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  1. I was also thinking that since most of the beasts in there are also plant like, they probably survive off of carbon dioxide like plants, and maybe even produce their own oxygen from their foliage. And for the Hydra I added in the rp that it has 4 lungs... So maybe it can maximize the oxygen intake. But I bet more heads means less oxygen for all...
  2. Marigold slowed to a stop, looking over the two men that stopped them. Amidst the conversation between themselves, Marigold stepped in front of Elialde as he backed away towards the middle of the group. She knew he wasn't much of a talker. So she was prepared to correspond with the men. Marigold snorted, eyes narrowing at the two idiots. Her lips curled into a frown of disgust. They smelled worse than they looked. At the mention of their "captain," the collective moans made her cock an eyebrow. She was a little surprised at the immediate negative response. These men didn't look brave enough to actually do that with their captain in earshot, so he or she must be gone. Or asleep. Judging by the snide look on the left soldier's face, and cocky posture, this captain clearly wasn't universally liked. The left one was probably a brown noser. She looked down at Elialde, shifting her weight mostly to one leg, and resting her hand on her hip. She picked up a stray dread lock and tucked it behind her ear. "It depends on who their captain is." She murmured, turning her head over her shoulder so that she could look back at the group. Marigold turned back around. Waiting for this so called "captain" was a waste of time. Who knows where he was or what he was doing. They needed to get moving. Her original plan of maybe fishing for these men was quickly tossed in her mind. She walked forward, closing the distance between her group and the two men. Her gold eyes turned cold, narrowed with contempt. Her muscular figure easily outweighed the man on the left. She stood straighter to look both of them in the eye. "We don't have time for you to go calling on your master like scared school boys calling for their mother. We need to cross that bridge. We work under the same King, there is no reason to not let us pass. You can play guard dog on the next unfortunate group that has to deal with you. But for now, I strongly recommend that you let us through." She spat, tightening her hands into fists. She clenched her jaw. Her fingers tingled. The first warning of the change.
  3. Gold eyes pierced through the thick underbrush of the jungle. The dark black and brown mottled fur blended perfectly with the perpetually sodden mud. With a low rumble of surprise, she watched as the dead animal was resurrected before her eyes. The woman, also in the clearing, was seemingly unaffected by the powerful magic she had used to start mending the dead animal. She sat on a log, looking at knives, looking bored and lost in thought at the same time. She seemed to had not yet noticed the dire wolf, observing from the opposite side of the beast, hidden in the thick shadows of the dark green foliage. Ziva had lived here for a couple of months, claiming this part of her land as her territory in this new world. The prey was large and fat, and the natural predators were rare. The animals were stupid, unaccustomed to actually being prey. This was a plentiful time for Ziva. However, something strange had happened. Ziva was padding through the thick jungle, her long claws sinking into the mud. Her shoulder twitched off some sort of bug, and her tail swished softly behind her. Her stomach was pinched eagerly, ready to eat. She was returning to her kill she had made the night before. It was a deer like creature the size of a small pony, so even for her large size, it was a big meal that couldn't be finished in one sitting. Licking her large teeth, she lifted her head higher, sniffing to catch the scent of the body. She followed the smell until it got stronger, but flinched, hearing a deep scraping sound, like someone was digging through the thick dirt. That's when she saw her in the clearing. Shuffling forward on her belly so as not to have been seen, Ziva curled around the small clearing until she was positioned opposite of the woman and her kill. She was taken aback, her kill was no longer, well, her kill. It was mending itself back together, like the skin of a toy being stuffed and sewn back up. The woman must have done this. She looked and smelled like a witch. She could feel the difference in the area about her, like a thick fog clinging to her pelt. That feeling only came when dark magic was being used. With a soft huff, Ziva pondered what her next move should be. The witch is clearly very powerful. However, I am also powerful, and she is poisoning my meal. What is she doing here? What business does she have in MY territory? With a quick shake of her large head, her pelt trembled all the way down to her tail. She rose from her crouched position, her tall form easily spotted above the mass of ferns and brush that had once concealed her massive figure. The top of her shoulder would reach just above the woman's hip. Her heavily muscled form and wide jaws could rip the woman in two and snap her spine as easily as the breeze snatches a leaf away from a branch. But this woman was not defenseless. And Ziva was not stupid. Ziva jumped into the clearing, her heavy form landing in the mix of dirt and mud with a soft squelch. Her muzzle wrinkled as her black lips parted to reveal her ivory canines, and a low growl emitted from deep in her chest. Her ears flattened against her head, as she slowly walked around the trembling meat stack to make eye contact with the witch. "What business do you have here, Witch? And why do you adulterate my meal?" Her mindspeech rumbled, ringing through the silence of the trees around them.
