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  1. Caldus kneeled down next to Nehy just as the man awoke. Snorting at the fact that he thought Nehy wanted something from him, he passed his sister a cup. Nehy responded with a weak smile. After turning her attention back to the man she began to speak. "I want nothing from you. You seemed in some sort of pain prior to your blacking out and I felt the need to help," she took a long sip of ale before continuing, "would you mind telling me what happened. How did you land yourself in such a predicament-" Nehy was cut short as Caldus put an arm in front of her and shushed. The sister had a problem of rambling on and on. Caldus had decided it best for the man not to be immediately by her childish talk. He didn't find it necessary for all of her questions to be answered, especially all at once. Truth be told, in past experience if this happened the man would have had some sort of tragic backstory and Nehy would be convinced they had to help him. That was the problem with girls. They felt the constant need to help, but left him to do the work. Caldus wasn't a people person to begin with. Therefore, going out of his way to help them was out of the question. He often wished Nehy possessed at least some of that type of common sense. Alas, Caldus was stuck with a sister that talked. It was something he truly could have done without. Nehy's talking had gotten them into more trouble than Caldus cared to remember. It went from the small things of their childhood, to helping a young man retrieve a dragon egg. That of course had been what Caldus thought was the last straw. He had truly thought they were finally going to settle down and finally keep to themselves. Here they were, however, helping one man now and leaving for a dungeon in the morning. He hated it. @Ervos @Lilah @Sapphire Blue
  2. Caldus stepped off the staircase and raised an eyebrow at the girl he saw. The next strange thing was the boy in the most ridiculous hat he had ever seen. He narrowed his eyebrows briefly and walked over to an open barrel. Grabbing the cup he had snagged from upstairs, he filled it and shot a glance at the strange pair. "I apologise for interrupting." He said monotonely and turned around quickly. Nehy would need the ale as soon as she finished casting the spell. There wasn't time to gossip and make tedious small talk. Meanwhile, Nehy gave the stranger a smile as he awoke. It had taken a lot and she knew it wouldn't be long before she started feeling the affects. How long would Caldus take? "Are you alright? I'm not even sure what happened..." She asked in her low, honeyed voice. Her eyebrows narrowed in concern as she leaned over him. This was simply Nehy's nature. She was a lover, her brother a fighter. Quietly awaiting his response, she tucked a loose curl behind her ear. @Sapphire Blue @Ervos @Lilah
  3. Nehy turned sharply at the sound of someone hitting the floor. A gasp escaped her lips and she rushed over to the figure by the door. She turned to Caldus with wide eyes, a look he recognized from their past. Before they arrived here they had by 'chance' come across many people who needed help like this man. Nehy had always had a nack for magic, it was only obvious once she had begun studying a witch's grimoire. It had provided her with a few spells to health, although not without consequence. That was we're Caldus came in. Using the magic drained Nehy's energy. It had taken a while, but the siblings had discovered that a bit of ale after at least helped Nehy through the affects. This was what he would take care of. He looked to the bar only to see the bartender absent from the area. As he rolled his eyes he noticed an open door on the side of the room. A door that revealed a downward staircase. Caldus squeezed his way through the drunken patrons and walked down the creaking stairs. @Lilah @Ervos
  4. Before her brother could say anything, Nehy replied with a smile, "of course!" Caldus rolled his eyes and stepped in front of Nehy. "As long as you will have us. Where exactly is this dungeon?" He questioned. The girl remained fully emersed in the conversation, but Caldus watched Alieth leave. The girl intrigued him, her mannerisms reminded of someone in his past. It was strange, but not enough to cause him to go after her. A elbow nudging his ribs from Nehy brought him back to the conversation. "Uh, yeah. Um, what time will we leave?" He mumbled, a hand resting on the back of his neck. @Lilah @ODSTDRAGON
  5. From a couple barstools over, Nehy stood up with a smirk on her dark features. "A dungeon?" She questioned loud enough for the others to hear ,"I would love to join you! You will of course, need magic. That is a service I can provide". Caldus turned sharply to give his sister a disapproving stare. Nehy met her brothers eye, and shook her head. The boy sighed heavily and stood up. It was obvious that he wasn't pleased with his sister's choice. He was only following the younger's wishes. "I apologise for my Nehy's intrusion," he shoved his hands in the pockets of his trousers, "she loves a good adventure, and just couldn't help herself. But she is right, we could go for a good adventure. That is if you be willing to let us join you." He shot a brief glare at his sister, a simple look that spoke more than he could have articulated. The two were quite something to look at. It was obvious that the boy had done anything and everything to care for his sister. It was shown in the way his eyes had only fight in them, faint scars rested on all of skin that could be seen. He awkwardly cleared his throat and rested his arm on Rehy's shoulders. @NecroMage @Lilah @ODSTDRAGON
  6. The doorway darkened for only a moment as an extra set of heartbeats entered the room. If not for the shorter ones obvious feminine physique, the pair were indistinguishable. However, if one looked close enough they would notice that the girl still had a light in her eyes. The boy however, had the eyes of someone who had seen the awful monstrosity which was the world. "Wait here, Nehy," the taller said lowly, before walking over to the bar. The girl, called Nehy, nodded allowing her dark curls to slip from her hood. The firelight bounced off her freckled, Olive colored face as her Chestnut eyes scanned the filled room. She took note of each individual as she waited for her brother to return. Caldus was her elder by four years setting him at twenty three, and therefore it was typical of him to take care of things. This was how it had been since they were children, alone and in each other's care. Caldus was only gone a moment before he looked back at his sister and gestured her to join him. He was the physically stronger of the two and used this to his advantage in arguments over who was in charge. He took a seat giving a side glance to the individuals at his side before turning to where Nehy had sat next to him. She had taken off her cloak and simply gave him a smile before simply asking the bartender for a glass of water.
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