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  1. Silver Sky [Taen & Yh'mi Worldrift Event, Part 2]

    Once again, Margie found herself with a new group composed of all different types of people. No two were alike. She was happy to see it. She crossed her arms, nodding to Sebastian. She had worked with him before, during the Hydra crisis. She hadn't communicated with him since, until months later he sent out this request for help. Margie had just gotten back from exploring the underground caverns with Dr. Gomez, so she was thrilled to be able to lend a hand. Well, as good as a hand she could lend. Ever since the hydra, Margie had started to learn how to fight. She stood with the group now, two daggers sheathed on each hip. She was no means a master at fighting, but she was good enough to hold her own. The fighting wasn't why she came. Margie was more interested discovering why the mountain crossed over. She even dared to ask who did it? Usually portals never carried anything inanimate with it when it formed. Creatures on either side might accidentally cross, but that was of their own action. The portals she had experienced were stationary, blinking in and out of existence. They never moved within their dimension of the universe. They were there, or they weren't. They didn't have their own gravity to them either. Things would never be sucked in and thrown outward from them. If anything, bits of rubble and sediment would appear because of a lower portal taking a chunk of the soil with it, but not a whole mountain. This is what was fascinating. The wonders of the Dark Mountain screamed to her to come and explore it ever since it appeared. The mountain was its own biome. Who knew how many creatures and foreign plants came with it? Would those species become invasive to Taen, like the Xer? Margie stepped forward, tightening the straps to her backpack. She wore simple, worn fighting leathers that wrapped around her chest, arms and legs. Underneath them was a body suit made out of close fitting lycra. Her long black hair was tied back in a long braid. Her black hiking boots also showed signs of wear, but they weren't falling apart. Yet. She raised her hand to shield her eyes from the two suns as she looked to the peak of the mountain. It was dark, even though the sky around it was bright. It seemed to absorb all light around it. Creepy. "They certainly didn't," Margie chuckled, walking forward. She crossed the border. Her foot landed on the black, barren ground, and a small cloud of dust stirred in its wake. It was like the mountain had burned, and left nothing but ashes. Margie walked towards one of the glowing trees, peering through a rather large crack in the wood that leaked the blue light. She looked down, hoping to see the source of this ghostly light. However, instead of answers, Margie was blinded. The light engulfed all of her vision, and spots danced around her line of sight. It was piercing. She recoiled, rubbing her eyes. It was like looking directly into the sun. Well, so much for that idea. She squinted her eyes shut until the spots faded away and she could see clearly again. Ow. Margie continued to walk forward, not really looking to see if the group was following or heading in some other direction. The atmosphere around the mountain was oppressive, it was an external pressure that was shoving against her being. It was similar to being underwater. The closer she walked to the mountain, the greater the force bore down on her. Margie didn't know if it was her general sensitivity to sensing magic that was causing this feeling, or if it was something that others felt as well. She turned back to the group, putting her hands on her hips. "Does anyone else feel what I'm feeling?" She asked, peering up again to the peak of the dark mountain.
  2. OOC: Silver Sky

    Margie Rosewood Back at it again C:<
  3. Chasing Zengi's Gauntlet [S Class Artifact]

