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  1. roboblu

    [QUEST] Night at the Museum

    There was no time to process. In an instant, her adrenaline levels had spiked, renewing her tired limbs with strength. The stranger (Teddy, her newly sharpened mind quickly clarified) had been grabbed and swallowed as if he weighed nothing to the hulking creature. He was gone, now, disappeared into the toad's large, gaping mouth without even a 'howdy-doo.' In that moment, all of Cora's irritation vanished: Teddy was her only friend, and she needed to save him. Her hands flew to her hips, but only found one hilt tucked into its holster. 'You're fucking kidding me.' Two daggers were always better than one, and now she needed to figure out which arm was best for throwing, had to adjust her balance to accommodate for less weight and striking power- it was all a huge mess, but it wouldn't stop Cora from taking the initiative and at least try to- A small, dark form leaped atop the beast, riding it down with hands full of steel. Despite her many years of street fighting experience, even Cora was taken aback when the toad came crashing down in front of her, with none other than Candie crouched low on its wide, flat skull. The words escaped her; only a harsh, incredulous green stare came beaming out of her face. "Candie, by the way." The girl seemed awkward and uncomfortable, as if killing a mutant toad was an embarrassing hobby that had been thrust suddenly and unceremoniously out in the open. "Uh." The sailor watched, idly holding her dagger, as the demon cut Teddy loose. He hit the ground with a squelching thud, drawing a shiver from her tired, wet, cold shoulders. "Cora." When the second toad seemingly came out of nowhere and wrapped its tongue around Candie's ankle, Cora was more prepared. With a short windup, her dagger whistled through the air and embedded itself in that beady, black eye. A mangled death cry came out of the thing as it died, its stomach and left eye horribly mangled by the intruders. "Ugh." While the demon was attempting to free herself from the toad's stomach, Cora reached out and grasped the handle of her dagger. It was wet with slime and blood, and slipped out of her hand more than once. Finally, bracing her boot on the side of the toad's head, she managed to yank her knife free with a short, angry grunt. Cleaning it would be an absolute nightmare; for now, simply wiping the blade on the side of her pants would have to do. "We need to move," she said after a moment, skipping the small talk for later. "We've made a lot of noise, and I don't really want to meet anything else while the sun is down." The survival magic was keeping the hysteria at bay, paving the road for a more logical, practical mentality. Cora stared at Candie for a second, appraising the blood and grime already caked on the girl's clothes, and then at Teddy. He didn't look happy, and she didn't blame him, but her eyes were genuinely relieved to see him standing there, covered in slime and blood and Gaia knew what else. Nodding to herself more than anyone, the sailor's eyes flicked back to Candie, "Don't you, uh ... Is your, your sister? Did your sister make it?" The name of the undead sister escaped Cora, but she was able to picture Sunny's cheery face perfectly. Given Candie's vital state, it wouldn't surprise Cora to find the younger girl walking toward them on the beach. Those two were made of sturdy stuff- weird as hell, sure, but tough.
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    The Valucre Photo Album

    You're not crying, I'm crying,
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    Things you've learned from video games

    The louder you screech at your console, the more likely you are to hit the guy/escape the boss/do the thing.
  4. roboblu

    General chat thread

    I’ve never understood why Sleeping Beauty is commonly characterized as being sleepy in modern media. If you had been cursed to sleep for 100 years, and suddenly woke up ... wouldn’t you want to be awake 24/7? I’d be afraid to fall asleep again. I think it would be a more fitting, comical characterization to have her constantly drinking coffee/monster, and being totally wired all the time
  5. Swinging low lately, please be patient with post speed and quality 😟

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      Swing looooow, sweet chario-ot ~

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    [AM] To serve an emperor

