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  1. My exam from last week was pushed to this week, which was great for last-week-Grace, but very shitty for this-week-Grace. Another AFV until Wednesday has come and gone. Thank you all for being patient!! I’m NOT disappearing this year, but I will need some flexibility and understanding!

  2. Pepper Darling, actress, singer. She's a rising starlet who is very quickly gaining popularity due to her sweet, girl-next door persona and wide vocal range.
  3. Official AFV until 9/25. EXAMS.


    1. vielle


      show 'em how it's done ?

  4. it’s a dangerous word / it spooks the herd / and we all bleed in the stampede


  5. Please view my delay in posting with indulgence; two exams next week and a third the following week, plus some physical pain. I’m left with less time for writing than usual.

    1. vielle


      Get well and get good ❤️ you've got this!

    2. LastLight


      Echoing the above person! 

  6. just call me Daniel 'cause I'm back at it again
  7. Vielle and I are bringing in a piano/singer duo into play! The two are also both actors. We’re giving it the ol’ razzle dazzle
  8. Oh shit, I could bring Maya’s little brother Andreas into this ? he’s an artist. Could very reasonably do set design.
  9. Me! I’m digging the short posts movement and I think I can keep up.
  10. wait a minute Can I claim the tiny island northeast of Corinth? I'll do the necessary canonization for it.
  11. @Grubbistch we do airships. If ever I have the time to make moves with Tankred, you bet I’ll expand on our technology. Ramhart Tankred actually specializes in aircraft, as mentioned in my organization thread. for me, the challenge with technology in UM is in making it modern, but also integrating it seamlessly with the setting
  12. If you’re wondering what that sound is, it’s Fitz shitting himself
  13. Yeah, I’m all for it! At some point @Grubbistch mentioned an apprenticeship at Tankred as well. We’ll take all of your children. Give them to us.
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