    The beast was huge. It had to be at least triple the size of Ziva. It was utterly horrifying. It didn't look alive, either. The arrow through the eye didn't even hinder it. Ziva had seen how those arrows had torn through the Xer like paper. It just spoke more of how powerful this beast was. Ziva jumped to the right, sticking close to the cave walls. Jebe released the second arrow. It bounced off like a toy. Ziva used the beast's moment of recovery to jump forward, jaws open wide. Her long, ivory canines sunk easily into the flesh of the Garantah. She latched onto his forearm, writhing and wrenching this way and that. The beast roared in outrage, flinging its powerful arm outward. A chunk of flesh was torn from his arm as the force flung Ziva backward. She landed a few feet away, the bloody chunk still stuck to her teeth. She spat out a large portion of the fur, swallowing all that was left. Even though the beast looked rotten, it surprisingly tasted pretty good. It was more of an aged, dried meat. Smokey in flavor. Ziva looked towards Lilith, nodding at her sharp command. She jumped forward, carefully catching the hilt of the dagger between her teeth. She watched from behind the beast as Lilith began to chant. The beast just stood there. How odd. It just froze, and let Lilith simply walk up and stab it. Ziva shuddered from her nape to her tail. She was glad she was on Lilith's good side. The beast sunk down, momentarily distracted by the dagger now in its abdomen. Ziva ran forward, and jumped. She landed on the beasts back, and plunged the dagger into the Garantah right above the shoulder blade. The thing glowed, and then its poison leaked into the beast. Ziva jumped off, running back to the cave wall. She was panting. Just holding the dagger in her mouth made her nauseous. The scent of the power of the dead flooded through her mouth and down her throat. She felt like she was drowning in it. It made her mind buzz. Ziva shook her head once with a quick snort. It was the only indication on the outside of her discomfort. The beast was confused. It lurched in all different directions, like its internal compass wasn't working. The one eye that was left was glazed over, and had a milky color to it since she had seen it, so she was sure that the beast was blind. She almost felt bad for killing it. Almost. Its long scaled tail whipped angrily, almost hitting Ziva in the legs. The beast roared, clawing at the air. It was delirious. It was attacking an invisible enemy. No doubt its mind was being taken over by whatever was coming out of Lilith's mouth and ghost daggers. Ziva stood at the ready, waiting.
  4. Taen HQ

    I just stood outside for 45 minutes. The biggest "eclipse" I got to see from my part was a small corner of the sun blocked out. It just looked like a bean. :/
  5. || The Hunt ||

    "Halt- trespasser. Drop your blade." The widest and oldest of the trees spoke to Ren, his mouth moving slowly, not quite matching up with the words emanating from his being. The four trees had formed a solidified border around Ren, blocking him on every side with thick walls of branches. "We are not the trees you seek. Neither are many of my brethren you have mutilated on your way to me." All of the trees shivered in unison, as if they could feel the pain the others had felt. "You have caused quite a problem in this side of the jungle. It would be wise of me to end you now." The ground rumbled, and soil erupted from behind Ren. Great roots with many reaching fingers rose through the ground. They did not move to ensnare him. "However- I am merciful. Leave this grove. Find another to attack. We are not of the black saplings you seek." With that, three of the four trees shifted away from Ren, retracting their branches from the tight pen they had formed around him. Their faces melted back into the bark, and they were trees once more. The elder tree remained. His face was old, wrinkled with centuries of time. The roots slowly slid back down into the ground. The tree that Thurgood attacked simply rumbled with laughter. The leaves high above tremored, some falling softly down to the ground. The bark shifted and swirled, breaking off and revealing smooth bark formed into a face of a beautiful woman. "Stupid creature. Wood cannot be stunned." The heart of the tree morphed, changing into a female. It stepped out of the hollow of its home, walking until it was only a few feet away from Thurgood. She was petite, but it did not hide the ancient power emanating from her. She had long willow leaves circling her head in a coronet, and then cascading down her shoulders. The willow hair was so long it brushed her hips. Her body was textured exactly like bark. And her eyes were wooden. But they had no trouble focusing on Thurgood. Then the fox. "Why are you here?" She asked, inclining her head to the side. She folded her arms in front of her. Small wood beetles and ladybugs traveled across the plains of her form and arms. One particularly disgusting spider crawled right over her face and nestled into her hair, but she didn't seem to mind. Her eyes simply stared, unblinking, but not unkind. Elizabette nodded, tapping her index finger to her temple. She scanned the area once more. Nothing. "Well I guess we keep moving forward." She sighed, straightening her leather jacket. As she walked she undid her hair, then replated it, tighter than before. She made sure to weave in the shorter strands so they wouldn't stick to her face. "You know- I'm pretty sure no one is going to whistle. Everyone's gotta play hero." She spoke, rolling her eyes as she walked onwards. Soon, they came across a small brook. It gurgled and bubbled merrily. Elizabette took extra care to step over it, treating it like lava. She looked back, and scanned the trees nearby. They still looked like trees to her. Some had ivy, some didn't. But did that necessarily mean they were hidden morphers? She looked up through the branches of a particularly tall tree, and rolled her shoulders. She cracked her neck to the side before jumping. She grabbed onto the lowest branch, and heaved herself up. She looked down. "I'm going to look from a higher perspective. Just- make sure it doesn't stab me." She snorted, looking back up. The next branch was luckily in reach. All she had to do was pull herself up. The branch groaned with effort. Bits of twig and leaves fell down to the jungle floor below. "Oops." She muttered. She stuck to the wider branches, careful to test her weight before she fully committed to wriggling on top of them. Eventually, she broke the canopy. She could see large patches of trees clustered together, with small gaps in between. She peered back to Sebil, "Hey come look at this!" She said, waving at him in a hurried motion. "I think we found our groves." She said, looking back towards the clearing. There were definitely different patches of trees, all formed together. She could tell their similarities by the color of their leaves. She may just be stupid, and the whole situation a mere coincidence, but they didn't have much time to take chances. "What do you think?" She asked, leaning against the tree trunk, her arms crossed.
  6. [Quest] Questionable Custody

    The newcomers, Logan and Clarence, had inherited bits of Lenny's appearance. They both had sharp, angled muzzles, and two large horns that protruded out of the back of their skull. Clarence, however, was more chocolate in color and had amber eyes. Logan was dapple grey, and peered at Mortimer curiously with those same amber eyes, but his were flecked with gold. Charlie nuzzled both of the new heads, testing their new scents against his forked tongue. Rick simply glared at them, his eyes narrowed. He was determined to remain alpha. Charlie and Rick snatched the pieces of chocolate, rumbling happily at the treat. Logan and Clarence sniffed, hesitant to try the substance. But soon, they too, were happily munching on the little bits of candy that Mortimer had thrown to them. The hydra huffed heavily, walking in a tight circle once before laying down on it's belly. Clarence, Logan, and Charlie lay down their heads, nuzzling next to each other on the cool soil. Rick remained upright. He was sentry for the night. No more funny business. His crimson eyes turned to focus in on Mortimer, then the aggressor. They narrowed ever so slightly. He heaved one last warning growl, before turning back to focus on Carina and Mortimer. He looked to them expectantly. His tongue flickered in and out. Testing. The hydra looked relaxed, but its body was still strained from the stress of the day. Any more of a push, and it would officially snap.
  7. [Quest] Digging To China

    Margie continued to run in the direction that Carina had flown off to. Her breathing was ragged by now- but the sound was drowned out by the thunderous approach of the Xer. If she wasn't mistaken, it seemed like they were speeding up... Or she might be running slower. Margie willed the last bit of her strength into her legs. Don't let her one strength fail her now. She could see Carina's flashlight in the distance. It bounced and bobbed, flashing around in a panicked motion. She wasn't too far from the cave. Thank gods it was a cave. It would give them more room to maneuver around, hopefully separate the beasts and strike them down one by one. Margie heard Carina shouting something towards her, but couldn't quite decipher what she was saying over the noise. She ran faster anyway. Almost there. Almost there. Just as Margie saw the blue crack of light flare through the cavern, she dove forward, rolling through the entrance. She jumped back to her feet and turned, only to see the surprised and enraged faces of the Xer as they were blocked off by the huge stalactite. It had crumbled, but the sediment and huge chunks of rock that were one the stalactite well covered the entrance to the cave. She looked up to see Carina flying high above, a hilt in her hand with no blade attached to it. She saw the huge crack in the ceiling- where the stalactite once rested. Margie sank to her knees, looking up to the ceiling of the cave. She sheathed both of her daggers with shaky hands. It took her a couple of moments until she had caught her breath. "I really need-" she gulped a breath of air "-to start working on my cardio if this keeps happening." She gave an exasperated sigh before falling onto her back. She was spread out like a starfish on the cave floor. Her hair was wild, a lot of it had torn loose from all of the running. "Are you okay?" She asked, squinting up to peer at Carina. She saw smudges of blood on her face. The psionic attack might have hurt her more than it had hurt Margie. Her wings were keeping her afloat, so hopefully it didn't drain her magic completely. Margie rolled over onto her stomach, looking at the gushing river. "Well that's new." She wriggled forward so that she could peer into the water. She took a hesitant sniff. It smelled like spring water. Margie lowered her left hand, and dipped it into the stream. It was icy cold. The water was so clear- so beautiful. Where did it come from? Where does it lead to? This network of tunnels and caves kept getting bigger and better. "This would explain how people might have survived down here." She looked up, and with a small grunt she rolled to her feet. "I wonder if they were supported by this river, or are there more?" She rested her hands on her hips, turning to look back at Carina. She raised her eyebrows in silent question. What next?
  8. [Quest] Digging To China