    The sky was heavy and dark, sending the locals of Axis Mundi scattering out of the market and into their homes. Many had not anticipated such a sudden squall, but thunderstorms were not uncommon for the summers of Kadia, and the citizens bore the disruption with a familiar, comfortable sense of exasperation. "Looks like it'll blow over quick," one man muttered to another, in passing. "You know what they say," a woman told her child, tugging the toddler along by his pudgy hand, "Sweet summer storms tame the monstrous monsoon." They hurried from the market stalls with packages tucked safely beneath careful arms, umbrellas snapping open in anticipation of the inevitable downpour. Before long, heavy drops began to fall from the sky, splashing against the cobblestones and wiping the heart of Kadia clean. With a good number of townspeople having fled from the rain, the path to the Kadian royal palace was cleared for a small, lone figure very unassuming and ordinary in appearance. She kept to the edges of buildings, crossed the streets quickly, and kept to herself without exception. One might have assumed the figure a child based on her short frame (barely five feet in height, if that) and her slim stature (could she weigh even one hundred pounds?), but one good look at her hooded face would dispel any suspicion. While there was no doubt that her features were bright and youthful, the woman's grey eyes were dark with experience, and her mouth twitched in anxiety; she looked too troubled to be a child, yet too delicate for adulthood. Indeed, at an age just shy of two hundred, Hotaru was an adolescent in the eyes of her kind. Ordinarily, kitsunes of this young age would still be learning to use their powers correctly, striking out on their own to discover their place in the shadowy forests of the world. Imprisonment and suffering had molded Hotaru into something more dangerous and mature. A bolt of lightning streaked across the sky, and in its blue-green light, a flash of a smile crossed Hotaru's face. Her fingers tingled with electricity. The jade teardrop burned against the crook of her throat, tempting her to slip away from the world of men and revert to her true form; it was only with exceptional focus that she was able to resist. Rolling thunder shook the air, and her grip tightened on the small bag she carried across one shoulder. The rain was crashing down by the time Hotaru had reached the palace doors, where she was briefly questioned by a member of the guard. Unable to hear the poor girl's whispering, the man simply let her inside to be someone else's problem. A waiting attendant made a similar inquiry, and the fox provided a similar answer. "I'm ... the ... new nursemaid." The words breezed through her slightly parted mouth, unintelligible to the attendant. When he leaned in to hear her better, she flinched back, raising an eyebrow from the man. After hefting a light sigh, the woman slowly eased her lips closer to his ear. "I am ... the new ... nursemaid!" She found it impossible to meet his quizzical stare: surely this timid girl, no more than sixteen, was mistaken! After all, the weighted task of caring for the God-Emperor's own was beyond the capacity of most mortals. Such a small, pale thing would be chewed up and spit out by the Prince's first tantrum. Hotaru's eyes were trained on the floor, though her ears were perked and listening for any piece of information she could garner. Here, in the viper's nest, there was no room for hesitation, and there was no room for error. @Alexei
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    Whose Line? Bi-weekly RP Challenge!

    Has it ... has it been a month already? Oops! First- points are in order! I would have given you 60 gold francs for this, but, you see, I was going to use the phrase "robotic blue" in my post, so I feel pretty jaded. 3.5 points and whatever you can pry from my cold, dead, robotic blue hands Very nice! Yours is a particularly descriptive username! You may have as many points as you can carry! THIS WEEK'S CHALLENGE OF THE BI-WEEK: THE OL' SWITCHEROO This bi-weeks challenge involves collaboration and communication! I want you to find another user on Val, and, for one post and one post only, switch characters. Now, this challenge requires some trust in your partner, who should be familiar enough with your character to play them accurately for one post, and vice-versa! I have a feeling it'll be fun to see how your partner adapts your character's specific mannerisms to their own personal style. If you can't think of anyone off of the top of your head, feel free to post below and we'll find you some takers. 🙂 Happy writing! The bi-weekly challenge will switch on/around August 24th.
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    Two If By Sea (Last Chance Raid OOC)

    @Fierach is there a reason you've tagged me in your last few posts? Evanjalin was KO'd some time ago. Just want to make sure you don't think I'm intentionally ignoring your character's actions!
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    Valucre hub threads

