locked. looking back to the room the man came from Quin was getting sick and tired of being in this house. Ramming open the door she booked it to the forest in a random direction. It wouldn't be long before her roommate found her. All she had to do was survive. She scooped a handful of dirt of the floor and held it ready to use the last of her mana to cast Misty Step and get away.
  2. HaPpY MoThEr FuCkInG New YeArS!

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  4. Quin rested on the open windowsill near the 2nt floor of a building. Her back rested against the wall as she sat and let her foot hang off one edge, with her other, tucked to her chest. She was wearing a dark brown cloak over her head with a white shirt underneath. Quin also had a pair of well-used boots and her legs were covered by long blue jeans. Now, why is a lovely lady like Quin here you may be asking? Well, Quin had to get a special delivery for one of her "Friends". Oh, how she hated him, always making her do the dirty work. Hell, she might give up on the coin as a reward for getting the delivery. After about an hour of waiting someone started to make a ruckus. Unable to see very far She took in what she could. 'Longears, the clanging of something glass, Oh! there fast that it1.' she thought to her self. but just before she went to great them another person joined us. Hearing what the man said Quin also made their self known. With a smoky yet angelic voice, she said "I agree they seem rather usefull~" before hopping down about 3 feet away from the elf "I was going to pick up 'Some spices' for a friend but it seems we have company, now do we?" she stopped to look in Xahlafael's direction. (OOC: Hope this is okay)
  5. Quin Limerick /Color/ Basics~ Name (& pronunciation): Quin (Kw·in) Limerick (lim·er·ick) Date of Birth (& age): Feb. 24 (24 years or 18(Depends on RP)) Place of Birth: None right now Gender: Female Physical Description~ Height: 5"4 Weight: 115lbs Hair: Dark Brown Weapon: 2 sticks that rest on the left and right of her satchel (that carries her belongings) Eyes: Light Blue Detailed Physical Description: Quin is a 24-year-old female with bright blue eyes. She has long straight brown hair with a normal skin tone. Quin has rosy cheeks and a well-defined chest as well. Personality/Attributes~ Personality/Attitude: Can be quirky and silly, but is mostly quiet. Quin can be rather sly at times too. Favorites/Likes: Tea, Honey, Fruit, Quiet places. Most Hated/Dislikes: People trying to hit on her, small spaces Goals/Ambitions: Just to live a good life. Skills/Talents: (Modern) Cooking (Fantasy) Can Wild shape into animals she has seen in person. Weaknesses: Can't cast spells when wild shaped, is an insomniac, poor vision. Fears: Scared of spiders. Hobbies/Interests: cooking and playing with her pet Molly (a fox because I like to be exotic) Philosophy of Life: The strong will live, The weak will die. Additional Notes For fantasy roleplays I'd like to say Quin has animal-like ears that are the same color as her hair with the fur on the inside is just a little lighter (like a slightly darker and color)with a brass earring. That way she can navigate her way to places, but how hearing and vision are connected is just a mystery. So if you don't want that just let me know and I will understand
  6. Just a place for people to reference my current characters. My old ones from when I started this account are bad and I want to make better sheets.
  7. Zaiko just watched as one of the people in the room get pinned and quickly was injected with a clear substance. So fixated on the struggling coming from that person the screams and cry sounded like it was behind walls and walls of concrete. Zaiko watching with his smile made it seem like he was almost ecstatic. "Why use sedatives when knives can do the same thing?" He asked as his eyes shifted to the doctor "Why bring us here if you want to hurt us? . . That's what 'The Chare' is for!" The guards holding Zaiko tugged him back and said without hesitation "Quiet Henry!"