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    Maybe it was just the similarity in the name, but Elizabet immediately thought of some sort of rhino or elephant creature based on the description given of the Rixnaur. "Ooookay.." She mumbled, not really wanting to know how she got her hands on that type of meat. She played with the cherry pit in her mouth, testing it's integrity against her metal molars. She watched Luna dig through a cabinet with supplies that looked like they hadn't been touched in ages. Elizabet noticed that her eyes were a different color when she looked back up. Maybe it was a trick of the light... "Oh Gaia, heels." Elizabet commented, chuckling. "I would have stayed on the wagon too." She joked, holding one of her hands up in agreement. She was impressed by the boldness of Luna, dropping everything she knew in the blink of an eye for an entirely new land. "What brings you this far into the poisonous lands of the swaaaamp quadrant?" "Well, I'm more of a wanderer, really." Elizabet rolled her eyes jokingly at the ridiculous way she said 'swamp.' Her eyes shifted from Luna to the bar, tracing the wood grains with her finger. She lifted her head from resting on her hand and sat up a little straighter, flipping the stray crazy hairs away from tickling her face. "I never really stayed in one place longer than a month or so. I was in the Blue Hills today, and I found a small rift. I didn't think Taen really existed until today." As she talked she stared at the monitors on the wall that showed different angles of some sort of room. "So.. I jumped through. I had no way in hell knowing what I got myself into though." She chuckled, lightly rubbing her right temple with her fingertips. "And now I'm here. Don't know what I'm going to do with myself though." She shrugged, sighing deeply. She looked back at Luna. "And I got my boots soiled." She pursed her lips looking down at her worn black leather boots. They were laced up with frayed cord, and the steel was peaking through the left toe of the boot, the leather almost completely worn off.
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    Elizabet shrugged, resting her chin on her left hand. Her black lips pursed a bit at the Rixnaur soup. That sounded interesting. Elizabet wasn't really one to turn down something new. "Lasagna's okay, but it doesn't have enough meat in it." She commented, examining her nails in the dim lighting. Her hands were dirty from the trek, and calloused from a multitude of odd jobs she had done in the past. Her long almond shaped nails glimmered a dark tarnished silver color. Tapping them back onto the bar, she looked back up at Luna. She watched how Luna rolled up her sleeves, her cheery attitude untainted by the grim atmosphere around her. She wondered how this girl got into Taen, or even decided to work here out of all places. This place seemed a little rough for this girl. She looked like she just walked out of a fairy tale book. She probably lived in a gingerbread house. She smirked a bit, lost in her own thoughts. Her attention jumped back to what Luna was saying. "What's a Rixnaur?" She questioned, her icy eyes following Luna's finger down the menu. "I'll take that." She spoke, not even waiting for a description to decide she wanted to try it. "So what brought you to this place? It seems... a little dark for someone like you." Elizabet asked casually, reaching over to eat another cherry.
