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  1. Hey guys!! I’m going to have to take a break from Valucre for a while, school has started up again. ? I won’t be on it as often but I will try to check in every now and then! Until next break!

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      Gonna miss you Pipes! Hit me up when you get back ?

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      Good luck with school!

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      We'll miss you, but that's totally understandable. Good luck and God bless in school! ❤️

  2. An oppressive dark blackness enveloped Ziva. It was cool, calming, and pressed in on all sides. Her pain and aches subsided, the constant buzzing in the back of her head ceased, and she finally felt at peace. She could feel her soul slowly separating from her body, the feeling of nothingness increased the further and further she got away. Ziva floated through this blackness undisturbed only for a few moments, before she heard a voice from far, far away. It sounded like she was deep under water, and the voice was coming from above. "Chew and swallow Ziva, live amongst the strong or die amongst the weak. Choose.” Live? She was alive, wasn't she? Oh. Maybe not. That would explain the peace. The blackness. The nothingness. Panic began to rise within Ziva's heart. She was not yet ready to die. She did not feel connected to her body whatsoever, but she thought as hard as she could, chew, chew, chew. Far above her, she could feel something moving. Maybe it was her jaws. Moments later, a blast of flavor reached her disconnected mind, it was tangy, bitter, and tasted like metal. Her first instinct was to spit whatever she was chewing out. But she didn't. Lilith told her to chew, so she continued to chew. After much effort, Ziva was able to chew the thing into a manageable size and swallow. BAM! Energy pulsed through Ziva's body like a lightning strike. Her spirit was yanked back to her body like a rubber band snapping back to its original position. Something else felt dragged along with her spirit. All of her muscles contracted at once, the contraction was so strong that her muscles ripped. The black ooze that was slowly leaking from her body exploded out from every pore and was no more. Instantaneously the change completed itself. With a deep howl of agony, Ziva's skin blew off in an explosion to be quickly replaced by thicker wolf skin and dense coats of fur, while her ripped muscles reformed over her shifting bones. Something was different about this change. Ziva could feel it. Or rather, She-wolf could feel it. It usually always takes a traumatic event for the personality to split further, and create another alter for the body to compensate with trauma. During this change, something else was being sewn into her body and mind. Another soul had formed. Now this soul didn’t come from just anywhere, it was a split from the main personality of She-Wolf, just like She-Wolf was a split from the main personality of Ziva when she was still present. She was a complement. But she would also have a mind of her own now. For now, She-Wolf addressed her as Beta. Beta said nothing in response. She purely existed. It wasn’t until the transformation of their body, known as Ziva, completed, did she make her presence known. Within seconds, a steaming, black and brown, six foot at the shoulder dire wolf stood before them, panting. She was polydactyl, but that wasn’t the most surprising thing about her. She now had two heads, and two tails. Both heads were lowered. On each of their wide skulls a white crescent moon was branded into their fur, the same as the moons branded on the inside of their forearms. The left head looked more like the original wolf, with the scarred muzzle and golden eyes. The right head was a bit sleeker, with silver eyes, and it had no white on its head besides the crescent moon. The two wolf heads spoke as one, the voice coming out from their own muzzles, audibly for all to hear, “I choose to live amongst the strong.”
  3. Ziva's eyes narrowed at the two of them. How quickly they went back on their word! But no matter, they were her for her, and that was all she could ask for. Ziva hurriedly followed Lilith to the giant rock. It looked porous, but sturdy, almost like a giant sponge. Now that they were close enough, Ziva could feel the energy humming from it. It was a cleansing feeling, a subtle ringing in her ears that called to her. Ziva reached out her hand to touch the rock. Her hand shook harder and harder the closer it got to the moon rock, it was like trying to force two magnets together at the opposite poles. Ziva had to put her whole body weight against it. Grunting with effort, Ziva gave one last heave and the tip of her index finger was able to brush against the stone. A powerful blast of energy exploded from the moon rock. Ziva was blown backwards a couple of feet. She howled in agony, writhing and twisting on the ground. She held her right hand close to her chest, her right index finger clearly broken. Her veins and arteries pulsed a black color as she convulsed. Her eyes rolled to the back of her head. In reaction to the pain, her body instinctively tried to begin the change. Her fingers curled into long black claws, even her mangled right index finger curled into a crooked claw, fur began to grow on her arms and her legs, and her canine teeth began to replace her human ones. Her hair grew long, with black and brown streaks. However, the change paused there. The convulsing stopped, and black ooze leaked from Ziva's ears, nose, and mouth. Ziva was still.