    Floracle Flower Shop and Apothecary - Casper, Terrenus. Please and thank you!
  10. FLORACLE FLOWER SHOP + APOTHECARY OVERVIEW: Looking to surprise your romantic partner with flowers? Collecting rare, organic ingredients for a spell, tincture, or charm? Want to escape the hustle and bustle of Terrenus's primary port city? Look no further than the Floracle Flower Shop and Apothecary, a beloved landmark of Casper, Terrenus for over 50 years. Founded by Hector Marie, renowned botanist and apothecary, the Floracle has since fallen into the ownership of his granddaughter, Valentine Marie, assisted by her twin brother, Caspian. Hector's memory lives on through the passion his grandchildren carry for flowers, herbs, and natural medicine, and long-time patrons of the Floracle will recognize his sparkling, kind blue eyes in young Valentine. The shop is open from Tuesday through Sunday from 8:00am until dusk, though the courtyard closes at around 11:00pm in the spring and summer. STOREFRONT: As befitting of any flower shop, the Floracle's storefront is characterized by large, floor-to ceiling windows. The purpose of these windows is twofold: one, they allow passersby to admire the forest of flowers and plants just inside its doors, and two, they provide light for the plants growing on nearly every surface within the shop. During nice weather, outdoor displays burst with color and fragrance, and a few small tables and chairs are set up for those who need a minute or two to rest during their shopping. It is not uncommon to see Valentine herself sitting outside when business is slow, typically with a cup of tea in hand and a smile on her face. MAIN ROOM: Upon first entering the Floracle, one is assaulted by a rainbow of colors and scents from every angle. Blue tiles with a floral design cover the floor, bright and glowing in the morning sun. Nearly every other surface is crafted from dark mahogany wood engraved with flowers and swirling, natural designs. The right and left walls are covered in wooden slots containing loose blooms organized by region and color. Although individual blooms may remain on display for weeks at a time, they retain the beauty of a freshly cut flower thanks to a specially crafted longevity spell. Patrons are welcome to pick and choose flowers to design their own bouquets, or they may peruse the pre-made bouquets on several tree-inspired displays around the shop. The colors and style of bouquet rotate seasonally so that customers are presented with the freshest flowers at every point in the year. A containment spell keeps pollen and other irritants away from guests with allergies so that all may enjoy their shopping experience. At the rear of the main room, a dark wooden staircase guides guests to an upper level that overlooks the rest of the shop. Ferns of all shapes and sizes spill from hanging baskets and shelves against the walls, filling the space with green. (Inspiration photo here, though considerably larger in scale.) Tucked beneath the staircase is the cashier's counter, and a wall of glass windows directly behind it sections off the apothecary. APOTHECARY: Located beneath the upper level is the apothecary, a small but mighty room usually occupied by the scholarly Caspian Marie. Its walls are lined with dark wooden shelves containing every manner of herb and common, organic spell ingredients. Bunches of dried fruits and flowers hang from the ceiling, so tall customers may need to watch their step. The resident apothecary stands at a counter in the corner of the room, where he may create simple charms, salves, and tinctures at the customer's request. Rarer ingredients are stored on a shelf behind the apothecary's counter, so guests will need to specially request these items for purchase. A loosely swinging door to the left leads to the greenhouse. GREENHOUSE: Light floods in through the green-tinted, glass windows of the greenhouse, filling the long room with sunshine. Several work benches boast a hodgepodge of pots, trays, and baskets, each filled with dirt and budding blooms. Many hanging plants droop from its ceiling, and shelves containing tools and plants line the wall it shares with the apothecary. A small, man-made creek trickles from a bed of rocks in the corner of the greenhouse, flows across a section of the room, and exits through a narrow, horizontal slit in the wall near the ground. River plants grow in the dirt lining the artificial creek, being too stubborn to grow in any old pot. Another swinging door on the greenhouse's left wall exits into the courtyard. The greenhouse is typically inaccessible to patrons. COURTYARD: The man-made creek exits the greenhouse and flows into a shallow pond in a corner of the courtyard, but the remainder of the space is filled with vegetation. A few proud trees spangle the yard, each one bearing several different kinds of fruit in the summer. The trees provide shade in the heat of day, and visitors are welcome to sit at the tables beneath their branches and enjoy the cool sea breeze. At night, fairy lights strung between the fruit trees create a warm, twinkling ambiance. For the right price, it is possible to rent the courtyard for private events; it is a beautiful, romantic venue perfect for a small garden party or wedding celebration. A white, gated picket fence separates the yard from the sidewalk, though it is scarcely visible through a tangle of green ivy. From the courtyard, it is possible to re-enter the main room through a side door. An iron, spiral staircase rests in the corner of the yard, leading tenants up to the residential apartments above the shop. Thus the Floracle has three levels in total. EMPLOYEES: Valentine Marie - 23 - shop owner, botanist, florist. Valentine has been working at the Floracle since she was able to hold a watering can. She has recently inherited the shop from her grandfather, who passed away due to illness. Sweet, caring, and maybe a little melancholy, the young redhead is easy to take advantage of, but has a small army of big, brooding men looking out for her- scammers beware! Valentine is likely the first friendly face you'll see when walking through the Floracle's thick, walnut doors. Caspian Marie - 23 - apothecary. Caspian is Valentine's twin brother, and has recently returned after graduating from university. He manages the Floracle's apothecary, creating charms, tinctures, and potions from local and rare ingredients alike. Although Caspian is a stereotypical, awkward academic, he is always willing to talk herbology with anyone interested (and a good number who aren't). TO PLAY: The Floracle is a perfect place for casual flower shopping, collecting ingredients for a spell, and slice-of-life moments between players. There are also a number of quests available, with the possibility of earning various charms and potions. To engage the Floracle staff, please tag roboblu in your post. Expect a reply in 3-7 days. Minor power-playing is permitted for small or otherwise insignificant interactions with the shopkeep/apothecary. Please- no violence or shady activities allowed without permission from robot blues! Happy writing! AESTHETIC: LOGOS n' BANNERS: TRUSTED FRIENDS AND PARTNERS: Want your advertisement listed here? PM roboblu!
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    Talk the talk [OOC]