  6. Margie's ears swiveled towards the direction of the man running to help. His sword seemed to have some sort of energy pulsing around it, and she could hear a high pitched ringing in her ears that seemed to get louder with every slice of the sword. How interesting. After the man cut through a few of the salamander demons like harvesting wheat, he jumped to stand back to back with her. "Thanks!" Margie shouted over the screeches and snarls of the beasts surrounding them. One of them snapped their large fangs and crouched low to swipe at her shins. Margie jumped and pivoted to the side of the beast, punching her hunting knife into it's side between the ribs. The demon the screamed, and jumped and kicked with its back legs, its sharp claws meaning to disembowel her. The knife was tightly lodged in it's side, Margie couldn't pull it out in time. Still holding on, she was able to twist her body so that the four sharp claws ripped along her back instead of her stomach. It hurt tremendously but it was better than having all of her organs on the ground. She wiggled the small blade free and with a screech she swiped, cutting one of the main arteries on the side of it's neck. The creature dropped, writhing through the mud until it eventually lost consciousness. Margie fell on her knees and hands, panting, blinking the stars from her eyes. Margie shifted her weight to the balls of her feet, still crouching on the ground, and watched as her new allies killed the last of the demons. The crazy man proved to be a great fighter. Which was a little surprising. He took down four demons all on his own. The swordsman took care of the rest. After the main scramble, the man started asking her questions about the hydra, sitting in the mud next to her. Margie's breath was still hitched, but the short respite allowed her heart to slow a bit. " -Tell me, Do you think that it has some kind of poison in it's fangs? Normally Hydras have some kind of fire or poison breath but I didn't see it spitting neither of that, so I guess is just poison... Or bacteria like the Komodo Dragon- " The man asked, sitting on the ground next to her. Margie rocked back to unfold her legs and sit down next to him. She huffed softly, still moving gingerly to avoid tearing the deep gashes along her back any more. She could feel the warm blood trickling down and soaking what was left of her shirt. "It most likely does. The venom does seem more likely. That would explain why the angel still seems to be unconscious. There is no way to tell how venomous it is, or if the new heads have the glands to store venom." Margie said, looking at the umbrella man, then the swordsman. "I'm Margie, by the way." She added, then listened to his idea. She looked at the ground, rubbing the dried blood from her face. She winced when he mentioned the idea of cutting off all the heads. "How could anyone have the strength and speed to cut off all the heads at once? Can't babies still bite?" She questioned, her ears flattened to the side of her head. "That would double the amount of heads to protect ourselves from. However, the surface area the scales would have to cover would also double, so it would make it's hide much more penetrable." Margie drew a quick diagram of the hydra in the mud. "It might work, but then we really need to find a way to go for the key organs, like the hearts and lungs.." She drew the general areas of the organs on the sketch of the hydra with her shaking index finger. Looking back up and behind her, she realized that most of the hydra's body was still obscured by the ground. "I wonder if we could find something to draw it out." The hydra seemed pretty content where it was, its heads were still working on destroying what was left of the city. "Do you have any ideas?" She asked the swordsman hoarsely, wincing from the pain in her back and forearm. Margie turned back around, beginning to feel light headed. She closed her eyes, leaning forward a bit. Her head lowered and her dark wavy black hair covered her face. Her back was pulsing, and felt hot and sticky from the steady flow of blood that ran out of each gash. Gritting her teeth, she stared at the ground, her vision turning black. She was silent, trying her hardest not to pass out. She was beginning to feel cold.
  7. I'm writing my reply now! Sorry I took so long to respond.
  8. Marigold huffed softly, rolling her shoulders a bit before following Elialde. Marigold's uneasiness increased slightly, as she noticed that the soldiers at the camp had seen them, but continued doing nothing. It seemed like they were all running on autopilot. She could see their blank empty stares as they got closer. It made her skin itch. "I don't think we should give them our food, but the river has life in it," Marigold commented, opening her mouth a bit, and letting the scent of the river hit her Jacobson's organ, a convenient perk that remained with her from her cougar to human form. The fresh water coursed thickly with fish. It made her mouth water. Marigold continued to follow Elialde, working strategies in her head if this group turned out to be hostile. She looked back at the rest of them, an eyebrow cocked. We look like a group of bandits ourselves. The odd collection of races, colors, heights, and presence of tails or lack thereof was an amusing sight. "If they prove to not be as friendly as they look," Marigold spoke sarcastically, "should we kill them?" She knew that they were on the same side, but they had their own mission, and like stated before, this was the only bridge to get across the river. They had to get through. Marigold tightened her arm guard on her right arm, and flipped her bow over her shoulder. They were getting too close for her to be able to shoot as well as she did from a distance, so she needed to be prepared to throw her weapon to the side and go through the change to fight. Marigold slowed to a soft trot, the tension between the two groups rose, waiting for someone to break it.
