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    i like anime, roleplaying, Steven Universe, Harry Potter, writing and reading books, singing, and drawing.
    i am basically trash.

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  1. Day One. 10:15 I lay in my bed feeling sorry for myself. i was ill and grumpy and worst of all - i had cramps. Typing on my computer, i hesitated as my thoughts invaded my productive writing. I was in the middle of writing my fifth book on Wattpad, when i suddenly thought "what am i? What are jake and i?" Jake is my crush. he is in all my classes - yes i am in high school - and the annoying thing is....he knows i like him. He told me he likes me back...but....we aren't dating. A common thought always popped up in my head of what we were, for we acted like we were dating - flirting (mostly him, mind), texting and talking all the time, hanging out all the time....he even said he loves me!! But i was so confused....i wanted to ask him out but i was too terrified. Shaking these thoughts out of my head, i continued to write. 15:09 School should've ended by now...and yet i'm still here home alone feeling sorry for myself. hey! don't judge me! i'm sick!! after going to the toilet, i decided to close Wattpad and play Roblox. i really enjoyed roleplaying, and as trashy as it sounds, i was very good at it. i loved acting, and writing, and so i loved roleplaying, because it was basically a compromised play with lines typed instead of said. it was amazing! 15:15 well. great. my laptop already crashed after only six minutes of roleplaying! ugh! my laptop wasnt very good. i grumpily turned it off and decided to go to sleep.
  2. this is basically about my life. it might be boring, or it might be interesting to you. to me, well, it's just something i don't particularly enjoy. Bare in mind, i will change the names of all people included, and i will call myself shame in this. i will post as often as i can, but i can't keep any promises :S Well, let's get started.
  3. hi there! I'm new to this site! :D

    btw, no homophobic people plz, i'm pan.



    Pansexual = i like boys, girls, agenders, transgenders, it doesnt matter. i would like anyone no matter the gender!:laugh: