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  1. I'm having to take a break from RPing, sadly, school is hitting pretty hard. Once it calms down I'll be up and running again!

    1. Ataraxy


      Hope you come back quickly! I'll just have Ziva follow like an NPC until you come back, since I'm not sure what to do with her without you lmao

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    Taen HQ

    Ok! Will do. @Ataraxy
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    Taen HQ

    xDD I just think of the creepy gas mask children on Dr. Who. Okay- I think i'm on the Valucre discord server, but all I see is the announcements channel. Where is the dice stuff? @Ataraxy
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    Taen HQ

    HAHA! I like pushing against the boundaries. I mean- she is branded forever- so is the power- but free will? Is Lilith going to have to possess Ziva to get her to listen? But if she does that- she might lose Ziva's "free" loyalty forever. DUN DUN DUNNNN *Dramatic zoom in on Lilith's face* @Ataraxy
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    || The Hunt ||

    The morpher did not take too well to Thurgood's threats. She screeched and hissed, immediately twisting in a tight circle and transforming into a black snake. The willow leaves shed from her form, so they hung limply in his hands, nothing more than foliage. As fast as a adder, the morpher slithered a couple yards away from the two. She curled under some thickets, blending in perfectly with its shadows. Stupid fox- with its stupid nose. But it was a rather efficient creature.. One that would be very useful to catalogue. The morpher crouched in the distance, studying her. Quickly- the morpher transformed. First she was a robin, flitting through the canopy of trees above them. Then, she was a squirrel, chattering with the others and leaping from branch to branch. Mid leap, she twisted into a lizard, landing on a lower branch with a thunk. She skittered around the trunk. The lizard disappeared out of vision, but a grey moth fluttered from behind, bouncing through the air. However, a frog also hopped outwards from behind the tree, merrily ribbiting, until it halted, noticing the two. It froze, and croaked once. Its large eye glanced around wildly. This morpher was cunning. It was like the gambling game where a gold coin was tossed between three cups, and one had to guess under which cup the coin rested. The frog began to move, hopping away from the clearing. The moth continued to flutter, but in the opposite direction. Perfect. The morpher could hear something crashing through the brush. Right towards them. It was the perfect distraction to get away. Warn the others. Elizabette jumped from her crouching position, whacking her head on a low hanging branch. "AUGH!" She snorted, rubbing the back of her head. She had been examining a rather ordinary looking patch of soil when she heard the far off, but unmistakable whistle. "SEBIL!" She shouted, bursting into a run. He was- er- used to be- an elf- so she was positive that he had heard the whistle with his better hearing. The gears in her leg whirred as she pounded through the forest, pumping her legs as fast as they would go. It was a true whistle- so she knew it couldn't be Ren. Josh wasn't there to hear their whistle, so it must be Thurgood and Vivian. Hopefully they weren't ambushed. Elizabette pushed harder, focusing on her breathing. After about ten minutes, Elizabette burst through the clearing. Thurgood- all in one piece. Check. Vivian- not looking harmed. Check. Morphers- no check. Elizabette turned in a tight circle, looking all around them. She was panting hard. Her hair was plastered to her forehead, along with a few leaves and twigs. She double over, resting her hands on her knees. "Where-" She heaved "The hell" She took one more gulp of air, shoving her hair out of her face with the back of her hand, "are they?" She noticed Thurgood holding a lighter. It couldn't have been a false alarm. The morphers were here. Did they escape? Elizabette waited, keeping a vigilant eye on her surroundings while waiting for a response. Her leg was emanating heat, and it whirred louder than it usually did. She had pushed it pretty hard this time around- and the constant humidity was taking its toll.
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    Chasing Zengi's Gauntlet [S Class Artifact]

    Well, that was it. The beast was down.. possessed.. dead? Whatever. Ziva's hackles lowered and her tail drooped from it's stiff stance. The moment of peace didn't last long, however, when the sudden twisting and turning of the cave ceiling resulted in a small human being spat out. Or at least, it looked like a human. She hovered there, looking just about as shocked as Ziva did. How the hell? This world was getting too insane. Who was this girl? Why did she show up at this very moment- in this exact cave? She was either sent here, or she warped here by her own power. She was young, so her power might not yet be under control. She looked so young. Did she have a mother? Ziva carefully padded around the fallen Garantah, until she was just in front of the floating human child. The child's helpless look stirred something in Ziva. She felt the strong urge to soothe her, protect her. It was a bond that clicked into place, similar to one that she felt whenever she was in a pack. Something she had yet to feel towards Lilith. Her tail wagged once. It was a stiff, unsure wag. Her neck was craned upwards to look at the girl, her ears perked all the way forwards. Her golden eyes remained unblinking as her wet chocolate colored nose twitched. She was so tiny, if she ever came down from her floating she could probably ride on Ziva's back like a pony. Her attention was averted by the sudden, stern command from Lilith. It ended with a threat. A threat that should not be thrown at a child. Lilith, the brat witch that she was, thought she could call dibs on anything or anyone. She took no heed that this girl was confused, and possibly scared. Usually, Ziva could care less about who or what Lilith possessed, but a child... That was where she drew the line. A low growl emitted from her chest. She bared her sharp teeth at Lilith, turning in a slow circle so that she was standing between Lilith and the girl. Her golden eyes narrowed as her black lips parted to speak. She will do no such thing, Witch. Ziva rumbled, lowering her head slightly, in a more aggressive stance. She glanced to Jebe, assessing. Which side would he choose? Ziva's ears swiveled backwards, pinning onto the girl. Her eyes remained forward. She wouldn't risk taking her eyes off such a powerful target. What is your name- girl? She murmured, her tail twitching slightly. Do you know how you got here? She asked, her voice softer, more soothing than she had ever let Lilith or Jebe hear before. Normally, Ziva would be nervous about opposing such a powerful witch. But ever since she touched those daggers, got those brands, she felt stronger. Powerful. Even more than beforehand. She was already strong as a werewolf, but she was at a whole other level now. She could probably distract Lilith long enough for the girl to get away if needed. She could probably even escape with her life. Before, that would have never been possible.
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    Taen HQ

    @Gloxiana Welcome! I'm glad you joined. :D
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    OOC: Silver Sky

    Details details xD
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    OOC: Silver Sky

    Our little pocket of the universe should expand soon... 🤔
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    Taen HQ

    @NUMBER N1N3 That pic makes him look like a member of the Night's Watch. xD
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    Silver Sky [Taen & Yh'mi Worldrift Event, Part 2]