    He’s growing more?? Lovely edit, you’re the best and I love him
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    Hey, hows it hanging

    Did I hear someone say suffering in the name of character development Welcome to Val! Don’t worry, you’ll find plenty of angst here!
  13. Writing about fictional flower shops is healing therapy for the soul. 100% yes 10/10 would recommend 

  14. roboblu

    The night we met.

    Leoa's confession was met by a surprised, amused glance cast over one shoulder. Hasan could not picture his soft-spoken friend attempting a murder, but, remembering the savage look Desmond had given his sister, Hasan mused that perhaps this angry side had simply been laying dormant. "So he has a mother and a father complex," the mage sighed, turning around to face the golden goddess. "Splendid." Hasan understood complicated familial relationships, but the Melisende family drama was far beyond his scope. Despite his frequent squabbles with Kaseem, the Inderpal family had always been a tight-knit unit. With the harsh judgement they had faced because of his parents' unlikely marriage, the family's unification had been a necessity against a hostile, fearful Kalopsian society. Hasan had taken after his mother, a talented earth mage: stubborn, conscientious, and willing to make difficult choices on behalf of his people. Kaseem, on the other hand, had taken after their father, the fire mage: clever, often difficult, and fierce in his own quiet way. It was a strange twist of fate that had given Hasan the powers of flame, and his brother the gift of earth. Regardless, as he grew older, Hasan felt a closer connection to his father through his position as Raj. The struggles of leading a fractious kingdom had already taken its toll on him, not to mention the fear and disgust he often faced in the eyes of other court subjects. Though his father had died years ago, Hasan often felt himself drawing on the strength of Krishanu, wondering if the man had made similar decisions during his reign, during his youth ... He often questioned his mother during visits to the Earth court, trying to glean information on her long-dead husband without seeming desperate. Krishanu had soiled his reputation upon marrying his wife, and so history obscured what had been a prosperous, fair rule. Hasan hoped his term as Raj would prove just as successful, but given the recent conflict, his hope was steadily failing. “Tell me, Hasan, what do you know of daemons?” He frowned, walking toward her across the ivory, tiled floor. "A passable amount. The Wind Court had a possession almost ten years ago, but we haven't had an issue since." The fire mage shuddered internally as he remembered the incident, which had demanded the attention of the Maharaja and all of his Raj's. The wind mage had contracted the daemon while traveling in Genesaris, and had carried it with her into Kalopsia without realizing it. The creature had grown more active in the tropical environment, taking strength from the thick magical aura. The possessed woman had gone violently rogue. It had taken them several days to follow the trail of bodies she had left in her path, but eventually she had been apprehended and brought to the Maharaja. He'd called an audience of his Council and his Raj's to determine the best course of action; the resulting exorcism had killed the woman. It was a painful memory. The screams of the tortured, dying mage still rang clearly in his ears. The implication of Leoa's question did not slip by the Raj, though he wouldn't believe it until she'd put her claim into words. Aside from the most recent outburst, he had not seen any violent symptoms in the man, his friend, his Maharaja; the possibility only deepened his guilt. If a daemon sat upon the gilded throne ... Hasan's eyes flickered to his own throne, so white and pristine. It was not hard to imagine a stain of red spreading from its head to the ivory tiles beneath. His green gaze found Leoa, silently pleading with her.