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    Elizabet turned as a very colorful woman walked up to her, looking about as bright in attitude as her clothing. Elizabet's eyebrow raised, partly in curiosity and partly in amusement. Elizabet's monochromatic person appeared to dull even more compared to this girl. The incredible contrast of the two was actually humorous. Elizabet smiled back in response to the girl, nodding. "That's great. Thanks. I'll take whatever you've got." Elizabet said, tilting her head to the side, her silver hair falling in her face. With huff she tussled her hair backward, the mangle of curls falling to either side of her face. She dug into her coin pouch, pulling out 3 gold coins. Putting the pouch back in her jacket, she held the coins out to the girl. "I'm Elizabet. You are?" She questioned, shifting her position to sit on a bar stool. Her sore feet seemed to moan with relief, and she felt the tension ease from her back a little bit. Resting her elbows on the bar, she wondered if the girl was good at cooking.
  10. Marigold had noticed the camp up ahead, and nodded in acknowledgement to the little demon, Elialde. Marigold tightened her grip on her longbow, and shrugged her shoulders to shift her quiver into a more comfortable position. Her black dreads were knotted into a tight bun, and her skin was already a couple of shades darker from the prolonged exposure to the sun. The plains made her a bit nervous. She felt too exposed. Weaknesses stuck out like a sore thumb. This camp was the perfect example. These soldiers were a poor excuse for an outpost. They looked like they had been forgotten by their own people. A small band of outlaws could probably take them out before they even knew what was going on. They couldn't even properly pitch a tent. And they looked hungry. "We should go over there." Marigold stated, turning to look back at the group. The two week trek to the border had been uneventful, and she was interested to see if these men had any knowledge of the territory on the other side of the river. "Maybe we can help them, and in turn they would offer us some information." Marigold suggested, lifting her bow up and putting tension on the string. It was a beautiful longbow, she had never owned one quite like it. She hadn't really had the opportunity to use it yet, so she was eager for some action. The rapid water twisting and turning underneath the bridge most likely held their dinner in it's depths. Men didn't need much more motivation than food. And the soldiers up ahead looked like they hadn't had a proper meal in a long time. Marigold turned to look at Hisashi, whom she had warmed up to during the two weeks travel. He was an odd man, yet he proved to be friendly and had therefore earned a small amount of her trust. "What do you think?" She asked, softly pricking at the bowstring with a soft twiinnnngg. She had stopped walking at this point, not wanting to get any closer to the soldiers until they had made a decision.
  11. I am actually a cow so no worries
  12. I'm roleplaying Marigold! She is a Latina were-cougar. She has tan skin, black dreads, and and eyebrow piercing. She is more introverted, but she will be fine around everyone since she has already known them for a while. She can shape shift into a cougar. She usually sleeps as a cougar and turns back into a human in the morning. As a cougar, she can use mindspeak to communicate, but only if she knows them pretty well. So she will be able to mindspeak with the whole group. She is very stubborn and quick witted, so she can be just as scary in human form. She will speak the truth, and doesn't really worry about offending others. Her weapon of choice is a longbow, and she has very good aim. For close combat she prefers her cougar form.
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    Elizabet had been travelling all day when she noticed the tavern in the distance. It was dusk, and the tavern emanated from the horizon with a warm glow. Her large longbow had become heavy, her sore muscles ached for a rest, so she decided to walk towards the tavern. Elizabet had just arrived in Taen, not exactly sure of where she landed. She was travelling through the blue hills early that morning when she stumbled upon a rift. She had heard about the mysterious new land, but in the back of her mind she brushed it off as a rumor. However the rift was there, clear as day. Curiosity had overtaken Elizabet, after some hesitation she had crossed over into Taen. Now, she stood before the tavern, an oddly familar atmosphere in such an alien land. She placed the longbow over her shoulder, the wire resting on her sternum, and the wood stretched diagonally across her back. After kicking her muddy boots on a rock, she walked in. Elizabet walks over to the bar at the back of the room, not really caring to focus on her surroundings. "Could I have a room for the night and a warm meal? I'll take whatever is in the pot." Elizabet said, pulling a pouch from the inside of her black leather jacket. She grabbed a couple of cherries from a bowl, her metal nails making contact against the glass with a soft clink. She turned around and observed the rest of the red tavern, resting her elbows against the bar after placing a cherry in her mouth. It didn't look like a particularly busy night. There were plenty of empty tables, only a few occupied by one or two people. Then again, this was a fairly new place. You never know, this could be the whole town. She smirked. This land seemed like the perfect refuge for a multitude of sins. Elizabet spit the pit out before eating another cherry.