  4. Ziva's tail drooped a bit when Lilith told her not to kill anyone. But that wasn't what they were were for. They needed to get some stone to heal her of this artifact's disease. Then she could spend the rest of her happy life killing as many people as she wished. Her tail wagged a little at the thought. Ziva didn't want to walk in as a giant wolf into the town, so she quickly transformed into a human. However, this time, the transformation was painful, and a little slower. It wasn't instantaneous, either. She ended the transformation in a crouch, her cloak covering most of her body. She was breathing heavily. She stood slowly, covering her head with her hood. This was a bit of a risk for her, since this was inviting the disease to spread faster through her human body rather than her wolf form. "No killing. Got it." She said, her voice a rough, deeper tone than before. She followed the group, nodding to the dazed guards that stood away from the group thanks to Ankou. They entered the city. It was busy, merchants were here and there, and people buzzed about like insects flying from flower to flower. Ziva found she had to weave instead of walk in a straight line to be able to successfully move forward. She licked her lips. Her heart pounded faster, and her hands twitched. But she remained as she was, following Ankou and Lilith. No killing. She needed to fix her own body first. Then fill her stomach later. As time continued to pass she began to fill weaker and weaker. Her hands started to shake, and her head felt cloudy. The feeling in her feet started to go away. Ziva wished more and more that this moon rock would be the cure all. The rock came into sight soon enough, it wasn't anything impressive to look at. It just looked like a large boulder. It was guarded heavily and fenced off. There was only one entrance and exit to access the rock, with three guards standing at the access point. There was a line of people waiting to go inside the fence to the rock. Ziva had no idea what they were doing with it. Maybe praying to it? Touching it? Ziva didn't particularly care how they got their power from the rock, she just hoped they would let her through without any trouble. She looked towards Lilith for direction of what to do next.
  5. "What the f---" Ziva was choked off before she got to finish her sentence as she flew into the air with Saron. This woman did NOT just put a collar on her. She was not just ANY animal to be tamed. She was a dire wolf. A wolf of her stature, and power demanded fear and respect. This woman would be punished beyond her greatest nightmares for this. She would forever regret putting a collar on the great Zi- OOF. They slammed against the ground again, launching from the ground back into the air. "Seems like one of your friends was spotted around here. Ready?" Saron spoke over the wind. Ziva's heart stopped. She could not be seen with the enemy. She would be killed instantly. Ziva immediately began to struggle. Her fingernails thickened and elongated into black, hooked claws, and she began to scratch and scrape against Saron's tight grip around her neck. She attacked the collar as well, ripping at it with all her strength. She could feel the material give way, and eventually rip, but as for Saron's hand on the nape of her neck, she was still holding on. Ziva could fix that. She growled. In midair, her skin ripped away as her body exploded into her massive wolf form. A loud cascade of cracks from her bones quickly reforming to wolf anatomy accompanied the quick regrowth of thicker skin and dense layers of dark brown and black mottled fur. Her face elongated and sharp wolf teeth took the place of the meek human ones. At the shoulder Ziva would now be as tall as Saron, and weigh twice if not three times her size. It would be incredible if Saron were still holding on. Ziva landed on the rooftop, this time on all four paws, her hackles raised and her head low. Ankou. He stood right before her and Saron. Bloodlust in his eyes. He was fully enjoying himself. Ziva couldn't hold the eye contact for long, she looked down to the ground. Her ears pinned to her skull and her tail tucked in deep between her legs. She concentrated hard on not letting her legs tremble before him. She was stronger than that, and she felt her decision was right, even though She-Wolf inside her did not. She-Wolf was her other half. The part that mainly came out to play when she was in wolf form. But in the recent months, Ziva had been pushing her further and further back, not allowing her much control of either body. This was causing some issues. She-Wolf was furious. Blind with rage. Ziva had to lock her in a basement deep in her mind because she could no longer reason with her. She worried about the day when she would bust out of that basement. She could feel her banging against the door now, clawing against it, urging Ziva to turn and kill Saron now. Prove to Ankou that she is worthy of his and Lilith's good graces. Ziva pushed back against that door. She knew she needed to save those people. Lilith could not go on killing all those innocents with no repercussions. Ziva took a deep breath. She stood a little taller. Ziva met Ankou's gaze once more.