    Once again, Margie found herself with a new group composed of all different types of people. No two were alike. She was happy to see it. She crossed her arms, nodding to Sebastian. She had worked with him before, during the Hydra crisis. She hadn't communicated with him since, until months later he sent out this request for help. Margie had just gotten back from exploring the underground caverns with Dr. Gomez, so she was thrilled to be able to lend a hand. Well, as good as a hand she could lend. Ever since the hydra, Margie had started to learn how to fight. She stood with the group now, two daggers sheathed on each hip. She was no means a master at fighting, but she was good enough to hold her own. The fighting wasn't why she came. Margie was more interested discovering why the mountain crossed over. She even dared to ask who did it? Usually portals never carried anything inanimate with it when it formed. Creatures on either side might accidentally cross, but that was of their own action. The portals she had experienced were stationary, blinking in and out of existence. They never moved within their dimension of the universe. They were there, or they weren't. They didn't have their own gravity to them either. Things would never be sucked in and thrown outward from them. If anything, bits of rubble and sediment would appear because of a lower portal taking a chunk of the soil with it, but not a whole mountain. This is what was fascinating. The wonders of the Dark Mountain screamed to her to come and explore it ever since it appeared. The mountain was its own biome. Who knew how many creatures and foreign plants came with it? Would those species become invasive to Taen, like the Xer? Margie stepped forward, tightening the straps to her backpack. She wore simple, worn fighting leathers that wrapped around her chest, arms and legs. Underneath them was a body suit made out of close fitting lycra. Her long black hair was tied back in a long braid. Her black hiking boots also showed signs of wear, but they weren't falling apart. Yet. She raised her hand to shield her eyes from the two suns as she looked to the peak of the mountain. It was dark, even though the sky around it was bright. It seemed to absorb all light around it. Creepy. "They certainly didn't," Margie chuckled, walking forward. She crossed the border. Her foot landed on the black, barren ground, and a small cloud of dust stirred in its wake. It was like the mountain had burned, and left nothing but ashes. Margie walked towards one of the glowing trees, peering through a rather large crack in the wood that leaked the blue light. She looked down, hoping to see the source of this ghostly light. However, instead of answers, Margie was blinded. The light engulfed all of her vision, and spots danced around her line of sight. It was piercing. She recoiled, rubbing her eyes. It was like looking directly into the sun. Well, so much for that idea. She squinted her eyes shut until the spots faded away and she could see clearly again. Ow. Margie continued to walk forward, not really looking to see if the group was following or heading in some other direction. The atmosphere around the mountain was oppressive, it was an external pressure that was shoving against her being. It was similar to being underwater. The closer she walked to the mountain, the greater the force bore down on her. Margie didn't know if it was her general sensitivity to sensing magic that was causing this feeling, or if it was something that others felt as well. She turned back to the group, putting her hands on her hips. "Does anyone else feel what I'm feeling?" She asked, peering up again to the peak of the dark mountain.
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    OOC: Silver Sky

    Margie Rosewood Back at it again C:<
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    Chasing Zengi's Gauntlet [S Class Artifact]

    The beast was huge. It had to be at least triple the size of Ziva. It was utterly horrifying. It didn't look alive, either. The arrow through the eye didn't even hinder it. Ziva had seen how those arrows had torn through the Xer like paper. It just spoke more of how powerful this beast was. Ziva jumped to the right, sticking close to the cave walls. Jebe released the second arrow. It bounced off like a toy. Ziva used the beast's moment of recovery to jump forward, jaws open wide. Her long, ivory canines sunk easily into the flesh of the Garantah. She latched onto his forearm, writhing and wrenching this way and that. The beast roared in outrage, flinging its powerful arm outward. A chunk of flesh was torn from his arm as the force flung Ziva backward. She landed a few feet away, the bloody chunk still stuck to her teeth. She spat out a large portion of the fur, swallowing all that was left. Even though the beast looked rotten, it surprisingly tasted pretty good. It was more of an aged, dried meat. Smokey in flavor. Ziva looked towards Lilith, nodding at her sharp command. She jumped forward, carefully catching the hilt of the dagger between her teeth. She watched from behind the beast as Lilith began to chant. The beast just stood there. How odd. It just froze, and let Lilith simply walk up and stab it. Ziva shuddered from her nape to her tail. She was glad she was on Lilith's good side. The beast sunk down, momentarily distracted by the dagger now in its abdomen. Ziva ran forward, and jumped. She landed on the beasts back, and plunged the dagger into the Garantah right above the shoulder blade. The thing glowed, and then its poison leaked into the beast. Ziva jumped off, running back to the cave wall. She was panting. Just holding the dagger in her mouth made her nauseous. The scent of the power of the dead flooded through her mouth and down her throat. She felt like she was drowning in it. It made her mind buzz. Ziva shook her head once with a quick snort. It was the only indication on the outside of her discomfort. The beast was confused. It lurched in all different directions, like its internal compass wasn't working. The one eye that was left was glazed over, and had a milky color to it since she had seen it, so she was sure that the beast was blind. She almost felt bad for killing it. Almost. Its long scaled tail whipped angrily, almost hitting Ziva in the legs. The beast roared, clawing at the air. It was delirious. It was attacking an invisible enemy. No doubt its mind was being taken over by whatever was coming out of Lilith's mouth and ghost daggers. Ziva stood at the ready, waiting.
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    Taen HQ

    I just stood outside for 45 minutes. The biggest "eclipse" I got to see from my part was a small corner of the sun blocked out. It just looked like a bean. :/
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    || The Hunt ||

    "Halt- trespasser. Drop your blade." The widest and oldest of the trees spoke to Ren, his mouth moving slowly, not quite matching up with the words emanating from his being. The four trees had formed a solidified border around Ren, blocking him on every side with thick walls of branches. "We are not the trees you seek. Neither are many of my brethren you have mutilated on your way to me." All of the trees shivered in unison, as if they could feel the pain the others had felt. "You have caused quite a problem in this side of the jungle. It would be wise of me to end you now." The ground rumbled, and soil erupted from behind Ren. Great roots with many reaching fingers rose through the ground. They did not move to ensnare him. "However- I am merciful. Leave this grove. Find another to attack. We are not of the black saplings you seek." With that, three of the four trees shifted away from Ren, retracting their branches from the tight pen they had formed around him. Their faces melted back into the bark, and they were trees once more. The elder tree remained. His face was old, wrinkled with centuries of time. The roots slowly slid back down into the ground. The tree that Thurgood attacked simply rumbled with laughter. The leaves high above tremored, some falling softly down to the ground. The bark shifted and swirled, breaking off and revealing smooth bark formed into a face of a beautiful woman. "Stupid creature. Wood cannot be stunned." The heart of the tree morphed, changing into a female. It stepped out of the hollow of its home, walking until it was only a few feet away from Thurgood. She was petite, but it did not hide the ancient power emanating from her. She had long willow leaves circling her head in a coronet, and then cascading down her shoulders. The willow hair was so long it brushed her hips. Her body was textured exactly like bark. And her eyes were wooden. But they had no trouble focusing on Thurgood. Then the fox. "Why are you here?" She asked, inclining her head to the side. She folded her arms in front of her. Small wood beetles and ladybugs traveled across the plains of her form and arms. One particularly disgusting spider crawled right over her face and nestled into her hair, but she didn't seem to mind. Her eyes simply stared, unblinking, but not unkind. Elizabette nodded, tapping her index finger to her temple. She scanned the area once more. Nothing. "Well I guess we keep moving forward." She sighed, straightening her leather jacket. As she walked she undid her hair, then replated it, tighter than before. She made sure to weave in the shorter strands so they wouldn't stick to her face. "You know- I'm pretty sure no one is going to whistle. Everyone's gotta play hero." She spoke, rolling her eyes as she walked onwards. Soon, they came across a small brook. It gurgled and bubbled merrily. Elizabette took extra care to step over it, treating it like lava. She looked back, and scanned the trees nearby. They still looked like trees to her. Some had ivy, some didn't. But did that necessarily mean they were hidden morphers? She looked up through the branches of a particularly tall tree, and rolled her shoulders. She cracked her neck to the side before jumping. She grabbed onto the lowest branch, and heaved herself up. She looked down. "I'm going to look from a higher perspective. Just- make sure it doesn't stab me." She snorted, looking back up. The next branch was luckily in reach. All she had to do was pull herself up. The branch groaned with effort. Bits of twig and leaves fell down to the jungle floor below. "Oops." She muttered. She stuck to the wider branches, careful to test her weight before she fully committed to wriggling on top of them. Eventually, she broke the canopy. She could see large patches of trees clustered together, with small gaps in between. She peered back to Sebil, "Hey come look at this!" She said, waving at him in a hurried motion. "I think we found our groves." She said, looking back towards the clearing. There were definitely different patches of trees, all formed together. She could tell their similarities by the color of their leaves. She may just be stupid, and the whole situation a mere coincidence, but they didn't have much time to take chances. "What do you think?" She asked, leaning against the tree trunk, her arms crossed.