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    Maybe we weren't one Maybe we were two Maybe you were gone And maybe I was too Maybe you were two Maybe I was none Maybe it was you But I don't have a clue If it had to be done
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    City-Island of Akiloens - WIP

    Demographics Since it is relatively young as far as cities are concerned, there has been no official census of the population. A rough approximation of the number of citizens estimates the population at eight thousand poeple but the lack of knowledge of the lower levels' current state could hide a more significant portion of the population than expected. All things considered, Akiloens' population would not exceed ten thousand. Education: A high majority of the Akilo society has had primary level of education, knowing to read, write and speak the main continent's language as well as their own, basic math and history. There is currently no higher education, with further knowledge being learned by Masters. These Masters are citizens excelling in a certain domain and deciding to teach the younger generations about the way of their craft. Every line of work has it's own Master and being one is usually the highest rank achievable in a given profession. Learning with Masters is a lengthy process spanning over multiple years. The Akilo philosophy is that you should never stop studying until you are yourself the master, at which point you should teach until you are surpassed, only to start earning again. Ethnicity: Akiloens has a very diverse population. Due to the city's history, racism and xenophobia is extremely frowned upon and the Akilos take great pride in their nation's acceptance of others. People of many races and origins make up the population of Akiloens, a result of the very open citizenship procedures asking only for a proof of residence inside the city. Magic: Magical capabilities are present is most Akilos, but only a small percentage knows how to make use of those abilities. The number of adepts is estimated at 2% of the total population so most Akilos with above average powers will train in the arcane arts. Magic is viewed not as a gift or form of power in the Akilo society, but merely as a strength, just like some people are better leaders or more agile than others.
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    City-Island of Akiloens - WIP

    Geography and Climate Location: The island itself can be found by travelling south of the main continent of Renovatio, roughly at the same longitude as the middle of it. It is one of the only habitable islands surrounding the land mass. The treacherous sea around the island makes it very difficult to approach with it's formidable storms and floating rocks scattered all around the island. These rocks, while undoubtedly a major hazard for approaching ships, do serve a purpose as they offer cover to the island's shores by breaking the force of the waves of cosmic energy coming towards it. The city is located at the base of the northern peninsula, centered with the middle of the island. That location was chosen by the founders of the city in order to enable unhindered expansion in every direction, should the need arise. [Pictures to come.] Landscape: Apart from the beaches and the occasional but rare clearing, the island is covered exclusively in dense jungle composed of colossal trees towering at hundreds of feet tall and dozens in diameter. The surface of the island is punctuated by both steep slopes and crevasses permanently coated in impenetrable darkness. The canopy is so thick that seen from high above Akiloens would look like a dark green meadow. Climate: The air is hot and sticky with humidity everywhere on the island due to the sheer quantity of plant life. Fortunately the great height of the trees means that the higher levels are well ventilated by the copious amounts of wind, making the high temperatures easier to deal with. Precipitations are very predictable, with three 2-week long rain seasons per year.
  4. City-Island of Akiloens Table of contents Geography and Climate Demographics Economy Politics Military History and Traditions
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    Establish a Kingdom in Renovatio.

    Problem is I'm not quite sure where to put it since it's just lore and not an Rp. I'm not looking to start a story until I've fully fleshed out the details of my kingdom and there isn't an article for it yet. But I'm not in any hurry so I can just wait for JesusNegro to get around to it Edit: I've seen what Robbie did and maybe I'll do the same. It'll also show my progress
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    Establish a Kingdom in Renovatio.

    I think Ill just write a bunch of lore off-site and just transfer it once we know more
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    Legend of the Emblem

    It had been many days since Tez had visited a city and he was pleased to see the walls of Isore as he walked over the hill. Only half a mile to go before he could get a warm meal and a soft bed. It's not that he didn't like being on the road, that's what he had left for, but weeks of sleeping on the side of the path and eating whatever nature had to offer that day somewhat took a toll on him. A little less than half an hour later, he walked in through the front gate. Just as he was about to walk under the archway he noticed everyone was required to get some sort of test. As it turned out, the test was meant to detect any kind of recent usage of magical powers from someone. Fortunately for him, Tez had not needed to exercise his powers in a relatively long time. Travelling alone and being an adept only in healing magic tended to do that. He apparently passed the test and they let him through, although from the look the guards gave him as he passed them, his innate abilities must have been close to going over whatever detection threshold they had. He stepped foot into the city, and asked around for a tavern that wouldn't be too crowded. As he walked the streets, it looked to him as if a lot of the population was missing. As if half the people in town were hiding. He still found his way, but as he entered the establishment he realized it was full of people! So much for asking for a relaxing place. The people seemed worried, whispering to each other under their breath, meanwhile looking at a couple of guards behind the counter. Tez decided to listen in to what the guards were saying. ".....Any who are able, the guard calls on you to assist in the city's defense. You'll be rewarded to the extent that we are able. No one will be forced to fight, but if this foreign force keeps up its brutal ways, you may simply be slaughtered if the city falls. So please, you're not just fighting for Isore, but your own lives as well. All who will take up this call: Raise your weapons!" Tez wasn't sure about fighting off hordes of ennemies but his healing abilities would probably be quite useful. Also if an army was approaching, leaving the city probably wasn't very wise. He raised his staff above his head, and looked around to see who else would volunteer. He was looking for adventure but it seemed adventure had found him first. TEZ:
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    Be a god rp (role-play)

    A presence. Gorath opened his eyes, waiting for the other being to reach him. He was pleased to see which one had come to meet him. It was the one who had created the animals, and the trees. The one who had made good use of Gorath's gift of water. Gorath did not know what the other called himself, but saluted him back anyway. "Greetings, Green-one" Gorath could feel they had similar goals for this planet. Goals of beauty, and balance. Waiting for him to reply, Gorath stood up, planting his harpoon in front of him, and infusing the sea with energy. All around them, algae started growing from the bottom of the ocean, sprouting upwards in search of light in a luscious green dance. Small fish started swimming out of the algae, as if they had been hiding there. As time passed, more fish came, bigger fish, dolphins and whales. Soon, the sea was filled with activity, from the oysters waiting for the tides to the colorless anglers of the abyss, every part of the ocean had it's own life.
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    Legend of the Emblem (Elendaron War Plot)

    My body is ready, panty-wearing or not
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    Establish a Kingdom in Renovatio.

    Hopefully this thread is still going, I spent many hours reading everything and making my entry Designation — Akiloens — Akilo Council — Location — Allies: N/A General — Land: 1 mi2 ↳ Geography: Mountainous Island covered 90% in dense jungle ↳ Conquered Territories: N/A — Populace: 8k ↳ Conquered Population: N/A ↳ Enlisted populace: 25% (2k) — Resources (ie; A = Abundant D = Demand S = Scarce E=Exported) ↳ , Wood/Plant matterA&D, IronS&D, Landao(Livestock)A&D&E, FruitsA&D, Sap(Fuel)A&D&E, Gems and other mineralsS&E — Military [Option B] ↳ Army Available (2000 soldiers) ↳ Navy Unavailable ↳ Air & Spatial Force Unavailable ↳ Research & Development Facilities Unavailable — Status: N/A — Conquests: N/A Description/History The surface of the island is punctuated by both steep slopes and crevasses that render ground movement impossible since the darkness is almost total. Apart from the beaches and the occasional clearing, the island is covered exclusively in dense jungle composed of colossal trees towering at hundreds of feet tall and dozens in diameter. The city itself is built in and around these trees, with suspended bridges connecting the different areas. Movement in between levels of the city is achieved through both technological and magical means. For generations the island of Akiloens had been populated by small tribes living amongst the trees, waging war to each other permanently. This never-ending war for supremacy badly hurt the development of Akilo society, and when the island came into contact with the outside world, the Akilos realized how much they could have develloped had it not been for this tradition of war. The greatest minds of the majority of tribes came together and signed a treaty, that peace was to be preserved for the betterment of the nation. Each individual was given the opportunity to help in the founding of a great city that would house all of the Akilo population, and those opposed to the project were either exiled or hunted down. The Akilo became a strong patriotic nation, taking pride in their unity and symbiosis with the forest.
  11. Maltior

    Legend of the Emblem (Elendaron War Plot)

    Ok so this is what I came up with for Tez, my staff-wielding "witch"/butler Does this look good to you guys? OVERVIEW: Tez is able to use low level magic such as telekinesis, telepathy, low power elemental manipulation, growing magic and minor illusions outside of combat but when engaging enemies can only rely on his main abilities which list as follows *I paraphrased and adapted some skills to make them more RP friendly* PERSONAL SKILL: Miraculous Save: If this unit is supporting, other units have a chance of surviving a fatal attack. -|Tez's sensitive nature allows him to sense approaching danger towards his friends and allies, giving him enough time to react and possibly save their lives|- POWER/ABILITY 1: Live to serve: When healing an ally, the user is also healed for a smaller amount. -|A strong innate talent in healing magic allows Tez to partly cure his own body as the restoring energy flows through him and into his allies|- POWER/ABILITY 2: Tome breaker: This unit's accuracy and dodge chance are higher against magic wielding enemies. -|As an intuitive magic user, Tez's style is difficult to predict for scholars of the arcane arts|- POWER/ABILITY 3: Witch's brew: Tez obtains random consumables periodically after combat starts. -|When Tez engages in combat, he begins to craft healing potions and elixirs using what he can gather. Unfortunately this can sometimes result in somewhat unpredictable results|-
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    Legend of the Emblem (Elendaron War Plot)

    Im getting super excited for this I'll have my character sheet updated tonight so I don't have to change it midway through
  13. Maltior

    Legend of the Emblem (Elendaron War Plot)

    I think I'll clarify what kind of skills Tez can use somewhat similar NucelarCommando but I'm not really confident enough in my Fire Emblem knowledge to do the stats
  14. Maltior

    Legend of the Emblem (Elendaron War Plot)

    @Robbie Rotten I was wondering, should I make my character more... numbery? Like yours how it's very video game like woth stats and abilities or is the general description ok?
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    Exploration of Ruination

    Sounds really interesting. I'm ready to start whenever you are @ODSTDRAGON.