  6. Ziva found the lizard's reaction humorous, and huffed in his direction. Lilith had suggested that they go on a different route to a town that lead them to the moon rock. Ziva paused, her head tilted slightly to one side as she eyed Lilith. She was shocked Lilith would do something so extensive for someone other than herself. Ziva hadn't realized she mattered that much to this group. Being the weakest of the pack also meant the most expendable, so she was adjusting to the idea of dying before her pack mates did anything for her. Ziva snapped out of her daze, nodding at Lilith as well. I will follow where you lead. She paused, hesitating before she dipped her head low and turned her head to show Lilith her neck, the ultimate sign of respect. Ziva launched into a full sprint, following Lilith to the town with the space rock. Ever since the Casper fiasco, Ziva's view of Lilith and this coven she was building changed completely. The little thread of humanity that Ziva had retained for so many years finally snapped in two, and was no more. She no longer cared about a death toll, or the value of other's lives. She still certainly cared about her own, but that was no surprise. After the human side of Ziva tried one last time to reach out to the human population, to help them, spare them from death, she was punished greatly for it. The backlash was horrendous. Lilith did not punish her, neither did Ankou, but the She-Wolf inside her went berserk. A few days after the Casper events Ziva could not be found anywhere. She would not even be able to tell anyone where she was. Her memory of the outside world did not exist for those three days. Her two personalities took those days to fight for control over the main vessel which was her body. The human personality, the sarcastic, wise-cracker personality that most people know as Ziva, fought for survival against the She-Wolf inside of her. After a battle that lasted over two days, the she wolf emerged victorious. In her victory, she devoured Ziva to ensure she would never return again. She had never been allowed to be in control of the vessel before, she had only been a guide to the main personality of Ziva, but now she was the only one. The control was intoxicating. Another personality would develop eventually, but for now, it was all her. While she was in control, she would never make a pitiful move like trying to save a human ever again. The She-Wolf craved power, and she recognized a large portion of that power came from the strength of her pack. She needed to protect them at all costs. Realizing that the pack would do the same for her only strengthened that feeling. Ziva hoped this rock lived up to its reputation, and that it would heal her of this poison that was now creeping through her body. She could feel a tingling in the back of her head, it could be panic, it could be the disease, either way Ziva did not like it. A deep rumble emitted from deep in her chest as she pounded forward, her fur stiffening along her spine. Her hackles raised as a prickling sensation shot through her legs up through her body. The sensation pulsed through her periodically as she continued to run. Her breathing became labored, but she continued to push herself forward.
  7. Minor Noble Farming House Suffolk Location: Ursa Madeum, Hildebrand Territory Affiliations: -Allies: -Enemies: -Neutral Parties: Acres: 6,400 Crops produced: Timothy Hay, Wheat, Oat, Corn, Carrots, Potatoes, Strawberries, and Blackberries. Animals: -Dairy goats -Dairy cows Structures within the farm: Main Farmhouse Worker House Corn Silo Four grain bins Two Grain mills Barn Hay Barn Storage Shed Members of the farm: Head of the farm: Jeremiah Second in command: Delaney Rose Workers: History: The Suffolk farm had humble beginnings within Ursa Madeum, however they were forced out of their homes and out of their lands due to the Tyrant Ruler, Damien Gillick. The tyrant’s rule eventually came to an end, and the Suffolk family was safe to return to their rightful home. House Hildebrand generously gave them their land back, establishing them as a minor farming noble house under Hildebrand’s protection. They are just now reestablishing their new farm and are searching for hard workers to help maintain the fields and livestock. Jeremiah and Delaney Rose are the two heads of the farm.