    Margie yelped, stumbling back a few steps. Carina's flashlight illuminated the creature that appeared in front out them out of thin air. She stopped when she was in line with Carina. She spared a glance to notice the woman had taken out a knife. Margie cracked her neck, rolling both of her shoulders at the same time. Her arm strained at the movement, but there was little to no pain. "This is one of the times when having magic would be reaaally handy." She whispered, unsheathing her bowie knives. Margie paused, squinting to look around the figure. There was no one behind her. Why was she alone? From what she had learned, shouldn't her consorts be at her side to protect her? "Why is she alone?" She asked breathlessly, straightening up from her fighting stance. Her head tilted to the side. The Xer was so unearthly still. What was she doing? What was she planning? A soft, low murmuring noise began to build. The sound got louder and louder, until it was a deep rumble resounding through the tunnel. It was coming from behind her. Small pebbles and sediment began to trinkle and fall from the cave walls and ceiling above. The rumbling was so loud now the ground trembled, small pebbles at their feet bounced and skittered around their feet. The lumicrawlers had gone completely dark and still, perfectly blending into the cave wall surrounding them. Margie gave a panicked look to Carina. A few meters past the female Xer, there was a bend in the tunnel. Coming from that bend... There was her backup. Two large consorts, probably about 7 or 8 feet tall, galloped towards them. Gutteral screeches and chattering echoed down the tunnel. They were simply massive. The female calmly looked behind her, and side stepped out of the way, making room for her companions to pass. She made no sound as she slowly turned to stare at Carina and Margie. Deep crimson eyes pierced through them. It felt like a giant clawed hand scraped around Margie's mind, grasping it, piercing its nails into her. Margie screeched, grabbing her head with both of her hands. Her vision went black, then white. This female was toying with her. It was a small sample of the damage that she could do to the both of them if they ever crossed paths again. If they managed to escape the consorts that had now reached them. Just as sudden as the pain struck, it vanished. Margie's vision cleared. She straightened up. At some point during the psychic attack, she had doubled over. She looked over to see if Carina was okay. "We can't fight them. We need to run!" Margie yelled over the thunderous beats of the consort's legs pounding through the tunnel. She kept her blades out, but yanked on Carina's arm by the elbow to get her moving. Her own feet seemed so puny compared to the elephant's legs of the consorts. Her legs pumped as faster than she had ever run before. She knew no normal being would be able to keep up with her, but she hoped Carina had enough room to fly or use her wings to propel her forwards and keep in pace with Margie. She may have no magic, no special healing abilities, but what she lacked in those aspects, she made up for with her speed. She flew through the tunnel, twisting the corners as tightly as she could to get any sort of lead over the beasts that were now galloping after them. Margie was as fast as the wind, almost like she could feel it pushing her, urging her onwards. Though her legs ached and her lungs heaved, she felt like she was running on air. Was she running on air? No- couldn't be. This wasn't the time to be distracted by petty wishes. She pressed forward, straining to pump her legs as fast as they could. She prayed Carina was keeping up. But there was no time to look backward. That would slow her down. Soon, they passed one last corner of the tunnel, until it stretched forwards for a great length. She couldn't see far enough to the end of the other side, but it looked like the cave walls were opening, making their running space wider. Margie's heart was pounding out of her chest. Her legs burned, and her shoulder ached. But whatever was at the end had to be better than dying by the hands of those beasts behind them. ((OOC: An entrance to Totenborough? Or maybe a closed gate? A dead end?))
  9. Taen HQ

