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  1. Be a god rp (role-play)

    Xibtyx drifted through the humid air, as he felt a sudden force flow throughout his body, rattling his bones. The shock almost knocked him back into bodily form, however, he remained in his current state of smoky blackness. Focusing his flight on the source of the force, he wheeled around midair. After a considerable distance, roughly halfway around the planet, he came across a scattered disarray of blood-soaked corpses; an iniquitous demon stood over them. Returning to bodily form, Xibtyx briskly strided over to the demon, attempting to greet it. However, it seemed to disappear before he reached it, so Xibtyx returned to the air. Nevertheless, this confirmed to Xibtyx that there were other gods within this world, and they, like himself, also had the capacity to summon creatures that strived to slaughter all those who stood before them. It was then, when Xibtyx noticed Titan Town, a bustling settlement full of intellect, as well as a few strange mutated creatures. That did not matter to Xibtyx; they would all die. He used the energy of the plants around him, thus making them wilt into nothing more than brown flakes, to power a magical spell that created a disease. The disease caused its host to gain terrible heat after the first week, then blisters a few hours afterwards. A few days later, it would poison the host's blood, killing them. Anyone that consumed any bodily fluid of an infected individual had around a 75% chance of also gaining the disease. For this reason, and the fact that its symptoms were invisible until after a week, it would spread extremely quickly. Xibtyx chose his first victim: a young maid, who had her full life ahead of her... or so she thought. Xibtyx remained watching over Titan Town, ready for the epidemic that was, hopefully, about to destroy this civilization.
  2. Be a god rp (role-play)

    Amid the newly created trees, flowers, plants, and life, stood a figure. A figure that stood unknown. A figure that stood forgotten. Attached to it was a black, smoky cape, flowing through the air, almost as if it was part of the air itself. Its bald head was covered with a drooping hood, of the same strange smoky substance. The figure was very tall, thin, and bony; it looked as though it had been starved, however, its starvation was not of food, but of emotion. The figure went by the name, Xibtyx, God of Death. A malevolent smile spread across his lips, and a long, bony hand protruded from within his cloak. Throughout the humid air echoed a whisper. "We feel most alive when we are closest to death." The plants in close proximity to Xibtyx withered, and their energy was destroyed. The animals near him dropped dead; their life ended so simply, yet so beautifully. For a moment, the fabric of time seemed to shatter, and a wave of frost surged through the air. A warning call, perhaps. A warning call that Xibtyx, God of Death, had returned from his slumber within the Universe, to influence the newly formed planet. He let out a shrill laugh, and evaporated into the rainy clouds above.
  3. Xibtyx, God of Death

    Xibtyx, God of Death B A S I C Nicknames: None Race: Unknown Gender: Male Date of Birth: The Beginning Age: That of the Universe Visual Age: That of the Universe Religion: None Affiliations: None Birthplace: Unknown P H Y S I C A L Complexion: Grey Eye Colour: Black Hair Colour: White Hair Style: Bald Body Type: Ectomorph Height: 237 cm Weight: 0 kg Scars: None Tattoos: None Physical Disabilities: None Voice: Whispery Other: Extremely thin and bony, smoky cape permanently attached M E N T A L Likes: Power, suffering Dislikes: Other divine beings Strengths: Trickery, magic Weaknesses: Lack of sympathy, a pierced heart results in death Personality: Xibtyx has a lack of sympathy for anything and anyone, and does not possess the skill to even try to understand emotions. His pleasure comes through suffering, and his achievement comes through power. Xibtyx always works by himself, for himself. Quirks: None Mental Disabilities: None F A M I L Y Spouse: None Children: None Parents: The Universe Siblings: None Other: None E Q U I P M E N T Everlasting Poison A poison of instantaneous death to all non-divine forms of life. Through magic, the source is everlasting. Whispering Fauchard A piece of weaponry, much like a spear, that is effective in both offence, as well as defence. M A G I C Disease Creation: Xibtyx can create a contagious disease of random form, and select any living non-divine animal as the host body. Magic Redirection: Xibtyx can create a field of energy that manipulates and redirects any nearby magic to nearby non-divine souls without a host body. Soul Control: Xibtyx can manipulate a non-divine soul, and take complete control over them. Divine Formation: As a divine being, Xibtyx can control the formation of the Universe, and everything inside it. Evaporation: Xibtyx can evaporate into smoke, to navigate incredibly quickly, and less restricted to the ground. B I O G R A P H Y Xibtyx was not created to be as he is. He was created to balance the Universe's life, not just bring death. In the Beginning, however, he became jealous of the energy that created him, and thus, he attempted to destroy the energy that created him. Although he failed, the other divine beings grew angry at him for this, and combined their power to strip Xibtyx of his emotions, thus making him who he is today. R O L E - P L A Y S Be a god rp (role-play)
  4. Tavern of Legend: Season 2