  8. The apathy in their voices annoyed Ziva. They acted like she was just some peasant scum that was not worthy to be in their presence. Anger swelled within her. If she were her normal impulsive self she would kill them right there. But she needed these two, whether she liked it or not. Ziva could not imagine what it would be like to be stuck to Lilith forever. She needed to escape. Now. The marks on her forearms itched, almost like they knew of her betrayal. Ziva really hoped Lilith could not sense where she was in relation to herself. Before the panic could overwhelm her, she paused, and took a deep breath. Her hands folded into fists as she walked closer to the other two. "This issue threatens more than just your dying city," Ziva growled, her golden eyes flashing with anger, "I'm not one of your measly citizens. I'm trying to keep the world from ending here!" She snapped, speaking through clenched teeth. She didn't want to attract the attention of others so she tried her best not to yell. "Listen, I work with Lilith. I'm stuck to her. Branded, owned, by that necromancer." Ziva waved her forearms in front of them for further emphasis as she continued on, "Her main goal in this life is to gain power. As I said before, she is already extremely powerful. But that's not enough for Lilith. The reason for all this death and despair is because she is looking for another artifact to add to her collection." Ziva paused, letting that sink in, " She felt the power of this artifact in Casper. That's why she's tearing it to shreds. She is looking for the artifact." Ziva crouched down lower between the two, lowering her voice tremendously. One would never know if there was a follower in their midst, watching Ziva's betrayal. "What she doesn't know," She said softly, her eyes glancing around nervously, " Is that I'm here telling you all this information. The only reason I am able to tell you this much is that her hold over me has somehow weakened. Even more so in this grove than outside of it. I think this artifact could help me rid her of this curse once and for all. I need your help to find the artifact, and in turn it would keep Lilith from getting more powerful, stop the death and chaos, and free me." Ziva took a step back, standing straight once more. She folded her arms across her chest. Her dark cloak enveloped her frame, making her look like some ghoul with glowing golden eyes. Ziva prayed to the gods that they would help her. This was her last chance. If she were caught talking to them right now, she would die. Lilith would take her life immediately. Then she would probably serve as an undead slave for the rest of eternity, never able to rest. Ziva never asked for help, but there is a first for everything.
  9. Ziva began to feel tired, and her stomach twisted. She lowered her head in defeat, but then Lilith came and patted her. It was a bit odd, but slightly reassuring. Then, Ziva felt the power flow through her body like a current. It eased her stomach pains and energized her for the time being. That was not all. Then Lilith left her hand on her head, and Ziva was flooded with power. She felt invincible. But it all stopped too soon. Lilith removed her hand and the good feeling was gone. Ziva blinked a few times, her body trying to adjust from the sudden addition and removal of power. Ziva shivered once, and got up. She calmly walked over to a thick bush and began throwing up. She purged everything, blood, guts, chewed up body parts, and clay. She couldn't stop under her stomach heaved and nothing more came out. She stood there, stiff legged and panting. A calmness washed over her stomach, easing the pain. She walked a few steps to the side and ate some more grass and clay, helping her stomach to not feel so empty and weak. Ziva returned to the group, head low but alert, her tail stuck out behind her. Being a werewolf should prolong the disease from spreading quickly. I heal fast, my body is probably already fighting it. Ziva spoke through mindspeech to both Ankou and Lilith. Ziva looked over to Ankou, and noticed he looked a little shocked. However, Ziva did not have time to ask what was wrong with him. No sooner than right after Lilith announced a new being was coming, the thing appeared. It was a... Lizard? Ziva growled, stepping in front of Lilith protectively. Her golden eyes glared at the being, as her lips curled to reveal her bloodstained teeth. Her body was so big that her shoulders were just below Lilith's chest, so she was able to act like a massive meat shield. Ziva was shocked by the lizard's tone, but before she could rush over to bite his head off, Ankou let out a blast of power. Even though it was not geared toward her, Ziva was not a necromancer. The power hit her like a wall, and she stumbled a step or two back, as if being pushed by a strong gale. It did not hurt, it was just a force that smacked her back. Ziva chuckled inwardly. She was surprised just about every day at how powerful her pack mates were. The power disappeared as quickly as it emanated from Ankou. Ziva continued to stand in front of Lilith, waiting to see what the Lizard's next move would be. If he was smart, he would turn tail and run.
  10. Ziva blinked, her maw gaping open. Thick, crimson blood oozed out of her mouth, and from her calm demeanor, it wasn't hers. Her ears flattened against her skull and her lips curled into a snarl. "Tainted? Good gods! You could have told me that before I went and ate an entire village!" Ziva growled through mindspeech, her eyes turning wild with panic. She knew it wasn't smart to transform back into her human form, because any illness that might overtake her wolf would be ten times stronger in her weaker form. She shook herself in an attempt to get some of the blood and goop off of her pelt. A few pieces slung her and there but it mostly clung to her. She was a sticky mess. Ziva growled once more and stalked off a little ways away to a patch of grass. She began shoving her nose into it, pushing her upper body into the dewy grass and using her back legs to propel her forward so she could scrape as much of the gunk off her as she could. She left a trail of browning crimson, destroying the grass beneath her heavy body. She rolled around in the grass until the entire patch was crushed and stained by her. Once Ziva scraped off as much as she could, she went to another patch of grass and started to eat it. She shoveled her long muzzle into the clay, ripping up the grass, roots and all. She quickly scooped up as much as she could muster before returning back to Lilith and Ankou. She looked to Lilith, panting, flecks of grass falling from her mouth. She really hoped Lilith had some more magic power to suck whatever she ate out of her.