    @Abe Büzer I'd be happy to do a quest with you if you wanted to!
  10. [Quest] Digging To China

    They were in some sort of cooled lava tunnel? That didn't make a whole bunch of sense, but then again, neither did Taen. Margie stepped up to try and see what Carina was looking at. Symbols. "Holy mother of Gaia!" Margie exclaimed, squinting to get a better look. There were three columns of small symbols, they looked more like characters than a different language's letters. The first column started with a drawing of a single man. Then, one drawing down, there was a symbol that looked like a village. Little squares and triangles. Margie continued reading on. "It looks like a story. Or a prophecy. I wonder if this whole tunnel is covered with them, but they were covered by the lumicrawlers' slime." A picture on the second row caught her eye. "Gods- that looks like a Xer-orian, doesn't it?" It was a crude little picture that looked like a beetle, except for the little stick figure torso and head at the front of it. It's arms looked to be carrying a stick- probably their spears. Margie took a step back, taking a steady breath. There was no telling what was at the end of that tunnel. A civilization? Hidden from the world for hundreds if not thousands of years? Or would they find an empty underground city, with nothing but lumicrawlers and fossils to keep them company? Or worse- the place- if there was one- could be infested with salamanders. Or from the drawings- Xer. Margie ran a shaky hand through her hair. "As much as it kills me- I think we need to turn back. Whatever is at the end of that tunnel- friendly or no- we are hopelessly unprepared for it." She sighed, squatting on the ground, running her calloused hands over the warm cave floor once more. She could tell Carina was growing weary, and was antsy to get out. So no need to push her anymore. If need be, Margie would come back on her own in a few days time, after proper rest and healing, and find what was at the end of that tunnel. Margie stood up, and turned, beginning to walk back the way they came. The great thing about being underground, was it was pretty hard to get lost. One could only walk in two directions. Front or back. Much different than the jungles she was used to spending days at a time in. Every tree and fern looked exactly the same in three directions. The only true indicator of location were the two suns. While she was walking, Margie twisted her pack around to pull out her journal once more. She quickly flipped to a free page, and began creating a list. This would help her be more prepared for the next journey down.
  11. Taen HQ

    @Csl Yeah that's fine. :P @Rudolph @Sétanta the Hound Also- if its okay with Y'all I would love to continue RPing the hydra!
  12. Chasing Zengi's Gauntlet [S Class Artifact]

    A coven's branding. Ziva was stuck connected to this woman. Forever. Ziva swallowed down her rising panic. She would freak out later. For now, they needed to break past the remaining Xer, and locate the queen. The Queen would obviously not just sit in a room waiting for them either. She was probably already on the move. Since the coven branding, all of Ziva's depleted shifting energy had been refilled. Thank goodness. Once they found a set of clothes or leather armor, Ziva may go back to human form. But for now, she was safest as a wolf. Ziva untied the cloak (or what was left of it), quickly wadding it up and pressing Jebe's knife on top of the wad. She passed it over to him, pressing it towards his chest. She didn't really wait to see if he would grab it or if it would clatter to the ground. She walked forwards until she was a better distance away from the other two. She could feel the Xer's beady eyes peering through the darkness, hesitating. Ziva sat on her knees, sitting straight and closing her eyes. Every bone in her body began to break and reform. Her ribcage crackled and expanded, followed by her arms, and legs. Her face crushed inwards before expanding out, forming a soft wet nose, and a long muzzle with sharp teeth and canines. Her hair fell out, dropping in soft wisps on the cave floor. Mottled fur grew, covering her body entirely. Her fingers broke and retreated, while her thumbs bent backward before crawling further up her forearm. After only a minute or two of the uncomfortable sound of cracking bones, Ziva was once again a dire wolf. Her senses returned to her. She could see further into the darkness, smell and hear the nasty Xer around the bend. She licked her lips, rolling her tongue over her sharp teeth. She wagged her long, bushy tail once, looking back to Lilith and Jebe. White patches of fur in the shape of crescent moons were new additions, placed on the inside of her elbows on her front legs. Even the skin underneath was a fleshy pink. It looked like Ziva had been freezer branded. No matter. Fur was simply fur. Ziva stalked further down the tunnel, her long claws clicked on the cold floor beneath. She soon came to a cross roads. There were three tunnels. One continuing straight, and two others that opened up on either side. She lowered her muzzle, and sniffed in all directions. Each entrance reeked of bug, but the strongest scent came from the tunnel on the left. So she turned and went into it. The tunnel sloped steeply down. Ziva climbed carefully down, extending her long claws into the soft clay to better her grasp. Eventually, the ground evened out and Ziva was able to walk forward normally. Soon, the tunnel opened up wider and wider, until it was a large dome or cave. Ziva sat down, waiting a few feet from the entrance. This would be where the trap was set, whatever it was. Or it could just be an empty room. Even though she hoped for the latter, her sharp hearing could pick up rustling of bugs brushing against one another inside. Yuck.
  13. [Quest] Questionable Custody