  8. The crunching of leaves and small twigs filled the silence for a while as she is still being carried to who knows where. Nearly every time they made a quick drop to get over some mounds of dirt or falling tree Quin would squeal because her tail would get tugged on rather hard. By the time the smell of stagnant water and organic decay started to fade (Somewhat) barks could be heard nearby. Quin couldn't see very far but took note of the red and blue figures. "Are... those rejects?" she thought to her self Feeling the licks from both of them. One felt like an ice cube being pressed on her face and the other was like hot water got splashed on her face. Both unpleasant and disgusting. After being set down with a slice of bread, it looked like she finally had a way out. It didn't seem like the man closed the door and because where somewhere deep in a forest, there must be some birds that will want to snack on the bread. after some time passed everything started to fall together. Quin could hear bird calls outside. it will only be a matter of time before one will fly in so Quin could catch a ride on it. (I know its a weasel but this is how I imagine it to look like)
  9. Quin looked at the man and squealed "I knew it! He is going to eat me!" she thought to her self as she helplessly hangs upside down. "I can't change again or it might make things worse, not can I cast spells like this. . ." Quin decided the best thing to do is just wait till they take her to who knows where. Then she can use Misty Step to get out. Hopefully. If anything her roommate will know something is wrong and come looking for her.
  10. Quin musters the rest of her courage and started to calmly walk out of the bathroom. She looked to see the man was nowhere to be seen. Calmy she started to walk out to the parking lot in front of the mall, ignoring everyone around her. throwing away her mostly finished smoothie she wanted to get home as quickly as possible. To do so she went to a secluded area where she wild shapes into a little rat as she continues home. hopefully unseen.
  11. "This will be your new home now" Zaiko whispered to Himself "You can't hurt anyone," he added as he opened his eyes. light flooded his vision as he was brought into a random room with 2 other beings "You Too! You Can't hurt anyone either!" he shouted as his head darted to the 2 buff guards indicating the comment was meant for them. it looked as if he was practically dragged in here. Zaiko had a gray shirt under his restraint jacket and he also had fresh gray sweatpants. His black hair was completely shaved off and his beard was just small stubbles. Zaiko's blue eye strike anyone with a cold stare, but only briefly. A crooked smile cracked on his face going from ear to ear. He was missing some teeth and a couple were chipped. Zaiko jumped and pulled his body randomly as he tries to get out of the guard's grips.
  12. Quin looked up at the tall figure with blood stains everywhere on his clothes. Quickly she got up out of her seat and as calmly she could she made her way out of the Juicy Jamba and into the nearest women's bathroom. She set down her smoothy and spent some time in there hoping the man would just go away. "D-did he just eat someone?! Why was he covered in blood? Did he want to wat me?" So many questions. Quin looked through her bag for her spell book, a leather book with a heart-shaped lock to keep it closed. opening it she looked thew for a spell to get her out of here. Misty Step "You teleport up to 30 feet to an unoccupied space that you can see." Components a pinch of dirt and Somatic. Altho is the perfect spell, Quin didn't have any dirt with her.
  13. Quin flew for a few minutes until she finally reached the mall. landing on the ground Quin shaped back into her normal human self. well mostly. She was known for being short-sighted, and to compensate she used her wild shape to get brown fluffy wolf-like ears. This allowed her to have better hearing, But how this helps with her sight is known only by Quin. Walking into the mall she took a left into a small Juicy Jamba store where she purchases herself a grape smoothie. Quin sits in an empty seat and puls her phone out to make some texts before she begins to relax and enjoy the fact she can sleep in at home. The Juicy Jamba store was nice with pictures of there drinks above the checkout and relatively quiet only a few people talking. There was AC so it was cool and inside it smelled entirely of fruit.
  14. Quin Limerick sat at the top of the school building. It was nothing new, she always skipped class. but when it came to tests it was a surprise that she was able to pass it with "C" and the occasional "D". It wasn't that she didn't like school. It was that she hated to be in a class with so many students. So during class, she will study alone on the roof, and in-between classes Quin got her assignments from her teachers. Sometimes with surprise lecture like "This is a bad habit!" blah blah. But it was finally over, as she stared at the football field and watching the PE classes put away their equipment the bell rang to indicate her shackles to the school were finally broken. Quin smiled as she jumped off the roof of the school and wild shaped (because I want to call it that) into a raven and started to fly home.
  15. I'm Back! And as far as I know I will be back for some time, now with that said. Let's GET STARTED!

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