  11. Well shit. So much for being the master of stealth. In one instant Ziva was completely out in the open, the leaves and underbrush shivering and reaching to get as far away from her as possible. Stunned, she blinked, her body in an internal war for fight or flight. Unable to speak to strangers in her wolf form, she was stuck. She would have to go through the change right in front of them. She knew these two people were not ones to simply let her slink away, back to the shadows. This wasn't going according to her plan at all. She wanted to take a day or two to observe them, learn who they were before exposing herself. There was no way to know now if they would turn on her and kill her the moment they knew who she was. Who she followed. Ziva heaved a sigh, blinking slowly before stretching from her crouch. She went to a standing position, balancing on her hind legs while her front limbs dangled forward uselessly. The change began with the points of her features. Her toes stretched, shrunk, and lengthened into normal human fingers. Her back ankles traveled down closer to her paws that were now turning into feet. Dark and light brown fur fell like snowfall, sprinkling the area around her. Her bones crackled and reformed, a sound similar to a popping campfire. Her spinal cord shortened and fused, her tail shrunk into her body. Her long snout crumpled in on itself while wolf teeth littered the ground and human ones grew forward in their place. The change was fast, thanks to Lilith's given power, and she was able to manifest clothes onto her body before the change was completely finished. In the end, a tan woman with long black hair stood before them, clothed with a simple cream tunic and tan trousers, all covered with a dark brown cloak similar to the color of her fur. Ziva picked up her bare feet to step over the pile of fur and teeth, and bowed before the two. "I apologize for the shifty behavior, my only intention was self preservation." She spoke, coming up from her deep bow. She looked at both with the same intense golden eyes that had looked to them in wolf form as well. "In truth, I need your help." She paused, gauging their reactions. The woman looked like some sort of waitress, however she spoke of a much higher caliber than a simple tavern woman. The man before her looked like some sort of religious leader based on his stature and clothing. "You see, I am plagued by a woman. Soul bound, or damned as some might say. I need help ridding my self from her." She spoke as she lifted her arms to show the crescent shaped brand marks on each inside of her forearms. "However," She continued, "the woman I am bound to is the one responsible for all of this." She waved toward the sickness beyond the garden, the death and despair that surrounded this small bubble of peace. "She has power beyond any I have ever witnessed before. She is death itself. I only know of one thing that might be able to sever this bond, and I need your help to get it." Ziva held her breath in anticipation, hoping that these two would be able to finally help free her from this pure embodiment of evil.
  12. Thanks to the power of super speedy healing, it did not take much longer for Ziva to come to. She awoke, finishing her transformation. Her hair stayed its natural black color, and longer. She liked the mistake that manifested into a new do. Ziva rolled to her stomach, pushing herself up off the ground. She looked up and around, finding Carina already chopping away at the higher branches of the large trees that surrounded the clearing. Dusting her pants off, Ziva walked over to Carina. She exhaled softly. "That's a far cleaner cut than I could ever do." She exclaimed, bending down to grab the large branch. With the swift movement reminiscent of a power lifter, Ziva swung the branch to settle over her shoulders, behind her head. She turned, walking back to the clearing. Once she got to a spot that would be the wood pile, Ziva hiked the branch over her head, dropping it quickly. It landed on the ground with a big thud, sending a dust cloud in its wake. "You can just keep chopping, and I'll carry the wood to the pile!" She called to Carina, walking back towards her. Ziva continued with her task, lifting, carrying and dropping the wood. It was mindless, but relaxing. Ziva didn't need to focus on anything else that was going on with her life. She just needed to grab the next branch. "So, you never answered my question from earlier," Ziva commented, throwing another huge branch onto the growing pile. "What exactly were you doing out in the jungle in the middle of the night?" She asked, keeping her eyes on her task. She didn't want to seem too interested, merely like she just wanted mindless conversation. Hopefully Dr. Carina would answer this time, otherwise Ziva may have to ask not too kindly. No matter how far she tried to escape from it, she still had another task at hand, and nothing could get in the way of her accomplishing that task. Dr. Carina might know more about the next artifact than Ziva did, and that knowledge was invaluable. Lilith had only released her based on the lie that she was going to do further research on the artifact, not to build a safe house. Ziva knew Lilith had eyes and ears everywhere, she just hoped Dr. Carina wasn't one of them. Whatever Dr. Carina answered, Ziva would be able to smell a lie. Her strong nose could detect the chemical change in the body that reflected it was lying. When the pile grew just about as tall as Ziva, she stepped back, resting her calloused hands on her hips. "Let's take a break for a sec," She said, squinting at the pile before her. "Do you think this is enough wood to start a wall?" She asked, brushing sweat from her brow.