    Madness, was what followed next. Unpredictable, unexpected, madness. A black haired woman, with oddly red eyes, that seemed to reflect the pure stupidity of what she was about to do next, appeared from behind one of the gamblers, with a beverage in one hand, and the other within her cloak. Ja'Hazar watched in irritation as the woman pickpocketed the first brute, with an unusual, disfigured, black hand. She took a clump of gold from the man, and proceeded to grin at Ja'Hazar, and his other two acquaintances. "Cocky son of a bitch! She'll get herself maimed.", he said, under his breath. The woman didn't stop there, however. As she continued to the next gambler, Ja'Hazar noticed a man approaching her, and, as the woman began to pickpocket her current target, the man began to do something to her cloak - Ja'Hazar couldn't see that clearly. The individual then reached his hand into the pickpocket's target's pocket, pulled out the pickpocket's disfigured hand, and grabbed the loot himself. "I believe, that these are your's.", he said, loud enough for everyone in close proximity to hear, as he dropped the pouch into the woman's drink, alerting the gambler. The woman's cloak then fluttered to the cold tavern floor, landing in sticky alcohol and grime. By this point, the gambler, who was but a few dozen centimeters away, noticed the commotion, and grabbed Varina by her collar. Her feet dangled from the ground as the towering man lifted her up. The woman was hasty to accuse the other man of the theft. It was then when a seductive tune began to play from somewhere in the tavern; Ja'Hazar felt his heart beat slow down, and his head turned light. Before he fell into a deep trance, though, the man that he first approached the gamblers with, motioned to Ja'Hazar and Delulina to take a seat at a table that he had somehow accommodated during the rumpus. Ja'Hazar began to loudly hum, in order to block the tune, and traipsed over to him. This could have been Ja'Hazar's one chance to collect the payment that he needed to travel further away, and start a new life, but alas! He would have to save his fantasies for another day. Ja'Hazar took a seat at his table, still humming to block the tune, while Delulina sat about one and a half meters away, grinning to herself, as she did to Ja'Hazar when asking if he was interested in hearing about her magic. It came to his attention that he had not slept since he escaped, and a sudden drowsiness overcame him. His head fell upon the table with a loud thud, yet the sound was overpowered by the racket that was still going on near the gamblers, and Ja'Hazar slept. @Robbie Rotten @Dr Solo @Ravencrow @AllDelusions
  5. BE A GOD in "new world"(Renovation!!)

    Hi! Could I join in with the role-play? @Hurttoto
  6. Tavern of Legend: Season 2

    Ja'Hazar acknowledged the individual's request, and subsequently readied himself to step backwards at a moment's notice. Taking into account their wariness around the men, he decided to make himself look much stronger than he is. Raising his shoulders, and puffing out his chest, Ja'Hazar was convinced that anyone who previously wished to start trouble with him would not. However, he soon stopped himself, as he noticed one of the gamblers sneering at him. @AllDelusions @Ravencrow
  7. Ja'Hazar: Ja'Hazar escaped from a farm which induced forced labour in Dougton, so he learnt many skills there, such as cooking, farming, and using honeyed words to get what he wants. The only trouble is, he never learnt combat, and dislikes magic and technology because of his upbringing and culture in Dougton. I am still quite unsure about his motivation, however, I think it will be to have his children not live in forced labour again.
  8. Tavern of Legend: Season 2

    The prospect of gambling again, like back on Dougton, excited Ja'Hazar greatly. This was probably why Ja'Hazar could not help but form a huge, goofy grin, which made him look exceptionally stupid in front of the men. His head bowed in embarrassment. Hearing that Delulina offered to introduce themselves relieved Ja'Hazar, he knew that he wouldn't have any more chances to make a fool of himself. That is, until the gambling started. ( Alright. ) @AllDelusions @Ravencrow
  9. Tavern of Legend: Season 2

    Ja'Hazar grunted, and turned to follow Delulina through the tavern, to the table of gamblers. He noticed that someone else was also here with her, who looked as though they came prepared for a frosty mountain, with their cap, gloves, cloak, scarf, and boots. Wondering why they were dressed in such unnecessary attire, Ja'Hazar was about to question them, but was promptly interrupted by the individual. "Big fish.", they said, and proceeded to explain about the gold that could be earned from a large man that was heading towards the gambler's table also. "Good to know," he'd murmur, "I could do with some more gold; after all, I don't want to stay in this place forever, no matter how interesting it may be." He'd peer at the man as he sat at the table, and notice that the other gamblers silenced their laughter to the new presence. He seemed to intimidate them, as though they knew that the betting was no longer just a fun game. Scratching his neck, Ja'Hazar stepped back a little, letting someone else do the talking. Trouble was not what Ja'Hazar needed, or, more so, could even deal with. @AllDelusions @Ravencrow
  10. Tavern of Legend: Season 2

    Ja'Hazar did not pay any attention to the hooded figure that was watching them; there seemed to be so many oddly dressed people that the one individual did not stand out whatsoever. He acknowledged Delunina's reply. "Ah, it's a pleasure to meet your acquaintance, Delu," he said, "though, I have never heard of such a place. I suppose this tavern might be on the list", he gestured towards the crowds of people throughout it, "because of its strange attraction." His speech came to a halt for a second. "Well, as soon as I stepped out of Dougton, everything seemed a lot stranger, to be honest." Following Delunina's gaze to a table of chuckling men, who seemed to be playing some sort of betting game, his face lit up. "Gambling! Don't mind if I do." Despite gambling in taverns being extremely common, Ja'Hazar still reacted in this eccentric manner. "Shall we go over and join in, or-". He noticed the sudden change of expression upon Delunina's face, and swallowed a lump in his throat. What was she planning to do? Fight them? Mock them back? Use her freak magic to perform some kind of spell? @AllDelusions @Ravencrow
  11. Valucre Geography

    Alright. I've made only one character so far because I'm quite new. :P
  12. i have this rare disability called, "never fucking doing the work that i need to do from home until the weekend", so weekends arent ever off for me, hooray
  13. Tavern of Legend: Season 2

    Half of Ja'Hazar wanted to follow up the topic of magic; he had no idea how it worked, why it worked, or what one does to generate and control it. Yet he knew that he should not enquire. He scratched his neck, and halfheartedly replied, "No, I'm alright, thanks." Trying to change the subject, he asked what the woman's name was, and what she was doing in the Tavern. As per usual, Ja'Hazar didn't consider the fact that he might be acting intrusive, or rude. @AllDelusions