    While the two humans were growling and muttering to each other on the other side of the pit, something strange began to happen. Charlie and Rick had begun to eat Lenny. Their long serrated teeth worked at the base of Lenny's neck. They gnawed on it like a dog might chew on a raw hide, slowly, and thoroughly. The multitude of rows of sharp teeth slowly began to work their way between the scales of their fallen brother. Like leaves in autumn, the scales quivered, and began to fall. Except the scales were rather heavy, and landed swiftly with a quick thunk. Soon, a pile began to form along the base of the hydra's neck. A dull, sickening crack resounded through the pit. Rick licked his bloody maw. He had successfully chewed all the way through the vertebrae. With a final shiver, the neck and head of the hydra rolled off the body. Charlie grabbed it by the head, its fangs sinking into the dead thing's eyes. And he threw it. The neck and head rolled a couple of paces before skidding to a stop right in front of the two men. Bluish black blood filled the wells of the sunken and pierced eye sockets. Its mouth was frozen in a horrid scream, its tongue lolled to the side and now caked with dirt. The last bits of blood drained from the severed base of the corpse's neck. Charlie and Rick turned to the bloody stump and began licking it, cleaning up the dried and the fresh blood that was dribbling from the open flesh. Its tail curled tighter around the body, and the other two heads finished their cleaning. Once deemed acceptable- as acceptable as any ripped off neck could be- Charlie coiled himself to rest under Rick's neck and on their clawed right foot. Rick also laid down, though curling in the opposite direction, over Charlie's neck, his muzzle rested on the damp soil, facing the stump. They both stared calmly, first at the two men, then towards the stump. The stump twitched. Once. Twice. It began to wriggle. Writhe. Grow. The vertebrae that could be seen cracked in half, and began growing into two completely separate vertebrae. Tendons, veins and muscles crawled upwards like ivy searching for the rays of the sun. They wove together, twisting and turning into one another, using the two growing vertebrae as their base for the climb. The two rows of vertebrae stopped in their multiplication, each long neck now having seven vertebrae. The last bones opened up and outward, quickly forming two skulls. Sharp, dagger like teeth sprouted wickedly and unevenly, completing the skulls. Soon they were covered by twitching muscle and pulsing veins. The tendons and ligaments stretched tightly to connect the muscles and bones to one another, and two new esophagi wove themselves in between the muscle to open up at the back of the jaws, completing the ensemble of systems that made the insides of necks. Meanwhile the heads grew a pulsing, folded, grey mass in the center of each skull before they were obscured from view by muscle, and a soft film of blood red flesh covered each of the four eye sockets. The scales at the base of the neck began to stretch until they separated, shockingly similar to the process of mitosis. Where there was one scale, soon became two, and so forth. This was all a tremendously tedious process, and it was the first time that this hydra had ever had to reform itself. Charlie and Rick stared blankly ahead, sending all of their energy and focus to forming their two new brethren, oblivious to their surroundings for the time being...
  14. Taen HQ

    Feel free to jump in with Carina whenever you want to! :P We may need your help in a minute. I love that they were too heavy for him to carry 😂
  15. Taen HQ

    HAHA Yes. The left head was Lenny, He is was the dominant head. The middle is Charlie, he's the most submissive and kind. The right is Rick. He's beta/ now alpha