  13. With the caravan taken care of by Ankou, Ziva rushed ahead towards the smell of the little village. She had the faint scent of the strange, otherworldly power that was known to be the artifact, however it was old. It smelled like the artifact was no longer in this village. Ziva slowed to a stop, pausing on a ridge just before the valley of the town. She panted heavily, taking the time to catch her breath as she took in the scene before her. The village was small and poor, possessing only dirt roads. The houses were made of scrap materials, mud, and wooden logs. Chickens roamed the streets freely, clucking as they walked, pecking at the ground to search for leftover food. People milled about, hanging clothes, baking, chattering with one another as they did their menial work. It looked like the men were already gone for the day, doing whatever they did, fishing, farming or gathering. Even though it was underdeveloped, the little community looked peaceful, maybe even happy. Ziva could change that. She couldn't resist the idea of rustling up the village and introducing a little chaos into the picturesque scene below. With one last deep breath Ziva charged down below, howling a warning song that pierced through the peace and happiness like a metal arrow. Taking deep sniffs as she ran down the main road, Ziva followed the stale path that the artifact took. With her quick jaws she snapped up a few squabbling chickens, swallowing them whole. Nose to the ground, Ziva veered to the right through a door hole she could barely fit her big body into. She squeezed through, growling and snapping at the people inside. The women screamed, rushing for the back door with their children. Ziva was just able to bust through the door in time to snatch up one of the women before she made it out with the others. She shook it like a play thing, chomping down hard, cutting the body into pieces. Blood sprayed, painting herself and the walls. Anyone who helped hide the artifact from the pack was an enemy. After a quick look around Ziva charged to the next house, this time just breaking through the entryway of hardened mud and logs. She caught another human in her jaws, shaking it roughly before throwing it against a wall. It slumped with its intestines pooling from its gnawed belly. She smirked, the she wolf inside her loved the picture she was painting. Ziva continued breaking and killing anything that was touched by the scent of the artifact. As she rampaged through the village, the scent of the artifact got stronger and stronger. It was still old and slightly stale towards the end of the village, but it told Ziva that they were not too far behind. Ziva left the town in pieces, bits of human, building and slaughtered animals littered the main road. She ran back up the ridge to return to Lilith. Ziva returned, her front half mostly colored a dark red. She gave herself a little shake, flinging off a piece of some animal that had clung to her pelt. There is nothing in the village. The scent was stale but we aren't more than a day behind them. Ziva reported through mindspeech, a skill she had just recently been able to use more often thanks to the power of Lilith's gauntlet.
  14. The great wolf jumped to her feet, nodding in acknowledgement to Lilith's command. She stared curiously at Venus, taking in a big whiff. The smell confirmed that this was indeed Venus. However, she looked different than the last time that Ziva had seen her. She shrugged internally, walking up towards Venus. She gave the undead thing a nudge with her big head as greeting. Ziva wasn't sure why, but she really liked her. Even though she was a killing machine, she had a sort of kindness about her. Maybe understanding? Ziva couldn't quite narrow down what it was about her, but she didn't really care. She liked her all the same. She charged after Venus, her long black claws digging into the earth to help propel her forward. It felt good to run again. All the soreness slowly leaked out of her taught muscles, and a renewed energy and warmth filled them. She had no trouble keeping up with the rest, she actually had to control her speed so she would not overtake Venus. She looked over to Ankou. He was.. Levitating? How odd. She had never seen him do that before. He hadn't gotten his ultra powerful artifact yet, so she wondered where this new power was coming from. She sniffed. He even smelled different. Who are you? Ziva spoke to Ankou through mindspeech, moving a bit in her position so she could run right next to him. She kept her eyes forward on the path ahead, but her left ear was turned in his direction, signaling where her attention was.
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