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    i like anime, roleplaying, Steven Universe, Harry Potter, writing and reading books, singing, and drawing.
    i am basically trash.

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  1. WutAShame

    The Life Of A Bookworm

    Day One. 10:15 I lay in my bed feeling sorry for myself. i was ill and grumpy and worst of all - i had cramps. Typing on my computer, i hesitated as my thoughts invaded my productive writing. I was in the middle of writing my fifth book on Wattpad, when i suddenly thought "what am i? What are jake and i?" Jake is my crush. he is in all my classes - yes i am in high school - and the annoying thing is....he knows i like him. He told me he likes me back...but....we aren't dating. A common thought always popped up in my head of what we were, for we acted like we were dating - flirting (mostly him, mind), texting and talking all the time, hanging out all the time....he even said he loves me!! But i was so confused....i wanted to ask him out but i was too terrified. Shaking these thoughts out of my head, i continued to write. 15:09 School should've ended by now...and yet i'm still here home alone feeling sorry for myself. hey! don't judge me! i'm sick!! after going to the toilet, i decided to close Wattpad and play Roblox. i really enjoyed roleplaying, and as trashy as it sounds, i was very good at it. i loved acting, and writing, and so i loved roleplaying, because it was basically a compromised play with lines typed instead of said. it was amazing! 15:15 well. great. my laptop already crashed after only six minutes of roleplaying! ugh! my laptop wasnt very good. i grumpily turned it off and decided to go to sleep.
  2. WutAShame

    The Life Of A Bookworm

    this is basically about my life. it might be boring, or it might be interesting to you. to me, well, it's just something i don't particularly enjoy. Bare in mind, i will change the names of all people included, and i will call myself shame in this. i will post as often as i can, but i can't keep any promises :S Well, let's get started.
  3. hi there! I'm new to this site! :D

    btw, no homophobic people plz, i'm pan.



    Pansexual = i like boys, girls, agenders, transgenders, it doesnt matter. i would like anyone no matter the gender!:laugh: